Anime Terms for Beginners

Anime Terms

Anime: Short for animation, normally only used with Japanese animation.


Japanamation: Another term for anime.

OVA: A shorter version of an anime or a special.

Manga: A term used for Japanese comics.

manga pic

Angel Sanctuary

Tankobon: The Manga version of an OVA. Normally called graphic novels.

Doujinshi: Mangas that were drawn by a fan.

Fanart: Artwork drawn by a fan of a certain anime.


At by Sabrina Murray

Fanfic: Stories or mangas written by a fan.

Fansub: An anime that was subtitled or dubbed by a fan of the anime for others to watch. This is normally done when an anime is just released in Japan.

Cosplay: This is a term used for people who ‘costume play.’ This is very popular thing to do in the anime community. It is a way to dress up and have fun while meeting other fans as well.


Otaku: These are die hard fans.

Hentai: An adult form of anime. These are normally sexually explicit or very violent.

Mecha: A term used in an anime that involves robots or mechanical things. Its meaning is robot anime.


Ecchi: This is a show that has very sexual conversations but no nudity.

Harem: Normally a guy is shown a lot of affection from different females in the show.


Ah! My Goddess

Shojo: A Manga that is aimed toward the female fans.

Shonen: A manga aimed toward male fans.

Magical Girl: An anime in which a female character is lead and has magical powers. Mostly Humorous.

sailor moon

Sailor Moon

Yaoi: An anime showing a male-male relationship.

Yuri: An anime showing a female-female relationship.