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Anime Music Videos are very popular amongst Otaku’s. Finding the perfect anime and slapping it with the perfect song is a great feeling. All these videos were created by Sabrina Murray. If you wish to see your AMV on this page, please email me and submit your video at sabrinamurray88@yahoo.com. Entitle the email as: AMV Submission. Not sure what Anime is, then check out my All About Anime page.

Trigun AMV’s

Trigun – Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) by The Offspring


Ayashi no Ceres (Ceres: Celestial Legend) AMVs

Ayashi no Ceres – California King Bed by Rihanna


Final Fantasy AMVs

Final Fantasy – Careless Whisperer (Glee Version)


Final Fantasy – If You Still Believe From Legend of Dragoon OST


Final Fantasy – My December


Final Fantasy – Vox Populi


Cowboy Bebop AMVs

Cowboy Bebop – Devil’s Broom by Joseph Arthur


 X/1999 AMVs

X/1999 – What I’ve Done by Linkin Park


Angel Sanctuary AMVs

Angel Sanctuary – I’m Not the One by 3Oh!3


Loveless AMVs

Loveless – My Obsession by Breath Carolina


Various AMVs

Angel Sanctuary and X/1999 – Leave Out All the Rest by Linkin Park