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Action, Espionage



009-1 is about a cyborg named Milene Hoffman. In an alternate universe, the Cold War has gone on for 140 years. The earth is divided into two groups: the West and East Blocks. Milene works as a secret spy for the West Block. She takes on different missions with the help of three other agents.




Written by Shotaro Ishinomori

Published by Futabasha

Released: Aug. 10, 1967 – March 5, 1970

6 Volumes


Television drama

Flower Action 0091

Studio: Toei

Released: Oct. 7, 1969 – Dec. 30, 1969

13 Episodes


Anime television series

Directed by Naoyuki Konno

Music by Taku Iwasaki

Studio: Ishimori Entertainment

Released: Oct. 5, 2006 – Dec. 21, 2006

12 Episodes



The 9 Number Team:

Mylene Hoffman – She is referred to as as 009-1 as well. She is the main character of the show.

Judy Moore (009-2)

Vanessa Ibert (009-3) –  She been made to focus on eletronic analysis equipment. Her eye can store a targets information.

Berta Kästner (009-4) – She is able to be equipped with tactical units in her four limbs, elbows, and knees.

Thelma Banderas (009-5)

Fei Chan (009-6)

Mia Connery (009-7) – She can transform into any person due to her skeletal structure being made of special biological tissue.

Una Berry (009-8)

Mio Murashima (009-9)

Alyona Theremin (009-10)

Bella Theremin (009-11)

Amia Riegl (009-12)

Number Zero – He is the commander of the Zero Zero Organization and boss of the 9 number team.


The Western Bloc

Double Gomez – He is the squad leader of Genetis Mutation Disposal Squad in the West Block.

Mars – He is a top agent at the Zero Zero Organization.

Apollo – He is the top agent at the Zero Zero Organization.

Ironheart – Mylene’s mentor and former spy


The Eastern Bloc

Lyudmila Schindler – He is the director at the Intelligence Agency in the East Block.

Ivan Godunov – He is the deputy director at the Intelligence Agency in teh East Block.

Doctor Green – He is the best researcher when it comes to supernatural powers. He works at the Eastern Bloc’s Supernatural Power Research Facility as the head.

Freya – She works as an intelligence agent for the East Block.

Odin – He is the top agent in the East Block.

Loki – He works as an agent for the East Block.

Borzov – Created a solid gold android to transport funds to the East Block.



Egg – He is a professional sniper that was hired to work for the East Block.

The Phantom – He works as a spy for the “Golden Bat” group. He owns a haunted castle.

Mysterious Woman – Made out of solid gold, she is an android that works as a double agent.

Mutant Girl – A mutant girl that is being hunted.

Sam – A jazz musician that lives a double life.