A.D. Police

A.D. Police:


A.D. Police


Cyberpunk, Detective Fiction



The A.D. Police deal with terrorist activities and crimes made by Boomers in Mega Tokyo. They come more heavily equipped than normal police but not as much as the military. The story follows the A.D. Police and missions they go on.


A.D. Police
Manga Cover


Written by Toshimichi Suzuki

Illustrated by Tony Takezaki

Published by Byakuya Shobo

Released: Nov. 1989 – Aug. 1990

1 Volume



Collins Jose

Kaden Jordan

Kenji Sasaki

Kleif Hans

Kurata Hideaki

Kyouko Miyano

Mary Malon

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  1. I love anime. I really love the gundam series. Both the after colony timeline and the universal century timeline. Also the other side timelines like G Gundam. This is a cool site. I am going to bookmark and check in occasionally.