Ah/Oh! My Goddess

Ah/Oh! My Goddess


Ah! My Goddess
Skuld, Belldandy, and Urd

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance


Keiichi Morisato is used by his friends, has no girlfriend, and is a sophmore in college. His luck changes when he accidently calls the Goddess Technical Help Line. A goddess named Belldandy appears before him and explains that he has been granted one wish by the hotline. Keiichi believes Belldandy is playing a joke on him and playful tells her his wish: for Belldandy to stay with him forever. She grants his wish and causes a problem. His dormitory is male only. They go to the streets to find a place.

Keiichi eventually comes across a Buddhust temple with Belldandy. They are greeted in the morning by a younger monk. He puts them to work immediately. Keiichi gets injured and Belldandy heals him, all the while the young monk is watching. He fears at first she is a demonic spirit. Soon Belldandy proves her innocence in her work with the temple. The monk decides to go on a pilgrimage and thus leaves the couple the temple. It is up to Keiichi and Belldandy to maintain the temple so they have a place to live.

Original Manga:

Written by Kosuke Fujishima

Published by Kodansha

English Producer: Dark Horse Comics

Magazine: Afternoon

English Magazine: Super Manga Blast!

Running: Sep. 1988 – ongoing

45 Volumes


Original Video Animation

Directed by Hiroaki Goda

Music by Takeshi Yasuda

Studio: AIC

Released: Feb. 2, 1993 – May 17, 1994

153 Minutes Runtime

5 Episodes

Adventures of Mini-Goddess

Directed by Hiroko Kazui and Yasuhiro Matsumura

Music by Tatsuya Maruyama

Studio: Oriental Light and Magic

Released: April 6, 1997 – Mar. 29, 1999

48 Episodes

Ah! My Goddess

Directed by Hiroaki Goda

Music by Shiroh Hamaguchi

Studio: AIC

Released: Jan. 6, 2005 – July 7, 2005

26 Episodes

Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy

Directed by Hiroaki Goda

Music by Shiro Hamaguchi

Studio: AIC

Released” April 6, 2006 – Sep. 14, 2006

24 Episodes

Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings

Directed by Hiroaki Goda

Written by Akira Watanabe and Hiroaki Goda

Music by Shiroh Hamaguchi

Studio: AIC

Released: Dec. 12, 2007

2 Episodes

Ah! My Goddess: Itsumo Futari De

Directed by Hiroaki Goda

Music by Shiroh Hamaguchi

Studio: AIC

Released: Feb. 23, 2011

2 Episodes

Film: Ah! My Goddess: The Movie

Novel: Oh My Goddess! First End

Written by Yumi Toma

Illustrated by Kosuke Fujishima and Hidenori Matsubara

Published by Kodansha

English Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Published: July 20, 2007

Video games

Title: Aa! Megami-sama!

System: NEC PC-9801

Released: 1993 by Banpresto

Add-ons: PC-FX (Voice Improvements)

Title: Quiz: Ah! My Goddess

System: Sega Dreamcast

Released: Aug. 1998

Player: Keiichi Morisato ( asked by various character)

Title: Ah! My Goddess

System: Playstation 2

Released: Feb. 2007

Developed by Marvelous Interactive

Editions: Limited Edition (Holy Box) and Dvd Edition



Main characters


Ah! My Goddess

Keiichi Morisato

Student at Nekomi Institute of Technology

Member of NIT Motor Club (Founder: Chihiro Fujimi)

Skills: mechanics, racing

Works at Whirlwind (Owner: Chihiro Fujimi)


Ah! My Goddess


Contract with Keiichi: She can cancel when she wishes, but says he is a special person at heart.

Skills: Kindness, patience, warmth, sense emotions

Goddess State: First Class, unlimited, extremely skilled

Other: She wears an earing on her left ear so that no one feels the extent of her power.


Ah! My Goddess


Belldandy’s older half sister

Goddess State: Second Class, management limited

Nickname: Goddess of Love




Belldandy’s younger sister

Goddess State: Second Class, type one, limited

Skills: Yggdrasil’s System Debuggers



The Almighty One

Maintains time, Unseen character


Goddess State: Second Class, unlimited

Earth based magic


Valkyrie – battle division

Goddess State: First Class, Special Duty Unlimited

Ice based magic

Chrono, Ere,and Ex

All three come and assist Peorth or Lind from time to time

Chrono: practices martial arts, scared of cats


mother of Skuld and Belldandy


Hell (Niflheim)


A.K.A.: Ruler of Demonkind

Urd’s mother

Lord of Terror

            Virus on Yggdrasil

Division: Lord of Terror and Ultimate Destruction Program

Urn of Hakushon the Demon King


Childhood friend of Urd



A miniature genie

God of Destruction


A doublet demon (a link that preserves Heaven and Hells balance)

Cursed to remain in child form, broken only when Belldandy speaks his name


Second most powerful demon

Has control of Niflheim


A.K.A.: Halvalth

A demon that serves Hagall in the rebellion

Skill: seeing sounds


A demon that serves Hagall

Skilled in physical strength


A demon that serves Hagall

Can create and cotrol robots and machines




Town and main setting of the series

Toshiyuki Aoshima

The playboy of Nekomi Institute of Technology

Banpei-kun RX

Built and designed by Skuld

Humanoid robot

Chihiro Fujimi

Original director and even the founder of Nekomi Institute of Technology Motor Club

A skilled female mechanic


The ‘Abused’ temple rat

Sora Hasegawa

Member of the Motor Club

A timid girl


Running joke of the Tv=V series, a child that befriends Keiichi

Sentaro Kawanishi

Teaches Skuld to ride a bike


Buddhist priest of Tariki Hongan Temple

Sayoko Mishima

Popular girl at Nekomi Institute of Technology

Keima Morisato

Father of Keiichi and Megumi

Skilled mechanic and driver

Megumi Morisato

Younger sister of Keiichi

Student at Nekomi Istitute of Technology

Engineering student

Takano Morisato

Mother of Keiichi and Megumi

Master of mahjong

Shiho Sakakibara

Freshman at Nakomi Istitution of Technology

Second year exorcism student

Makes Belldandy jealous from time to time


Mannequin that looks like a ten year old girl

Can speak through a recorder

The Three Ninjas

Female ninjas/agents of chaos

Created by Marller

            Kodama Genwaku: infiltration, Mistress of Illusion.

            Hikari Senkuo: weapons and assault

            Nozomi Senrigan: recon, uses a recorder to summon their ninja auxiliaries

Toraichi Tamiya and Hikozaemon Otaki

Ex-directors of Motor Club

Satoko Yamano

Freshman at Nekomi Institute of Technology

Likes Keiichi