Brothers Conflict

Brothers Conflict

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Romance, Shoujo, Comedy, Reverse Harem



Ema Hinata is the daughter of the famous adventurer Rintarō Hinata. One day, Ema finds out that her dad is going to remarry with a successful apparel maker named Miwa Asahina. Rather than bothering them, she decides to move in to the Sunrise Residence complex that is owned by Miwa. From there, she discovers that she has 13 step-brothers.



Brothers Conflict

Written by Atsuko Kanase

Illustration: Udajo

Publisher: ASCII Media Works

Magazine: Sylph

Released: Dec 22, 2010 to Jul 21, 2012

7 Volumes


Brothers Conflict 2nd Season

Written by Atsuko Kanase

Illustration: Udajo

Publisher: ASCII Media Works

Magazine: Sylph

Released: Jan. 22, 2013 to Dec. 21, 2013

5 Volumes



Brothers Conflict

Directed by Jun Matsumoto

Written by Atsuko Kanase

Studio: Brains Base

Released: July 2, 2013 to Sep. 17, 2013

12 Episodes




Main characters


Ema Hintata

Ema Hinata:

Daughter of a famous explorer

16 years old

In her second year of high school

Very good at cooking


Masaomi Asahina

Masaomi Asahina:

Oldest son at the age of 31

Works as a doctor, but faints at the sight of blood

Loves children

Has a special bond with the youngest son


Ukyo Asahina

Ukyo Asahina:

Second son at the age of 29

Successful Lawyer

Takes the “mom” role by doing cleaning, cooking, etc.

Calm and reliable but talkative


Kaname Asahina

Kaname Asahina:

Third son at the age of 26

A womanizer

Works as a monk

Eventually leaves the household to train as a real monk


Hikaru Asahina

Hikaru Asahina:

Fourth son at age 25

A cross-dressing novelist

Enjoys watching his brothers react to Ema

Made chart called “Brothers Conflict” to compare brothers’ likelihood of ending up with Ema


Tsubaki Asahina

Tsubaki Asahina:

Fifth son and the first triplet at age 24

Works as a voice actor

Cheeky and pushy but passionate

Is identical twins with Azusa


Azusa Asahina

Azusa Asahina:

Sixth son and the second triplet at age 24

Also works as a voice actor

Calm, unlike Tsubaki

Is Tsubaki’s identical twin


Natsume Asahina

Natsume Asahina:

Seventh son and the final triplet at age 24

Works as CEO of a game company

Lives alone

Is a fraternal triplet


Louis Asahina

Louis Asahina:

Eighth son at the age of 21

Works as a hairdresser

Beautiful and mysterious

Is adopted


Subaru Asahina

Subaru Asahina:

Ninth son that turns 20 in the anime

College Sophomore

Very athletic and plays basketball

Gets very tense when Ema is around


Iori Asahina

Iori Asahina:

Tenth son at the age of 18

High-school senior

Very popular among his school and others

Has knowledge of almost every flower


Yusuke Asahina

Yusuke Asahina:

Eleventh son at the age of 17

High-school student in the same school and class as Ema

Delinquent, but a perfectionist

Already had a crush on Ema before she joined the family


Fuuto Asahina

Fuuto Asahina:

Twelfth son at the age of 15

9th grade high-school student

Works as an idol and is very popular

Devilish and cheeky personality


Wataru Asahina

Wataru Asahina:

Thirteenth and youngest son at the age of 10

5th grade elementary student

Sweet and honest

His older brothers are protective of him




Ema’s pet squirrel

Can talk, but only Ema and Louis understand him

Has been with Ema since she was young

Refers to the brothers as “wolves”