Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied:

Elfen Lied

Action, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Psychological, Romance and Seinen


The Diclonius, a mutated homosapien that is said to be selected by God and will eventually become the destruction of mankind, possesses two horns on their heads and have a “sixth sense” which gives them telekinetic abilities. Due to this dangerous power they have been captured and isolated in laboratories by the government. Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, manages to break free of her confines and brutally murders most of the guards in the laboratory where she is being held, only to be shot in the head as she makes her escape. She survives, falling off a cliff into the ocean and manages to drift along to a beach where two teenagers, Kouta and Yuka, discover her. Having lost her memories, she was named after the only thing that she can now say, “Nyuu”, and the two allow her to stay at Kouta’s home. However, it appears that the psychotic side of Lucy is not dead just yet…


Elfen Lied
Written by: Lynn Okamoto (Also Illustrator)
Published by: Shueisha
Magazine: Weekly Young Jump
Release date: 2002-2005
Volumes: 12
Chapters: 107

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This anime contains one OVA taking place between episodes 10 and 11
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Elfen Lied
Lucy: (Nyu and Kaede)

Elfen Lied
Age: 15, said to be 16 at the end of the Anime and 17 in the Manga
Species: Diclonius
Gender: Female
Relatives: Mother (Deceased), Father (Fate Unknown), Half-Brother (Deceased)
Occupation: The potential matriarch of the new Humanity

Elfen Lied

Her original personality (Kaede) was that of a depressed, distrustful, withdrawn and frustrated child. She was discriminated against by others, because of her horns. Thinking that she was abandoned by her parents, she was also avoided and judged by staff of the orphanage, bullied and treated contemptuously by other children, all this because of her horns. Kaede didn’t understand why such discrimination happened, and so she also suffered from self-hatred from having horns. To some extent she understood that the other kids were miserable and needed to make others miserable too, targeting especially those already more miserable then themselves. When gaining intimacy with someone as Kouta and Aiko, she is shown to be sweet, kind and shy.

Elfen Lied


After witnessing her dog’s murder at the hands of the orphanage bullies, she began to develop a deep hatred of Humans, killing whole families just to use their house, without regret or guilt. Shortly after this, she began to hear a voice in her head, supposedly the voice of her DNA. The voice of her Diclonius instincts had the mental image of herself, with the only difference having a cold and sadistic expression. The voice told her that she couldn’t coexist in a world with Humans, and then said: “Join me. Then I will make to you a place to live in”. From that point on Kaede began to listen to her instincts, killing some Humans by way of inducing heart attacks, and spreading her genes to Male Humans, who would have Diclonius children who would in turn kill and infect more. Her Diclonii instincts began to overpower Kaede, leading her to develop a sadistic, sociopathic and blood thirsty personality. This personality is often designated as Lucy, a name given to her in the Diclonius Research Institute, and never used by her or anyone who befriended her. While unclear, it’s possible that the Lucy Personality is in fact a combination of the Kaede Personality and the DNA voice Personality, since she apparently had traits of both.

Elfen Lied

During her escape from the Diclonius Reserach Institute, a sniper shot a bullet from a .50 caliber rifle on Lucy’s helmet, that was partially slowed by the helmet she wore and her vectors, causing her to fall off a cliff side into the sea. Lucy’s personality fell unconscious and by the next morning Kaede woke up on the beach at Kamakura without any memories and with a childlike and infantile personality. The only sound she knew was Nyu, which was how Kouta and Yuka decided to name her. Despite the ignorance of Nyu, she had a basic sense of good and evil, much like a young child. She was a kind, sweet, innocent and naive girl, with an intense sexual curiosity that often made life awkward for her housemates. As the time passed in the Kaede house, Nyu slowly began to learn the basic morals and norms of society. When she lost her horns in the battle with Mariko, Nyu’s persona predominated, and remained for just over half a year. During this time Nyu matured greatly, learning how to speak properly and in complete sentences, how to cook, clean and show at least some restraint on her sexual curiosity. A variant on this personality emerged when Kaede House was attacked, as Nyu was finally able to use vectors like Lucy, was brutal towards her attackers, but still deeply caring of her house mates, especially Kouta. It could be said that the personality she finished the series with was a variable-percentage merger between Lucy and Nyu, as elements of both surfaced. For example, when facing Chief Kakuzawa for the last time, her nudity became an issue for her, covering what she could from his view. This is in marked contrast to the uncaring attitude the pure Lucy persona had about such matters, likely stemming from contempt for Humans as lower creatures, and also to the child-like free spirit Nyu mostly was, happily climbing in the bath with and groping to excess any friend who had her attention. Upon her death, these two personalities each seemed to have their own spirit, both of which loved Kouta and her Friends.
Vector Abilities:
•Vector Range:- 1.4 (before the start of the series) 2m (normal) 5m (with long horns) Worldwide (End of manga).
•Strength:- Very strong (in the beginning of the manga and the anime), according to Nana and enormous (enough to destroy the whole earth) in the end of the manga.
•Speed:- Unknown, about average of a Diclonius.
•Vector Special Abilities:- Cell reconstruction/ restoration, giving a healing ability. Ability to use vectors in the “sleeping state” (as Nyu, but they are far weaker), and while in pain. Like those of other powerful Diclonius, they can also vibrate so fast that they become visible.
•Kills:- Over 9,000 people, implied to perhaps be in the many tens of thousands.
•Kaede means “Maple” in English; Note that this name is never used except at the very end of the manga; she is known largely as Nyu to her friends, and as Lucy to her pursuers. It is also the name of the central location in the series, Maple House.
•Lucy is the name given to an Australopithecus fossil find of immense importance, and likely played a role in Kakuzawa’s renaming of Kaede, although this is never confirmed in the series.
•Lucy may also be short for Lucifer, King of Demons.
•Nyu is similar to the word gyuunyuu meaning milk. It could be an example of a baby word, since milk is a common first word for babies, but babies don’t always pronounce words properly. This reversion to baby speech would imply the Nyu is like a complete rebirth for Lucy.
•At the anime’s end, it is left for the viewer to decide whether Kaede or Nyu is the one at the door. Many fans believe that Kaede killed her Lucy persona so Kouta could live with Nyu. But it could be either since she can swap personalities when she falls in unconscious. The name Kaede never appears in the anime, where in the English dub Kaede House is sometimes called Maple Inn.



Elfen Lied
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Grey-Black
Hair Colour: Black
Personality: Kouta’s personality drives the series as much as Kaede’s. It is easy to say that the loss of Kanae drives him to try and be a protector and helper of young women in need. But he was compassionate and friendly towards Kaede even before this, and his greatest mistake derived from trying to spare her feelings by lying. The girls in his life tend to be a bit jealous and protective of him as we’ll, generated by the feeling of his being there for them. Kouta’s kindness in the series can be seen as the counterpoint not only to the orphanage bullies, but to every cruel person seen during the Elfen Lied story. He is a helpful, compassionate, protective, brave, loving, innocent, accepting, cheerful, generous, loyal, and despite his sometimes harsh and conflicting words, forgiving young man. In the end, even when he says he will never forgive Kaede, he takes a bullet meant for her, all so she will not die with his feelings unstated or unresolved. The fact that so few people in this series are anything like him shows off just how grim a series it is. For if the majority of the people in Elfen lied were like Kouta, the dark tragic events of the story would never have happened.
•Kouta’s name is sometimes romanised as Kohta.
•In the anime, Kouta’s repressed memories are triggered when Lucy kills a whole army in front of him, afterwards singing Lilium, the song that brought them together (The music in the music box). He is also more forgiving in the anime, effectively stating that Kaede/Lucy/Nyu became a monster because everyone treated her like one, even kissing Lucy and stating that he still loves her and her Nyu persona though he proclaims that he cannot bring himself to fully forgive her for the murder of his family. However, once he gets his memories back in the manga, he is truly unforgiving towards her for killing his father and sister, at least on the surface. While he does not forgive the murder in either version, his approach in the anime is a great deal more tender.



Elfen Lied
Age: 18 to 19 Years
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Her Mum (Unknown Name), Kouta (Cousin), Kanae (Cousin, Deceased), Kouta’s Father (Uncle, Deceased), Mayu (Legal Ward), Nyuu Jr. (Probable Daughter- Manga Only)
Occupation: College Student
Anime: Yuka in the anime series was a concentration and distillation of many of Yuka’s traits in the first half of the manga series. Here, she is noticeably more jealous and suspicious of Kouta’s relationship with Nyu. Also, almost all instances of her striking Kouta from the manga are shown in the much shorter television series, making what had been an occasional theme seem instead constant. Her mother is barely referenced and never seen at all, even in the childhood flashbacks. Yuka takes the initiative in bringing Nyu home with them, and, in a scene that may have made her seem scatterbrained and shallow, seizes the initiative from Kouta in the idea of essentially adopting Mayu. While her history was essentially unchanged from that of her manga counterpart, bits of emphasis separate Yuka-anime. In a nightmarish scene, she is a child again, hearing faceless relatives whisper about Kouta’s mental breakdown while at the funeral services for her uncle and Kanae. Towards the series’ end, it takes Mayu to show her that she is in fact a good ‘mother’ figure for those at Maple House, and that her anxieties stem from how much she Ives Kouta. The anime, pressed for time as any such adaptation is, does not provide as full a picture of Yuka as it might, but it is and will likely remain the primary vehicle by which people will come to know her, at least until they read the manga. Never the fan-favourite girlfriend for Kouta m, Yuka remains the ‘normal-girl’ counterpart for Kaede/Lucy/Nyu, while showing also that not having horns is no guarantee of perfect happiness.



Elfen Lied
Age: 6-7 Years old (Though physically she seems to be 12-15 years old)
Species: Diclonius
Gender: Female
Relatives: Kurama (Adoptive Father)
Occupation: Diclonius Test Subject (Former)
Range: 5m
Strength: Average
Speed: Very fast, though sometimes unfocused
Special Ability: Can disable other Diclonius vectors
Kills: 0 People. Though an unexplained event in the 12th anime episode could call this into question. It is likely that those police were knocked out and not actually killed since vector massacres tend to be a bit… Messier. This heavily indicates that Nana was responsible, since she is frequently shown to disable but never kill opponents. Even when she could have killed Lucy and Mariko in the anime after being badly tortured in both cases, she decided to shut off their vectors instead. She also refused to kill Bando, although a bullet graze may have helped cool her head on that one. She passed all three temptations in the anime. In the manga she asks Mayu if it would be OK to kill the soldiers coming from the helicopter during the final confrontation at the light house. This shows that even the adorable Nana may be slightly less averse to killing in the manga.
•In the manga, there are several points at which it seems Nana has surely died. These are all fake-outs.
•In the manga and especially the anime, there are many comic moments when Nana’s concentration lapses, causing her artificial limbs to fall off.
•On many occasions, what appears to be Nana’s hair decoration is in fact a tie owned by her ‘Papa’ Kurama, and is easily her most treasured keepsake.
•it is not known whether or how much Nana ever knew of Kurama’s wife Hiromi, or whether or not she once believed Hiromi to be her mother. •In the anime, Nana’s hair colour is bright pink. In colour shots from the manga, it is dark purple almost plum.
•The anime does not make Nana’s fast acing as clear as the manga does. Like all other Silpelits, she ages twice as fast as other people. Therefore, she looks like a maturing young woman rather than a very young girl.
•Nana appears by herself on the covers of fifteen manga chapters, sinking her third overall in such appearances.



Elfen Lied

Age: 13 (Manga), 14 (Anime)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Relatives: Mother (abandoned custody), Kouta (Legal Guardian), Yuka (Legal Guardian)
Occupation: Middle-School Student
Background: Nothing is known about the fate of Mayu’s birth father. At some stage, her mother became disinterested in him, and abandoned any thoughts for Mayu. Mayu didn’t realize this or didn’t realize the depth and breadth of the disconnect, which either always was or eventually became known. Her mother married a man, Mayu referred to him as ‘new papa’, indicating that her birth father had once been present in their lives. In a short amount of time being ‘new papa’, Mayu was sexually abused by him, sometimes to the point of it being unnatural. Mayu endured this in silence for an unknown amount of time, she tried to explain the abuse to her mother, only to get an extreme bitter jealous reaction from the attention Mayu was getting. Mayu realized that she meant nothing to her mother, Mayu refused her ‘new papa’ and ran away after all of this happened, only to discover that being homeless was a big problem. She was forced to survive on bread crumbs and whatever else she could find. Mayu was lonely and depressed (Possibly Suicidal), she came across a puppy which she named Wanta. Mayu fed her new friend (Wanta) at the cost of her sharing her food. They both stayed in a wood-pile shelter on a beach in Kamakura. While it was hard to survive with them both being very hungry, they both found it bearable because they had each other.
•Mayu appears by herself on 14 manga chapter covers, sometimes with Wanta. This ranks her 4th for all such appearances.
•In the anime, Mayu ends up learning the nature of Diclonius and Lucy well before any other Human resident of Kaede (Maple) House and much earlier than she did in the manga.



Elfen Lied
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Browny Black
Background: As a young man with his doctorate, he was married to Hiromi Kurama, whose frail constitution did not allow her to easily conceive children. He was recruited by his colleague, Kakuzawa, with the promise of handling the next stage of human evolution, and joined Japan’s National Research Institute on Human Evolution. While recognising the need Kakuzawa stated to stop the spread of the syndrome that caused certain girls to be born with horns, telekinetic powers and a (seeming) eventual desire to kill their families, he very often raised objections to the manner in which the young girls were treated, particularly in the case of Silpelit Number 3. After escaping, number 3 ‘thanked’ ‘the man behind the glass’, Kurama, by brushing her vectors against his forehead. Soon after, his wife announced that they were at last expecting a child. After a miscarriage, another attempt, also in vitro fertilization (IVF Treatment), was successful.
At the same time, Kurama’s assistant, Oomori, and his wife were also expecting a child. When this girl tinted out to be a Diclonius, Oomori pleaded for her life (Since Chief Kakauzawa had ordered all such children born after a certain point to be killed) to no avail. Despite knowing the record of horned children turning on their parents, Oomori told his boss it was not a choice a father could make. Kurama offered to take the horrid choice out of Oomori’s hands and kill the child himself, so that Oomori and his wife could feel blameless. Shattered, Oomori left the Institute, and Kurama continued the practice, wishing to spare others the pain of killing newborns.
Hiromi had to give birth by Caesarean section, and when Kurama saw that their daughter has horns, he realized that #3 had infected him with the touch of her vectors, and that this was the method of transmission for all cases of the virus. Having euthanized any number if Diclonius births, Kurama found that he could not kill Mariko, particularly after a plea from his dying wife. In exchange for Mariko’s continued life and the expenses of keeping her in captivity and containment, he was to stay away, leaving her in the care of Saito, who came to see herself as a surrogate mother to Mariko. Unknown to most, Saito cemented her bond with Mariko by explaining only that Kurama had tried to kill her at birth, not the lengths he had gone to keeping her alive. She also flatly lied and told Mariko her parents never wanted her at all. Whatever his qualms about his job, Kurama now found himself almost bound to the Kakuzawa’s, and on the surface became a much colder individual.
•Kurama appears by himself on only one manga chapter cover; he is the only male character besides Kouta to do so.
•Although Kurama’s arm is torn off by Lucy when he tries shooting her towards the end, in the final chapter he is shown with both arms intact holding Mariko’s ashes. He either had the arm reattached (with his connections in the scientific field, this is no surprise), or it was an error on the authors part.



Elfen Lied
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
“The new race will never prosper! I will kill that girl before that can happen.” Bando, vowing vengeance on Lucy.
Biography: Bando, when first introduced, is an operative for the National Police Agency’s Special Assault Team (SAT). His combat skills, blood-lust, and determination made him one of its top agents. His personality, while normally being highly apathetic, aggressive to the point of sadism and decidedly anti-social, was also driven by a deeply felt sense of honour and obligation.
Anime Adaptation: In the Anime’s final episodes, Bando was allied with Kurama, a deal made to repair his cybernetics, damaged in battle with Nana, in exchange for killing Mariko. Mariko is recuperating when Bando arrives, and instead he targets Lucy, seeking revenge. It seems like he survived another (off-screen) defeat at her hands. Lucy claimed that he will never see her again as she left him alive. It is unknown if a second anime season would have included another confrontation. Also, in the anime as presented, he never develops a relationship with Mayu, and the two never see each other again after their first reunion following his return to the beach. Again, whether this would have warned up in a second season will likely never be known.