Glass Maiden

Glass Maiden:


Glass Maiden
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The story follows a group of detectives that are concerned about protecting humanoid character. He is referred to as the “cargo” and is intended for a job, but revealed as survivor of a research project. The project turned female humans into weapons called HW series. They are used by the military.


Anime television series

Directed by Mitsuko Kase

Studio: Studio Fantasia

Released: April 8, 2008 – June 24, 2008

12 Episodes




The Detectives:

Shu – He is the boss of the detective agency and is known to be a ladies man.

Akira – The younger brother of Shu and is employed to get jobs for the agency.

Manami – She works for the agency.

Ayaka – She works for the agency.

Porilyn – He monitors the job of the agency through monitors over the town.

Doc – He is a skilled doctor.

Monica – Assistant to Doc and accommodates him all the time.


The Glass Maidens:

Sara – Also known as HW-9

BW-Alpha – hides her true form.


Supporting Characters:

Seiji – A guitarist working at hte restaurant.



Kito – Kito maintains the expirements on the Glass Maiden’s and is the leader of the organization.