Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Science fiction



The plot of this anime is that a boy named Tsukasa. His mind is trapped inside of a virtual video game. Others are trying to find him in the real world so they can help get him out. The show is a slowly growing show with little action sequences. The plot relies on mysteries and twists instead. Many characters are introduced along the way to help Tsukasa out. The identity of Tsukasa takes a back seat while other story lines are solved, but eventually comes back into play near the end.


Anime television series:

Directed by Kōichi Mashimo

Written by Kazunori Itō

Music by Yuki Kajiura

Realeased: April 4, 2002 – September 25, 2002

26 Episodes


Original video animation:

.hack//Intermezzo, .hack//Unison, .hack//Gift

Directed by Kōichi Mashimo

Released: 2002 – 2003

3 Episodes




List of Characters:


Aura – Harald Hoerwick created her to look as a child that could have been. She is also called “the spirit of The World” at times. She is an Al and wears white clothing making her look like a ghost. Tsukasa awakens her from her deep sleep. She uses an installation books to gather power.

Kite – The main character of the game series. He is a close friend to Yasuhiko.

Albireo – He is the main character of the novel series volume one. He is a Long Arm class and is known as a solo player.

Balmung – He is also known as the legendary player known as “Balmung of the Azure Sky.” He has white wings due to a reward and is a Blademaster.

Bear – He is another Blademaster. He has Celtic blue tattoos on his face.

BlackRose – A Heavy Blade female in the game series.

BT – He is a Wavemaster whom is searching for the Key of the Twilight.

Harald Hoerwick – He is the creator of The World due to being a programmer. He is from Germany.

Elk – He is another Wavemaster which only works with Mia.

Crim – He is a Long Arm. Was the founder of the Crimson Knights.

Helba – She is a hacker by heart. She has a Wavemaster avatar that is edited to her liking.

Mia – She is a Blademaster that has cat features.

Mimiru – She is another Heavy Blade.

Morganna Mode Gone – Created by Harald Hoerwick and used as an AI. She gathers information.

Orca – He is a Blademaster played by Yasuhiko.

Rena Kunisake – She wins chibi avatar version of BlackRose in a contest set up by Aura. She is a female Blademaster.

Silver Knight – He is Crimson Knights second in command. He is a Blademaster in The World.

Shugo Kunisaki – He wins a chibi avatar of Kite through a contest set up by Aura.

Skeith – He is created by Marganna as a phase called the “Terror of Death.” He looks as if he is made out of rocks.

Sora – He is played by a 10 year-old known as Ryou Misaki. He travels as a Twin Blade avatar and attempts to get home addresses out of beautiful female avatars.

Subaru – She is a Heavy Axemen joining The World to meet new people. Forms an almost romantic bond with Tsukasa

Tsukasa – He is the main character of the show. He is trapped inside of The World due to being in a coma. His avatar is a silver-haired Wavemaster.

Zefie – She is the daughter of Aura and is an AI as well.

Piros – He is a Heavy Axeman and believes he is the main character.

Sanjuro – He is a Heavy Blade avatar. He is really into samurai films.

Gardenia – She is a Long Arm avatar.

Natsume – She is a Twin Blade avatar.

Mistral – She plays as a Wavemaster and hunts for treasure.

Marlo – He is a Blademaster avatar.

Moonstone – He is a Twin Blade avatar.

Nuke Usagimaru – He is Long Arm avatar.

Rachel – She is a greedy Blademaster.

Wiseman – He is really Takumi Hino, a ten year-old boy. He plays as a calm business man.