The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku Maou-Sama!)

The Devil is a Part-Timer! (Hataraku Maou-Sama!)

Hataraku Maou-Sama!


Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen.



Hataraku Maou-Sama!

Devil King Sadao is only one step away from conquering the world when he is beaten by Hero Emilia and forced to drift to the other world: Modern-day Tokyo. As “conquering the world” are the only skills the Devil King possesses- and are obviously unnecessary in his new situation- he must work as a freeter to pay for his living expenses!

Episodes/Seasons: There are 13 episodes to this Anime… It’s short… But well worth the watch!!


Light Novel:

Hataraku Maou-Sama!

Written by: Satoshi Wagahara

Illustrated by: Oniku

Published by: ASCII Media Works

English Publisher: Yen Press

Demographic: Male

Imprint: Dengeki Bunko

Original Run: February 2011- Ongoing

Volumes: 12



Hataraku Maou-Sama!

Written by: Akio Hīrage

Published by: ASCII Media Works

English Publisher: Yen Press

Demographic: Shōnen

Imprint: Dengeki Comics

Magazine: Dengeki Daioh

Original run: February 2012- ongoing

Volumes: 5+


Manga (Hataraku Maō-sama! High School!):

Hataraku Maou-Sama!

Written by: Kurone Mishima

Published by: ASCII Media Works

Demographic: Shōnen

Imprint: Dengeki Comics

Magazine: Dengeki Maoh

Original Run: July 2012- ongoing



Sadao Maou

His real name is Satan Jacob (Satan Jakobu).

Age: 300 (Well he is Satan after all)

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Dark Green

Personal Status: Demon Lord (Formerly)

Occupation: Assistant Shift Manager at MgRonald’s

Relatives: Mother (Deceased)., Father (Deceased)


As a human, Maou has the appearance of an average Japanese young man, with black or dark green hair depending on the adaptation, as well as red eyes with slitted pupils.

As Demon Lord Satan, he has identical hair and eyes, but his stature is taller and more well-built, reaching roughly two metres in height . He has claws, demonic wings, beast-like legs and hooves, as well as a pair of yellow horns. His left horn was partially sliced off by Emilia.

Demonic Magic:

As the Demon Lord, Satan possessed great demonic power. Demonic magic is extremely strong, and each user seems to have a unique coloured aura to indicate its presence (Like in Blue Exorcist… The Aura is Blue). For him, that colour is black.

On Earth, he lost most of his powers and was weakened to the point that he could only function as an average human. Finding magical sources was near impossible as magic is largely only present in the form of fiction. However, his powers can be temporarily restored by feeding off negative emotions like fear and despair from sentiment beings in the surroundings, such as during the battles with Lucifer and Sariel.

Immense Magic Power:

Maou is able to cast so many high-class offensive and defensive magics to attack enemies or to defend himself from harm with ease.

Keen intellect:

Maou is surprisingly intelligent, able to piece events together and form a logical conclusion with relative ease, such as when he figured out Lucifer’s motivations for the mugging incidents around the neighbourhood to accumulate power.

Immense Strength:

When transformed, he gains an incredible strength which makes him able to lift falling debris many times larger than himself.

Immense Speed:

During the battle against Lucifer, Maou was able to move so fast that Lucifer was unable to react. Resulting in his utter defeat in just a flash.

Immense Endurance:

Despite his more fragile human body, he was still able to continue running after being blasted by Lucifer’s magic bullets right in his vital body parts until his leg was shot by Olba.

Interesting fact:

On Earth he owns a bike he named “Dullahan”. It’s name came from the Irish Mythology about a headless rider with a black horse and carries his/her head under one arm.


Shirō Ashiya (Alciel)

Gender: Male

Age: 1,500

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Greyish white

Personal Status: Demon General (Formerly)

Occupation: House-husband (self-proclaimed)

Shirō Ashiya (Alciel) is one of Satan’s Demon Generals and was also transported to the modern day Japan with Satan himself. Extremely loyal to Maou (Satan), he takes care of the domestic duties at home and goes to the library to research ways to regain their powers.


During his life in Ente Isla, he served under Satan as one of the Four Great Generals and fought Hero Emelia alongside Satan. He accompanied Satan through the gate which the latter created with his remaining magic power and escaped to earth, landing in modern day Tokyo Japan.


Although living as a human himself, he tends to consider humans beneath him. He often reacts in exaggerated ways, usually in regards to the household finances. He respects his lord and is subservient to the point that he’ll beat himself up for his imagined transgressions. Ashiya’s intelligence is pointed out by others several times, an invaluable trait that made Maou suggest that Ashiya should handle the research while he went to work.


He’s a tall man with brown eyes, and has greyish-white hair that falls just beneath his chin. He can often be seen in Unislo clothes, usually jeans and a long sleeved shirt. When he doing the chores, he wears a green apron.

Powers and Abilities:-

Demonic Energy:

As a demon like Satan and Lucifer he is capable of wielding demonic powers. When he shows his true power, he often forms his hands in an X-shape. Like Maō and Urushihara, his power on Earth is limited, but he can replenish his power through the negative emotions of people around him.


During the battle with Lucifer and Olba, he displayed this by throwing three cars at Olba.

Energy Projectiles:

Alciel is able to fire green energy projectiles from his hands.

Magic Recovery:

Alciel was able to recover from his injuries by using demonic energy granted to him by Maou.


Alciel is able to fly in his demon form with super speed.

Enhanced Strength:

Alciel is said to have the thickest skin of all the Generals. Most weapons and attacks are unable to penetrate it.

Enhanced Magic Power:

As shown in his battles with the heroes in Ente Isla and as one of the demon generals, Alciel has a huge magic power.

Keen Intellect:

He has keen intellect as a master strategist of the demon king. He is also the only one organising all the living cost of the Demon King and Co.

Interesting Fact:

In episode 6 of the anime, When Alciel commented on the anatomical model human dummy only having one heart, it might have been a hint that the other demons and himself have two or more hearts.


Emi Yusa (Emilia Justina)

Gender: Female

Age: 17 (Fabricated as 20+ in Japan)

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Red

Personal Status: Hero (Formerly)

Occupation: Call Centre Agent

Relatives: Nord Justina (Father), Laylah (Mother), Alas=Ramus (“Daughter”).

Emi Yusa is the female protagonist and the Hero who defeated the Demon King Satan. After forcing the Demon King to retreat from Ente Isla, she followed him to modern day Japan to ensure that he is destroyed. However, just like the Demon Lord, she lost most of her powers upon her arrival and is forced to assume a Japanese name and find employment as a call centre agent. She is half human/half Angel.


Emi is a strong-willed and powerful hero capable of wielding the sacred sword ‘Better Half’. She is generally very kind and tries to do the best for other people, but due to her feud with the Demon Lord, she tends to be mean to him and resents his kindness. However, she admits that his kindness has helped her and others many times, and it is hinted that she may not completely dislike Maou. She is also extremely sensitive about her chest size, and is secretly envious of Chiho’s.


Emi has very long red hair that extends all the way down her thighs, with two strands hanging in front. The strands on the right are weaved into a braid; she also has an ahoge (Cowlick) on top of her head. Her eyes, as a human, are green. She is shown to wear many different outfits in the human world, but her most common clothing is the uniform she wears for work, consisting of a Grey waist coat, Long white sleeved T-Shirt and a Purple Tartan styled Skirt with black heeled shoes. In Ente Isla, she wore a full-body crusader armour as the Hero. When she activates her secret power… Her hair turns from red to Silver.

Powers and Abilities:

In Ente Isla, she was known to be very powerful, able to single-handedly push back the demonic forces and fight the Demon Lord and his generals on equal grounds. In the human world, she still had some powers remaining, but had to preserve them so she had enough to open a Gate back to Ente Isla. Later, Emeralda provides her with a drink called Holy Vitamin Beta that would help replenish her magical reserves while on Earth.

Sacred Power

The powers that she has revealed:

Heavenly Flames:

It was shown that it engulfed her blade with fire that had enough power to strike down Urushihara (Lucifer). It is unknown if this is an inherent ability of the Better Half or if she can perform it with any weapon.

Barrier Creation (unnamed):

This protects the target from any harm.

Memory Manipulation (unnamed):

By touching the Target’s forehead, she can erase a person’s memories.

Sleep Magic (unnamed):

By touching the Target’s forehead, she can make someone fall asleep.

Energy Projectiles:

During the fight against Lucifer and Olba, Emi fired an energy projectile from her hand to counter Olba’s surprise attack against Ashiya.


Emi is shown to be capable of flight, but it’s limitations (such as whether it uses up her Sacred Power or not) are not clear as of yet.


Her sacred sword, ‘Better Half’, is made from a heavenly metal (tianyin). It can only be used by the offspring of a human and angel. When taken by the Church of Ente Isla, Emelia started undergoing training in swordsmanship. Previously held in the possession of the Church, ‘Better Half’ was returned to her and she finally obtained the ability to defeat the Demon Lord as the Hero.


Emi’s human body is more fragile on Earth than it is in Ente Isla, thus when she caught a falling Chiho, the impact sent her to her knees and broke the bones in her legs in the process. However, she could move and recover from her injuries soon after.

Enhanced Reflexes:

Emi is shown to be able to dodge multiple projectiles in close combat.

Interesting Fact:

Her original name “Emilia” means rival and Yusa sounds similar to Yuusha, which means Hero in Japanese.


Rika Suzuki

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown

Occupation: Call Centre Agent (Works at the same place as Emi)


Rika was originally from Kobe, where her family owns a factory. When things don’t go well they all work together to help each other.

Rika is also a survivor of the earthquake. After moving to Tokyo, she gets annoyed whenever people ask about the earthquake after finding out that she is from Kobe, and thus decided to never bring up her hometown and shed her accent.


Rika invited Emi to stay the night at her apartment after the accident at the underground mall, her reason being that she thinks that it’s better to not be alone during such times. It is revealed that Rika is reluctant to remember what happened on the day of the earthquake, saying that there are moments that she would rather not recall.

Some time later, when Rika gets in the know that Emi and Suzuno plan to watch

Maou at his workplace, and invites herself along to see him for herself, having gotten the impression that he had a unique relationship with the other two girls. When listening to Ashiya’s story about he and Maou’s relationship later at SFC, she commended his role as the housekeeper, encouraging Ashiya by telling him that his role is no less important.


Rika has brown hair and eyes. She usually parts her hair to the right. She is mosh often seen in her work uniform.


Hanzō Urushihara (Lucifer)

Gender: Male

Age: 18 (Human)

Unknown (Demon General)

Eye Colour: Purple

Hair Colour: Purple

Personal Status: Angel (Formerly)

Occupation: Demon General (Formerly)

Hanzō Urushihara is a fallen Angel and one of the Demon Lord’s Generals. After his defeat at the hands of Hero Emilia, he was secretly rescued by Olba who promised to return Lucifer to heaven if they became allies in defeating the Demon Lord. After being defeated by the Demon Lord, he moved in with Maou and Ashiya. He’s good with technology and loves playing video games. To his irritation, he is usually referred to as a hikikomori (Acute Social Withdrawal) even amongst company.


Lucifer was an angel, but he fell because he felt it was too boring in heaven. Some point after that, he became one of the Demon Lord’s Generals and took over the western Island in Ente Isla. He was the first to be defeated by Emilia, but was then rescued by Olba. The two became allies in order to defeat the Demon Lord, as Lucifer was promised a way to return to heaven.


He is shown to have a cunning, sneaky personality, like in the anime episode 6, where he uses Maou, Ashiya, Chiho and Emi to fetch his forgotten game console from an abandoned classroom under the pretext of finding a way to regain their powers. This also hints at his childishness, preferring to surf the internet and play games rather than help Ashiya with the housework. Due to his attitude, everyone tends to treat him lightly and pay no mind to many of his protests at being excluded from things, such as not having a seat at the table when there are many guests over.


He has long purple hair with long bangs hanging down the right side of his face, his eyes are the same colour. He wears jeans, high top blue shoes, Purple and White T-Shirt and has 4 purple ear-rings (2 on each side). He is on the short side for a human of age eighteen.

Powers and Abilities:

On Earth, he ends up in similar circumstances as Maou and Ashiya. His powers are limited, and has to feed off the negative emotions of humans in the surroundings to regain his powers.

Some of his abilities that were shown in the anime are listed below:


Lucifer can summon black wings to fly at great speeds. They seem to only manifest when he has harnessed enough power from negative emotions.


When Emi landed on a streetlight, one of his black feathers floated down beside her and exploded before Emi could react to it. The limitations of this ability are unknown.


He was able to survive Maou’s combat magic despite how powerful it was, as well as the stab through his chest dealt by Emilia’s sacred sword in Ente Isla.


Urushihara is surprisingly good with electronic devices, and possesses some hacking skills. It is unknown how much time he and Olba spent on Earth before they started their mugging spree. In episode 6 of the anime, it is revealed that Urushihara owns a PASTA console (PSVita in the real world).

Interesting Fact:

It is mentioned in Volume 3 of the light novels that before Lucifer became a fallen angel he was the highest ranking angel in heaven and still wields a degree of power over lower-ranking angels.


Chiho Sasaki

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 10

Age: 16

Eye Colour: Amber

Hair Colour: Light Auburn

Personal Status:

Part-time employee at MgRonalds

Occupation: High School Student

Chiho Sasaki is Maou’s friend and fellow employee at MgRonalds. She has a crush on Maou. She can hear and understand the language of Ente Isla, after receiving feedback from a hypnosis spell that Maou cast on her father, Inspector Sasaki.


She is a part-time employee at MgRonalds along with Maou. Maou had met her father when he first landed on Earth, as her father is a policeman and caught him and Ashiya loitering around. She attends high school at Sasahata North High School.


She has a strong will and a very try-hard personality. She is in love with Maou, and sometimes gets jealous when she sees Emi and Maou together.


Her school uniform has a dark green scheme; it has buttons running down the front with a plaid ribbon at her chest and a light green collar. Her skirt is the same colour as her collar, and the look is completed with black knee-high socks and brown shoes. Chiho’s chest size is often envied by other girls. She is of short stature but sports a highly curvaceous figure, a fact which is noted by several people.

At MgRonalds, she wears the standard employee’s uniform and wears her hair up in two ponytails.

Powers and Abilities:

Although Chiho is a normal human, she has some powers and abilities of her own due to her frequent interactions with Maou and others from Ente Isla:

Idea Link/Linguistics:

Thanks to the Sonar used on her, Chiho is now able to understand the language of Ente Isla like a native speaker would. It is unknown if she can speak it herself however.


She is capable of using a bow, as she is part of the archery club at school and is shown practising with one in the opening credits of the anime. In volume 5 of the light novel, she had the chance to display her skills in archery, when a mysterious being lent her some powers to take on angels who came to cause harm to Maou and Emi.

Interesting Fact:

According to the Data Books, she is a 1st dan kyūdōka as attributed to her belonging to her school’s archery club.


Miki Shiba

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Lavender

Occupation: Land Lady

Miki Shiba is the owner of the “Villa Rosa Sasadzuka” apartment building where Sadou Maou and Suzuno Kamazuki live. She is very obese and seems to know more about Ente Isla than the average Japanese person.


She is the Land Lady at the place the Devil King stays. She requested that her apartment he rented out to “shady characters” such as Maou and Alciel, also requesting that they call her Miki-T. She seems to have some knowledge of Ente Isla or might be from Ente Isla.

She is a guardian of the Earth and is thought to be incredibly powerful to the point where Sariel and Gabriel did not want to fight near her out of fear of provoking her. She is older than any known archangels in a History.


Kiki is a large woman who wears copious amounts of makeup and lipstick. She dresses heavily in thick fur jackets, and always carries a purse with her. Her clothing mainly consists of the colour purple. Miki also tends to wear a fancy, purple feather hat. She is also often seen wearing a yellow necklace.

Powers and Abilities:

As guardian of the Earth, and is older than any archangels, it can be assumed that Miki is incredibly powerful. While her level of power is unknown, it is likely that her power easily exceeds Maou and the Hero considering how Sariel and Gabriel had no qualms in provoking a fight with the Demon King and the Hero but would greatly fear having a battle with Miki. Unlike Maou and Emi, whose powers are highly dependent on the amount of Mana they have gathered and stored, it dan be assumed that Miki is not restricted to such trivial limitations.

Interesting Fact:

Her signature is her kids (With Lipstick).


Mayumi Kisaki

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 25th

Age: 26

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Occupation: Manager

Mayumi Kisaki is the manager of MgRonalds where Sadou and Chiho work.


Kisaki has black hair styled in a low side-ponytail. She has bangs and black eyes. She is most often seen in a MgRonalds manager’s uniform, which consists of a yellow shirt, maroon vest a skirt and a red hat.

Interesting Fact:

Her Appearence is very similar to Hitagi Senjougahara from the Monogatari Series.


Olba Meyer

Gender: Male

Eye Colour: Grey

Hair Colour: N/A (He’s Bald)

Occupation: Priest

Olba Meyer is a rogue Archbishop of the Church of Ente Isla. He betrayed Emelia and temporarily joined forces with Lucifer to kill Emilia and Satan. Following his failed plans, he went into hiding. He had been working with the corrupt Church of Ente Isla to kill any and all of their enemies, especially the rebelling ‘heretics’ such as those of the Allied Knights Order and anyone affiliated with them. He was Crestia’s superior and would frequently give her assignments involving the brutal slaughter of the aforementioned groups of people. In the anime, after his loss against Satan in Sasazuka, he found himself in a hospital in the human world, where he regained consciousness after sometime.


When Emi was a child, he was the one who took Emi and trained her to defeat the Demon Lord. Later on, however, it was discovered that he had conspired with Lucifer to annihilate the Hero and the Demon Lord.

Powers and Abilities:

Sacred Power:

As a Priest of the Ente Isla Church, Olba was shown to be able to wield the Sacred Power. Olba is known to be able to use his Sacred Power in Various ways;


After Lucifer told Olba to use his Sacred Power, he gained the ability to fly. This could possibly mean that flying consumes ones magic, limiting it’s use somewhat.

Creation of Portals:

Not shown directly, but Olba and Lucifer got to Japan by using a portal Olba created.

Energy Projectiles:

Olba was shown to be able to release many purple projectiles and make them explode.


Mitsuki Sarue (Sariel)

Gender: Male

Eye Colour: Purple

Hair Colour: Blue

Occupation: Manager

Mitsuki Sarue is an angel used by the Church of Ente Isla as part of their Execution Inquisition along with Crestia Bell. He first attacked Emilia at a convince nice store, disguised as a masked robber. In order to learn a bit about Satan and Emilia in the human world, he forges the identity of “Mitsuki Sarue” claiming to be the manager of the newly opened Sentucky Fried Chicken franchise in Hatagaya. He eventually teams up with Crestia in order to kill Emilia and Satan. His weapon is a large scythe and possesses a power called the ‘Wicked Light of the Fallen’ a magic capable of nullifying all sacred powers, as shown when he battles Emelia. During his conflict with Emelia, he demanded that she returned the sword ‘Better Half’ to the Church, since she is no longer affiliated with them.


Not much is currently known about Mitsuki’s background, except that he is an archangel from Ente Isla who came to earth in order to kill Satan and the hero, Emilia.


He comes off as pompous, due to his unique powers and his status as an angel. He is also a pervert, as shown when his hand lingered on Rika’s when she was served by him at SFC, and saying he will ‘investigate’ Chiho thoroughly after he captured her. He often gives disturbing compliments to women, such as Emi and Chiho. He is now currently obsessed over Maou’s boss Mayumi Kisaki, as shown both in the anime and the manga, much to the older woman’s surprise and annoyance.


Mitsuki Sarue in his human form wears sunglasses that cover his purple eyes. In his right eye there is an orange circle, caused by being hit by a paintball while wearing a ski mask. He has light blue shoulder-length hair and has been seen to have his hair tied in a small ponytail. While working, he either wears a brown Sentucky Fried Chicken uniform or a black suit with a blue shirt and a white tie. Outside of work, he has been seen in a hooded sweatshirt and a long coat. He wears heavy cologne to hide the scent of the paintball used against him in his fight with Emi. The combination of his shades, cologne and odd behaviour causes him to come off as creepy to women.

In his archangel form, Sariel reveals his eyes, and wears a white robe, it is tied by a rope at his waist. He has an olive branch wrapped around his forehead. He has small angel wings that grow bigger when he gets close to the moon. He also carries a scythe with him.

Powers and Abilities:

Information as to the extent of an angel’s powers are largely unknown, but Sariel has demonstrated that he is able to nullify Sacred Power. It is possible that Angels gain more power under certain conditions, like how Sariel’s power is inversely proportionate to his distance to the moon.

Sacred power:

Wicked Light of the Fallen:

Sariel himself stated and demonstrated that his powers are able to nullify sacred powers rendering Emi’s saved sword useless via purple projectiles. He claims that this power is unique to him.


With the help of his wings he is able to fly at a certain speed, though it was not yet shown in the anime/manga/novel if he has certain limitation over this power.


He was able to teleport near Emi’s place and strike at her.

Memory Manipulation:

After Urushihara searched and found out that he has no record of being an employee, it is hinted that he has the ability to manipulate the memory of people.

He is skilled in Scythemanship, which was proved as he was in battle with Emilia in town.

Enhanced Strength:

Using the Scythe in combat, he was able to knock Emi to a wall, destroying the wall and knocking out Emi as a result.

Interesting Fact:

Because his appearence is similar to that of a certain character on Team Rocket in Pokemon, he has earned the nickname of “James” outside of the show.


Emeralda Etuva

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Emerald

Hair Colour: Emerald

Personal Status: Hero

Occupation: Magician

Emeralda Etuva, Emelia’s friend and comrade from Ente Isla. She is proficient in magical chemistry.


Emeralda is calm yet cheerful and a powerful hero capable of casting powerful spells. She is observant of her surroundings such as she did not attack Maou at their first meeting and cares for Emi deeply.


She seems to wear a cape and Magician outfit for Ente Isla and a hat. She has short green, almost shoulder-length hair which curls at the bottom.

Powers and Abilities:-


As one of the four heroes to oppose Maou, she is an outstanding magician in Ente Isla. Performing spells with high degree by incantation, even turning Ashiya to stone, stopping the movement of Maou giving Emi her change to attack and open up the gate to Earth.

Though not much of her power was revealed yet, it was stated that she is a powerful magician by the priests.

Some of her powers demonstrated in the anime were:

Time Freezing Spell (unnamed):

She crosses her arm and creates several green runes surrounding her, turning the target to stone or possibly stopping time around the target. It is unknown if she needs incantation to use this spell- “Scared Spirit’s heed my call! Freeze this wicked one in time and deliver him to hell!”


She was seen flying while varying a spell and entering the gate.

Interesting Fact:

Her name could have been derived from the Colour Emerald as noticeable she has Emerald hair and eyes.


Suzuno Kamazuki (Crestia Bell)

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Aqua

Hair Colour: Midnight Blue

Crestia Bell is Maou’s next door neighbour. She is always seen wearing a kimono as she only owns traditional clothes instead of modern ones. Suzuno is a member of the Inquisition and was sent to Japan to kill Maou. Unlike Emi, she had trouble adjusting to modern life in Japan and was unfamiliar with technology. This is because, prior to arriving in Japan, she had studied Japan by watching historical dramas as they most commonly featured traditional Japanese clothes.


Also known as Crestia Bell, Suzuno was part of the Doctrinal Correction Council, formerly known as the Inquisition, that was originally lead by Olba Meyer, which is part of the reason Emi didn’t fully trust her at first.

Before arriving to Japan, Suzuno was apparently given a great amount of misinformation in regards to the country, as she was given very old information about Japan during the Archaic periods.


Her first appearance was on the staircase leading to Maou’s apartment. His sudden appearance surprised her and she fell, landing in Maou’s arms before Fainting. Later, she appears at the door of Maou’s room bearing a box of udon as a housewarming gift and introduced herself as Suzuno Kamazuki, their new next door neighbour. When Ashiya fell sick, she took over the chores and taught Urushihara how to make cold noodles and hang clothes. This reminded Emi of Chiho and made her get the impression that Suzuno was after Maou’s affections, but when Emi asked Suzuno about it, the latter managed to misunderstand Emi’s words, thinking that she had found out about her true identity as someone from Ente Isla.

Suzuno made a huge two-layer bento for Maou, the top containing New Year’s dishes and the bottom containing rice decorated with a heart. Maou opened it in front of Chiho, which led to a misunderstanding with Chiho as well. Chiho asked Emi to accompany her to Maou’s the next day, there the situation is made clear to her and even ended up gaining some cooking tips from Suzuno. Following suggestions from Urushihara and Chiho, Emi took Suzuno out to get some modern clothes. Suzuno found that she had forgotten her purse, and on the way back to retrieve it happened to see Chiho confess to Maou, and unwittingly teased her a little. When Chiho rode off on Dullahan (Maou’s Bike) in her embarrassment, Suzuno is surprised by Maou’s concern for Chiho’s safety and his offer to walk her to the train station. The extent of her lack of knowledge of modern day-Japan is revealed at the train station, and also led to Emi finding out about Suzuno being from Ente Isla. Due to their initial misunderstanding m, they were both as surprised as each other. She then tells Emi of her true intentions for coming to Japan.

Later at a coffee shop, Suzuno asked Emi to work with her to take down Maou after finding out that Emi was not working with Maou as opposed to the rumours she’d heard. Her request was shot down and Emi left for work. Suzuno went shopping on her own before meeting up with Emi after she’d gotten off work. It is revealed that she had bought only traditional clothes after selling some of her easily converted assets at a pawn shop and had bought a pass on her own. Due to the way she phrased her intentions to observe Maou at his workplace, it led to yet another misunderstanding from Emi’s friend and colleague Rika, Rhi assumed that Maou had some kind of relationship with the other two girls.


On Earth she is a caring neighbour, but she used to execute people under the order of the inquisition, even though she was never fully committed to it in Ente Isla.

Suzuno is apparently adjusting to culture shock when she came to Japan, as seen where she one time fainted when seeing how heavily advanced cities in Japan were as well as how she is ignorant of common technology such as television; despite this, she apparently was able to know how to do simple chores, such as cooking, in order to deceive Maou though she later found out that Maou, unlike Emi, was able to see through her motives.


She has fair skin. She also has long midnight blue hair with aqua eyes. She has a small body, wearing a midnight blue kimono with a yellow obi and a line green obijime. She ties her hair into a high side-ponytail with a red flower clip that is actually her weapon in disguise.

Powers and Abilities:

Sleep Magic (unnamed): Similar to Emilia, Suzuno was able to make Chiho fall asleep by touching her forehead.

Memory Manipulation (unnamed):

Not shown, but Suzuno said she could erase Chiho’s memories of Ente Isla, implying that she can also manipulate memories.

Interesting Fact:

Kamazuki roughly means Cresent Moon.