Wild Arms

Wild Arms:


Wild Arms


Adventure, Space Western



During an escape from prison, Dr. Kiel Aronnax and others run into a little boy. He happens to be Sheyenne Rainstorm, a former gunslinger that had alot of fame. He carries a mysterious ARMS weapon with him. The story follows the adventures of Sheyenne and Dr. Kiel in finding Sheyenne’s body.


Anime television series

Directed by Itsuro Kawasaki

Written by

Akemi Omode

Aya Matsui

Chinatsu Houjou

Hideki Mitsui

Itsuro Kawasaki

Kenji Kamiyama

Shôtarô Suga

Yoshimi Narita

Studio   Bee Train

Production I.G

Released: 18 October 1999 – 27 March 2000

22 Episodes



Sheyenne Rainstorm – A gunslinger with an ARMS weapon reborn as a 10 year old boy.

Dr. Kiel Aronnax – He is helping Sheyenne find his body.

Loretta Oratorio – She steals with Mirabelle. She is a crest sorceress.

Mirabelle Graceland – Of the Crimson Nobles, she steals with Loretta and has a crush on Sheyenne.

Jerusha – She is 5000 years old and assists Loretta and Mirabelle.

Issac – He is 5000 years old and assists Sheyenne.


How does the series fit into the video games?

There are several mentions and crossovers from Wild Arms II. Characters that appear are Liz, Ard, Judecca, Kanon, Irving, and Lucied. Lucied is the only one that actually plays a part to the main storyline.