• Character of the Week: Artoria Pendragon

    Artoria Pendragon (Saber)

    Other names: Proud Knight-King,

    King of Knights, Artoria Pendragon

    Character Type: Servant

    Spirt: King Arthur

    Weapon: Excalibur

    Talents: Gymnastic exercise, secretly good in all kinds of gambling

    Goal: Help her master to win the Holy Grail War

    Saber is one of the main characters of Fate/Zero and one of the three main heroines of Fate/Stay Night. She is a saber class servant in the forth and fifth Holy Grail War. She strong-willed young woman who always speaks resolutely. Also she is courageous, determined, loyal independent, reserved and set on winning the Holy Grail. She thinks of her self as a knight first and that her gender is of little importance to her.

  • Sailor Moon: Luna-P

    Who or What is Luna-P?

    Luna-P was given to Chibiusa by Sailor Pluto. It was not only a protective device, but a remembrance of her dear friend Luna. It seems to be self aware and follows Chibiusa of its own will. Chibiusa can also use it to communicate to the other Senshi.

    Luna-P follows various commands of Chibiusa. It can change it different devices depending on what she needs. Once it was used as an umbrella to hypnotize Usagi’s family members. In the anime she commanded Luna-P to use magic to create a going away gift for Ami.

    Black Lady was also seen around Luna-P, since it wanted to stay near Chibiusa and protect her. In the anime it was seen as her only friend and it was used to attack the other Senshi’s. In the manga, however, she would abuse it and smack it away from her cursing it.

    Chibiusa was so upset and wanted to help her friends, that in Act 28 of the manga, Luna-P turned into the Pink Moon Stick. This then allowed her to transform into a Sailor Senshi and this was her friend Senshi weapon.

  • Inuyasha: Miroku’s Kazaana

    Miroku’s Kazaana

    The Kazaana was originally created by Naraku as a curse on Miroku’s grandfather, one that passes on through generations. The Kazaana appears on the palm of the wielder in the shape of a black hole. Eventually it will grow and swallow the wielder into oneself. The Kazaana can be damaged and expand unnaturally as well.Until then, it can be used to suck whatever is in front of it within the hole.

    Miroku’s grandfather was actually deceived by Naraku who was dressed as a woman. Naraku pierced his hand and thus the curse began. Naraku explained that the curse would pass only to males in his family as long as their blood survived. His grandfather was swallowed by his own. Miroku’s father was swallowed by his but not before Miroku could catch a glimpse of his possible future. Mushin, a friend of Miroku’s father, has helped Miroku over the years to ease any pain or damage caused to the Kazaana.

    Even though Miroku uses the Kazaana as a really good weapon, it has its downfalls. If any poison is sucked in, it can harm Miroku. Naraku has countered this attack by using the Saimyosho to stand by while the group is being attacked. If Miroku were to use Kazaana and swallow some of those bugs, he would perish.

    It seems that the Kazaana is directly attached to Naraku. He has stated that the only way to get rid of the curse is to kill him. Once his demonic powers were reduced to almost nothing and the Kazaana disappeared from Miroku’s hand. When Naraku had regained power, it reappeared.

  • Character of the Week: Riza Hawkeye

    Riza Hawkeye


    AKA: “The Hawk’s Eye”, Elizabeth (codename), Margott Orange Peko (codename), The Queen (by Roy)
    Age: Late 20’s
    Family: Berthold Hawkeye (father), Lt. General Grumman (grandfather), Black Hayate (pet)
    Affiliations: Amestrian State Military, Roy Mustang (Commanding Officer), Führer King Bradley (temporary boss, in the manga and 2009 series)
    Occupation: Roy Mustang’s Adjuntant, Weapons specialist
    Rank: 1st Lieutenant
    Abilities: Sniping, Close range gun fighting
    Weapon: General hand-held firearms
    Unique Trait: Hawk’s wing bangs over left eye, Pinpoint shooting accuracy, Tattoo and burn scars on back, Extremely strict personality
    Goal: Protecting Roy Mustang until he becomes Führer



    As an officer in the Amestrian State Military, Riza is the sharpshooter of Roy Mustang’s team. She is also his closest friend and watches over his back when not on the battlefield. She served in the Ishval Civil War as a sharpshooter as well. She knows of Roy’s secrets as he knows of hers. She is very invaluable to him. She is also a very quiet and withdrawn person. She stays out of people’s way and expects them to do the same. She has a deep secret that very few know about her which is why she is so t=withdrawn. Her father taught Roy Mustang.

  • Grim Reapers of Kuroshitsuji

    Grim Reapers of Kuroshitsuji


    AKA: Shinigami

    Primary Power: Soul collection

    Identified Divisions and Departments: Main Branch, General Affairs Department, Personnel Department, Dispatch Management Division, London Division, Grim Reaper Staffing Association ,Human Resources Department, and Collection Division

    Grim Reapers Abilities: Enhanced Power and Speed, Enhanced Endurance, Animal Communication, Soul Collection, Cinematic Record, and Rewriting the Present


    Grim Reapers are divine beings that have supernatural abilities. They basically decide whether you live or die. The idea of Grim Reapers or Shinigami’s are very popular in the anime world. Kuroshitsuji is no different. In the series, four have been introduced so far. They handle the reviewing and reaping the souls of humans. There is a list that they use to review these souls. The Grim Reaper Dispatch Society is the place this all occurs. People from other departments give these lists to the Grim Reapers. These lists are handed out before the human actually dies, so this entails that they can foresee somewhat into the future. Grim Reapers are not allowed to kill anyone not on the list. The Personnel Department is in charge of telling the Grim Reaper what location to go to. They do this without being seen by the Grim Reapers. They also hate demons and have for a very long time. This is best known when William T. Spears interacted with Sebastian Michaelis.

    The Killing Process

    A Grim Reaper must remain emotionless to humans as well as being neutral overall. Most humans are allowed to die unless they have further business on Earth that is beneficial to mankind and Earth. When they are done with a kill, they must fill out a report as well as a reflection letter. This is then sent to the Main Branch back at base. There are those who do break rules though. Punishments are set into place to prevent this. There are no known details other than Grell saying it involved a demotion and possibly having their scythe confiscated.

    Grim Reapers and Their Death Scythes

    The main purposes of a Death Scythe is a weapon and to collect souls. The slice of a scythe can sever the link of the human soul and their memory. It basically ends their life. It can cut through anything including other Grim Reapers, but not another Death Scythe.

    Each scythe looks different for each Grim Reaper. Some do not even fit in the time era of Kuroshitsuji (ie. the chainsaw). They may not modify their scythe without permission.

    They can be used to look at the humans Cinematic Record. This how they decide whether or not that person should live or die.

    What is this Cinematic Record?

    The Grim Reaper may view the person’s life by viewing the Cinematic Record. This how they decide whether they live or die. When it is showing, it is basically a movie of their life. It documents all of their fondest and worst memories. When the person dies, their record ends as well. Their is an ‘end mark’ that appears in their Cinematic Record at their death. It can be manipulated though. One can make fake records for any human. This leaves the human soulless most of the time. Not only can Grim Reapers view them, but Angels and Demons as well. Demons are shown to have a Cinematic Record as well.

    Death Bookmark: Another Useful Tool

    This is a bookmark that Grim Reapers use to stop a humans events from further happening when placed into the book.

    Identified Grim Reapers


    Grell Sutcliff


    William T. Spears


    Ronald Knox



    Eric Slingby

    Alan Humphries


    Lawrence Anderson



  • Three Fighting Styles of Rurouni Kenshin

    Rurouni Kenshin Fighting Styles

    Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū

    This ancient Kenjutsu style hails from the Sengoku Jidai. This was a style created to allow one user to eliminate several enemies. These users also use Shinsoku, god like speed and agility. They also use a psuedo-clairvoyance observation called Battojutsu. This is to avoid attacks from others with the least effort possible and also place themselves up for attacking when the enemy is completed with their attack. This is also a two step attack, so that the user is sure to kill the opponent. Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū has been nicknamed ‘The Black Ship of the Land’ due to the great power and speed that is used. Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū is strictly on no ones side when it comes to making allies or alliances.

    This style is known by very little people. It is only passed from master to pupil, so that may be the reason why. Each apprentice is to take the life, mantle, and name, Hiko Sijuro, when completed with training. The attacks and moves used during these techniques takes a toll on the users bodies. They take on strength training and limit their combat. Since Kenshin is small in stature, this style takes a bigger toll on him. There is on more effect of this style, a fountain of youth type effect. Either Kenshin just looks young, or his lifespan is far longer than others.



    Ryūtsuisen Zan


    Ryūkansen Tsumuji

    Ryūkansen Kogarashi

    Ryūkansen Arashi




    Ryūsōsen Garami


    Hiten Mugen Zan

    Anime-only Techniques:



    “Secret Dance of the Umbrella” Circus Techniques (Anime Only):

    Umbrella Spin

    Ball Throw

    Wild Boar Evasion

    Umbrella Drop

    Kuzu-Ryu-Sen Techniques:

    A special technique that strikes all the vital points of the opponent. This attack style uses Shinsoku. It has nine attacks:

    Karatake: head strike

    Sakagesagiri: right shoulder attack

    Miginagi: center of the right arm

    Migikiriage: right arm wrist

    Sakakaze: groin area

    Hidarikiriage left arm wrist

    Hidarinagi: center of left arm

    Kesagiri: left shoulder

    Tsuki/Shitotsu: center of chest

    Battōjutsu Techniques:


    Sōryūsen Ikazuchi



    Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki


    Hiko Seijūrō I through XIII

    Himura Kenshin

    Amakusa Shōgo (anime only)

    Nishida Hyōuei (anime only)

    Rurouni Kenshin Fighting Style: Kamiya Kasshin-ryū

    Known Practitioners: Kamiya Koshijiro, Kamiya Kaoru, Satō (former student), Hira (former student), Hiruma Gohei (former student, anime only), Myōjin Yahiko, Tsukayama Yutarō, Higashidani Ōta, Shin’ichi Kosaburō, Himura Kenji

    This style was invented by Kamiya Koshijiroonce he returned from bakumatsu. He was inspired by the carnage in the wars to develop a sword art based around katsujinken (swords that give life) instead of satsujinken (swords that kill). He taught it out of the family dojo. his assistant instructor is his daughter, Kaoru. He died in battle not to long after.




    Tsuka no Gedan: Hiza Hishigi

    Curse on the Descendants


    Rurouni Kenshin Fighting Style: Watōjutsu

    This is a type of Kenjutsu that began in China. Yukishiro Enishi is the only known user of this style to claims to be a master. It focuses on high offense so much so that the defense is not needed. It is an almost perfect counter to Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu.


    Shugeki Tosei

    Kaishi Tosei

    Shoha Tosei

    Choten Tosei

    Setsuran Tosei

    Shikku Tosei

    Gotsui Tosei

    Kofuku Tosei

  • Automail of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Automail of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Fullmetal Alchemist is known for its main character Edward Elric and his automail arm and leg. Automail is an automotive armored prostheses. Over the years though, it has become more than just prosthetic arms and legs for war amputees.

    The automail is directly linked into the nervous system. This way it can be moved like any other appendage and not require an external source of power. It is powered through the electrical pulses that come from the nerves. It will regulate the power to the pneumatic actuators and electrical motors inside.

    A full skeletal frame and armor plating are both made out of steel to protect the machinery and wires inside the appendage. Over time, though, technology evolved and materials such as chrome, carbon fiber, aluminum alloys, fiberglass, and copper-nickel are now being used. This helps though who use their appendage in a way such as Edward does. They can also be used in different weather conditions since steel is more likely to lock up in the cold.

    The process of getting an automail is very painful. Only a specialist in bio-mechanical engineering do this process. Sometimes they must further amputate the appendage to fit it properly. The recovery time is extensive as well. A lot of nerves, tissues, muscles, and much more are taking a great deal of pain. It takes about three years to properly recover. There have been those that have taken only a year, it really depends on the automail surgery.

    You must upkeep your automail as well. Making sure it is properly oiled and maintained over time is important. The automail can come unconnected and sometimes must be connected back together which is painful as well. There are those who use automail in battles as well. This is well known as combat automail. Various techniques are used to further the combat automail. People will add claws, hide blades or firearms, and other such weapons.

    Users of Automail

    Edward Elric: Has a right automail arm and a left automail leg.

    Bald: Has a left automail arm with a high-cliber, double-barreled rifle and army knife.

    Den: Has a front left automail leg.

    Paninya: Has both automail legs which hide a blade and grenade launcher.

    Tetsu: Has an automail leg.

    Captain Buccaneer: Has a right automail arm that has interchangeable automails which over all holds a gas powered chainsaw with a moveable jaw and hte other has diamond tipped claws.

    Lan Fan: Has a left automail arm with a spike strip wound and long blade sword.

    Frank Archer: (ONLY in 2003 anime) Half his body is automail which his left arm holds an anti-tank weapon and mouth a mini gun.


    Wrath: (ONLY in 2003 anime) He has a right automail arm and left automail leg similar to Edwards.

    Genz Bresslau: (ONLY in the video game) Has a left automail arm.

    Julia Crichton: (ONLY in the Sacred Star of Milos movie) Has a left automail leg.

  • Akira: Kaneda’s Motorcycle

    Kaneda’s Motorcycle

    Anyone who has heard of Akira knows about Kaneda’s awesome red motorcycle. Since the movie came out in the 80s, that bike has become an anime icon. Since it is the bike of Kaneda (the leader of a motorcycle gang) it is advanced in technology. With its futuristic looks and red coloring, it seems like an amazing bike. There is a reverse function on the bike, making it even better. It is also said to have a double-rotor, two-wheel disk drive that is ceramic.

    The bike is made by an unspecified company, making the make and model quite unique. There is one badge on the bike that, when looking at it closely, resembles the logo of BMW. This is only in the animated movie though. You can also find the logos for Canon Inc, Shoei co. and Arai, the Citizen Watch Co., and the US Air Force roundel. The bike was once rumored to be a Honda as well.

    Motorcycle Specifications

    Length (Overall): 2.947mm

    Height (Overall(including shield)): 1,171mm

    Width (Overall): 831mm

    Seat Height: 340mm

    Wheelbase: 2,194mm

    Ground Clearance: 76mm

    Dry Weight: 154kg

    Riders: 1

    Braking Distance: 9.9m (Initial Speed: 50 km/h)

    Minimum Turning Distance: 3.4m

    Tire Size: 18 inches (front), 19 inches (rear)

    Power Generator: Cold Superconducting Generator

    Maximum Power: 83 kw/12,500 rpm

    Maximum Voltage: 12,000 V

    Steering System: Power Support System

    Front Axei Caster Angel: 39°12′, Rear Axie Caster Angle : 3°00′

    Frame: Ceramic Box Frame, Cowl : FRP and Carbon

    Energy Consumption at Rest: 2.3w

    Maximum Speed: 243 km/h (0-400m in 9.8 sec; 0-100km/h in 8.7 sec)

    Drag Coefficient: CD=0.24

    Also Equipped

    Computer Controlled Anti-Lock Brakes

    Auto Navigation System

    Forward-Looking Radar

    Glove Compartment

    100w Neo Halogen Laser Light Headlight

    Battery Charger Time: 1MW every 40 sec (can run for two hours at full throttle on fully charged battery)

  • Weapon of the Week: Arasaka HLR-12X Heavy Laser

    Weapon of the Week: Arasaka HLR-12X Heavy Laser

    The Arasaka HLR-12X Heavy Laser is an energy based weapon that is seen in the anime and manga of Akira. Created after the Third World War by the Japanese military, this gun was developed due to the fact more advanced weapons were needed. Kaneda comes across the weapon on his way to Tetsuo in the anime. This is mostly due to the fact it is the only weapons to be able to take him down. The laser is strong but much weaker compared to the manga version.

    During the manga, though, Kei is the one who finds it. She comes across it while she is under the Esper’s control. When Kei finds it, it is still under development. It is used during Tetsuo’s and Kaneda’s battle in the Esper’s nursery. The manga version is a lot more powerful than the anime version. It can cut through concrete and metal. Joker, the Clowns gang leader, comes into possession of it for a short while. After that Kaneda uses it again in the final battle between him and Tetsuo.

    The Arasaka HLR-12X Heavy Laser is powered by its large battery pack. This battery pack hangs from the shoulder straps. There are several settings that allow to fire up to 20 shots on low power or one at maximum power. The battery takes 6 hours to recharge.

  • Tokyo Babylon: The Sakurazukamori

    The Sakurazukamori

    The Sakurazukamori are assassins. They are actual the best assassin there is to be found. Once they set their eyes on a target, they will eventually get them.

    Sakurazukamori stands for Cherry Blossom burial mound guardian. This onmyouji clan is very mysterious. Black onmyodo empower the Sakurazukamori and they will ‘feed’ the body, soul, and blood to the Sakura trees. The reason why Sakura trees are pink is due to the fact that the roots suck the blood into the leaves.

    Anyone who witnesses the Sakurazukamori in action end up dead. They leave no witnesses behind. The Sakurazukamori usually has both clients and allies and know how to use them to their advantage. According to the Sakurazukamori clan rules, there is only one member at a time. The only way to succeed is to kill the predecessor. It is also said that the Sakurazukamori are killed by there most cherished person, a cruel twist in an already cruel life. Due to all of this, they raise the successor to have no emotion. They are also trained both physically as well as magical abilities.

    Sakurazukamori have a variety of abilities at their disposal. The abilities range from anything like occult, Esoteric cosmology, and even a little mixture of natural science. They rely on things like relics and spells to either confuse or trap the enemy. They will also use physical attacks as well as mental attacks and can call forth creatures, objects, and forces to do what they need them to do.