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  • Five Manga that should be Anime

    Manga that should be Anime

    Here is a list of five mangas that I feel deserve an anime adaption. I have thought carefully on this subject and only chose those that truly deserve the adaption. I have also stated why they should have an adaption and what studio would best adapt them.


    What is it about?

    NOA was an organization created to experiment on humans, attempting to reach the goal of a sorcery user. Now these humans use their ability to protect the people of the city. At the top if General Shiki and below him is Lady Sumire and Lord Hyde. Atsuma is a boy from the north. He traveled to NOA to find the okikurumi. He is infused with god called Kojomaru. He gets into NOA and becomes a student there. There he meets several people and becomes friends with a few of them. He soon finds himself fighting for a new purpose.


    Kamui is a really good series once you get into it. I really love the artwork as well. The many different characters and great spell attacks would go well in a 26-30 episode anime. The series really would deserve to have an anime.

    Studio: TYO Animations Inc.


    I really feel as though they could get the artwork correct. Before merging with Yumeta Company (and therefore creating TYO Animations), Hal Film Maker adapted Angel Sanctuary. They did a great job in creating the same art style.

    Cain Saga/Godchild

    What is it about?

    The series focuses on Cain Hargreaves. He is the son of Augusta, Alexis Hargreave’s elder sister, and abused by Alexis physicaly and emotionally. He makes friends with a servant called Riff. Cain begins to slowly poisen his father for the abuse. Before his father dies, he curses Cain to a life of solitude. He gains the title of Earl and his fathers inheritance. The manga moves foward to years later as Cain is seventeen. He and Riff solve mysteries and comes across Mary Weather. He assumes this to be his half-sister and adopts her into the family. He also has a half brother, Jizabel Disraeli that works for an organization called Delilah “doll” in which they attempt to resurrect the dead. He then sets out to end his brothers sick games and finds out another secret as well.


    Knowing that Black Butler is a very popular series, I feel as though this series would be the same. In a similar setting of old England and twisted plot to go with it, Kaori Yuki takes it to a newer (and creepier) level. This would be a great two season series, both having roughly 26 episodes. The first season would cover the Cain Saga while the second season would cover Godchild.

    Studio: MADHOUSE


    They do amazing job with occult/gothic animes. TYO Animations may have done a great job as well (Angel Sanctuary is a manga by Kaori Yuki as well). MADHOUSE would probably have a better chance of getting darkness right though.


    What is it about?

    The series follows health in the Middle Ages and how doctors took care of things. There was suppose to be a balance of the four humours: blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Sickness was created when there was an unbalance of the four humours. There is one doctor who stands out amongst the others,Buzz Medil which is an Asklepios. He knows the practice of medicine and surgery thanks to his father. He also has a special eye to see what is wrong with the body. He embarks on a journey to set people straight and help those in need.


    This is an AMAZING series. I have not read a manga that captured my attention since Death Note. I would love to see this as an anime series. This would be a great 26 episode series.

    Studio: Toei Animation


    Seeing the animation they used for Sailor Moon Crystal, I thought that would be the best for Asklepios. They are a well known studio as well so the series would have a better chance of getting known.


    What is it about?

    The story follows what seems like an adolescent boy named Kazan. His entire clan is wiped out and he is in search of his lost friend, Eslie. As a sole survivor of the Red Sand Tribe, he wanders every day in the desert from town to town with his pet bird, Kamushin. He eventually meets up with a water princess named Fawna and an old woman named Arbey. The three travel together in search for the secret town of Goldene to find answers.


    The adventure is quite fun. The series has great characters, plot, subplots, and twists. Anyone who loves Fist of the North Star and Hunter X Hunter and well, any shojo, would love to watch this as an anime. Even though the series is 7 volumes, I feel this would be a great 52ish episode series. Of course that means fillers, but that would be fine in this case (as long as they were relevant and good).

    Studio: Toei Animation


    They did a great job with Fist of the North Star. Kazan is similar to that art style so they would do a great job. The stories are similar as well.


    What is it about?

    The story follows Kira Aso and Rei Kashino and how the two fall in love. Kira is a quiet girl who likes to draw while Rei is a bit of a wild boy into drugs and motorcycles. The two meet when Rei is asking for directions and instead of telling him, Kira draws a map and hands it to him. Later he finds her asks her to paint a picture and lends her his body for modeling. The two fall in love eventually and go through hell to be with each other.


    To be honest, I am not sure why Mars has not been adapted into an anime yet. The implied is great and so are the characters. Anyone who loves romance and drama would love this. I feel as though a 26 episode anime would do the series justice.

    Studio: Pierrot Co (Studio Pierrot)


    They did a great job with adapting Ayashi no Ceres and Fushigi Yugi. I feel they would be great at getting the adaption right with Mars as well.

    Bonus: Rec-kimi ga naita hi

    What is it about?

    Aizawa Minami is an awkward school girl when it comes to emotions. No one ever sees her cry and makes fun of her. She feels better recording things with her camcorder. Saroru is a teen actor that has recently retired to return to school. The two quickly become friends and Minami learns that Satoru is hiding something from his fans.


    This would be a great animated movie. It will capture your attention and leave you in tears at the end. Anyone who likes Clannad or Anohana will enjoy this heartbreaking manga as an anime adaption.

    Studio: A-1 Pictures


    They did a great job with Anohana, Black Butler, and Sword Art Online. Their animation style really fits with Rec-kimi ga naita hi.

  • The “Symmetrical” Type

    Death the Kid

    “I’m going to keep fighting until this world is the way it should be. Until the world is balanced.”

    death the kid

    Death the Kid (usually goes by “Kid” on an everyday basis) is a powerful Shinigami that has power over the the Demon Twin Guns, Patty and Liz Thompson. Serving as a second apprentice for his father, Death, he is to inherit the responsibilities of a Shinigami.



    I call the the symmetrical type because as if you didn’t know, he has OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder). His disorder is so bad that he will stop in the middle of a fight to fix something and can easily get distracted with it. His favorite number is 8 because of its symmetry and its ability to divide out evenly.

    He’s very mature and precise in his own special way. Additionally, he’s also very cool,calm, and collected.


    “If you can pick a fight with the God of death, I can not guarantee your soul’s safety.”

  • Inspirational Anime Girls

    Finding Inspiration in Anime

    Many argue that some anime are very sexist and stereotypical towards women. Anime tries to sometimes make girls strong and muscular or sometimes make them almost identical to a male character. Maybe even make them thin asf or make the male protagonist save the women. As a feminist I don’t think that’s way to promote feminism.

    I chose these three female characters on how powerful and special they are in their own ways.


    Hinata Hyuga

    Now, I know some people depict her as someone weak and useless. I don’t think so.

    Sure, she’s not strong, but her will to never give up is what makes her so inspiring and powerful. She shows that quiet people can be strong and can save the day once in a while.

    Especially with Naruto, she is willing to go all the way to protect who she cares about.

    Hinata Hyuga breaks all stereotypes, and proves that a strong woman doesn’t have to be masculine or tough.


    Super Sonico

    She’s the true figure of feminism. This was probably the first anime I watched where a girl was a little on the chubby side. I loved her immediately. She flaunts off her curves and I have mad respect for people who aren’t insecure about their bodies.

    Like Hinata, Sonico isn’t masculine, and you can even say she’s girly, but she doesn’t let that stop her from achieving her goals.


    Honoka Kousaka

    I’ve never seen a person so determined like Honoka. Especially when there’s a lack of support from those around her. She’s very determined to make her dream come true: becoming an idol.

    I’ve learned from Honoka that no matter how impossible your dreams are, never give up and to never let go of your goals.

    Something else is that Honoka isn’t flashy, she’s a normal high school girl.

  • The “Princely” Type

    Tamaki Suoh

    “Handsome men can’t be hurt by water.”


    Tamaki Suoh is one of the main protagonists of the popular shoujo anime, Ouran High School Host Club. At Ouran Academy, he is the president of the host club. He’s also the son of Ouran’s Chairman.



    He’s flamboyant, arrogant, egotistical, and dramatic. He is labeled the princely type by the other hosts because he attracts the most female clients. He’s also very dedicated to his friends, studies, and duties of a host.

    He seems to be very childish in the anime and manga, but he easily ranks second in Class 2-A, right behind his good friend Kyoya. Also he plays the piano very well.

    In The Manga

    This series was a manga first then was soon an anime. I think the manga describes Tamaki’s personality more better than the anime. Plus, it shows more background on his family. He’s slicker than me. Suoh was able to score Haruhi Fujioka (the other main protagonist) as his wife. He also has a mom that he’s forbidden to go meet which was a demand from his grandmother. Read the manga to find out more.

    “When you’re in front of me, my heart beats so quickly it’s as if I am a youth tasting love for the first time. You are the beautiful mermaid who sheds light into my sea of loneliness – the sinful goddess who taught me about the forbidden fruit!”


    This is Tamaki’s color rose. Each host has a different color, representing their personality.

    In Japan, this white color signifies innocence or naïveté. In the Mid-West it symbolizes the happiness of love.

  • Cowboy Bebop Blooper

    Breathing in Space

    Please be advised this article is not for the squeamish.

    Recently I was on Facebook and I happened upon an article (through the page I F****** Love Science):


    It speaks of what happens when the human body is exposed to space without a spacesuit. Before I get to my point (which is anime related) let me explain the article in a few words:

    Basically if you are exposed to space, a number of these things would happen before you died. All of these things do occur though even after you die. You will swell up first, burn, your genes would mutate, you would then pass out (if you haven’t yet), and your lungs would explode if you held your breathe. If you want to know how and why these things would happen, I suggest you read the article. Of course when I read this article I immediately thought of Cowboy Bebop. To be more specific, episode Heavy Metal Queen.



    Spike happens to jump into space to reach another ship for safety. Guess what? He was in space for roughly 30 seconds and holding his breathe. Of course he would have a few minutes before he died, but he would have passed out within 15 seconds. Since he was holding his breathe as well, his lungs would have exploded, killing him quicker. Since he was in an area that was somewhat protected from the sun, he probably would not have burned. Of course there are those other nasty rays and radiation in space that would have mutated his DNA, giving him cancer even if he did survive.

    Now Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime and I hate to find flaws in it, but they do occur. One such as this is not that bad. Maybe they had different genetics at this point since man would have evolved according to surroundings. Maybe the creators thought a few more seconds wouldn’t hurt or maybe they thought no one would notice? Perhaps it was because they were in the abandoned mine and the creators thought that would add more time to his survival rate? Whatever the case, Spike would probably still have bad health issues after that exposure.

  • Grave of The Fireflies: A Dissection

    Dissecting Grave of The Fireflies

    Spoilers be everywhere in here.


    Kobe, 1945, a young boy wearing tattered clothes is hunched against a train station pillar, alone. His spirit watches over him, red light bounced off of it, he’s wearing a firefighter’s uniform on his sturdy body.

    “September 21st, 1945.

    That was the night I died”

    Isao Takahata’s tragically poetic, Grave of Fireflies is a war film that focuses on the innocent people who lives in war-torn cities, rather than the battles fought.

    The duality of Japan’s wartime history is personified in the boy, Seita, and his little sister, who attempts to survive together during the bombing of Kobe by American forces.

    Setsuko (le sister) is symbolic of innocent victim hood. She giggles and screams while riding on Seita’s back, as they escape the burning city, and is delighted when she can successfully make rice balls out of mud.

    Seita has a military obsession. When he and Setsuko catch fireflies to illuminate a cave, he imagines himself killing all of Japan’s enemies and protecting his nation and family.

    The fireflies have multiple symbols in Takahata’s film. It signifies the fire bombs that rained down on Japan’s cities, the siblings’ faith and joy for survival, and the regeneration of life untouched by war.

    Rather than staying in Kobe and volunteering himself to fight in the war, Seita shuns the community, decides to live in the cave and waits for his father to return victorious in battle.

    By the time, he realizes how horrible his decision is, it’s too late. The war is lost figuratively and literally; Japan has surrendered, and Setsuko is on her way to a slow, starving death.

    Takahata mourns for the innocent victims of war but also condemns those who brings suffering to others. With Grave of the Fireflies, Takahata pierces Japan’s collective repression, exposing with haunting effect the duality of the nation’s role in World War II and its lasting impact on the Japanese people.


    The History Behind Graves of Fireflies

    Unfortunately, Graves of Fireflies was based on a true story and the bombing of Kobe did happen.

    Kobe was a much smaller city and not as densely populated than Tokyo or Kyoto, but a week from March, 1945, (a.k.a when Tokyo was bombed) they were struck. Fires raged and destroyed three square miles of Kobe. More than 20% of the city was destroyed. 8,841 people lost their lives to the firestorms.

    The raid targeted 4 key areas: the northwest corner of the city, the area south of the main railroad line, the area northwest of the main railroad station, and the area northeast of the third target.

    On June 15 of the same year, Kobe was bombed again and destroyed 3.8 square miles of the city.

    Grave of Fireflies was a short autobiography book written by Akiyuki Nosaka. It’s based on his experiences before, during, and after the bombing of Kobe in 1945. He wrote this book as a personal apology to his adopted younger sister, Keiko, who died of malnutrition.

  • Shounen Cliches

    Those Hated (And Liked) Shounen Cliches

    So what is  a cliche?

    A cliche is a phrase or popular and common idea or opinion is constantly reused and recycled to the point where it is no longer original.
    This blog mainly points a finger at the mainstream anime’s although you may find some elements that reoccur in many other story lines.


    Mainstream Animes/Mangas:






    One Piece

    One Piece


    Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tale


    From here on out some of this may be my opinion but others are based from observation!!


    Hated Cliches

    Fairy Tale

    All or one female character has to have the most unrealistic huge boobs!
    That one weak and annoying girl (ie. Lucy from Fairy Tail).
    An annoying rivalry (ie. Gray and Natsu, seriously annoying).
    That moe character who is too stupid to think for themselves.
    Damsel in distress who gets everyone in a frazzle.


    Reasonable Cliches


    Always the righteous protagonist, good of humanity.
    Reasonable rivals, like Sasuke and Naruto.
    The occasional female character gets with the protagonist.
    Flashbacks during a battle.
    The ever so loving food addict (ie. Luffy).


    Cliches During Fights/Battles

    One Piece

    Evil guy dying changes his morals and blabbers about how wrong he was and how he could change.
    Evil guy dying blabbers all of his info.
    Evil guy dies, but suddenly comes back to life when the character has their life back together.
    Character suddenly gets superhuman power boosts despite being half dead.
    Protagonist suddenly reveals this secret move when he is losing
    When the characters are running away and then one of them falls and for some reason can not get up and is captured.
    Two characters are at least 30 feet away from each other but manage to perfectly reach the middle the same time.


    Random Cliches


    When the antagonist postpones the fight.
    Annoying Tsunderes
    Both parents (or one) are dead or they die later on.
    Female character that loves the protagonist but never receives the love back.

    Blogs by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • That Death, That Response

    Death in Anime

    This is an ever so slightly more morbid blog than I usually do, but hey, Death starts its course as soon as we pop out. Death, however grim and morbid, is also used as dramatic technique to create an emotion or feeling for the viewer, this is usually well received because as Humans this is something that most of us have encountered and as of consequence is easy to relate to.


    Shock Factor of Death

    Yes, in this situation the death was not predicted or at least viewers and readers were uncertain or in denial that the death would actually occur. A perfect example of this would be in Death Note, where possibly one of the most well known deaths occurs, the scene was product to a lot outcry and outrage, but to be honest it was well put to use if I had to put forth my opinion.


    L’s Death

    L Death Note

    His death was one that made you sit back for a few minutes to actually stomach it in and it also raised questions as to how the plot would then proceed, Light and L were regarded as rivals and balanced in terms of intellectuality, and if this was the case, we get the connotations of the scales, L never found out Light’s true nature and this was the fun of it. If we again refer back to the image of the scales, if L had found out about Light’s true nature then the scales would tip, but as he died, the whole weight of his character disappears, as reader and viewers his whole character is gone, we are left with questions and the what ifs. The scales where L and Light balanced each other are gone, instead there is no weight on one side, and as a result we get a giant climax.
    Furthermore, I personally believe that his death was a shock because of the fact that it allowed the author, Tsugumi Ohba so many more opportunities to develop the story, L’s death was a great technique it had the chance to act as a fabulous turning point. Another reason why I believe that L’s death was able to be such a shock was because it was simply the way that his character was developed.
    Ohba and his co-creator Takashi Ohbata were able to together create a character that was eccentric but yet so memorable and lovable that it makes L one of the most unforgettable anime characters, yes I may be exaggerating, but there is a reason, why Death Note has such a popular audience.


    (I have literally just written a memoir for a anime character =.=, huh)

    L Death Note

    To develop this thought slightly further, and sticking to the use of L’s death as an example could the death of L be implying that even the most intellectual and important people are victims of this greater power know as death? I believe so, L, as a classic example of the temptations of human nature. The manipulation that a human or in this case, Light/Kira, could have the ability to end a life with a single sweep, although he wasn’t the direct killer of L, he was certainly the prime causer.
    Analyzing this thought even further, if we look at this on the whole, Death Note is essentially about a book that has the ability to take and kill human lives, disregarding who that individual is. Taking this further, it is common knowledge that by taking any humans life by choice or anything similar is a sin, and an offense, this implies that Kira/Light is essentially playing God, he obviously pays for this later. However this notion detaches him from the norm.
    But it was the tension and rivalry and possibly glimpses of a possible friendship that made it seem as though a story that revolved around the two main characters, was something that could change kira’s personality. And L’s death heralded the great change in Kira, almost conveying that L was the anchor that was still grounding Kira before he went too far.


    So yes, I believe shock factor and using the example above, is one that makes you sit back and just try to rethink the scene that just occurred because maybe it was unbelievable, unpredictable or just merely because a character that you never thought would disappear from the plot did so, and as a viewer you have felt over time that the characters were good enough that you as a viewer are compelled to love them.


    Blogs by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Those Shoujo Cliches

    Those Shoujo Cliches


    Shoujo is based on human emotions and teenagers. It is aimed at girls between the ages of 10 to 19. IF you are on the Anime Amino app, I have gone over Shoujo in a more detailed blog. This blog is based on the genre of romance, comedy Shoujo’s, in particular Shoujo mangas.


    How the Heroine Meets Her Crush/Love in Shoujo’s

    She’s late for school, runs around the corner and manages to run straight into some cool and handsome guy.


    He coincidentally goes to the same school.


    He may be a gorgeous transfer student, the Mr. Popular guy who is good at everything and has the looks to go with it.


    He may be the silent boy being saved after harassment from weirdos.


    Favorite Cliche in Shoujo


    Childhood friends, weird but I find it so cute! When two characters are childhood friends and then end up together! What is not cute about that?


    Male characters who do not realize a female character is in love until halfway through the series. They may be oblivious to the situation, but you know they will end up together.


    A few of my other favorites; Master-Servant relationships, traveling with a cool evil guy, genderbenders, ugly duckling syndrome, and time interwinds and the heroine ends up in the past.


    Hated Shoujo Cliche’s


    Characters get touchy feely and yet the mangaka draws them so that they look like a 10!! Not going to mention any names, but I do not like it.


    The clumsy Heroine who is stupid and clumsy, but somehow manages to get all the guys. So annoying.


    Reverse Harems in which the heroine rarely ends up with any of the male characters.


    Running away from a confession.


    I seem to have a love/hate relationship with cliche’s, but don’t we all?


    Blogs by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Between Two Worlds

    Between Two Worlds

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    I’ve always loved the idea of other universes or other life far away in the stars and between spaces. Especially the thought of a gateway to such world. A gate, a door – you name it, it’s a pretty cool thing to let your mind wonder off to. Though the thought of it is more intriguing than it actually happening. Then again such transaction can be made already but visiting and experience other cultures – adventures if I may. AA can apply to that pretty much. Through the force of the internet one can talk with other people throughout the world which if you think about it is amazing.

    Getting Into That World

    Welcome to the NHK

    I’ve mentioned in previous blogs on Anime Amino about how manga/anime or art in general expands your mind. You, yourself make it into reality – not literally but it’s, again, amazing such attribute is with us. There’s a lot of polls on Anime Amino which asks “which anime would you live in (Aniverse, if I may)”. To be honest, I would choose none every time. The idea and concept is alluring enough to me, and by watching/reading series – I experience it’s world through that.

    “We’re each our own Devil, and we make the world our own hell”

    I’ve always believed that heaven or hell doesn’t literally exist, but it exists in our own mind and heart. To apply the phrase “I’m in heaven” is more than enough heaven for me. Heaven for me is when life is good. Hell would be the opposite. metaphor so to speak.


    Escaping Reality

    Nerve Gear

    So when people say that they use anime/manga to escape reality I get curious. Is it temporary like “hard day at work, sits down in sofa and just relax” or is it the actual case that their lives are so miserable that they’d rather spend the rest of their lives in an imaginary world. Maybe I’m a little dramatic when it comes to this but I get a little sad to see it. Sure I’ve had the thought “if the world were more like this series there wouldn’t be so much hate and violence”. But then again, it’s your life and you make it what it is.


    It’s a sensitive matter but what do you guys think about it?

    Do you use anime/manga to escape reality?

    General thoughts about it?