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  • Sacred Sword of X/1999

    Weapon of the Week: Sacred Sword of X/1999


    Warning: Major Spoilers!!

    The Sacred Sword is used by Kamui and Fuma in the series X/1999. The swords were hidden in two different people. One being Fuma’s mother, the other resides in Kamui’s aunt. Both Kamui and Fuma receive a sword, Kamui’s receives the one from Fuma’s mother and Fuma’s receives the one from Kamui’s aunt. They must use these swords for the final battle of heaven and earth.

    The kanji is translated to Shinken, which means a sword from god or a sword offered as a sacrifice for the gods. According to the Appcalypse texts, this sword symbolizes the will of God. It will be used for the launch of human chastisements. According to the Shinto texts, this sword is called a goshintai. It is a hidden object that is usually sacred. They are usually housed in Shinto Shrines since they represent an incarnation of the god they pray to.

    There is a Hebrew prayer inscribed on the sword:

    Barukh attah adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, she-ha-kol nihyeh bi-d’varo

    Praised are You, Lord God, King of the Universe, at whose Word all things come into being

  • Inuyasha: Miroku’s Kazaana

    Miroku’s Kazaana

    The Kazaana was originally created by Naraku as a curse on Miroku’s grandfather, one that passes on through generations. The Kazaana appears on the palm of the wielder in the shape of a black hole. Eventually it will grow and swallow the wielder into oneself. The Kazaana can be damaged and expand unnaturally as well.Until then, it can be used to suck whatever is in front of it within the hole.

    Miroku’s grandfather was actually deceived by Naraku who was dressed as a woman. Naraku pierced his hand and thus the curse began. Naraku explained that the curse would pass only to males in his family as long as their blood survived. His grandfather was swallowed by his own. Miroku’s father was swallowed by his but not before Miroku could catch a glimpse of his possible future. Mushin, a friend of Miroku’s father, has helped Miroku over the years to ease any pain or damage caused to the Kazaana.

    Even though Miroku uses the Kazaana as a really good weapon, it has its downfalls. If any poison is sucked in, it can harm Miroku. Naraku has countered this attack by using the Saimyosho to stand by while the group is being attacked. If Miroku were to use Kazaana and swallow some of those bugs, he would perish.

    It seems that the Kazaana is directly attached to Naraku. He has stated that the only way to get rid of the curse is to kill him. Once his demonic powers were reduced to almost nothing and the Kazaana disappeared from Miroku’s hand. When Naraku had regained power, it reappeared.

  • Weapon of the Week: Arasaka HLR-12X Heavy Laser

    Weapon of the Week: Arasaka HLR-12X Heavy Laser

    The Arasaka HLR-12X Heavy Laser is an energy based weapon that is seen in the anime and manga of Akira. Created after the Third World War by the Japanese military, this gun was developed due to the fact more advanced weapons were needed. Kaneda comes across the weapon on his way to Tetsuo in the anime. This is mostly due to the fact it is the only weapons to be able to take him down. The laser is strong but much weaker compared to the manga version.

    During the manga, though, Kei is the one who finds it. She comes across it while she is under the Esper’s control. When Kei finds it, it is still under development. It is used during Tetsuo’s and Kaneda’s battle in the Esper’s nursery. The manga version is a lot more powerful than the anime version. It can cut through concrete and metal. Joker, the Clowns gang leader, comes into possession of it for a short while. After that Kaneda uses it again in the final battle between him and Tetsuo.

    The Arasaka HLR-12X Heavy Laser is powered by its large battery pack. This battery pack hangs from the shoulder straps. There are several settings that allow to fire up to 20 shots on low power or one at maximum power. The battery takes 6 hours to recharge.

  • Weapon of the Week: Punisher

    Weapon of the Week: Punisher

    The weapon, Punisher, are used by Eye of the Michael members. Only the best are allowed to carry these giant cross-shaped artillery. There are at least ten known to be in existence, Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s being the most known. Each Punisher has different guns and explosive that are held within. Some can split apart while others hold rocket launchers. The weapons within depended on the user and what they were capable of.

    Punisher Users

    Nicholas D. Wolfwood


    His Punisher has a rocket launcher in the back and machine guns on both sides of the front. He also has 8 pistols (Grader 2043) in a storage bin of the side arms (anime only). In the manga, however, the side arms store machine gun bullets.

    Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death


    He has three publishers in total. He has three henchmen who carries them for him.

    Chapel the Evergreen


    This Punisher can split up and create two machine guns.

  • One Piece: Clima Tact

    Nami’s Clima Tact


    Nami uses one main weapon in the One Piece series, her staff. So what is so special about it? Not much until Usopp gets a hold of it really. He turns it into the Clima Tact, which is a great weapon that Nami uses a lot. It is a staff that can withstand hits from Miss Doublefinger’s attacks and has the ability to create weather features as well.

    When the Straw Hat team reached Alubarna, Usopp presented the weapon to Nami. He told her it had three pieces to it and had hollow blue steel segments. When Usopp first created the staff, he intended it to be used for party and parlor tricks. He later turned it into the weather weapon it is now. It was not until the fight with Miss Doublefinger’s that Nami showed the true power of the weapon.

    On each piece of the staff, there lies a button that creates a bubble of air with each a different property. When they are combined in different ways, different results occur. Each of these combinations are useful in battle.

    The Clima Tact Balls

    There are three different balls used to produce different types of bubbles. They are red, blue, and yellow. With Nami’s weather skills, she can create the perfect combination for an attack.

    The red ball creates a heat bubble. It is also known as the Heat Ball.

    The blue ball creates a cold bubble. It is also known as the Cool Ball.

    The yellow ball creates an electric bubble. It is also known as the Thunder Ball.

    Party ‘Attacks’

    Fine Tempo

    Cloudy Tempo

    Thunder Tempo

    Rain Tempo


    Battle Attacks

    Cyclone Tempo

    Mirage Tempo

    Thunderbolt Tempo

    Tornado Tempo

    Fog Tempo

    Thunderstorm Tempo

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Roy’s Gloves

    Roy’s Gloves

    Roy Mustang’s custom made gloves are the main ‘weapons’ he uses. He created them with pyrotex/ignition cloth, a cloth that when rubbed together, create a spark. He has a unique Transmutation Circle for flame alchemy on gloves that allow him to manipulate the oxygen in the air.

    When facing a target, Mustang raises the oxygen density around the them at which point it creates a pathway between the two. He can then use the gloves to create a spark and attack the target. He uses his hands differently in battles. His right hand is mostly used for large explosives while his left hand is used for more accurate and smaller attacks.

    The snap heard when Mustang is igniting his gloves is not him snapping his fingers. It is actually when the gases spark and react. It creates a popping sound. Most would think that his attack is useless in the water. He uses the Transmutation Circles to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. It creates a highly combustible fuel as well as a volatile oxidizer. This can only be used when he is in a closed off space, has plenty of water, and a source to ignite it.