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  • Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion (Anime) Review

    Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion Anime Review


    As a huge Digimon fan I was extremely excited for this film and when I saw the promotional poster for this new movie I was hyped. And I watched it the day it was released, but at the time I was a bit biased towards the film because I of the nostalgia. So after waiting a while and rewatching it a couple of times, the questions now stand. Is this film any good and does it actually live up to the hype?

    Please do keep in mind that I will be judging this movie not only as a start point for the  rest of the films but also as a standalone one.

    Without further ado, let’s get started.

    Plot of Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion


    I’m going to keep the synopsis short and brief so that I can get into the main part a little quicker.

    Three years after the battle against BelialVamdemon,  Taichi and the others have begun to grow up and have started doing their own things and pursuing their own goals. However during his soccer game Taichi see’s that a Kuwagamon has appeared and attempts to stop it as it wreaks havoc and destruction across the city. By reuniting with his friends and fellow digimon the first film in the Digimon Adventures Tri series begins.

    Digimon adventure tri, is honestly a difficult anime film for me to review because I really wanted this film to be good. Before I get into the nitty gritty stuff, I’m going to start with some of the positives.

    Characters of Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion


    I think the writers did a fantastic job at realizing the stage in life that all of our characters are in. It feels believable and genuine. Even if you’re new to the series and know very little about these characters, the relationships all feel real. A major theme of this film is this idea of growing up and the distance that it creates between people who were once extremely close. It’s a mature theme that I really didn’t think would show up, but it did and it was executed brilliantly. The entire storyline involving these characters reunion was really the shining star of this whole film.
    The character designs were also well done for the most part. It really feels like the characters that old Digimon fans knew and loved had gotten older.

    Soundtrack and Pacing of Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion


    Now personally I thought they did a great job with the OST. Not only was the opening song enjoyable, but the music that played throughout the whole movie was done with great care as well. All the music fit well with the scenes and added a multitude of elements where it was needed.It was also fairly well paced. There were some moments where it could have slowed down and taken some time to explain some of the things that happened, but for the most part I was never left hanging.

    Analysis of Digimon Adventure Tri. Reunion


    Now despite being the first movie in a series, it doesn’t excuse it from not being to hold it’s own. This movie has a lot of flaws and sadly they aren’t little flaws that can be overlooked. As we move into the negatives I do want to say that the overall story of the film is fairly good despite some questionable characters and moments that make you go “wtf”. The major issues of this film really come from it’s directing, editing, and overall animation and art style.First off let’s start with the actual execution of the themes in this film. Without spoiling too much the first movie is really about Taichi as a character, and the setup for both his internal and external conflicts are done well, and although his external conflicts with his friends is strong throughout the film his internal conflict fails to feel natural and cohesive. This element of his character is forcibly shoved down our throats through obvious narration and dialog. It seems like the writers couldn’t think of any better ways to get this story arc across other than through generic and blatant explanation. So by the end of the film it wouldn’t be outlandish to say that Taichi was an annoying character to some extent.

    I will say though that they were able to get this message across visually.

    The next major problem with the film is it’s directing. There are certain scenes and set pieces during this film that really raises some questions as to how it was directed. Again without spoiling too much, there is a conflict that occurs at an airport, and during this battle scene, with destruction and chaos happening, it is literally put on hold to show the reunion of most of the characters and the digimon and we then spiral into a 2-4 minute scene where these characters have an actual conversation as if the battle is not happening at all. It’s like the writers decided that at this very moment the battle was going to go on intermission for a half-time show where instead of cheerleaders dancing to music and little mini games being played, we get to see a conversation play out.

    Continuing on the films terrible directing there are even moments where the director had chosen to show single frame or scene multiple times to convey the exact same message which further makes it seem like there are elements just being forced down the audiences throat.

    Moving past these issues we come down to the animation of the movie. First off I want to mention something. Is it just me or do the artists not know what Taichi’s skin color is supposed to be. Because in some scenes he has this fat tan but then in others he’s extremely pale. And don’t tell me it’s because of the lighting because in scenes that involve multiple characters in a dimly lit area everyone seems to retain their skin color just fine. Moving back on track the overall animation for me was disappointing.

    There are moments where a characters face will look so out of whack that it pulls me outof the movie and makes me physically scrunch my eyebrows and question “what is wrong with their face”. Even if the animation style is supposed to be this simplistic, yet vibrant and cartoony, have some consistency in the quality of the characters that we see in every single scene. Despite the art style there are some scenes that just downright look like someone just smudged the screen and the only thing they didn’t mess up were the clouds. Because holy crap those clouds look good. There are some scenes where the anime really embraces their chosen art style well and it looks extremely good and works well with the movie but then there are scenes that just aren’t as well done. The animation quality just isn’t consistent. Many of you might think that I’m just over exaggerating nitpicks but these are all elements of the film that can pull someone out of the experience.



    Guy’s, I really wanted to enjoy this movie, but I can’t wholeheartedly say that I had a good time watching it. Despite a fantastic and believable reintroduction to the characters and a setup for a fun story there are so many elements of this movie that really take you out of the experience. These seemingly harmless issues eventually spiraled out of control and made being able to really enjoy the movie from start to finish difficult.This film is really for the hardcore digimon fans who can look past all these glaring issues. But for others it might not be that great. After rewatching this film a total of three times, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it. Therefore my final rating for Digimon
    Adventures Tri: Reunion is; “Backlog it”.

    It’s not something that you’ll ever have to watch, even if you are a digimon fan. I’d save it for a rainy day where you have nothing better to do. Hopefully the other movies were able to segway off this one well enough to make up for a very average return to the Digimon universe.

  • Erased (Anime) Review

    Erased Anime Review

    Before I really jump into the review, I’m gonna say it straight out. GO WATCH ERASED. This is a show that deserves to be watched with little to no knowledge. The less you know about the story the more engaging it will be.

    Now I know it’s late but after my three complete viewings of Erased, I have finally decided to do a review for it. With that being said Let’s start the review.

    Story of Erased


    The story in Erased follows the main character, Satouru Fujinuma who is a 29 year old Pizza delivery guy who isn’t very happy with where he is in life. However Satoru has an ability he calls “Revival” which allows him to go back in time 5 to 10 minutes to prevent some kind of catastrophic event from happening. However eventually his mother get’s murdered triggering a “Revival” that sends him back, not 5 or 10 minutes, but 18 years into the past to prevent his mothers murder and find the culprit responsible.

    Now it’s very rare to see a show have a clear focus on where it wants to go and how it wants to get there. I like to think that Erased is one of those rare shows. From beginning to end the show has a keen sense of what it wants to show and when it wants to show it. Because of this, every scene or frame feels like it holds some kind of importance. Whether it be a scene where we see a newspaper article, or a frame with a mask. Everything shown feels like it’s there to help further the plot as well as give the audience clues so that they can formulate their own conclusions about the mystery. And I realized during my second and third viewing of the show that there are even some clues that you might miss if you aren’t paying attention. And because of this, the show also has some of best pacing I’ve seen in a while. Not once in my three viewings of this show did I get bored, or uninterested, and very rarely did I think that it was jarring to watch and because of this the transitioning between past and present was done seamlessly as well. This is greatly due to the aforementioned focus that the show has. Erased set’s up the information and events in a way that flows into the next extremely smoothly which prevents the feeling of “What the hell just happened”. However the shows biggest strength as a mystery, is its decision to not treat its audience like children. Never are we spoon fed information and exposition to the point where every single little detail is explained to us and this allows the audience to stay engaged as we are constantly trying to piece everything together.


    When I think about it, Erased is really told in three acts. The first two acts really focus on Satoru trying to change things from his past that directly involve the people around him in order to prevent certain events from happening, and all of this connects extremely well into the final act in which everything comes into fruition. There are multiple story arcs that the anime goes through but these story arcs don’t stray from getting to the conclusion. They provide an engaging, interesting, and necessary bridge between Satoru’s overall goals. The reason I wanted to mention this is because a lot of people mention that the shows shift in focus during the first two arcs don’t fit with Satoru’s initial goal, which I find to be an invalid argument as to why the story in this show is bad.

    Nonethless Erased is one of the better mystery anime as it gives you options as to how you want to watch it. You can actively watch the show and try to solve the mystery along with the characters or you can simply sit back, relax, and watch everything unfold.


    Now the story does have some major problems that I would like to address as no anime is without flaw. The first one being the ridiculous shift in pacing in the last two episodes. It’s inexcusable to rush the most pivotal moment of a show, which is the conclusion. And Erased did just that. The last two episodes of the show were extremely rushed and felt like a lot of the story elements used in the finale were lackluster and didn’t offer the same emotional impact and intrigue that the rest of the show did. Now although this might seem like a contradiction to my statement saying that the pacing was great, I honestly still think that the writers had a lot more from the source material to work with, but they got stuck with a 12 episode limit. I think that if the show were at least two or three episodes longer they could have really fleshed out the final act and made it just as engaging as the rest of the show. But for working with the episode limit that they got and how they dealt with the ending with the remaining ones, although disappointing, it was satisfying enough for me not to smite it with the fury of angry gods. There is also one specific story element that focuses on the female protagonists family that I felt could have been a lot done better. This part of the story is quickly introduced, then takes a huge backseat and is really only there to provide a reason for character actions, and is never utilized well enough for me to say that it was interesting, and the worst part was that the explanation and resolution to this story arc was extremely dull and just completely random. It was obvious that they wanted to pull the heartstrings here but it just wasn’t focused on or emphasized enough for the moment to really leave a lasting impact.

    Now although this isn’t really a major issue, I honestly would have liked to have been given some kind of backstory for the “revival” ability. Now I say it isn’t a major issue, because it really is just a plot device used to really get us into the meat of the story, however I think it would have been interesting to explore how he got these powers to begin with. But again it’s not a problem that really affects the show.

    Overall regardless of these problems the combination of all the good elements in an anime such as Erased, is the perfect formula for an engaging and thrilling experience that keeps you at the edge of your seat. And luckily that’s what I got.

    Characters of Erased


    The characters in Erased are by far the shining aspect of this show. It has a diverse cast of lovable, interesting, and fun characters that are all fairly well developed. First I really want to give the writers props for the way that they gave development to the supporting cast. Rather than giving every single character screen time where they just talk about their back story and their goals and aspirations, they utilize every single one of the characters to develop one another. Especially Satoru’s friends. All of these characters are given a fairly generic archetype, such as the loveable big guy, the girly boy, and of course the good looking one whose also super smart and doesn’t act their age. But they make everyone of these characters feel genuine by developing them through the bonds that we get to see grow and evolve through their interactions with Satoru, Hinazuki, as well as the remaining cast of supporting characters. So it never feels like these characters are useless or just there because plot. We actually genuinely begin to care for them as we start to think about how the other characters would react if one were to disappear or possibly even die. However there are a couple characters that really feel more likeable than others due to lack of screentime that some of the supporting characters get.

    Satoru Erased

    Now our main character, Satoru Fujinuma, is probably one of my favorite MC’s from this year so far. He goes through such a unique development as the show progresses and we learn more about his past life and his present life. There’s also a really interesting juxtaposition between his character at the beginning of the show and after his “revival” when it comes to their attitude, and view on the world as we learn that before this “Revival” past Satoru wasn’t all that different when compared to present Satoru. It’s really great to see the character develop from this person with no goal and lack of motivation, to this person who has a drive to succeed and do more. Satoru becomes a character we really root for, and when he fails we feel what he feels, and when he succeeds we feel great like he does. He even goes through a lot of minor changes that showcase his state of mind which really makes this character feel genuine. One of my favorite scenes being the one where Satoru speaks to his mother after his Revival.

    Hinazuki Erased

    When it comes to our female protagonist, Hinazuki Kayo, although an interesting and well written character as well, was given a very linear development. we see her grow from this quiet and distant character to one that becomes more open. Now this isn’t bad by any means, I just thought that, as compared to Satoru, she wasn’t given as much depth and complexity as I wanted. However just because her development is linear doesn’t mean she isn’t a great character. Hinazuki is a character that you begin to genuinely feel sympathetic for and it’s great to see how we, the audience, feel this more and more as we see her gradually start to become more confident, and more open.

    I think that this characters greatest strength comes from her relationship with Satoru as every scene involving these two characters is thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Another interesting little thing that I noticed is that when Hinazuki becomes a pivotal character in scenes, the two are rarely ever separated which I thought was a very nice and subtle way to emphasize their bond and closeness. And when they are separated it’s normally at the beginning when their relationship has still yet to be established and when there are moments of fear, anguish, stress, or anticipation.

    But of course there are some issues I have to address related to the characters in this show.

    Yuuki Erased

    One of the bigger issues stemming from the setup of a character named Yuuki. This character was a complete and utter waste of space in this anime. Throughout the entire setup for this show, it emphasized how much of an important and pivotal character he was, but he only ever got five or ten minutes of actual proper screen time. In all honesty I completely forgot that he was even in the show until the last three or four episodes. It became more and more apparent that there just wasn’t enough time and space amongst all the other characters and story arcs to actually put this character into motion. So it just boggles my mind why they would make such a huge deal about him in the beginning rather than just simply giving us basic information about his overall involvement.

    Airi Erased

    Another character that I feel got the short end of the stick was Airi. My god was she a loveable character. I honestly would have loved to see more of this character. Everytime she was on screen I had a great time. She was a fun and charismatic character with an ideal that I could get behind. Although not as bad as what happened to Yuuki, I just wish there was just a little more time spent developing her as a character as well as her relationship with Satoru as the chemistry between them was fantastic.

    I just thought that the characters had a lot more good as compared to the bad, and thought they were well thought out and executed. Also I have to give props to the Japanese Voice actors as they did a fantastic job at making these characters come to life.

    Art of Erased


    A-1 Pictures has really done a great job. I absolutely love the art in this show. The simplicity of the art really fits with the tone and overall atmosphere that the show has to offer. I also think the fact that because the story was very heavy the light and simple art style really complemented the shows story. But even though the art was simple in design, there was some fantastic use, with some of the gorgeous scenes and frames within the anime. Honestly you could turn some of the scenes into posters, or screen savers. They were just that pretty to look at. However Erased used it’s art in a way that I haven’t seen it used in anime, in a long time.

    It used colors to further develop the story and characters. Which is not something a lot of anime nowadays do. It really adds a more thematic element to the series. Erased uses colors such as red, gray, black, and even purple to foreshadow and give both a metaphorical and physical interpretation of certain things in the show. For example a scene involving Hinazuki where she is standing in a park under a lamp. This is also the first scene we see Hinazuki. The use of the colors in this frame not only tell us that there is something eerie, and dark happening around her but we can also see that she is only within a certain area of the light eminating from the lamp, which emphasizes and solidifies aspects of the character such as her being closed off from the outside and hardly having any friends, and that she keeps to herself, and that she’s surrounded by darkness. You can gather all this information just from looking at the scene, it’s art style, and the color. It’s a subtle little details that really make me think that the art in this show is amazing. I could go on for hours talking about the great use of color and art is but I won’t do that in this video. However the art in Erased really goes to show that anime isn’t just great for bouncing boobies and great fight scenes but that it’s still amazing for visual storytelling.

    Music of Erased

    Now the music in the show was good. It’s not good to the point where I’ll go out and buy the soundtrack for the show, but it’s good enough to enhance the mood and atmosphere in the scenes that need them. The soundtrack has a good range of eerie and haunting melodies, as well as a good amount of nice calming songs to balance it out. However actual use of the music within the show, was not so great. Although the soundtrack worked, I wish there was a more diverse set of music used throughout the entire show. I just felt like I kept hearing the same two or three songs every single episode. There was even a scene where Satoru and Kenya were talking on the staircase that I thought could have used some different music as the song that was used just didn’t seem like it was right for the situation. I won’t really talk too much about the Opening and Endings as that is just up to personal taste. I’ll just say that I liked the Opening but not the ending.

    Overall of Erased


    It’s nice to be able to watch an anime that knows what it wants. Erased was one of those shows I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. With a fairly well written and executed story, a cast of fantastic characters, and some of the best utilization of visual storytelling I’ve seen in a while. Erased is a show deserving of the immense hype and praise that it has been receiving. Despite it’s shortcomings Erased has a lot to offer, and is a show that I personally thinks get’s better the second time around as you notice a lot of things you didn’t notice the first time around. So my final verdict for Erased, or Boku dake ga inai Machi, is a LOVE AND BUY IT. I was enthralled, I was intrigued, I was engaged, and I was satisfied. Erased is a show that I think everyone should check out, or at least give a chance.

  • Ghost Hunt (Anime) Review


    Ghost Hunt Anime Review

    Ghost Hunt

    I think fear is an extremely interesting state of mind. It’s fascinating to experience and see what scares you and what doesn’t. It’s that wide variety offered in the horror genre that makes it so popular and prominent in entertainment. However when it comes to horror in anime, it isn’t really its forte, and I think that it’s mainly due to the very similar nature of a large majority of them. With heavy emphasis on gore and grizzly death scenes, a lot of necessary elements to making a good horror takes a backseat. Now of course, in no way shape or form does that mean that the shows are bad or not worth your time, but it does mean that for some people it isn’t going to be the horror experience that they were looking for.
    Having watched many horror anime, I can wholeheartedly say that these shows are really more uncomfortable to watch than they are scary. However discomfort is only one aspect out of many. I personally believe that if a horror anime is only able to make you feel one thing from a state of mind with a huge array of encompassing aspects other than discomfort, it isn’t a good horror anime.
    However over the years I have been fortunate enough to experience some horror anime that isn’t necessarily bad, and the one that I’ll be reviewing for you today is,Ghost Hunt. This show originally started airing back in October of 2006, and finished airing in March of 2007. It’s a light novel adaptation with animation done by Studio J.C.Staff. So after two complete recent viewings, here is my review for Ghost Hunt.

    Story of Ghost Hunt


    The story follows a first year high school student named Taniyama Mai who ends up getting involved with Shibuya Kazuya, the president of the Shibuya Psychic Research Company. While Kazuya was conducting an investigation on her school’s abandoned building, Mai ends up interfering and after a series of unfortunate events,Kazuya hires Mai to be his assistant to make up for the damage she caused. Thus begins the ghost hunting adventures.
    First let’s start with the good. The story is presented in the form of arcs. Each arc lasting between three to six episodes. Each arc covers a specific investigation that our characters are assigned. These arcs can be really hit or miss. They can either be extremely creepy, unnerving, and scary, or just extremely boring. However the way that they pace each arc, for the most part, is well executed. The slow and tense buildup is paced well and offers us insight into what exactly our characters are up against, but not to the point where we know exactly what they’re dealing with. An extremely interesting element that the show has to offer is that it isn’t completely grounded in reality. Because of this, during the initial exposition of each arc there’s this sense of mystery to what the characters are actually dealing with, and it helps add a layer of suspense that would otherwise not be there. The show also likes to include tools, procedures, and jargon used by “real” ghost hunters. This helps mask this element of the over the top supernatural elements of the show. It bounces back between this facade of being accurate, and being more akin to a fairy tale.
    Ghost Hunt
    When the story of each arc really starts to pickup and we start seeing unnatural things happen, the order in which we receive this information is done well. There is this smooth sense of gradual growth. We aren’t thrown straight into the thick of things, rather we see the little clues, and small conversations slowly build into a worsening problem until we reach the climax. It is indeed formulaic but it’s effective and gets the job done when it’s done right.
    Regardless of these good elements the show has multiple notable flaws in it’s story. The first major problem is that the show attempts to mesh genre’s that don’t mix well together. It shoves in this pointless shoujo element that feels extremely jarring to watch and experience. The fundamental flaw in this is the fact that the romantic tension, and over the top character drama can really take you out of the horror experience that the show is supposed to be offering you. Other than that, there lies another problem in a few of the shows arcs.
    Some of these arcs are downright boring. The reason is because a lot of the investigations prior to these are far better paced and introduced, and to a greater extent, the stakes are far higher making it seem like the story is moving backwards rather than
    forwards. Watching through these arcs is extremely daunting. The pacing is too slow or too fast, the characters become utterly stupid for some reason doing things that they would normally never do, and the conclusion to these arcs are unsatisfying or feel undeserved.
    For the most part the show is able to offer moments of terror and discomfort whether it be through imagery, it’s dialogue or the decent pacing. However there are multiple issues that really prevent the story from being the best that it could have been.

    Characters of Ghost Hunt

    Mai Ghost Hunt

    The characters in this show are at best serviceable and I think that it’s one of the shows weakest points. Starting with our female protagonist, Taniyama Mai, she’s extremely unlikeable as a lead, but because she’s painted as the innocent girl who wants to do good, we can get behind her basic ideals. But that’s really the extent of her likeability. She falls into a category of female leads that come off as extremely preachy, and sometimes you actually begin to get annoyed with her as there are moments where you think to yourself, “are you seriously thinking about that in this current situation?”, and it’s moments like this that really take you out of the experience. Along with that, it never seems like she grows as a useful character. We do get to see her become more accustomed to certain things, but she ultimately ends up still being underused and pointless. It feels as if she was only included to satisfy the shoujo aspect of the show, which strengthens my point that she’s is practically a useless character.
    Kazuya Ghost Hunt
    The male protagonist of the show is Shibuya Kazuya. He is leagues better than Mai as a character. Although he does have the typical archetype of super smart, quiet, cool guy, there are hints that there are layers to him, as we learn more about who he is and why he does what he does. But to my disappointment, any resemblance of this character plot point developing is immediately eradicated as it’s hardly ever touched on again. Conclusively this makes the character two dimensional and stale, and considering that he is a lead character, it’s unacceptable.
    Ghost Hunt
    As for the side characters, they too are simply just okay. I will say that the diversity of the cast is nice to see. You don’t have to deal with all the characters having similar personalities. However the major flaw with these characters is that they’re simply there because they have one part to play in the arc of the story. Even then they’re only used to either worsen the problem, or lighten the mood. They’re relationships, backstories, and overall personalities are non-existen. They simply rely on the extremely generic moral code and belief that they are the good guys to garner some sort of sympathy from the viewer.
    Ultimately you only care enough about them to fear for them in moments of peril but at the same time you aren’t able to really get attached to them. It’s almost as if the writers couldn’t be bothered to expand and flesh these characters out after they were given a brief introduction. It’s because of this lack of care and attention given to these characters that a lot of the arcs in the show are poorly done. Writers can’t simply come up with a story and fill it with uninteresting and poorly written characters and hope for the best. A story with terrible characters will simply amalgamate into a show with terribly written characters and an equally terrible story.

    Art and Directing of Ghost Hunt

    Ghost Hunt
    This is by far the best aspect of this anime. The bland and dark color palette thatthey chose to go with really helps add to the atmosphere of the show. There are some scenes where they use the darker colors to their advantage. The actual use of the color in combination with the art makes for a sleek looking show. The character designs look appealing, albeit some of them look like they were pulled straight out of a 1980’s romance shoujo manga.
    The interesting thing about the way that many scenes were directed and drawn is that they harken back to the very basic art of horror. Not showing what we should fear. There are multiple moments in the show where because of a certain way the frame was positioned or drawn really helped to emphasize the anxiety, the fear, and discomfort.
    Without giving away too much, there is a scene that is shown from the perspective of a fallen camera, and what we get is an extremely tight shot where very little is visible until we see the decapitated head of a doll. It’s directing like this that really helps make up for a lot of the issues this show has.
    I didn’t have any major problems with the art with the exception of Mai’s character design. Compared to the other characters having a sleek and stylized design, she looks completely out of place, with her awkward body proportions and over the top facial animations. She sticks out like a sore thumb and really breaks the continuity of the overall art.

    Music and Sound of Ghost Hunt

    Ghost Hunt
    Another aspect that this show does extremely well. The music is exceptional. It offers fantastic atmospheric and tension building melodies that really keep you engaged in scenes that need you to be. Even the opening song isn’t your typical J-Rock or J-Pop song to get you hyped for the episode, rather it’s this eerie yet bombastic piece with opera like vocals to accompany it. To be completely honest, I found the opening song to be scarier than some of the actual “scary” scenes in this anime.
    As for the sound design, it’s okay. There’s nothing too special in this anime that sticks out. I mean I’m not gonna say “wow the sound the of that cup shattering was really well done”. They’re creepy enough to help certain scenes but other than that it’s nothing too special.
    Voice acting wise, it was okay as well. I am basing this off the Japanese dub, so keep that in mind. With the voice actors for Kazuya, and side characters, Takigawa Houshou and Ayako Matsuzaki being the ones to standout amongst the rest. All the other voices seemed bland and uninteresting, or too over the top and awkward to listen to. It’s like the voice actors and actresses were either falling asleep, or trying to make do with an extremely lackluster script.

    Final Verdict of Ghost Hunt

    Ghost Hunt

    Ghost Hunt is a show plagued by many problems. Ranging from it’s poorly written story arcs and characters. But the thing is fear is very subjective. What one person finds terrifying might be something someone else might not have a problem with. With that in mind the individual experience a person might have with this show is going to vastly differ from that of another persons.
    However despite it’s major flaws, I enjoyed this show. Even though I’m convinced that the writers were purposefully writing Mai to be a contender for “Worst Character of The Year” back in 2006, I can’t deny that I had fun with this show. The fact that this show is episodic to a certain extent it makes it possible to pick and choose what stories you want to watch, and I highly suggest going about watching this show that way. The fact that they aren’t just dealing with “ghosts” also broke up the monotony of the repetitive storyline in the specific arcs. In these different moments I hope that if you choose to watch this show, that it offers enough to satisfy your need for horror.
    Are there better horror anime out there? Oh hell yeah. Still, this is a show that was extremely overlooked and is considered to be a hidden gem by many in the anime community. If you can get past the major problems of this show and simply watch it to experience some decent horror in anime, I’d say give it a go.
    This isn’t a show that you need to go out of your way to watch, and you may never get it to it. You might even completely ignore the fact that this show exists. Therefore my final rating for the show is: “Backlog It”
    Story: Meh
    Characters: OH GOD NO!
    Art: Aye, that’s pretty good.
    Sound: I like that Sh*t
    Voice Acting: Meh
    Overall: “BACKLOG IT”