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  • One Piece – Pre Time Skip – (Anime) Review

    One Piece (Pre-Time Skip) Anime Review

    “My treasure you say?
    If you want it you can have it!
    Go and seek it out
    I left everything in my life
    In that place”
    Hence the great era of freedom
    Was about to commence
    An age of pirates
    It’s time to sail now
    The route to our dreams awaits!

    One Piece Log Day 1

    This is the first day of I and my crew’s journey in this dangerous sea, writing down everything in this log. I am a pirate, pursuer of boundless fame and glory as the one who’ll become the next pirate king, the successor to Gold Roger, the one who found and hid the greatest treasure of all times only known as One Piece. Ever since the legendary pirate died, countless people sailed in search of the unknown legacy left by Roger, the man who incited the whole world as his last act of defiance. It won’t be an easy journey, many other pirates practising their right to be free are in search of the fabled One Piece as well…


    This is the adventerous review of the pre timeskip arcs of One Piece, the ongoing shounen anime series based on the award winning, Guinness breaking manga with the same name by Eichiro Oda. I am going to review the first 6 great arcs before episode 517 (Chapter 568) but with a notably more subjective take than my previous reviews. Will this deserve to be the king of shounen ? Then let us find this out !

    East Blue Arc

    Starts ep 1 and ends ep 61 (chapter 100). The arc is aimed at introducing us to the One Piece Universe and its basic characters. The most important parts being Romance Dawn, Syrup Village, Baratie Arc and Arlong Park arcs where Luffy, Zoro, Usop, Sanji and Nami are introduced. This arc is produced by Toei Animation during 1999 but the fully drawn animation is nice and colourful, character design and art is simple yet distinguished. East Blue reveals the earliest threats in the series for our crew, the cruelty and mercilessness of the world is shown, being a pirate is not a game, the sea is not a swimming pool

    • Bounty Score: 16.000.000 :moneybag:

    • Fav Character: Dracule Mihawk :japanese_goblin:

    Alabasta Arc

    Starts episode 61 and ends ep 135 (chapter 217). The arc is the first true fearsome challenge for the Strawhat Pirates, getting involved in a country plagued with civil war tension and the sinister plans of the criminal group Baroque Works and their mastermind leader. The sandy kingdom of Alabasta

    is wonderfully drawn, with a highlight to the middle eastern style of the arc. Animation improves, the story plot is thickened with the first mysteries and the first true major villain and themes in One Piece. The focus on the villain that passes himself off as the hero taking advantage of a population in despair to control everything is truely amazing

    • Bounty Score: 87.000.000 :moneybag:

    • Fav Character: Nico Robin :heart:

    Skypiea Arc


    Starts ep 136 and ends ep 206 (chapter 302). The arc follows the exploits of our crew in an island that does not affect the course of the story as a whole but proves to be one of the most heart felt and flavourful of all arcs in One Piece. Following the legend of the sky island, Luffy and his crew eventually reaches Skypiea, a place isolated from the world

    and first reached by the navigator Noland, branded and killed as a foolish

    liar. The Strawhats will have to face the powerful god Enel that overthrew the previous one and bent the island to his thunderous will together with his priests. The Pre Columbian aspects of the arc make it overall one my favourites of all times, we are in the show’s golden age

    • Bounty Score: 143.000.000 :moneybag:

    • Fav Character: Enel :zap:

    Water 7 Arc

    Starts ep 207 and ends ep 325 (chapter 430). This arc is where the series starts to step up the whole game, reaching the greatest heights of the pre timeskip part of One Piece. Water 7 follows our crew in its visit to a majestic Venice like city built on water where different ship building companies compete with one another. When Nico Robin’s backstory starts to blast from her past, a secret government organization known as Cyber Pol 9 will try to take her away from the Strawhats Pirates. We can call this as one of the most iconic arcs of all times, boasting a new level in One Piece fights like we’ve never seen before, mystery and themes reach perfection, no fault whatsoever, only the best feels

    • Bounty Score: 300.000.000 :moneybag:

    • Fav Character: Rob Lucci :smiley_cat:

    Thriller Bark Arc

    Starts ep 326 and ends ep 384 (chapter 489). This is probably one of the shortest arcs in the whole series, located right after the colossal saga of Water 7/Enies Lobby and it rather pales in comparison. The Strawhats end up in the gigantic island ship of Thriller Bark, owned by one of the Shichibukai, the ghastly Gekko Moria that will stand in the way of our friends. Even though the arc the eccentric and quite particular skeleton Brook (whose backstory flashback is currently my favourite) and we have a nice halloween horror like setting this is however my least favourite of all One Piece Arcs, but it can be considered as a way to catch a fun break once in a while

    • Bounty Score: 10.000.000 :moneybag:

    • Fav Character: Brook :skull:

    Summit War Arc


    Starts ep 385 and ends ep 516 (chapter 597). Here we go with the last arc of the pre timeskip era of One Piece, the most fast paced and (for many) mind blowing arc. For the first time we have a war in the pirate world against the sworn enemies the Marines trying to execute one of the legendary Whitebeard’s “children” Luffy’s brother Portgas D. Ace, while the Strawhats are scattered, Luffy tries to join the battle for his brother, an ant amidst the giants. The arc has amazing parts like Sabaody, Amazon Lily, Impel Down and Marine Ford. Animation direction changes, making it not as appealing for nostalgic fans like me. Many iconic characters from all sagas return to join the greatest battles in the series as of now.

    • Bounty Score: 279.000.000 :moneybag:

    • Fav Character: Silvers Rayleigh :older_man:

    Overall One Piece is probably the father of the next generation of shounen. It may not be a perfect series but its narrative arcs will surely keep anyone entertained despite the animation for many people would not seem as mature as stuff like AoT and Tokyo Ghoul (sarcasm). If you can follow a long odissey that cares more about the journey rather than the destination then this is your series. It’s also one of the few shounen to deal with so many themes such as: slavery, tyranny, emancipation, brotherhood, war, human rights, discrimination, history, sacrifice, idealism, justice.

    Overall Score 8/10

  • Punch Line (Anime) Review

    Punch Line (Anime) Review

    Written by ononoki

    I’ve come to expect a lot from studio MAPPA. A fairly young studio founded in 2011, MAPPA has already churned out a few very notable shows. This year, they’ve brought us the sci-fi comedy Punch Line, which could be one of the strangest shows you’ll see all year.

    Yuuta Iridatsu is absentmindedly catching a bus, when it is taken over by hijackers. The day is saved by Strange Juice, a giant-straw-wielding superpowered girl, who almost takes out the hijackers with ease. Her daring rescue is foiled by the hijackers mysterious leader, who is then beaten by Yuuta when he spots a girls panties, awakening a power that seems to give him super strength. Yuuta then “dies”, his spirit leaves his body and comes back to his apartment building, where the spirit cat Chiranosuke guides him on the path to protecting his housemates, and eventually the world. But the path isn’t easy for Yuuta, who could bring about the worlds destruction if he sees too many panties.

    Plot of Punch Line

    Punch Line is full of corny, cheesy jokes and ecchi moments, panty shots and lewdness, and some of the most random plot points you’ll see this year. If you look for deep and meaningful aspects in a show, you will probably come out disappointed. However, this does not make Punch Line a bad show. Some shows strive for entertainment. They might be funny, nice to look at, and in some cases, sexual, and Punch Line combines all of these aspects into one solid, enjoyable package the whole way through. Straight away you know the show is all about the silly and sexy, so it doesn’t feel cheap to see stupid jokes and panty shots. Instead, it feels like the show hits its targets and stays true to its purpose.

    Despite lacking  in the “deep and meaningful”, Punch Line has a pretty imaginative plot, one that doesn’t really reveal its worth until at least halfway through the season. It’s hard to make sense of what’s happening in the first few episodes, since everything happening seems so random, but as the story progresses, it “deepens”. We see backstories interweaving in ways we couldn’t fathom at first, past and present tragedies, and the slow revealing of this shows very mysterious villain. The plots randomness begins to make sense towards the end of the show, with questions remaining unsolved until the very last moment, something that managed to keep my attention all the way through. The only problem with this is that the show may seem, quite simply, stupid to start off with, possibly losing watchers. This is unfortunate, as the quality of the plot really begins to manifest later in the season.

    Plot Rating : 7.5/10

    The Characters of Punch Line

    The characters of Punch Line are where I think the show lacked a little. The stock standard characterisation is my main reason for thinking this. Rabura was one of the worst offenders, her “older single female who just can’t get a guy but loves a drink” archetype was present throughout the show, and she showed little development. Narugino was the typical beautiful airhead and Yuta was the typical well-meaning male. Ito and Meika seemed fairly original, although I’m sure someone out there will be able to prove me wrong

    However, the characters interactions are still enjoyable despite their faults. I’d say this is due to the result of good writing, directing and voice acting coming together. And lets not forget the bright and bouncy character design and artwork, something that really catches the eye and fits the lighthearted feel of the show perfectly.

    Characters Rating : 6/10

    The Animation and Artwork of Punch Line

    Animation and artwork is something that Punch Line consistently gets right. The first episode was spectacular, the bus fight scene in particular got me very interested. The next few episodes were good too, although there isn’t much chance for MAPPA to show off their animating ability until the next major fight scene, at the end of the season (which was done perfectly), but their prowess can be appreciated through constantly fluid character movements and lack of (or well hidden) CGI. The colour and character design was the art aspect that I appreciated the most, with lots of bright bouncy colours and well drawn pieces that suited the show perfectly. As well as this, MAPPA’s attention to detail and setting design was also superb

    Animation and Artwork Rating : 8/10

    Sounds and Music of Punch Line

    Despite having one of my favourite OP’s this year, Punch Line’s music is a little hit and miss. From the first second, we are presented with a an energetic techno beat that grabs your attention and complements the beginning fight scene very well. But for the rest of the season, the music seems to take a backseat, while the artwork and dialogue makes up most of the entertainment. One song that will stay in your head though, is the Cheermancy song that Meika introduces us to in the second episode (pic related). I’m not sure who at MAPPA thought this song up, but its one of many “so bad its good” moments that make up the show

    As ive said before, the voice acting in Punch Line was done quite well. As well as this, the sound effects were also very good, especially in the final battle. One thing I noticed though, and this wasnt the first time MAPPA has done this, was the terrible fake American voice acting later in the series. It dissapointed me in their show “Zankyou no Terror”, and it dissapointed me here too. Although I suppose you could say it made me laugh more than it made me dissapointed (come on MAPPA, can’t be that hard to fake some accents can it?)

    Sound and Music Rating: 7/10

    In Conclusion…

    Punch Line is not for everyone, and its not without its flaws, but if you like imaginative plotlines, eye catching artwork and character design, cheesy jokes and ecchi moments (which should suit just about everyone) then Punch Line is for you.  The show aims to be entertaining, and it goes above and beyond that almost every step of the way, and I hope MAPPA’s next work “Ushio to Tora” is just as entertaining.

    Overall Rating : 7/10


  • Lovely Complex (Anime) Review

    Lovely Complex Anime Review

    Warning: May contain minor spoilers for the Lovely Complex anime.

    Summary of Lovely Complex: 

    Koizumi Risa, a taller than average girl, and Atsushi Otani, a shorter than average boy, have been known as the comedy duo of their class ever since their first year of high school. Although they have a mutual dislike for each other, they soon develop an unlikely friendship when Risa agrees to try to get Otani together with her friend and vice versa.

    When these plans don’t succeed, however, only time will tell what the two outgoing and loud teens have in store for each other.

    Plot of Lovely Complex: 

    The plot, although simple at first glance and at times incredibly cliche, is actually very entertaining due to the actions and reactions that both main characters take/have. I mean, two rash and “mentally-challenged” teens are bound to get themselves into some crazy situations.

    Also, this anime takes a completely different change of pace, which in this case means that the characters don’t get together at the very end of the series, but rather the middle. That gives the show opportunities to build up on their relationship and let the audience follow the two as they struggle through some of the problems that come with maintaining said relationship.

    However, although I liked the plot for the most part, there were some problems with it in general.

    A downfall of the anime is the use of cliches to start off a mini arc in the story and the overuse of unrealistic tropes. I mean, in real life, if your a guy who’s shorter than most girls, there is no way that you’re going to have so many girls crushing on you. Also, they use the SAME PLOT in two separate arcs, just with the roles reversed.

    Overall, still a very entertaining plot.

    Score: 8.2/10

    Characters of Lovely Complex: 

    What I like about this anime is the non-cliche characters (or at least the main ones). Not often do you find a couple where both people are not complete opposites. In fact, Risa and Otani are actually very alike. Yet, the anime is set up in a way that keeps it interesting and have you rooting for them to get together the whole time.

    Risa’s problems, specifically, are very relatable and/or realistic. Never having been in a real relationship unlike Otani, some of the situations that she has to face make sense, which is something I always look forward to in slice of life or romance anime.

    On the other hand, the side characters were all either annoying or underdeveloped. Risa’s friends, Nobu and Chiharu could’ve added more, and Suzuki and Nakao as well. They aren’t necessarily bad characters, just ones that should’ve played an active part in the overall story. Mimi was irritating. She can go jump off a cliff ASAP.

    Score: 8.5/10

    The Animation of Lovely Complex: 

    The art was okay. It’s not my personal favorite, but it does its job well for what it had to offer. I just wish that some parts hadn’t been as choppy as they had been, but I do appreciate that they upped the budget a little for the more important scenes that had to be emphasized.

    Besides, I have to give the animators some credit; those facial expressions are absolutely legendary.

    Score: 7.6/10

    The Soundtrack of Lovely Complex: 

    The music was pretty mediocre though, so it’s not very memorable. It nevertheless sets the mood nicely enough, so I have no major problems with it. The first opening was pretty catchy, I have to admit.

    Score: 7.7/10

    Overall Enjoyment of Lovely Complex: 

    This anime was very enjoyable in the long run. You’ll find yourself being emotionally invested in the main couple, and most of the characters were lovable or likeable in their own right. The plot started off a little cliche, but amounted to something bigger in the end, and the scenery/music was good enough to keep you captivated. If it weren’t for the presentation of the anime, I would’ve given it a much higher score.

    Score: 8.7/10

    And so…

    Plot: 8.2/10
    Characters: 8.5/10
    Animation: 7.6/10
    Soundtrack: 7.7/10
    Overall Enjoyment: 8.7/10

    FINAL SCORE: 8.14/10

    I recommend this anime to pretty much any shoujo fan. This was definitely tons of fun to watch.

    Thanks for reading!


  • Legend of the Legendary Heroes (Anime) Quick Review

    Road to Legendary

    Legend of the Legendary Heroes

    This is a somewhat review of the anime Legend of the Legendary Heroes. A series that I really like, but not often shows up on Anime Amino – so why not do somewhat of a review on it.

    Plot of Legend of the Legendary Heroes

    Legend of the Legendary Heroes

    The plot of Legend of the Legendary Heroes is debatable. As mentioned the characters and soon to be mentioned animation contributes in my book very good.

    Having that said, of course there’s flaws. If you were to watch this without knowing anything of it, then you’d probably think this series is a comedy to begin with. From comedy to a somewhat gruesome medieval drama-ish. Sure there’s some plotholes and the change in characters can be considered bad – that however shouldn’t stop you from continuing. You can see series getting a 10/10 but even those has flaws in different aspects. Having this said (and hopefully well formulated) the plot is in my book acceptable – if I’m to be picky. Overall a great plot.

    Do keep in mind that there’s two intertwining plotlines which differs.


    Characters of Legend of the Legendary Heroes

    Legend of the Legendary Heroes

    Ryner Lute, the main male protagonist. He’s considered the best mage in all of Roland. An awesome character with awesome abilities – holder of Alpha Stigma, a mysterious ocular ability. Often sleepy and pretty much unmotivated.

    Ferris Eris the heroine of this series. A swordsman designated to guard the king of Roland. A really charismatic character. She pretty much babysits Ryner and she loves Dango. She’s self-absorbed over her beauty and can be pretty emotionless sometimes.

    Sion Astal, currently king of Roland and best friends with Ryner. His ideal of a perfect empire is very alluring and he wants the best for the people. The people loves him and he strives for peace. Yet naive since he knows that sacrifices needs to be made to achieve these goals.

    There’s a lot more characters which is one of the strengths in this series. Their journey make you laugh, cry you name it – the core.


    The Art of Legend of the Legendary Heroes

    Legend of the Legendary Heroes

    The art of Legend of the Legendary Heroes  is actually not that bad. It’s perfect in humorous and pretty violent scenarios. While the art doesn’t stand out, the animation is pretty well done. I was surprised at how fierce the fights are, and it certainly goes hand in hand with how brutal the setting can get. A stable animation overall.
    Now, I’ve seen it both subbed and dubbed. Sure this is a matter of opinions but the Japanese voice actors were better to be honest. The English ones didn’t quite get to me in different scenarios – couldn’t take it seriously.Is this an anime which is worth your time? Yes, yes it is!

  • One Piece (General) Review

    One Piece: The Greatest Adventure

    One Piece

    What is the meaning of this Shogo?

    One Piece

    If you know me by now, then you should know that I’m a huge, and I mean huge fan of One Piece. It’s as the title says. This however doesn’t mean it’s my favorite – since it’s so freaking hard to rank. Thus I leave out One Piece when it comes to lists – goes for other ‘bigger’ series as well. You can say that this blog is a ‘fanboy blog’ if you want, but I think I’ve earned to let some love out.

    But yes, you can say that One Piece is kinda my favorite.

    The Best Series Ever?

    One Piece

    The ‘big 4 or 5’ whatever comes up often – which I really couldn’t care less about. Aye this be true.

    One piece can and will make you shed tears of joy and sadness. When you watch one piece you get a sense of adventure that no other manga/anime delivers quite as well. You will always find yourself wanting more (This Jikan would back me up on with joy).


    One Piece Overall

    One Piece

    The amazing thing about one piece is that its writer found a way to tell a HUGE story that got twist plots and so much glamor while giving the audience a feeling of adventure that will never make you lose interest in the characters or the story. You will be sad when the characters are sad you, will laugh when they laugh and you will cry you eyeballs out when something happen to them.

    The animation seems to bug a lot of people. Why is debatable but as most of the cases – the manga is better. The anime is of course in my eyes still amazing.

    Inspired by Caitlin, devoted to Jikan.

  • Ao Haru Ride (Anime) Review

    Ao Haru Ride Anime Review

    (Warning, this blog may contain minor spoilers that will probably not effect and/or spoil anything important in the anime. Heck, I wouldn’t even call them spoilers. Just read the review)

    To be honest, this was an anime I was excited to watched when it was released. I hadn’t read the manga so I was excited to see how it played out. Sure enough, I really found it entertaining even for the type of anime that it is, considering people give a lot of crap to the Romance genre. Nonetheless, I say to hell with those people’s opinion, cause you’re about to read about a pretty enjoyable anime.

    Ao Haru Ride (Blue Spring Ride) is based of the manga first released in early 2011 before being adapted into an anime that was aired during the Summer anime drop. It aired a total of 12 episode, with no information of a second season or any OVAs, but it’s getting an exciting Live-Action movie! Yea…

    Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Slice of Life


    Plot of Ao Haru Ride

    Score 7.5/10

    Futaba Yoshioka wants to “reset” her life. In junior high, girls ostracized Futaba because too many junior high boys liked her. The only boy Futaba liked, Kou Tanaka, moved away before she could tell him how she felt. Now in high school, Futaba is determined to be unladylike so her new friends will not become jealous of her. While living her new life contentedly, she meets Kou again, but he now uses the name Kou Mabuchi and has a cold attitude. He tells her that he liked her too in junior high, but feels differently now.

    When I first started the anime, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t read the manga before hand or any kind of information so I knew nothing about it. To be honest, I like how the anime started off. It gave an interesting backstory, that was informative, before quickly jumping into the main story. There were a few things here and there that could have been added onto, but overall it was exciting.

    The actual plot was a little bit all over the place, not having a huge storyline set out for the anime. Sure these two people meet up after a couple years and spend together, but there were just little stories in between. I know the story is about these two rebuilding their lost relationship, but you got to give me more. But after with all this said, I honestly still enjoyed it. Yea it wasn’t perfect, but it was still fun to watch.


    Animation and Comedy of Ao Haru Ride

    Score 8.4/10

    The animation style reminded me a lot of anime such as My Little Monster, or any Romance anime at that… It’s like they decided to use the animation even at different Studios, but this was definitely a lot better animation than most Romance anime I’ve seen. Anyway, I liked the animation! It was actually really, really well done. I loved the colors they threw in to make it all SUPER colorful (The OP), just the way I like my stuff, and that was great!

    The character designs were well done and background scenery wasn’t distracting and done well enough to be noticed, but never enough to take you away from the actual anime.

    The comedy all around was extremely well done. I liked how this anime had a lot of humor in it, more than most Romance anime, and was able to make a lot of humorous jokes and whatnot. The jokes and laughs were all original and very amusing.


    Characters of Ao Haru Ride

    Score 7.9/10

    The characters in this anime were interesting… In a good way. I liked how we were able to see them as their old selves then see them in the future and how they’ve changed.

    The main characters were the most interesting though, considering they constantly went through development once the anime began. You see them start off one way, completely change, then change a little more. It’s nothing too bad so it made the characters fun to watch.

    Futaba Yoshiioka was a little strange, but I liked her. She wasn’t like super weird or anything, but was funny and a good main character. She is strong-willed, stubborn, and passionate, she prefers to be accepted for who she isn’t than ostracized for who she is.

    Kō Mabuchi is an interesting character, haven’t seen a lot characters like him. He is masculine, sarcastic, and crude. In addition, he has extremely pessimistic views about his brother and himself. Sounds like my kind of character.

    The only thing that bugged me was how their relationship never really progressed. Yea they were able to become friends and grow feelings for each other again, but at least do something about it. When the last episode rolled around, I was expecting at least some kind of romantic progression like a kiss? But no, didn’t happen.

    The other characters were enjoyable though, all of them were different and your typical supportive characters. There weren’t any characters in the anime that I didn’t like, so that was good.


    Music of Ao Haru Ride

    Score 8.6/10

    Honestly, I think that music was the best part of the anime next to the animation. There haven’t been a lot of anime that I’m watching with music that has stood out, so I’m glad this was able to shine.

    The OP was, to be blunt, fantastic. Easily an instant favorite the moment it started playing. I love how there was just an explosion of colors, so that really drew me in. Next to the animation and coloring, the music was just straight up addicting. It fitted into the anime perfectly and was entertaining to listen and watch every time it came one.

    The ED was arguably good. The music bored me a little, but the animation style they went for kept my attention. Sure there were more colors, but I couldn’t watch it every time it rolled around so I usually skipped it.

    The OSTs were definitely wonderful. Playing at key moments throughout the anime at perfect moments made the anime just so much more exciting to watch. No matter what would be happening, a good OST would most likely be playing.


    Personal Enjoyment of Ao Haru Ride

    Score 8.9/10

    The moment I started this anime, I knew I was going to enjoy it, but that’s just me. I also had no personal problems with the anime, meaning I didn’t see anything wrong from my prospective. As a reviewers prospective, I had to find what was wrong, which wasn’t a lot, which is really good.


    Like every Romance anime, not everyone is going to like it (cough Amber cough) but anyone who enjoyed anime like Say, “I Love You” or My Little Monster so definitely give this anime a shot. I think it’s way funnier and has better animation than both of them.

    If you’re not really into Romance anime, I probably wouldn’t give it a go. The comedy might keep you entertained, but that’s about it for you to enjoy.

    ᑭᒪOT: 7.5/10 ☆

    ᗩᑎIᗰᗩTIOᑎ/ᑕOᗰEᗪY: 8.4/10☆

    ᑕᕼᗩᖇᗩᑕTEᖇᔕ: 7.9/10 ☆

    ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ: 8.6/10 ☆

    ᑭEᖇᔕOᑎᗩᒪ EᑎᒍOYᗰEᑎT: 8.9/10 ☆

    Iᑎ TOTᗩᒪ: 8.26/10 ☆


    Final Thoughts of Ao Haru Ride

    From beginning to end, I enjoyed every second of this anime. Sure it let me down in the end, but the manga is still going, and I’m definitely going to read it. Hopefully a season two will get a green light, but I don’t know if there’s enough manga out for it yet. So, farewell friends I’m off to watch Eureka Seven, causing it’s freaking amazing.

  • Kotoura-San (Anime) Review

    Kotoura-San Anime Review

    (Warning, this anime is not exactly sure if it wants to funny or sad, please read at your own risk)

    Brought to us by the Anime Studio AIC Classic, known for it’s amine like Date A Live and Heaven’s Lost Property, Kotoura-san was a manga first released in October of 2010. The manga was adapted into an anime and released in early 2013 airing 12 episodes.

    Genre: Romantic/ Comedy/ Drama/ Supernatural


    Plot of Kotoura-San

    Score 7.2/10

    Haruka Kotoura is a girl who was born with the ability to read minds. Due to being unable to tell the difference between people’s words and thoughts at a young age, she would inadvertently expose people’s secrets, leading her to be ridiculed by her classmates and even abandoned by her parents. This had led her to become closed off from others in fear of hurting herself and others. This all changes, however, when she transfers into a new high school and meets Yoshihisa Manabe, a dim-witted boy with a perverted imagination. Unfazed by Haruka’s ability to read minds, Yoshihisa offers her his friendship and vows to stand by her no matter what. Together, they join their school’s ESP Research Society.

    I just want to say before I really dive into the review, the first ten minutes of this anime is freaking depressing. Seriously, I wasn’t expecting Clannad and Anohana to pop out of some trash cans and continuously beat me with some metaphorical baseball bats until my feels were stained all across the floor. But!! This was a fantastic introduction into the show, probably couldn’t have been done any better. That’s all I need to say, onto the review!!

    Anyways, back to the plot, different parts of the plot seem to be lacking in some sort of explanations, so when the show was finished, I felt some things were left out and unexplained. But overall, I still enjoyed how the anime finished up and was still very satisfied.


    Animation and Comedy of Kotoura-San

    Score 7.3/10

    The animation is what really caught my attention for this anime that made me really want to watch it. It wasn’t like the greatest animation, but it was interesting enough to catch my attention. I liked how the style was and I enjoyed seeing how it played out as the anime progressed further and further.

    The animation style did bring out some of the life in the comedy, making it pretty exciting to watch.

    The comedy, in my opinion, was probably one of the best parts in the show, it never failed to make me laugh. Also, it was great to know that the show knew when to be serious and when to be funny, but was able switch from one to another in a matter of moments, making different scenes exciting to watch.


    Characters of Kotoura-San

    Score 6.8/10

    It’s not everyday when the main character is given the ability to read minds and basically forces her to change and develop substantially throughout the story. Seriously though, this chick went through some serious development.

    Some of our other characters go through a bit of change as well as they adapt to their new friend’s power. First we got the old classic pervert that spends most of the show teasing the main character, giving the show a majority of it’s comedy, while being a romantic interest in the process. I mean come on, if all I had to do to get a girl to like me was to think of her in a bunch of sexual situations, I would probably have a lot of girls liking me.

    Anyway… The rest of the characters are also special in their own way: a chick that at first was a total bitch, but then saw the error of her ways and befriends the main character, a slightly psychotic club president, a really short guy that’s probably the smartest character in the anime, a terrible mother who I don’t even want to get into, heck we even got that pervy grandpa that I always enjoy seeing.

    All in all, the characters were just your normal anime characters. The only really extremely unique character was the main character. Even so, I still enjoy all the characters which made me enjoy the anime more.


    Music of Kotoura-San

    Score 7/10

    The OP was very fun and exciting to watch, showing the anime’s bright and cheerful side, but masking the dark and disheartening parts which I’m actually pretty happy they did that. It’d be kind of weird to see really depressing stuff in a OP, drawing the audience away. They didn’t do that so it doesn’t matter, the OP was well made and fun to watch every time it came around, so yea…

    The ED was a completely different story. It was a basically a reminder that this main character’s early life totally sucked. Technically, the show was telling you to be sad, “Hey! Hey you! Cry damnit!! Be sad!!” then it starts beating you with a lead pipe in a dark ally. The ED wasn’t entirely sad, like I said it was a reminder that it is depressing, but then moves into that now she has friends and she’s finally happy. Very well made ED.

    The OSTs at the first ten minutes of the show can’t be put into words. If I had to chose, I’d probably say something like outstanding. It brought out dem feels man… Those OSTs alone made me love the rest of them throughout the rest of the anime. Fantastic.


    Personal Enjoyment of Kotoura-San

    Score 8/10

    In all honesty, I never wanted this anime to end. I loved it, and loved almost every aspect of it, while never growing tired of watching it. From beginning to end, I thought it was just a very well done anime.


    If you enjoyed anime such as One Week Friends, or anything that has dark backstories/introductions, then builds up into a funny, happy anime, than this anime is possibly a show for you.

    ᑭᒪOT: 7.2/10 ☆

    ᗩᑎIᗰᗩTIOᑎ/ᑕOᗰEᗪY: 7.3/10☆

    ᑕᕼᗩᖇᗩᑕTEᖇᔕ: 6.8/10 ☆

    ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ: 7/10 ☆

    ᑭEᖇᔕOᑎᗩᒪ EᑎᒍOYᗰEᑎT: 8/10 ☆

    Iᑎ TOTᗩᒪ: 7.26/10 ☆


    Final thoughts of Kotoura-San

    I like this show. I really liked it. I defiantly wasn’t disappointed on how it turned out and think it was an extremely well made anime. Sure, like any other anime it had a couple of flaws, but that didn’t stop me from watching and enjoying it cause I don’t watch an anime to find it’s flaws, I watch it to enjoy it. Truly a wonderful anime.

  • Ano Natsu De Matteru (Anime) Review

    Ano Natsu De Matteru Anime Review

    (Warning, there are NO spoilers in this review, but I don’t think I’ve ever had spoilers in my reviews… So, read away!)

    It seems that every single time I decide to watch a anime just randomly, I always end up with something I surprisingly enjoy. For a while now, I’ve scrolled pass Ano Natau de Matteru (Waiting In The Summer) a couple of times on Crunchyroll, but never looked into it cause it didn’t look all that appealing to me, until recently. After finishing Tari Tari, I wanted to try another “Not Well Known” anime and this is what stuck out from everything else, so I gave it a good and was not disappointed.

    Ano Natsu de Matteru is an original anime production by J.C.Staff (they haven’t been very well known until just a few years ago) who have made anime such as the A Certain Magical Index and a personal favorite, Toradora. A manga adaptation was given soon after the 12 episode anime concluded and an OVA was released in late August of this year.

    Genre: Drama, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction, Slice of Life

    Plot of Ano Natsu De Matteru

    Score: 7.8/10

    When a group of friends decide to make a movie over a long summer holiday, they end up learning a little about film making and a lot more about each other and themselves. What begins as a simple way to avoid the summer doldrums quickly turns into something much more complex, intimate and revealing, as the maturing relationships between the members of the young cast take on new, and sometimes very unexpected, turns.

    When I first read the plot before I started the anime, I was expecting something completely different than from what I watched, which was exciting. I love watching an anime where I know nothing about it, no spoilers, necessary background information, all that jazz. I like being left in the dark and just watch the story explain it’s self, which it did. Sure there were some stuff I wasn’t prepared for, but that made everything much more exciting to watch.

    So if you do decide to watch this anime, ignore the plot summary above. It’s a little helpful, but it’s not going to help with any of the serious parts of the plot that haven’t been explained, but I believe that it’s trying to avoid spoiling to make things more interesting.

    Being a J.C.Staff anime, I was expecting a little bit of drama, but “a little” is kind of an understatement. This anime was extremely dramatic, which isn’t always good for an anime, especially if the audience doesn’t like that sort of thing. For me, I actually enjoyed it. I’m a bit of a sucker for romantic drama that the characters seem to face so I was alright with it, but that’s just me. (More details below)


    Animation and Comedy of Ano Natsu De Matteru

    Score: 8.2/10

    The animation style really reminded me of Anohana, making me think that this was actually an A-1 Pictures production until I looked it up after the first episode, leaving me a but surprised. With that being said, the animation was very well done. The scenery and background animation was great and not distracting, followed with some great character designs.

    Mixed in with some great animation, the comedy seemed to shine brightly in the anime. Apart from the extreme amount of drama, this anime was actually really amusing. Sure there was much more drama in the anime than comedy, but the switch between the two were very well done.

    The comedy in the anime was excellent and always managed to make me laugh. The jokes were funny and original, so that’s a plus. A bit more comedy in the anime would have been nice, but I was happy with what I got.


    Characters of Ano Natsu De Matteru

    Score: 8.4/10

    Out of the entire anime, I think the best part was definitely the characters. All of them were very unique in their own way and all had a part to play in the story.

    As the story progressed, there was a lot of character development. Usually when something happened or a character did something, it would have a chain reaction on all the other characters. I’ve heard of love triangles, but not of something like this. I made a diagram to explain it better.

    Kaito Kirishima

    He is the male protagonist of the anime and is an avid videographer who is constantly out recording on an 8mm handheld camera that he inherited from his late grandfather. I’m just going to get this out of the way considering it’s not a spoiler and it’ll tell you in the first 30 seconds of the anime, his parents are dead. This doesn’t really effect any of the plot, so I guess it’s just less characters to worry about.

    Ichika Takatsuki

    Can’t say much about Ichika cause I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but I really like her. She kind and polite, making her a fairly well rounded character.

    Kanna Tanigawa

    Kanna is an outgoing girl who is quick to speak her mind. She is a close friend of Kaito, whom she has a crush on, which you already from the diagram above. Kaito’s sister is aware of this and encourages a relationship between the two. Kanna has been friends with Tetsurō since childhood, but is unaware of his feelings for her. Personally, I think I liked her the most. She’s cute and she’s got the booty. She’s up on the Waifu list now.

    Tetsurō Ishigaki

    Probably the biggest bro alive. Tetsurō is a close friend of Kaito and Kanna. Although he has feelings for Kanna, he knows of her feelings for Kaito and encourages a relationship between the two. He seems to be an all-around savvy guy with females and is easily able to smooth-talk a female teacher into giving out Ichika’s body measurements. He also develops a closer relationship with Mio after knowing of her problems and her own crush on him.

    Mio Kitahara

    This is pretty much all you need to know about her. First, she likes Tetsurō, and second, she’s a nudist. Yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sometimes her thoughts seem to innocently go in a sexual direction. Every time she is shown at home she is nude; she also sleeps in the nude (even when sleeping with Kanna) and dislikes wearing underwear. When confronted about this she says that her family are nudists, and that she hides this fact from everyone due to her embarrassment over her family’s unusual lifestyle

    Remon Yamano and Rinon

    You need to experience them for yourself to truly understand.


    Music of Ano Natsu De Matteru

    Score: 7.7/10

    I was not disappoint with the music in this anime, it was well made and it was enjoyable to listen to. The OP was decent, but it wasn’t my favorite. I liked watching it and the song was pretty good, but it wasn’t like super amazing.

    The ED was a different story. Honestly, I love this ED. It fit into the anime extremely well and all around fantastic. The song was perfect and fun to listen to, while fitting into the anime, and have awesome animation that also fit into the anime. Amazing.

    The OSTs were all around pretty good. Being a pretty dramatic anime, there were some pretty good OSTs playing in the background of those serious moments, which I liked. There were also some cheerful and laid back OSTs, bring a much happier mood when needed.


    Personal Enjoyment of Ano Natsu De Matteru

    Score: 8.8/10

    With everything that has been said, I really enjoyed watching this anime, especially after just watching it randomly. Sure it wasn’t my favorite, but it definitely kept me watching from beginning to end. And in the end, I actually felt like I was going to cry a bit after almost wanting to breaking my IPod in half. All in all, this will be an anime I’ll never forget.

    This anime probably isn’t for everyone. Like I said above, it’s really dramatic and serious, so if you don’t like that stuff, I don’t suggest you watch this. Anyways, if you enjoyed anime such as Anohana, I definitely suggest you watch this anime.

    ᑭᒪOT: 7.8/10 ☆

    ᗩᑎIᗰᗩTIOᑎ/ᑕOᗰEᗪY: 8.2/10☆

    ᑕᕼᗩᖇᗩᑕTEᖇᔕ: 8.4/10 ☆

    ᗰᑌᔕIᑕ: 7.7/10 ☆

    ᑭEᖇᔕOᑎᗩᒪ EᑎᒍOYᗰEᑎT: 8.8/10 ☆

    Iᑎ TOTᗩᒪ: 8.18/10 ☆


    Final Thoughts on Ano Natsu De Matteru

    I’m happy I decided to finally watch this anime. It was amazing from start to finish and always left me entertained. Also, the best part of the entire anime is the last 5 seconds of the anime. Don’t forget that. If you do watch this anime, watch every last bit of it or you will have different thoughts on this anime. Watch it.

  • Black Butler: Book of Circus (Anime) Review

    Black Butler: Book of Circus Anime Review

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Ladies and gentlemen welcome! This is the humble yet awesome review of Black Butler: Book of Circus. Please enjoy the show!


    Prologue Book of Circus

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    The story follows the exploits of the young Ciel Phantomhive at the sunset of the XIX century London. The city whose apparent light is the diamond of the Royal Queen Victoria. A creeping darkness lies behind that light and Ciel, together with his devilishly impeccable butler Sebastian. They investigate and solve various secret cases given by the Queen that require a certain “modus operandi”. The young man’s soul is filled with vengeance, his family betrayed and pride tarnished, Ciel plans on discovering the truth behind the death of his parents. After the gruesome case of Jack the Ripper, the duo are ordered to investigate a mysterious circus and the mass disappearance of children. It seems that under the curtain, someone wears a jubilant mask to hide sinister intentions.

    Did you all take your seats ? Then let us begin ! The review will analyze various aspects of the show according to: Animation, Characters, Sound, Story and Personal Enjoyment.


    Animation and Art of Book of Circus

    Score: 8/10

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    The first and second seasons were released respectively in 2008 and 2010 and the animation was highly satisfying for these two, the same can be said for Book of Circus. Even though it’s not a vast difference there is a visible improvement, especially in the use of lights and fast movements. The show really shines because of its prestigious artistical values, costumes and backgrounds. One of the few sequels of the 2014 that surpass its predecessors in animation quality and production values.


    Characters of Book of Circus

    Score 8/10

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    The characters are surely one of the strongest points in Book of Circus, both new and returning characters fare more than splendidly. Even though Black Butler is not known for deeply psychological and original characters, we can’t deny how they all blend so well together. Sebastian is how he should be, a massive and diabolic troll. Ciel is more developed compared to the older seasons; his exploits and funny moments made him an enjoyable character, and his personal development sees the young earl gradually become a man. The new characters were well done: great back story, excellent character design and personality, especially my favs Doll and Joker.


    Soundtrack and Acting of Book of Circus

    Score 9/10

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Having a different composer compared to the past seasons, Book of Circus can boast a wonderful thematic soundtrack and a stunning voice acting that sees the return of the old glories and the debut of new. It features joyful, classical, instrumental and traditional choral themes the most, with shades of melancholy and darkness all over the soundtrack (fitting perfectly to the show’s storyline). The iconic folk tune “Over the Hills and Far Away” makes everything much more meaningful as it is important to understand fully the new characters from the Noah Circus. The old seasons fared more than well in soundtrack, and even though it’s debatable that the new OST is better or not, I can say it fits the series as well or even more than the previous ones.


    Storyline and Pacing of Book of Circus

    Score 8/10

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Book of Circus aimed at continuing the original show in the point where it followed an alternate route straying from the manga, and I say it was done very well. Even though it’s just 10 episodes, the show finds a good balance between story and pacing that eventually adapt splendidly to this arc of the manga. Fight scenes, comical gags, explanatory sections, character expositions, they were entertaining to say the least. The only times where the pacing was not that perfect was the occasional “tutorials” that went back to the previous seasons.


    Personal Enjoyment of Book of Circus

    Score 9/10

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    We’re approaching the end of the review, this is the purely objective part of it. This is the worthy score for a series of only 10 episode, where much longer series did not come close. Victorian London is one, if not, my favorite modern European period, its decadent environment, its costumes are highly suggestive and stylish. The cast has returned, the old characters were better than ever, the new ones were amazing too. Excellent balance between funny and dark parts that spiced everything up very well.The animation was not a disappointment at all. An OST that is worthy of the past scores by Taku Iwasaki and is very memorable, absurdly fitting for this arc. You will laugh, you will cry but now I must bid you good bye.


    Ladies and Gentlemen the show is over.

    Final Score 8.4/10

    – Humble Reaper from Anime Amino, Italy (Sicily)

  • Black Butler: Book of Circus (Anime) Review

    Black Butler: Book of Circus Anime Review

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    This anime is a side story to Black Butler. To fully understand the plot and the story you should watch the first season. It is not necessary to watch the second season; however, if you watch it you might be confused because Book of Circus takes place before the second season. I was highly looking forward to this anime and had high hopes.

    I was thinking that it would be not as popular as the official seasons and it was just more like a fun season. I was also hoping that the animation was similar to the past two, and it was. To say at least, there was no disappointment.


    Plot of Black Butler: Book of Circus


    In the 19th century, children began to disappear in England. Ciel is called once again by the Queen. He is her watchdog and embarks on the mission to find the missing children. Along with him is Sebastian Michaelis, his demon butler. They focus on a circus that has arrived in town recently. There they get more than what they were searching for as well as a bit more of Ciel’s dramatic past. They start to suspect the performers and find out a huge secret of theirs. Can’t go on much more with out laying out some huge spoilers.


    Characters of Black Butler: Book of Circus


    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Ciel Phantomhive is the main character of the Black Butler series. He took over his father’s company at a young age. He is quite notorious throughout English for being the Queen’s watchdog. Since he had to be an adult at such a young age, he has a hard exterior that only Sebastian can see through. The heir made a pact with Sebastian when he was about to be sacrificed and through these events, they hold a special relationship. Ciel won’t let anyone see his weaknesses and often receives help from his butler. He joins the circus under the name “Smile” and acts nice to prevent his social status from being revealed.


    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Sebastian Michaelis is a demon that also is the butler of Ciel Phantomhive. He follows all the orders that is given and gets things accomplished at a super human pace. Sebastian is protective of his master and won’t let anyone get in his way. He joins the Circus under the name “Suit” after getting too friendly with the tiger at a show. To make sure Ciel got into the circus, he performed his “superhuman” traits so confuse the eyes of people watching. He has a well known saying of “I am one hell of a Butler”.


    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Joker is the leader of the circus. He is quirky and wants everyone to be safe and to have fun. He is hiding a secret not only from Ciel and Sebastian, but the other members of the circus as well!


    To my surprise, I liked this anime more than I originally thought. It was very strong and it impacted me on a deep level. There was more to this story then a circus or the missing children.



    Blood and sexual thoughts are present as well as mature ideas.