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  • Kamigami no Asobi (Anime) Review

    Kamigami no Asobi Review

    Kamigami no Asobi Cover Art

    Kamigami no Asobi is a reverse harem anime that involves gods from many different mythologies. It incorporates Greek, Japanese, and Norse mythology, as well as their gods and powers. Each god is related to the thing that they are patron to in some way, and they each act like a personified version of that item. It is very interesting to watch each character interact with one another, as the gods’ personalities sometimes will clash with each other… not always in a good way.


    Kamigami no Asobi Plot

    The Crystal Ball Appearing

    Kamigami no Asobi centers on the gods from the three different mythologies and one human. They are all sent to a mystical garden setting, where the gods find out that they must learn about and love humans. The human, which is a girl, will do most of the teaching, alongside another god from Egyptian mythology. The girl teaches more about feelings while the Egyptian god teaches them about general human things. There is a crystal ball that shows the gods’ progress on learning about humans. Should the gods not fill the crystal ball by the end of one year, then they will be stuck in the garden forever, along with the human girl.


    Kamigami no Asobi Characters

    (Only Some of the Characters) Back: Apollon, Tsukito, Baldr; Front: Hades, Takeru, Loki

    The human within Kamigami no Asobi is called Yui Kusanagi. She is very kindhearted and cares for pretty much everyone. She develops a strong relationship with the Greek god Apollon. Apollon Agana Belea is the Greek god of the sun, and also the student council president. His father is Zeus Keraunos, the Greek god of the gods who created the garden which everyone is trapped in. The other two Greek gods in the garden are Dionysus and Hades. Dionysus Thyrsos is Apollon’s stepbrother and the Greek god of wine and fertility. He is a proud member of the Gardening Club. Hades Aidoneus is Apollon’s uncle and the Greek god of the Underworld. He feels as if he is the cause of all misfortune, so he usually stays away from everyone else. Takeru Totsuka is the Japanese god of the sea and storms, and a member of the Kendo Club. His brother, Tsukito Totsuka, is the Japanese god of the moon. He is not a member of a club. Balder Hringhorni is the Norse god of light. Loki Laevatein and Thor Megingyoruzu are his childhood friends. Loki is the Norse god of trickery and Thor is the Norse god of lightning. They are both members of the Going-Home Club, while Balder is in the Tennis Club. Thoth Caduceus is the Egyptian god of knowledge and the professor at the school.


    God Powers

    Three Gods in their God Form

    Each god in Kamigami no Asobi has its own “god form” and set of powers. When they first found out about being trapped in the garden, all of the gods attempted to attack Zeus using their powers. This made Zeus put a shackle in the form of jewelry on them, preventing them from using the power in both their normal form and god form, as well as preventing them from being able to turn into their god form. After the god has learned a significant amount about humans, the shackle will disappear and they are free to use their powers again. Each time a shackle falls off, the crystal ball showing the gods’ understanding of humans fills considerably.

    Kamigami no Asobi is a very fun anime with very likable characters. The art within the anime is pretty good, and the OP and ED are amazing. Though this is a pretty relaxed anime, the ending of the anime is very suspenseful, which provides a lasting impression on the anime.

    Overall Score: 7/10

  • The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye (Anime) Review

    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye Review

    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye

    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, or The Third, is an underrated anime that teaches important life lessons without making them seem as if they are a lecture. The plot is original and the characters are both fun and loveable. Though comedic, the anime does have its times where it gets serious. From time to time, The Third will also show someone’s sad past. At times, the series does seem to drag, but the ending of the series is absolutely worth waiting for.


    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye Plot

    One of the members of “The Third”

    The plot of The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye centers on a cheerful girl who is a “jack-of-all-trades.” She travels the desert inside of a tank, completing different jobs assigned to her. She meets several different people who choose to travel with her, occasionally helping her with her jobs. While Honoka is traveling the desert, other things are occurring. The Third is a race of human beings who rules all other human beings. They prohibit certain forms of technology and will punish anyone who attempts to break the rules they have set down regarding technology. They appeared after a major technological war and had h0ped to be able to erase all signs of the war. However, Honoka does encounter a few of them while working, therefore making her an important person to The Third.


    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye Characters

    From right to left: Iks, Honoka, Millie, Paifu. In the background: Bogie

    Honoka is the main character of The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, and a “jack-of-all-trades.” Her nickname is “Sword Dancer,” as her movements with her sword are fluid and graceful. She travels in a tank run by a computer machine named Bogie. Bogie acts like a father figure to Honoka and takes care of her, as well as watches out for her. While Honoka has a tendency to rush into dangerous situations, Bogie is a bit more cautious. Iks is one of Honoka’s friends. She meets him in the desert one night, where he requested to travel with her. He wantsto be able to see the rest of the desert and try to gain a better understanding of “this world.” Paifu is another one of Honoka’s friends, though she meets Honoka when someone asks her to accompany Honoka on a job. Paifu does not like Iks at all, as she claims she “hates men.” Millie is a young girl who is the daughter of the man that took in Honoka when Honoka was young. They treat each other almost like sisters, and Millie sometimes accompanies Honoka on her travels.


    Technos Taboo

    An item that violates the Technos Taboo

    Technos Taboo is a serious limitation on technology enforced by The Third. In order to protect humans, it was made to limit the amount of technology humans have access to. It also limits the type of machines that humans can create. Breaking the Technos Taboo can result in many forms of punishment, depending on the severity of the crime involving it. Some people have been dragged off and interrogated, others executed on the spot, while a few lucky people just get off by giving up their mechanic license. Several forms of technology that break the Technos Taboo are leftover from the war, but are hidden from the public.

    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye is a wonderful watch that contains a bit of every genre. The artwork is (for the most part) good and the anime contains amazing fighting scenes. It is a great anime that should become more well-known.

    Overall Score: 9/10



  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Movie) Review

    Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Review

    Movie Poster of Unlimited Blade Works

    Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is an alternate movie version of the anime Fate/Stay Night. As it is an alternate version, many things that did not occur in the original Fate/Stay Night occurred in this movie. Though different, some of the scenes from the anime and this movie are almost exactly the same. The story also centers on a different main character.


    Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Plot

    Rin and her servant

    The story of Unlimited Blade Works centers on Rin Tohsaka, one of the main characters in the anime Fate/Stay Night. Like the Fate series, each master, who is a magic-user, summons a servant, who is a legendary hero, in order to fight to obtain the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail will give the winning master any wish he or she pleases, and the servant is allowed a wish as well. Rin Tohsaka summons her servant, who participates in a battle against another servant soon after his summoning. One of Rin’s classmates sees the two servants fighting and immediately becomes a target of one of the servants. The servant attacks him, but, unbeknownst to him, he has summoned a servant. After Rin finds out about this servant, she chooses to stay away from her classmate. However, her classmate got injured in a fight with a different servant, and she chose to save his life. They decided to team up with each other after that.


    Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works Characters

    From Left to Right: Rin Tohsaka, Archer, Shiro Emiya, Saber

    Rin Tohsaka is the main character of the story and a skilled magic-user, having learned magic when she was young. Her servant, Archer, cannot remember which legendary hero he actually is. He has the ability to summon any weapon at will to fight with. Rin’s classmate is named Shiro Emiya. Shiro has blood of a magician in him, yet does not realize it until he accidentally summons a servant. In the Fate/Stay Night series, Shiro is the main character, along with his servant, Saber. Saber wields an invisible weapon in which she only reveals when the need is dire. There are several other magic-users and servants participating in the Holy Grail Wars, including a one of Rin’s teachers and another one of her classmates.


    Unlimited Blade Works

    Archer in his Reality Marble

    Unlimited Blade Works is the Reality Marble of Rin’s servant, Archer. The concept of a Reality Marble is having one’s inner world materialized and projected in the real world. In Archer’s Reality Marble, he can summon any weapon he chooses, or make an almost perfect replica of an already existing weapon. An incantation is required for his Reality Marble to be materialized. Archer only uses the method to attack when he desperately needs it. It requires a lot of magic, therefore usually only servants of the Caster class are able to use it.

    Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works is a wonderful movie that, in my opinion, is much better than the actual Fate/Stay Night. It has good action scenes and makes you think about other possible story lines that could occur should something be different in Fate/Stay Night.

    Overall Score: 8/10

  • Nisekoi (Anime) Review

    Nisekoi Review


    Nisekoi is a comedic harem anime. Though the plot is somewhat of a cliché, the series was still enjoyable and interesting. The manga is still ongoing and the anime left off at a random point, leaving room for a possible sequel in which the matters regarding love are solved and a suitable finish is provided.


    Nisekoi Plot

    The Pendant

    Nisekoi centers on a boy who made a promise to a girl when he was young. The promise stated that when the two of them meet again when they’re older, they would unlock a pendant and get married. The boy carries around a pendant while the girl holds a key. Several years later, the boy still remembers the promise but is tempted to forget it, as he now has a crush on a girl. However, things start to get complicated when he is forced into a relationship with another girl because of family matters. On top of that, his crush, his “girlfriend,” and another girl all have a key and believe that it is the key to his pendant! His “girlfriend” decides to try to open the pendant, but her key breaks and gets stuck inside of the pendant, making everyone have to wait to get the pendant fixed and leaving the boy wondering who is the actual girl he made the promise to.


    Nisekoi Characters

    From Right to Left: Ruri Miyamoto, Kosaki Onodera, Marika Tachibana, Raku Ichijou, Chitoge Kirisaki, Seishirou Tsugumi

    The boy who made the promise when he was young is named Raku Ichijou. He is a normal high schooler, with the exception of the fact that his father is the head of a yakuza gang. His “girlfriend,” Chitoge Kirisaki, is also the child of a head of a yakuza gang. To keep the gangs from nearly killing each other and demolishing the city, the fathers come to the agreement that their children should date each other. This plan is not the best and at times, the couple is questioned as to if they are actually dating. One of the gang members doesn’t believe that they are dating, so he sends Chitoge’s childhood friend, Seishirou Tsugumi, to find out if what they’re saying is true. Raku’s crush is Kosaki Onodera, and her friend is Ruri Miyamoto. Ruri is the only main character that doesn’t display any feelings of affection towards Raku. Marika Tachibana is the daughter of the head of the police force, and apparently Raku’s father made a promise to her father that they would get married when Marika comes of age.


    The Promise

    The Promised Girl

    Something strange about the promise that Raku Ichijou made when he was young is the fact that he doesn’t remember what the girl’s face looks like. This causes a whole bunch of confusion, because that means that the girl could be anybody! Apparently, he made promises with several girls when he was younger, but only one of them has the actual key. According to Chitoge’s father, Raku was playmates with Chitoge and Onodera when he was younger, and occasionally would visit Marika. Chitoge doesn’t remember Raku at all, or the promise, and Onodera doesn’t remember Chitoge, while Raku only remembers Marika. Marika remembers the promise and Raku, but never actually met Chitoge and Onodera. The mystery cannot be solved either, because Raku’s pendant is broken…

    Nisekoi is an interesting anime with a lot of plot twists involved. It is sweet at times and powerful during other times. Chitoge and Raku make a very funny couple, and provide a lot of comedy for the anime. If you plan to watch this, also be prepared for sparkles and blushes, as the anime is full of them.

    Overall Score: 8/10

  • Harmonie (Movie) Review

    Harmonie Review

    Harmonie Cover

    Harmonie is a really quick and interesting movie about the mind of another person. Though it is considered to be a movie, it is actually only about 25 minutes long. It is part of the 2014 Anime Mirai, along with three other short movies. It’s animated by Studio Rikka.


    Harmonie Plot

    Girl approaching boy about song

    Harmonie is centered on two students in a class of 34, one boy and one girl. The girl has a troubling past and had hoped to get by it and forget all about it, however, her plans were ruined by a single boy. One day, one of the girl’s friends changed the girl’s ringtone to a random song found on her phone. The phone rings during class, and a cutsey tune was played. The girl quickly turned off her phone, but not before the boy sitting next to her picked up on it. He played it on a piano app on his phone and she heard and rushed to him. Eventually, he gained access to the full song, and that was when he entered the girl’s “world.”


    Harmonie Characters

    Juri and Akio (Front two)

    There are two main characters in Harmonie, both with their own separate “world” in which they live in. The boy is named Akio Hanjou. His world consists of talking about the most recent anime with his two friends. The girl is named Juri Makina, and her world consists of strange dreams that lead to her having an appointment with a psychiatrist. Akio has always admired Juri from afar, so when she approached him about the song he happened to be playing, he was the happiest person of his life. After hearing the full song, their worlds collided and they had something in common, which is was Akio has always hoped for.


    Juri Makina’s World

    Pictures of Juri’s dream

    Juri Makina has a very interesting world. Her world involves a dream that she has every single night. In the dream, she hears a song being played, which is the same song Akio played on his phone. When she was young, she used to draw pictures of what happened during her dream. She would also play the song she hears during her dream on the piano. She ended up being called “strange” by her friends, classmates, parents, and other adults, which resulted in her having no friends. Once Akio had the same dream as her, she became extremely elated. She couldn’t express her happiness in the dreams occurring to someone other than her.

    Though Harmonie is extremely short, I would still recommend it. It’s one of those watches meant for when you’re bored and need something interesting to watch. The ending, as well, is something worth watching the thing for.

    Overall Score: 8/10

  • Say “I Love You.” (Anime) Review

    Say “I Love You.” Review

    Say “I Love You.” Cover

    Say “I Love You.” is one of those simplistic romantic anime involving a couple and some drama. In my mind, it does a good and accurate job of portraying a “normal” high-school couple. Say “I Love You,” also known as Sukitte Ii na yo, falls into the same category of anime as Peach Girl and Kaichou wa Maid-sama: school life, romance, and shoujo.


    Say “I Love You.” Plot

    The guy getting kicked

    The plot in this anime was not at all rushed and did a good job at pacing the relationship between the two protagonists. The relationship between them begins when the guy’s friend attempts to make a move on the girl, causing the girl to think it was the guy and kiss him. The guy attempts to talk to the girl, but she ignores him. However, later in Say “I Love You,” the girl needs the guys to come help her with a stalker. The guy comes and kisses the girl in order to protect her from a stalker. She takes the kiss as a sign that he cared about her, so was disappointed when she found out that he has a girlfriend and has kissed everyone in the school but his girlfriend. She then proceeds to follow him when he decides to hang out with some friends and his girlfriend after school, waiting for him to leave the building he was in with his girlfriend. However, he leaves by himself and notices the girl right away. He then proves his love to her through multiple kisses and they decide to get to know each other better, leading up to them going out. Once they are going out, they encounter several obstacles that end up strengthening their relationship in the long run.


    Say “I Love You.” Characters

    Guys (left to right): Kenji Nakanishi, Yamato Kurosawa, Masashi Tachikawa, Girls (left to right): Asami Oikawa, Mei Tachibana, Aiko Mutou

    In Say “I Love You,” there is really only the two protagonists, their family and their friends. The girl in the couple is Mei Tachibana. She is very shy, quiet, and introverted. Before meeting her future boyfriend, she had no friends due to a betrayal in her past that is not really touched on. The boy is called Yamato Kurosawa. He is outgoing and friendly, as well as caring. He likes to make girls feel happy and better about themselves, hence the reason why he has kissed so many of them. He also hates rejecting them or refusing to do something with/for them. The other couples in the anime, who are also Mei’s and Yamato’s friends, are Asami Oikawa and Kenji Nakanishi, an interesting couple involving a perverted guy and a girl who is big in certain places (I am trying to think of how to say it politely…); Aiko Mutou and Masashi Tachikawa, a strong, somewhat cold-hearted girl and a loving guy; and, they are not necessarily a couple but I think something could form from it, Megumi Kitagawa and Kai Takemura, a famous model and a really strong and athletic guy.


    Say “I Love You.”

    Mei and Yamato

    The title of this anime makes it sound like it would be a cute romantic anime, which it is. As I mentioned before, the girl in the couple, Mei, is very introverted. She does not show much affection towards Yamato and usually does not respond in any way when he shows some affection towards her, other than blushing. In fact, for majority of Say “I Love You,” she chooses to not even tell anyone that they are dating. When Yamato told Mei that he loves her, she did not reply with “I love you too.” Instead, she just turned away blushing. Yamato then decided to make it his goal to make Mei say that she loves him, which is why the title is Say “I Love You.”

    Say “I Love You.” is a really sweet and realistic romance anime. It did a good job of executing the plot in a way that was not rushed, as well as add a bit of trouble for the couple to overcome. At times, it was a bit frustrating, but other than those few moments where you think “Just do it,” it turned out to be a relatively good romance.

    Support Say “I Love You.”

    Overall Score: 7/10

  • Mikakunin de Shinkoukei (Anime) Review

    Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

    Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

    Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, also know as Engaged to the Unidentified, is an easy-going and lighthearted anime. I really enjoyed this series, and it actually taught me what it really means to ship two people together, as well as how it feels. The anime also had interesting and smooth animation, as well as a group of fun characters.


    The Plot of Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

    The girl (Kobeni) and boy (Hakuya)

    The plot of this anime series is relatively simple. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei is about a girl who wakes up on her 16th birthday to find out that she apparently has a fiancé. He shows up at her house with his younger sister without much of an explanation and moves in with her. The girl chooses to keep her engagement a secret, as she did not know that she was engaged. When she was younger, she got into an accident that caused her to lose most of her childhood memories with her fiancé. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s really cute. Also, the boy is not human. He is some weird superhuman person, hence the “Unidentified” part in the English title, “Engaged to the Unidentified.”


    The Characters of Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

    (From left to right) Kobeni, Benio, Mashiro, Hakuya

    There are not many characters in Engaged to the Unidentified. The girl is named Kobeni Yonomori. She is a girl who considers herself to not be good at anything, other than the household chores such as cooking and cleaning. Hakuya Mitsumine is her fiancé. He chooses to show his thoughts through actions, rather than emotions or words, though he is very blunt with his words. For example, he was once asked what does he like, and he replied with “Kobeni.” His younger sister, Mashiro Mitsumine, is a cute loli. She is obsessed with “mythological” creatures, such as Nessy the Loch Ness Montser. She is adorable. Kobeni’s sister, Benio Yonomori, constantly obsesses over both Kobeni and Mashiro. She does not seem to understand that Kobeni has grown up, and she reacts negatively to romcom scenes, and there are quite a few of them in Mikakunin de Shinkoukei.


    The Animation and Art of Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

    A scene from Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

    The animation in this anime is very nice to look at. It was very smooth and attractive, and fit in well with the cute scenes that Mikakunin de Shinkoukei has. The backgrounds were very nice and appealing as well. The art made the show seem almost more realistic and assisted in keeping viewers interested. The movements were very fluid, and there was no problems with the simple movements such as a bounce of a character’s hair. The simplistic character designs keep it easy to keep up with. The thing that is probably most unique about the art is the fact that white lines are used more often for the outline of the characters than black lines. It made the characters stand out from the rest of the scene. The white was also a good contrast against some of the dark colors, like Hakuya’s hair or the school uniform.

    Mikakunin de Shinkoukei may sound like something adapted from an overused plot idea, and it kind of is. However, the show implements a loveable and comedic group of characters and an interesting twist on the cliché plot. Also, the cuteness of it will have you squealing at the screen. I know for a fact that I fangirled constantly after every episode.

    Support Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

    Overall Score: 8/10

  • Sword of the Stranger (Movie) Review

    Sword of the Stranger Review

    Cover Art for Sword of the Stranger

    The cover art for Sword of the Stranger was honestly one of the main reasons why I watched this movie. Another reason was the fact that the anime movie had to do with samurai… got to love those fights, don’t you? Anyways, I am glad I ended up watching it. The story was especially touching and made me smile, well, only part of it. The friendship part.


    The Plot of Sword of the Stranger

    When the boy meets the rounin

    Sword of the Stranger seems to focus on three main things: friendship, trust, and betrayal. A young boy is forced to leave his home, a temple, due to the fact that some Chinese people, known as “Ming,” are after him. He moves to an abandoned temple along with his dog and stays there, surviving on stolen food. One day, after returning from a successful job of getting some food, he finds a rounin sleeping inside of the temple. The boy attempts to get him to leave, but fails. He continues on with his task of preparing his food, hoping that the samurai will eventually leave. The dog, however, takes a liking to the samurai and offers him his food. Soon after, some men sneak up in search of the boy. The rounin defends the boy and kills almost everyone there. The boy, realizing he will need assistance to survive, hires the samurai to take him to another temple, one where he knows the people that stay there. The bond between the boy and samurai grows overtime, resulting in a long-lasting friendship, though the boy has his doubts about the rounin at first.


    The Characters of Sword of the Stranger

    Nanashi, Kotarou, and Tobimaru

    The three main characters in Sword of the Stranger are Kotarou, Nanashi, and Tobimaru. Kotarou is the young boy of Sword of the Stranger. He claims to have a short temper and has a tendency to over-exaggerate things. He is wanted by the Chinese for a special reason that he will not tell the samurai. Tobimaru is Kotarou’s dog and best friend. Kotarou will do almost anything for Tobimaru and loves him dearly. Tobimaru is a sweet dog, but can also fight if Kotarou is in danger or the time calls for it. He also takes an immediate liking to Nanashi, the samurai. Nanashi has an unknown past that is only shown through flashbacks. He does not like to use his sword to fight and keeps it tied to the sheath. He explains that his name, Nanashi (meaning “nameless”) was chosen by him because he changes his name very often. He chooses to protect and aid Kotarou in his travels, not knowing what he is getting himself into.


    The Background Music of Sword of the Stranger

    Battle between Nanashi and a Ming

    An amazing part of Sword of the Stranger is definitely the background music. It gives off such a good feel and clearly demonstrates the feeling that is supposed to be felt in the anime. It can make someone feel from happy to sad to… I do not really know how to describe another one of the feelings I felt in the anime. For those of you who have watched the movie, or plan to watch it, it was during the scene that everyone is racing to the fort where the Ming are. I almost want to call it proud, but that is not at all the word I am looking for. It just made me feel… amazing. Again, I can’t really describe it.

    Sword of the Stranger is an amazing movie that I would recommend to anyone who likes stories involving action and a strong friendship bond. It is definitely one of those anime that makes you feel a ton of emotions at once, and gives you an amazing feeling at the end.

    Overall Score: 9/10


  • Mahou Sensou (Anime) Review

    Mahou Sensou Anime Review

    Mahou Sensou

    To be honest, I have never actually dropped an anime series before. However, I was so close to dropping this series that I am surprised I stuck through with it. The synopsis and cover art of Mahou Sensou both imply that this an anime that has epic battles and an interesting plot with a bit of romance in it. Unfortunately, the anime did not live up to those expectations.


    The Plot of Mahou Sensou

    Battle between Takeshi and a magician

    The story of Mahou Sensou, also known as Magical Warfare, begins with a girl phoning someone and calling them “brother.” That was mildly confusing, but I just ignored it and continued out. That is later explained when a fight breaks out between that same girl and three other magicians, one of them apparently being her so-called “brother.” Obviously, the battle attracts the attention of the main character and his friends, who rush in to help the girl. All three of them get touched with magic in some way or another, turning them into magicians. Some more explaining is done after that battle and the four of them all go to another world where magicians are and join a school. Several battles take place while they are at the school, all leading up to the great betrayal of one of the characters. The battles were not really that good, and I found myself calling the characters idiots at times. The ending is also very confusing and makes absolutely no sense, unless you read that manga, which is what I have been told.


    The Characters of Mahou Sensou

    Front: Takeshi Nanase, Mui Aiba
    Back: Kurumi Isoshima, Ida Kazumi

    There are four main characters in Mahou Sensou. The girl is know as Mui Aiba. She uses a gun for her magic and is the one who turned Takeshi Nanase into a magician on accident. Takeshi Nanase is a somewhat gullible person who uses a sword, called “Twilight,” to fight with. His magic allows him to predict people’s future moves. His girlfriend is Kurumi Isoshima. Her power gives her the ability to turn into other people as long as she kisses them. Then finally, Takeshi’s best friend, Ida Kazumi. He attempts to have a “bad boy” image, and his magic is fire which comes from a skull ring. Other characters include Gekkou Nanase, Takeshi’s brother who he has a dark past with and Tsuganashi Aiba, Mui’s brother.


    The Seiyuu of Mahou Sensou

    (I believe to be) The seiyuu of that main characters in Mahou Sensou

    I don’t think an anime could be worst cast for voices than Mahou Sensou. Don’t get me wrong, I like the voices, they are just for the wrong characters. Takeshi’s voice is rather soft and innocent-sounding, giving me the “lost puppy” feeling. This is not the voice of someone who dates a girl for the reason he does, or is not afraid to back down from a fight. Tsuganashi’s voice is too teenager-sounding… the higher-pitched teenage boy voice that some have when they first hit puberty. I did not check his actual age, but he seems to be somewhere around 21. 21 year-olds should not have a voice like that. The character-voice relationship I like that most is Mui’s, and there are a few more acceptable ones, but this anime could have been a lot better cast.

    Mahou Sensou is not an anime I would recommend to anyone for any reason, unless you wish to watch something that is a complete waste of time. The ending, as well, is not even worth watching it, which is the main reason why I stuck with it, and sometimes I wonder if the score I gave it is too high.

    Support Mahou Sensou.

    Overall Score: 5/10

  • Noragami (Anime) Review

    Noragami Review


    Noragami is a recently completed anime, having finished its 12th episode last Monday. Out of all the series I have watched this Winter season, Noragami is definitely my favorite. The plot is original and keeps you interested, but unfortunately not all the conflicts are resolved by the end of the anime.


    The Plot of Noragami

    Yato attacking a phantom

    Noragami is about how a minor deity named Yato, who attempts to fix a problem with a girl that he unintentionally caused. However, he does not know how to fix the girl’s problem, which involves her losing her body and becoming half-human, half-phantom. Throughout the story, Yato encounters several other problems (some that involve the girl) and is forced to deal with them before being able to have any chance of thinking about how to solve the initial issue. Meanwhile, Yato is also doing jobs for 5-yen in order to try to earn enough money to build his own shrine. On top of that, Yato, as a god, is required to defeat evil phantoms. He has a lot on his mind, so he cannot figure out what to do with the girl until the end of the anime.


    The Characters of Noragami

    Characters of Noragami

    There are quite a few characters within Noragami, due to the fact that there are several side conflicts involving them. There are only three main characters: Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori Iki. Yato is an unknown god who has dreams to become the most well-known god out there. He will advertize himself by vandalizing signs and buildings, saying that he will solve your problems fast and also listing his phone number. He usually ends up doing odd and unwanted jobs, but he will not complain and only charge a 5-yen piece for his services. Yukine is Yato’s “shinki,” a human spirit turned into a scared weapon used by gods. Yukine causes a lot of trouble for Yato, and doesn’t seem to want to do any jobs with him, but Yato decides to not get rid of Yukine. Yukine’s weapon name is “Sekki,” and when called that he turns into a silver katana. Hiyori Iki is the girl who continuously loses her body and becomes a half-phantom. She became like this after trying to save Yato from getting hit by a car. She bonds with Yato overtime and eventually refuses to leave him alone. She also becomes Yukine’s friend and helps him get through some of his problems.



    Another Shinki, named Kazuma

    Shinki is the name commonly used to refer to items, tools, or weapons that are made up of loose spirits. Loose spirits are spirits of people who have been murderer or killed in an accident. Another commonly known name for them is Regalia. Regalias can come in many forms, from swords to animals to even clothing. They have two main forms: their “item” form and then their spirit form, in which they look like a human. Since most loose spirits die at a young age, they usually appear to be young, like Yukine, who appears to be in his teens.

    Noragami is a very interesting anime to watch and one that I will recommend. The ending was really cute, but as I said, the anime did not finish all the conflicts. The manga is ongoing, so I am hoping that a possible second season will be made.

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    Overall Score: 9/10