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  • Irregular Magic High School (Anime) Review

    Irregular Magic High School Anime Review

    : Minor spoilers are present; they are marked.

    Irregular Magic High School

    Before I watch any anime, I read the plot from the manga or light novel it was based off of. This anime sounded like it would be great with the jam packed action and trying to defy someone above you as well as trying your hardest to fit in with society. While reading therewas some talk about how the relationship of the main two characters would pan out, as they were brother and sister. In the first place, the idea, didn’t turn me away but I stayed open minded to the potential outcome.


    Plot Irregular Magic High School

    Irregular Magic High School

    In future Japan in 2095, there are schools that focus on Magic. Instead of using spells, these magicians use a Casting Assistant Device, or known as a CAD, to perform various specialties in magic. These CADs using psions, that are found in the air, to use and depending on how you can use these particles, determines your status in school as well as what degrees you can get in college. That is where Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba couldn’t be anymore different. They attend a private magic school called First High in which you have to take 2 standardized tests before you start class that determines your placement. Miyuki is placed in Course 1 and Tatsuya in Course 2. As the negative feelings toward Course 2 students cause havoc in the school, Tatsuya and Miyuki try their best to keep it under tabs with the help of the Student Council and the Public Morals Commitee. As one event leads to another secrets are reveled and not everything is what is seems. As the siblings try to protect their school and friends, can they keep the fact that they are related to the Ten Master Clans?


    Characters of Irregular Magic High School

    Irregular Magic High School

    Tatsuya Shiba

    Irregular Magic High School

    The older son of the known Yotsuba sisters; however this is a secret to the world. It is commonly mistaken that he is twins with Miyuki but he is born in March and she was born a year later in April, making them in the same grade Tatsuya was born unable to use conventional magic but, when he was very young, his mother used her unique magic to perform mental surgery on him which gave him the ability to use conventional magic at a very basic level. A side effect of the surgery he lost his ability to feel any emotions strongly (with the exception of his love for Miyuki) and the unnatural ability to read activation sequences. Due to this ability to read sequences, he is recognized by the Student Council and the Public Morals Committee. From birth he has what is two super power magical abilities, forms of decompositionand reconstruction. This concept is very deadly and the knowledge of him obtaining is classified.He is skilled in martial arts and received lots of animosity for being the first Course 2 student in the Public Morals Committee. Outside the school life, he is a world known engineer by the nameMr. Sliver. Since he is under the care of the Yotsuba Clan, they dictate what he can and can’t do in terms of what is known to the public. He is often perceived as being cold and can’t take any positive praise well so in which Miyuki likes to gloat about him to see is aware of how stronghe is.


    Miyuki Shiba

    Irregular Magic High School

    The daughter and youngest of the children that the known Yotsuba sister had. She is a prodigy in magic and school work making her name known as a secretary in the student council as well as being the class representative for placing first in the entrance exam. She is often seen being jealous when it comes to Tatsuya and assumes the worst in terms of relationships. It is implied that her feelings are deeper then the normal sister ­brother bond. She specializes in temperature control magic which often leaks out because she is unable to control it. Later is was revealed that she placed a limiter not only on herself, but on her brother as well to help control the psions they release. This means that she actually is much stronger then what the show leads us to believe. Miyuki is one of the heir apparent to the Yotsuba family which strives on mental magic; which is a huge controversy. To keep this a secret the last names of Tatsuya and Miyuki are different to protect her: Shiba instead of Yotsuba.


    Ending thoughts Irregular Magic High School

    Irregular Magic High School

    This anime was very great in terms of combat and battling with the social aspect of what should be thought of someone depending on their grade or status. The whole magic concept was confusing to understand due to how they explain it in the show. When they did explain went by so fast I had to pause to take it all in. I like how there is also a lot more to it just being “Magic”. There are different types as well as how it can be use which pertains to each person or family. As for the relationship between the siblings­(**Spoiler**) can’t happen. Even if Miyuki felt love for her brother more then being siblings, Tatsuya is incapable to actually love her any more or less then a sister. If this was the main reason for being hesitant to watching this show, don’t let it. Before the anime takes place, there was an event in which Mikyuki should have died and in which Tatsuya saves her. Due to this situation her feelings toward him can be more adoration then the story tries to let us believe. (**Spoiler over**) I don’t like how the anime perceived this two to be more like lovers then siblings because that is not how it really is.

    ­As a side note, I found that the light novel for this anime series, explains a lot of ideas that are hard to decipher in the show. If this anime peaks your interests I would highly suggest reading the light novel. After you watch the anime.

    Rating: 7/10 little blood is shown. Few swear words and minimal sexual ideas are present.

  • Blue Exorcist (Anime) Review

    Blue Exorcist Anime Review

    *Small Spoilers. Read at your own risk*

    Blue Exorcist

    What made me really interested in this anime is the fact that the two main characters are twins and one inherited a power of their father, Satan, and the other did not. As I am a twin, I wanted to see how the world of anime explained the relationships between siblings and the differences they have. From watching the trailer, I could also tell that there was going to be lots of action; not just a little, a lot. So in other words, a lot to look forward too.


    Plot of Blue Exorcist

    Blue Exorcist

    This world consists of two dimensions joined as one, like a mirror. The first is the world in which the humans live, Assiah. The other is the world of demons, Gehenna. Ordinarily, travel between the two, and indeed any kind of contact between the two, is impossible. However the demons can pass over into this world by possessing anything that exist within it. Satan, the god of demons, didn’t have one thing. That one thing being a substance in the human world that is powerful enough to contain him. For that purpose he created Rin and Yukio, his son from a human woman, but will his son agree to his plans? Or will he become something else…? An exorcist?


    Characters of Blue Exorcist

    Blue Exorcist

    Rin Okumura

    Rin Blue Exorcist

    The eldest fraternal twin. After witnessing his biological father,Satan, killing his adoptive father,Shiro, he decides to become a exorcist at True Cross Academy. His power awoke when the sword Kurikara was opened when trying to save Shiro. Kurikara is a demon sword in which Mephisto sealed Rin’s demon power in. Before his powers awakened, he appeared to be human without fangs and a demon tail. When he was younger, he often had extreme episodes where he often would “black out” and attack classmates or Shiro. Rin has a protective way of going about his actions so he gets into fights. He doesn’t show ambition for normal school work and often times is clueless to certain obvious things. His willpower to defeat Satan is shared with his classmate Ryuuji. One of his positive points is his way to cook for his friends and family. When Rin was young Shiro supported him with this hobby, and Rin got positive feedback from the meals he made, and eventually he became a great cook. In grew up not knowing he was related to Satan or about Yukio being a exorcist.


    Yukio Okumura

    Yukio Blue Exorcist

    The youngest fraternal twin. He is also the youngest exorcist in history of True Cross Academy. He is one of the teachers of the cram school for becoming an Exorcist and teaches medicine. Yukio stated when he was young that he wanted to be a doctor, which Rin encouraged him to do. His weapon is a gun that contains bullets for different purposes. Ever since he was born, he was able to see demons and was often bullied by them. Rin, having no idea about the demons, always came to his rescue and also was there to help. Yukio is often scared of getting Satan’s power and takes it out on Rin­ often threatening him. Yukio can be described as being calm and collected but can often has moments when he appears to be bi­polar. He kept him being a exorcist and being related to Satan from Rin.


    Shiro Fujimoto

    Shiro Blue Exorcist

    The adoptive father of Rin, and Yukio. He is priest, exorcist and Paladin of the True Cross Order. Paladin is the highest exorcist one can become, and there is only one that can have that title. In attempts to save Rin, he is possessed by Satan in which it untimely killed him. He has a mysterious past and had a protective and kind heart. Shiro knew Yuri, the Okumura twin’s mother, and tried to change her view point of befriending demons.15 years before the series starts, Yuri gives birth to the twins but dies after telling Shiro her last words. With Mephisto at his side, Rin’s power is sealed in the sword Kurikara. Shiro hid this sword in a chest until Rin’s power could no longer be under control. He also used to be a heavy smoker but when he saw Rin smile, he quit. After adopting the twins, he changed the way he did missons to be less violent. One of Shiro’s missions, he helped tamed a familiar, named Kuro.


    Shiemi Moriyama

    Shiemi Blue Exorcist

    Currently has a title as an Exwire at True Cross Academy. She is quiet, shy and loves her friends. She is incredibly loyal and is a very hardworking student. Before she met Rin, she didn’t go to school and couldn’t move on passed her grandmothers death. With Rin’s help, using his own experience, changed Shiemi’s perceptive and now wants to become an exorcist to help others just like her. Her family runs a medical exorcist shop which Yukio comes by often for the academy and personal reasons. Shiemi is close with Rin and Yukio and is upsetwhen they do reckless things.  She summons a familiar named Nee that often protects her and her other classmates.


    Ryuji Suguro

    Ryuji Blue Exorcist

    Known as Bon, is currently an Exwire at True Cross Academy. He is very good in school and is very determined to defeat Satan. Ryuji is the child of the Head Priest that was destroyed during the Blue Night. He was often teased and not taken seriously because of his vow to kill Satan, which now makes Rin his rival. He appears to have a rebellious look with his bleached hair and piercings but he takes everything very seriously. He often get upset with Rin due to having more of a care free attitude. He will do whatever it takes to make sure his friends are safe. He is childhood friends with Shima and Miwa.


    Renzou Shima

    Renzou Blue Exorcist

    Is a Exwire at True Cross Academy. He came to the school with his childhood friends with Ryuji and Miwa, He is carefree and is the joker in a serious situation. He doesn’t care about affiliations, titles, or appearances. Due to the fact he is the 5th youngest son in his family, he lacks some responsibilities. He is shown being very friendly with women and can even come across as a pervert. His hair is dyed pink from his born black color. He uses weapon called K’irk, which he uses more for defense then as an actual weapon. Shima cares for his friends, and will almost do anything to save them, except anything that deals with bugs.


    Izumo Kamiki

    Izumo Blue Exorcist

    Is a Exwire at True Cross Academy. She is often rude to her classmates except for her friend Paku. Izumo often gives a rough exterior but deep down cares when the moments count. Her past is unknown and so is her ambition for wanting to becoming an exorcist. First shedislikes Shemi, but after a battle in which Izumo was saved by her, their relationship grew closer.


    Konekomaru Miwa

    Konekomaru Blue Exorcist

    Is a Exwire at True Cross Academy. Miwa is very protective of the people he grew up with, such as Shima and Ryuji. Out of everyone in the class he is most scared of Satans Flame due to the Blue Night. He works hard as a student and shares common interests with Ryuji with schoolwork gate at the Academy. Rin can hear the inner thoughts of Kuro, when he became sad due to Shiro’s death. Later in the series, events occur that lead Yukio to be able to listen too.


    Shura Kirgakure

    Shura Blue Exorcist

    Used to be Shiro’s student. Her past is also mysterious, but has a strong knowledge of swords. She later becomes Rin’s mentor when her undercover identity is revealed. She has a often skimpy appearance and is very open. Shura drinks but never lets it affect her. The new Paladin, Angel and her often butt heads because they have different viewpoints. She would rather follow her gut then follow the rulebook.


    Mephisto Pheles

    Mephisto Blue Exorcist

    Real name being Samael, is an exorcist and apart of the Eight Demon Kings; The power of Time. To the public eye, his name is Johann Faust V. Out of all the characters, he is the most mysterious and often is very difficult to read. Throughout the show he speaks German, often in numbers, and has a infatuation with Japan. Shiro and him appeared to be on good terms with the way he helped with the incident regarding Yuri. Mephisto often makes bets and enjoys toying with people. He brings in his brother, King of Earth, to help make Rin loose control of his powers. Samuel’s power seems to be strong, but not very much is shown. Since he is a demon, he is not trusted by others.


    Yuri Egin

    Shura Blue Exorcist

    Previously known as a exorcist, who for whatever reason, is resistant to Satan’s flame. She later marries him and bears twin sons; Rin and Yukio. She dies from childbirth before giving Shiro her final wish. She shares a dream with Satan in order to keep peace between Assiah and Gehenna and hopefully to become one.


    Ending Thoughts of Blue Exorcist

    Blue Exorcist

    After finishing the season, I learned that it  does stray path of the manga, which is slightly upsetting, knowing that it will most likely not have a second season. An irk that Ihave with the way the dialogue is, is how they perceive Rin different from Yukio. When they say the son of Satan, they ONLY refer to Rin­since he has the power. It bothers me, as a watcher, to see that Yukio isn’t even considered. Also the fact that Yukio is so scared of the power that Rin has, even though Rin didn’t have a choice. Yukio is just as much a son of Satan as Rin. The ending was really captivating and made me want to keep watching. They did a good job at explaining the stories of the people involved and having great character development.

    Rating: 8/10 lots of blood, violence, and some fan service is present.


  • Your Lie in April (Anime) Review

    Your Lie in April Anime Review

    Your Lie in April

    Genre: Romance, School life, Music, Tragic


    I knew I was going to enjoy this anime. From the trailers I could tell it had music themes which is a big part of my life. To go along with it, the genre was romance. I knew this combo was going to bring a great story. Before I started watching this anime I did not read the manga and did not know the story within. As each episode came out weekly I began to read the manga. I am glad to say that this anime does follow the manga very closely and doesn’t have any major differences.


    Plot of Your Lie in April

    Your Lie in April

    Music is everywhere. Arima Kousei is the world’s youngest piano prodigy. Arima’s mother taught him how to play and became known as the ‘human metronome’ by all his peers and the other competitors. When he looses his mother at age 11 he falls into a soundless and colorless world which he had only sought to play to keep his mother alive and well. Years later at age 15, he befriends a girl name Kaori Miyazono who is a violinist. Arima once again sees color as she pushes him to do what his present self won’t hear. With the help of his childhood friends, Tsubaki and Watari, he goes down the path of a pianist once again. What follows with coming in terms with your past and facing toward the future?


    Characters of Your Lie in April

    Your Lie in April

    Arima Kousei is a world known pianist that stuck to the score of the music. He is talented on the piano but because his mother was so focused on this hobby, he didn’t get to do a normal kiddoes. When his mother passed away, his next performance,after her death, has a mental breakdown and could no longer hear the music that he was performing. Content with not being able to play anymore, he stayed close to his two childhood friends; Tsubaki and Watari. At a meet up he sees Kaori playing and singing with children at a park. Her performance lights up and colors his dark, black world. He often lacks motivation and isn’t confident about himself. This leads Kaori to be hard on him. He has major character development throughout the series and becomes strong.

    Kaori Miyazono is a violinist who likes Watari. She is a free spirited individual who holds on a dark secret that she refuses to let define her. She does the opposite of what the score was created to make. When her world crumbles around her she still tries to fight and not give up. Her family owns a pastry shop. She gets close to Arima, Watari and Tsubaki.

    Sawabe Tsubaki is Arima and Watari’s childhood friend. She is athletic and plays softball. Tsubaki became the “big sister” for Kousei when things started to go wrong. She doesn’t support his music playing as it takes him away from her. Sawabe is often stubborn and hides her feelings which causes problems for her. When Kousei becomes interested in Kaori, Tsubaki comes in terms with her feelings for him.

    Ryota Watari is the childhood friend on Arima and Sawabe. He often is seen hanging or chatting with girls in the school. He is also athletic and plays soccer. He is there to help Kousei though times when he is needed. He meets Kaori at a meet up and starts to hang with her often.Later in the series it is obvious that he cares for her well being.


    Ending thoughts of Your Lie in April

    Your Lie in April

    The animation was really good and visually appealing. The music that was performed was amazing. I love how they didn’t skip the music playing and the whole song was heard. Most of the songs that were performed also had the name in the captions. If you really enjoyed it you can find it online. As we all want to know, “What does Your lie in April mean?”. That question is answered in the last episode. Personally I didn’t care for what the lie was but I guess I can understand the reasoning behind it. This series is one of my favorites and it captured my heart.

    9/10: No sexual themes, blood and tragic ideas are present. ­

    – Inufma

  • From Up On Poppy Hill (Anime Movie) Review

    From Up On Poppy Hill Anime Movie Review

    *Be aware of minor spoilers*

    from up on poppy hill

    I knew that From Up On Poppy Hill was produced and directed by Studio Ghibli so my expectations were high for this film. The plot of the story was simple yet new. The ships, flags and the school life in Japan in the trailer made me hooked. I am a sucker for romance and I heard this a wonderful film that suits the genre.


    Plot of From Up On Poppy Hill

    from up on poppy hill

    Umi Matsuzaki is a 16 year old, who each morning, raises a set of signal flags with the message "I pray for safe voyages”. One day, a poem about the flags being raised is published in the school newspaper. Shun Kazama, the poem's author and a member of the journalism club, witnesses the flags from sea as he rides a tugboat to school every day. After a daring stunt for the “Latin Quartier”, Umi gets a negative reaction but later  helps him after he hurt his hand in the stunt. As they worked together after school, they became close enough to where Umi invites him over to her home, which is also a board house. The day he comes over Shun discovers that they are much closer than both of them think. To make sure she doesn’t find out the truth, he avoids her. To make matters worse, the clubhouse that the paper was published in will be torn down! How will the relationships between family and friends solve these unforeseen events?

    — Just as side note, this film takes place around 1963, the year before the Olympics. It is hard to grasp some actions that take place but when you watch this film, keep this in mind. Also, as a reminder to some individuals that are new to the culture of Japan, they are very uptight and are considerate, unlike in the United States. So if you think “ Why is Umi bowing down to her Grandmother?”, that is why. Its mature behavior that is common in Japan and uncommon here in the United States. —


    Characters of From Up On Poppy Hill

    from up on poppy hill

    Umi Matsuzaki is a 16 year old student at Isogo High School. She lives in a home overlooking the Port of Yokohama in Japan, which is also a board house. Since her mother, Ryoko, is a medical professor studying abroad in the United States Umi runs the house and looks after her younger siblings Sora and Riku and her grandmother, Hana. She helps get the clubhouse clean to avoid it getting torn down. She is strong willed and caring.

    Shun Kazama is a 17 year old student at Isogo High School. He publishes articles in the newspaper called “Latin Quartier” at the clubhouse. He is good friends with the Student Government President, Shiro Mizunuma. He is adopted by the Kazama family with little knowledge on his biological parents. Shun learns the hidden secret when visiting Umi’s home. Shun decides that he needs to avoid her to ignore the feeling that came with being with her. He is outgoing, passionate and cares for Umi.

    Shiro MIzunuma is the student Government President. He is often seen with Shun as they work on the Latin Quartier together. Shiro is often there for support and is a good leader for the school. He fights to make sure the clubhouse doesn’t get torn down. His name in Japanese means white which reflects his personality in the film- no evil.


    After thoughts of From Up On Poppy Hill

    from up on poppy hill

    At first, I was shocked to even have the presence of a possible forbidden love, but after that misunderstanding was clear I liked the story better. It had many roller coasters that were faced and I loved how it was directed. While watching I learn history that facts that I found later are accurate. One of the main historical points are about signal flags. These flags are used to communicate to other ships passing if there was no electricity for phone usage. It is uncommon today, but this made me want to learn more about the history behind what each flag meant. This easily became one of my favorite anime movies, because of the simple and innocent love.

    Rate (9/10); No blood or sexual ideas; family friendly.


  • Akame Ga Kill (Anime) Review

    Akame Ga Kill Anime Review

    *May contain spoilers. Read at your own risk*

    Akame Ga Kill

    Normally I don’t go for the gory anime because of the nature, but all I heard were positive comments about this anime. (At the time only 3 episodes were out). I was expecting lots of action, gore and little romance.


    Plot of Akame Ga Kill

    Akame Ga Kill

    Tatsumi and his two friends set out for the capital to bring peace to their home village. Along the way, Tatsumi and his friends get separated but luckily he finds a noble’s family home to stay the night. That night a group called “Night Raid” came to kill the family and servants inside. Little did Tatsumi know that the family intended to torture and kill him, just like they did with his friends and dozens of other people. By the end of the night, Tatsumi was saved by Night Raid and their “Imperial Arms” and joined the assassins. What are the secrets behind each member and how is Night Raid going to fix the corrupt government?


    Characters of Akame Ga Kill

    Akame Ga Kill


    Tatsumi is a compassionate, young male who went to the capital with his two childhood friends to find better income for their poor village. On the night he discovered his two friends were killed, he joins Night Raid in order to fix the corrupt government. To make things right, he carries the missions and throughout the series shows great toughness physically and mentally. HIs relationship with his comrades is his strength.



    The story is from Akame’s point of view not Tatsumi. She is a skilled swords women who has a complicated relashionship with her younger sister, Kurome, who tries to kill her. Akame wieldsa Imperial Arms sword that if touched, spread poison throughout your body and kills you. She has seen many deaths and carries that burden with her to achieve greatness.



    Leader of Naid Raid. She once was the general of the imperial army. Her rival is Esdeath because of the nature of her actions. Before they went their separate ways, they had a battle in which Najenda lost a eye and a arm.


    Prime Minister Honest

    He is the prime minister of the Empire. He is a corrupt politician who seems to be trustworthy, but easily manipulates the naive Emperor. He bribes and makes false accusations to people around him to maintain his authority. He even sacrificed his son to maintain his selfish requests.



    She is the leader of Jaegers, the counter group of Night Raid, and a high ranking officer from the Empire. She is considered the most powerful assassin in the Empire and might be (if notstronger) than Najenda. As a women, she wants to fall in love. During a competition battle in the Capital, she ffalls in love with Tatsumi. This becomes a life changing moment for her in more ways than one.


    After thoughts on Akame Ga Kill

    Akame Ga Kill

    As I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of gore. This has gore all over it, in every episode and its not like a paper cut. Other than that aspect, there are many great feats. The story was compelling and made me want to keep watching. The action was wonderful to see. The only downfall is the attachment to the characters that you will have. As for any show, there are characters that you love and want to live. This series rips out your heart and stomps on it. This is defiantly a tear jerker and worth watching.


    Disturbing and gory images, Little to no cursing, a smidgen of sexual ideas.



  • Hal (Anime) Review

    Hal Anime Review

    *may contains spoilers. Read at your own risk*

    Hal Anime

    When I heard about this movie I had high expectations. The promotional cover art for this movie looks beautiful and was visually appealing. The plot even had me intrigued about how a robot could help a human.


    Plot of Hal

    Hal Anime

    When Kurumi, a young shop owner, looses her lover, Hal, in a plane crash, she looses all sense of living and settles to staying locked in her home. Family and friends around her is at a loss of what to do. As a last option, a scientist creates a life ­look alike version of the boyfriend but this robot is named Haru. At first Kurumi wanted nothing to do with Haru, but as time passed so did her opinion of him. Haru learned secrets of Hal’s past as well as the devilish things that his former self was apart of but all trying to keep Kurumi’s happiness on top. Confused about what to do with the new information, drama stirs. How will the relationship turn out for a human and a robot?


    Characters of Hal

    Hal Anime

    Kurumi is a young lady who looses her boyfriend in a plane crash. After this accident, she shut her self out from the world. She at first is resistant to having Haru there to help but quickly grows accustom to his presence. Having a talent for creating things, such as buttons and bears,  she has made many admirers from all ages. This talent also is her source of income. She got into a fight with Hal before he took his flight, the day he died.

    Hal is Kurumi’s boyfriend that died in a plane accident. It is hard to describe him as we only see things from other character’s prospective, but overall he seemed hesitant to let people into his life. Ryuu, his childhood friend, seems to be the only one that “knows” Hal. The two of them went through some dark events to live but he lost himself in the process. He was known to be violent toward others, not toward Kurumi, but ended up with enemies. Days prior to crash, he got into a huge fight with Kurumi because he sold some of her possessions.

    In the beginning we see Haru as a white robot being very helpful to a elderly man. As time passed, a scientist changed Haru’s appearance to make him look like Hal to help Kurumi recover after his death. Haru does his best to see good in others and to make friends with everyone. Since he is a robot, Haru has some issues as to understanding human emotions as well as the actions that follow. Since Haru looks like Hal, he gets into some drama with Hal’s old enemies. Overall he wants to help Kurumi get better, but to do that he first he has to understand Hal.

    Hal Anime

    To be honest, this movie was a disappointment. It had great potential but it was cut short. Literally cut short. This movie is less than an hour and because of that, the ending was rushed to no avail. There were too many twists that were not expected which,in the end, were not helpful to the plot. The twist was so big that it just made it difficult to grasp the story up to that point.  By the time the credits came I legit said “Is that it? Really?”. To describe this movie  in my own words its like thinking your eating a chocolate cookie when you are actually eating a raisin one. (This might not make sense now but if you watch the movie it will). Even though this movie wasn’t a winner in my book, I would still recommend watching it for the values and merits that can be learned.

    7/10 little violence, no sexual themes, little to no blood. Tragic thoughts are present.­


  • Black Butler: Book of Circus (Anime) Review

    Black Butler: Book of Circus Anime Review

    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    This anime is a side story to Black Butler. To fully understand the plot and the story you should watch the first season. It is not necessary to watch the second season; however, if you watch it you might be confused because Book of Circus takes place before the second season. I was highly looking forward to this anime and had high hopes.

    I was thinking that it would be not as popular as the official seasons and it was just more like a fun season. I was also hoping that the animation was similar to the past two, and it was. To say at least, there was no disappointment.


    Plot of Black Butler: Book of Circus


    In the 19th century, children began to disappear in England. Ciel is called once again by the Queen. He is her watchdog and embarks on the mission to find the missing children. Along with him is Sebastian Michaelis, his demon butler. They focus on a circus that has arrived in town recently. There they get more than what they were searching for as well as a bit more of Ciel’s dramatic past. They start to suspect the performers and find out a huge secret of theirs. Can’t go on much more with out laying out some huge spoilers.


    Characters of Black Butler: Book of Circus


    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Ciel Phantomhive is the main character of the Black Butler series. He took over his father’s company at a young age. He is quite notorious throughout English for being the Queen’s watchdog. Since he had to be an adult at such a young age, he has a hard exterior that only Sebastian can see through. The heir made a pact with Sebastian when he was about to be sacrificed and through these events, they hold a special relationship. Ciel won’t let anyone see his weaknesses and often receives help from his butler. He joins the circus under the name “Smile” and acts nice to prevent his social status from being revealed.


    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Sebastian Michaelis is a demon that also is the butler of Ciel Phantomhive. He follows all the orders that is given and gets things accomplished at a super human pace. Sebastian is protective of his master and won’t let anyone get in his way. He joins the Circus under the name “Suit” after getting too friendly with the tiger at a show. To make sure Ciel got into the circus, he performed his “superhuman” traits so confuse the eyes of people watching. He has a well known saying of “I am one hell of a Butler”.


    Black Butler: Book of Circus

    Joker is the leader of the circus. He is quirky and wants everyone to be safe and to have fun. He is hiding a secret not only from Ciel and Sebastian, but the other members of the circus as well!


    To my surprise, I liked this anime more than I originally thought. It was very strong and it impacted me on a deep level. There was more to this story then a circus or the missing children.



    Blood and sexual thoughts are present as well as mature ideas.


  • Vampire Knight (Anime) Review (Season 1)

    Vampire Knight Season One Anime Review

    (May contain spoilers so read at your own risk)

    Vampire Knight

    My friend kept telling me to watch this anime for quite a few months so I recently decided to pick it up. I was really expecting too much considering it was on Netflix and didn’t really hear much about it. But I was expecting a love story with some twist; however, it was much more than that.


    Plot of Vampire Knight

    Vampire Knight
    Zero and the Night Class

    Vampire Knight takes places at a school called Cross Academy which there are two isolated classes: Day Class and Night Class. Outside these two different worlds are two students who know the secrets of the Night Class. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu have to keep order between the classes due to the fact that the elites that make up the Night Class are actually Vampires!  These Guardians make sure that the Night class doesn’t do harm to the ignorant Day class which are full of humans.  Can Yuki and Zero protect the Day class from the unrevealed secrets of the Vampires?


    Character of Vampire Knight

    Vampire Knight
    Kaname, Zero, and Yuki

    Yuki Cross: The adopted daughter of the headmaster, Kaien Cross. She was saved by the pureblood Vampire Kaname Kuran and had no recognition of anything before his appearance. A few years later she meets a boy named Zero, who she forms a close bond with. When secrets are reveled about Zero’s past, she makes choices that not only change her as a person, it also changes the relationships of the people she holds dear.  She takes her role of being a Guardian very seriously but if Kaname is near, she loses that focus.  No matter what happens, she will always show up with a smiling face.

    Zero Kiryuu: He is Yuki’s childhood friend and has been a brother to her. He is also one of the chosen Guardians that protect the Day class from the Night Class. 4 years before the series starts,his family is attacked by a vampire and is the only one to survive. This incident made Zero have extreme hatred for Vampires (even the good ones).  Later on we learn that he was bitten by the Vampire but why didn’t he turn into one that frightful day 4 years ago? He is often torn of what he wants and what he needs to do and doesn’t like opening up about his past. He is cold towards everyone and slowly starts opening up to only Yuki when his past catches up with him

    Kaname Kuran: He is a pureblood Vampire that is a student for the Night Class at the academy.  He saved Yuki from an attack from a Vampire known as a “Level E”. Ever since that day, he has shown that he cares deeply for Yuki, even in a romantic sense. To other classmates in the night class, he is cold and stern. This does cause some hostility toward Yuki from the Day class. Since Kaname is a “pureblood” Vampire he is capable of controlling Vampires that are not the same as him; however, he doesn’t like to exercise these powers. He wishes that one day the Vampires and Humans can live side by side, the same dream as the headmaster. He is often the center of attention and  gets into arguments with Zero over Yuki.


    After thoughts of Vampire Knight

    Vampire Knight

    After watching the first season, I was a bit confused about the difference in the Vampire “levels” and why a Pureblood was so distinctly different from the other Vampires in the Night Class. I would say look it up, but then there will be spoilers, so I will explain here. “Pureblood” Vampires are Vampires that have NO human ancestry and are considered to be rulers of the other Vampires.There are only 7 pureblood families left and this can be assumed why they are held in such high regard. The “level E” Vampire will be better explained in the anime then if I tried to describe it. Since many twists were exposed throughout this season this made me want to watch the next season as soon as possible to understand the story better.  I would recommend this to individuals that love romance with a side of comedy.

    Rating: 8/10

    Some blood and sexual ideas are present.


  • Golden Time (Anime) Review

    Golden Time Anime Review

    (May contain spoilers so read at your own risk)

    Golden Time

    Golden Time is 25 episodes of an emotional roller coaster. One episode you can be laughing and the next be in tears.


    Plot of Golden Time

    Golden Time

    Golden Time is about a young man named Banri Tada who is a new student at a Tokyo Law College and the night of his high school graduation, he fell off a bridge and lost his memories. Since the fall one year has passed and on the first day of class, he meets someone from the Japanese Festival Club named Linda. Being lost on campus, Banri meets another student named Mitsuo Yanagisawa who also happens to be lost. They become fast friends but it isn’t long until a girl comes in to snatch Mitsou away. Koko Kaga was childhood friends with Mitsou and they once said that they were going to marry each other. He went to this particular college to get away from Koko! Little does Banri know that old friends may be closer then he thinks.


    Characters of Golden Time

    Golden Time

    Banri Tada is a first year student at Tokyo Law College. Not much is mentioned before his accident but his personality doesn’t seem to much different after the accident. He is nice and easy to talk to and gets along with everyone. Even though he doesn’t understand girls, he does manage to steal hearts of two women in the series. Banri always tries his hardest to see things through and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of his past. He later joins the Japanese Festival Club and reveals that he is pretty good at it.

    Koko Kaga is a first year student at Tokyo Law College.Very pretty and popular but other people are quick to judge her. She has been friends with Mitsou Yanagisawa since they were children. Koko thought that Mitsou was the man that she wanted and nothing stood of her way to get him. When he constantly rejects her, she gives up and Banri is there to comfort her. Their relationship gets stronger throughout the series. Koko even joins the Japanese Festival Club and shows us that she isn’t as coordinated and confident as she appeared to be.

    Mitsou Yanagisawa is a first year student at Tokyo Law College. He seems to have a lot of energy and puts it towards his goals. He knows what he wants and is broken when his goals don’t work; however, Banri is always there to cheer him up. He joins the film club because he likes a girl that also happens to be in his English class. He seems to be trustworthy and well liked by all.


    Overall Thoughts on Golden Time

    Golden Time

    At first the thought of the amnesia idea was excited and interesting. Then after the first episode I was looking forward to watch the next. Each episode had a catch and made you keep watching. Some episodes were more joyous than others, but as the story goes on the feelings that the characters have grow stronger. From the beginning to the end of the series,it left a place in my heart.


    Rating 9/10

    Little blood, violence and profanity. Sexual ideas are presented.

    Written by: Inufma

  • Clannad (Anime) Review

    Clannad Anime Review



    This review is not for After Story, OVA or the Movie.When I decided to watch Clannad, I prepared myself for the worst. I heard that this series had many “feels” and that it was very sad. Little did I know, that it wasn’t as extreme as I thought. Keep an open mind while watching.


    Plot of Clannad


    The story starts off with the delinquent Tomoyo Okazaki walking down the street to the high school when he see a girl staring at a tree talking to herself. Later they reunite and Tomoyalearns that her name is Nagisa Furukawa. Tomoya also learns that Nagisa has been held back a year due to a severe illness and that her dream is to revive the school's drama club. He statesthat he has nothing better to do, and decides to help her achieve this goal along with the help of other girls. Tomoyo didn’t really care about his reputation and often skipped out with his friend Youhei Sunohara. Throughout the series Tomoyo makes it to school on time and gains friends that helps him turn his life around.


    Characters of Clannad


    Tomoya Okazaki is a senior at a high school. His mother died in a car accident when he was young and lives with his father. He got into a fight with him a few years before the series starts and now he can not lift his right arm past his shoulder. He was athletic and had a passion for basketball before his accident. He does things because he claims she has nothing else better to do, but deep down he is kind hearted and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

    Nagisa Furukawa is a senior at a high school. She is a year older than everyone because she was out for 9 months due to a serious illness. She loves the Dango family and wants to restore the drama club. She often beats herself up over small things but Tomoya is there to cheer her up.

    Youhei Sunohara: Is senior at a high school. He is girl crazy. Youhei is great friends with Tomoya due to the fact that they are both “deliquents” at the school. He is the comedian of the group and often is the one that the other students picked on. He doesn’t let that get to him and in the end of the day he laughs it off. He has a younger sister, Mei, and even though he pretends he doesn’t care, he is always on her side.


    After watching this anime, I had nothing bad to say about it. It made me question my choices in life and made me value the relationships I do have. I recommend this anime to all.


    No blood, little fighting. No sexual themes.­