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  • Sword Art Online Aincrad (Light Novel) Review

    Sword Art Online Aincrad Review

    Volume One

    When I picked up the first light novel of Sword Art Online, I expected it to be a little more in depth than the anime. To my surprise, the anime followed it very closely except for one part (Chapter 16.5). I really just want a more in depth account of their time in SAO. I think it would be really cool to hear about what happened in there and how people adapted to the situation. I guess I will have to wait to read it later on in the Progressive novels.



    The plot of SAO

    Sword Art Online Aincrad Volume One is about the death game called Sword Art Online. Kayaba Akihiko has created the first VRMMORPG and only 10,000 players are able to play the game during the launch. When all players are logged on he announces that they can not get out without beating the game. If you die in the game you also die in reality as well. Thus the players are reluctant and slowly start to beat the game.

    The story follows one main character, Kirito. He is fourteen when he first logs onto Sword Art Online. The story follows his accounts throughout SAO and his transformation into an adult. He mostly works alone until a Knights of Blood Guild member becomes his ally. Her name is Asuna and she is second in command of the KoB. The two fall in love and eventually get married in the game. When it is time to fight the boss on the 74th floor, the two go back to the front lines to fight. Here a secret of the KoB guild leader, Heathcliff, is let out. The game changes and Kirito has a chance to beat the game, but may risk death.



    Sword Art Online
    Kirito and Cline

    Kirito is the main character of Sword Art Online. He basically stays to himself through out the game. He prefers to fight on the front lines by himself until a boss battle and will usually help out the Knights of Blood Guild. He is known as the black swordsman and it is later revealed that he has a special skill called Duel Blades. Other than Heathcliff, Kirito is the only other known player with a special skill. He eventually partners up with Asuna. She is the most beautiful female player of SAO and the other main character of the book. She is a the second in command of the Knights of Blood and is a very fast swordsman. She is known as The Flash to most SAO players. The two kids fall in love and get married as well.

    Egil is the owner of a shop. He is an axe wielder and sells at low prices to help out other SAO front line players. He rarely ever participates in fights, but his strength is really good. Cline is another SAO character that shows up a lot. He is the guild leader of the Fuurinkazan. He is a friend of Kirito’s and helps him out at times through out the game.

    Heathcliff is the leader of the Knights of Blood Guild. He has a special skill called Holy Sword. He beats Kirito once to make him join the KoB guild. Kirito finds his fighting style a bit unusual and has a revelation of him towards the end of the book.



    Sword Art Online
    Heathcliff vs Kirito

    There are honestly not many differences between the anime and the light novel of Sword Art Online. I think the one difference that was not in the anime that I noticed was when Kirito, Godfrey, and Kuradeel go to train for the KoB test. Another memeber actually goes with them in the light novel. Kirito and the others never mention his name though. Of course there was also the chapter 16.5 that was not in the anime. It is hinted though that Kirito and Asuna have intercourse in the anime on their honeymoon.


    Chapter 16.5

    Sword Art Online
    Chapter 16.5

    Chapter 16.5 is only int eh unrated version of the books. I highly doubt they will include this section in all USA releases. This is the chapter where Asuna explains to Kirito that there is the ability to have sex and the two do it. The chapter is very detailed. A little hard to get through at first but I pushed through it, feeling it was crucial to the story of SAO. It is crucial in way. It allows the reader to know how detailed the game actually is and how real in can feel to the characters. Be warned if you choose to read this section.


    Overall the book was a great read. I really liked reading the book and getting a different emotion for the characters. Not a lot is different from the anime though. I wish that it had been a little more detailed but I guess that is why they call it a light novel.

    Sword Art Online Aincrad Volume One Grade: 8 out of 10

  • The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia (Artbook) Review

    The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

    hyrule historia


    The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia was a much anticipated book. Hyrule, Zelda, Link, and Ganon have been in the gaming industry since 1986. Since the fist game, The Legend of Zelda, to the the most recent, Skyward Sword, can all be found in the new book: The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia.

    The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia contains facts you may know and also some you may have never heard of before. One section shows how each of the individual characters have changed throughout the years. The stages a very different from being realistic to a cute chibi like character. You will also find concept art, manga inserts, character designs, building designs, interviews and so much more.


    link description


    The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia is in sections. The first being dedicated soley to the newest Zelda, Skyward Sword. There are notes spread throught out the 60 pages worth of material. Here is where you find the concept art section mostly. The second section is titled “The History of Hyrule: A Chronology,” where you can find the timeline of the Zelda worlds. It is a bit confusing when you are just breezing through it, but easy to figure out. Through the almost 70 pages you can find notes and facts about Zelda. The next 100 pages are filled with old art work of previous games and a section of mangas. The last manga being the newest one by Akira Himekawa.

    This really is an excellent book to add to the shelf of any Zelda fan. Not only does the book contain great concept art and character designs, but it also gives insight on the game. Hyrule Historia is a great thing to have at your fingertips if you need to look up some information on an old Zelda game. It not only serves as an artbook, but as a manga and encyclopedia as well!


    manga link


    Grade 9/10


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  • Socrates in Love (Book) Review

    Socrates in Love Book Review

    Socrates in Love
    American Book Cover

    Socrates in Love is a very sad, romantic story. Kyoichi Katayama is a genius in story telling. He really pours his heart into this book. Being the best-seller in Japan it was only time that it came to the U.S. Everyone should read this book, it really is heart-breaking.

    The Plot of Socrates in Love

    Socrates in Love is about Sakutaro, your average school boy with a crush. Aki is the popular girl in school, but with some luck the two go together on a school mission to see a friend in the hospital. They quickly become friends, never overstepping the boundaries of friendship. To get her attention, Sakutaro writes a letter to a radio station explaining that A.H. (Aki) has leukemia and he wishes to play ‘Tonight’ from West Side Story. He does this knowing Aki listens to the station.
    As they become inseparable, Socrates in Love, takes a depressing fall. Aki becomes ill and is unable to go onto the school field trip to Australia. Sakutaro promises her she will be able to go someday. As she became more ill, that promise faded. Ironically she is diagnosed with leukemia. Sakutaro tries to keep the promise and brings her to the airport. She collapses in the airport and is rushed back to the hospital. She soon dies. Sakutaro must quickly deal with the feelings of sadness while approaching adulthood at the same time.

    The Characters of Socrates in Love

    Sakutaro is the quiet kid in class. He keeps to himself and is an average student. Aki is the same, but she is popular as well. The two share a love that no one could break. The friendship and relationship of the characters are very realistic. The true feeling of first love is in Socrates in Love.

    Socrates in Love
    American Book Cover

    Socrates in Love is a story of boy becoming a man all to quickly. The story is real and doesn’t cover the dark parts of life. Overcoming the fear of death from both people is a hard feeling to get over. Sakutaro manages to live his life after hearing his grandfathers story. Socrates in Love is a genuine book.

    Overall Grade 9/10