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  • Character of the Week: Artoria Pendragon

    Artoria Pendragon (Saber)

    Other names: Proud Knight-King,

    King of Knights, Artoria Pendragon

    Character Type: Servant

    Spirt: King Arthur

    Weapon: Excalibur

    Talents: Gymnastic exercise, secretly good in all kinds of gambling

    Goal: Help her master to win the Holy Grail War

    Saber is one of the main characters of Fate/Zero and one of the three main heroines of Fate/Stay Night. She is a saber class servant in the forth and fifth Holy Grail War. She strong-willed young woman who always speaks resolutely. Also she is courageous, determined, loyal independent, reserved and set on winning the Holy Grail. She thinks of her self as a knight first and that her gender is of little importance to her.

  • Character of the Week: Yōichi Hiruma

    Yōichi Hiruma


    Anime: Eyeshield 21

    Other names: Commander from Hell, Control Tower of Hell

    Age: 17

    Birthday: February 7

    Height: 176 cm (5’9″)

    Weight: 67 kg

    Bench press: 75 kg

    Position: Quarterback, Strong Safety, Punter, Placekicker! and Holder



    Yōichi Hiruma is one of the main characters in the series. He is one of the three founding members of the Deimon Devil Bats. He is a high school student of Deimon Private Senior High School, holding the position of quarterback and official tactician for Deimon Devil Bats.

    Hiruma usually acts in a vulgar, bizarre, threatening manner or so as to intimidate or disturb those around him into getting what he wants. He has a cunning, goal-oriented mind and does not seem to care what means he uses to accomplish those goals. His sense of morals is lax at best, but he is quick to find the moral flaws of others, which he keeps recorded in his “Book of Threats” or “Devil’s Handbook”, and uses this information to blackmail everyone from students to figures of authority into placing him in a position of power. Despite his penchant for blackmail and breaking seemingly every school rule without consequence, Hiruma adheres to the rules of American football without exception while playing.

    Of the weapons at Hiruma’s disposal, possibly the best of all is his steel-trap mind. An expert strategist with a clever and a master at manipulating, tricking, and playing with his opponent’s mind, he is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the field. He can also think up to 17 strategies quickly, no matter the scenario, and even if he is under harsh conditions, he manages to stay focused.


    “Ya-Ha!” -Hiruma

    “Trying without the winning intent is meaningless.” -Hiruma

    “WE WILL KILL THEM!” -Hiruma


    By: SayianNaruto