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  • The World God Only Knows (Manga) Review

    The World God Only Knows Manga Review


    I freaking loved The World God Only Knows. I loved it so much that I even watched the anime. I’ve seen the anime about 50 times already haha. Every character kept me intrigued and made me want more out of them. The maid idea of the manga was kinda dropped towards the end but honestly if the manga didn’t change I wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much. It would sooner or later get boring and people would enjoy it as much.


    The Plot of The World God Only Knows

    Katsuragi Keima, a high school boy who is know to everyone at his school as a die hard gaming fan. One day he suddenly receives an email on his PFP (Pardoy of PSP) stating that he must choose whether or not to accept a challenge. Thinking that this was another gamer giving him a dating sim to play, he instantly accepts the challenge. To his surprise a demon girl falls from the sky and tells him that he needs to make real girls fall in love with him or else he will die.

    The story was very unique and interesting and had a frat way of keeping you reading. Unlike regular romance manga, the protagonist has no interest in 3D girls. Period. Along his line of flags, he occasionally comes upon even more intense events showing that thought the story he does come to take a liking to a few of the girls. However, on the later chapters he seems to take less interest in the girls. Which kinda made me think it was a little less entertaining. But for a harem, this one actually makes sense. By this I don’t mean the story line is totally made sense of. The protagonist actually goes through different events with the girls that he needs to conquer. Unlike other harems where the protagonist literally has girls falling in love with home for no other reason than he is the main character.


    The Art of The World God Only Knows

    The art is very well done. While it can alternate simple and detailed art structures, it was always used at the appropriate times. So it didn’t seem like the writer was just being lazy or anything. For the more comedic and humor scenes, the more simple form was used and for the romantic and serious scenes it was more detailed art form. The art used in some cases can amplify the mood the author is trying to express.


    The Characters of The World God Only Knows

    The character in this manga were very different from your typical romance characters. Some were very unique while the others where completely clichéd. The most simple character in my opinion was Elsea. Demon, lived for 300 years but looks like a high school student. She is quiet clueless and stupid but at the same time you find yourself loving her anyway. The only character who really got on my nerves was chihiro. Her attitude, and the whole I like this guy, no, this guy. That was bull crap. After a while she became a better character. Most of the characters in the manga were all very different and amusing to read about.

    Overall, I would say that this is one of the best manga I have ever read. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading romance/harems.

    by Manga Llama

  • Ouran High School Host Club (Manga) Review

    Ouran High School Host Club
    Ouran High School Host Club


    Ouran High School Host Club
    Manga Page
     When Haruhi Fujioka starts his new school year at the prestigious Ouran Academy for the rich and powerful as a scholarship student, he thinks nothing of it. But when he breaks an 80,000 yen vase in the Host Club’s room, he is thrown into an even richer world. In debt to them, he agrees to become their dog. But the club soon realizes his good looks that were hidden by his bed-head, old sloppy clothes, and grandfather glasses. The new and improved Haruhi now has to get 1,000 people to request him so he can be free. But the Host Club starts to notice something… Haruhi is a girl!!!


    Ouran High School Host Club
    Manga Page


    Haruhi Fujioka is a 1st year at Ouran Academy. She was mistaken for a guy at first and spent the rest of her time there pretending to be a boy. Her type in the club is The Natural Type; she is also the “daughter”.
    Tamaki Suoh, the flashy, idiotic, beautiful king of the Host Club. He is the last to discover Haruhi’s gender, then the last to realize his feelings for her. He sees his club as a family, with him as the father.
    Kyoya Ootori is the shadow king in the Host Club and the real brains behind it. His type is The Cool Type. He knows all and always gets his way. He is the “mother”.
    Hikaru Hitachiin is the oldest of the Hitachiin twins, and the more mischievous one. He and his brother work together in the club, often going into Twincest for the yaoi fangirls, but aren’t really like that before and after club hours.   He is viewed as the brother in Tamaki’s delusional family.
    Kaoru Hitachiin is the younger of the Hitachiin twins; Kaoru is the nicer one when he’s by himself. He is also a brother in Tamaki’s family. He and Hikaru often tease Tamaki about Haruhi and sees people as their playthings.

    Mitsukuni “Honey” Honinozuka is a boy-loli; but don’t let his size and personality fool you, he’s 18. His obsession is any and everything cute or sweet. His type is The Cute Type, and role in the family is Neighbor.

    Takashi Morinozuka is the Strong/Silent Type that only says one word a chapter. He is loyal to his friends and is Honey’s cousin. He is also a neighbor in the family.



    My Thoughts:

    Ouran High School Host Club
    Manga Page


    Totally awesome. I have never laughed or fangirled so hard in all the manga I’ve read! A very good manga from Viz Media/Shojo Beat.

    Character Design: A-;  the legs are a little too long at times, and arms too skinny.

    Background Design: A; makes me wish I could draw bunnies and flowers like that!

    Romance: A+; Amazing!  If only guys were like this in real life~!
    Overall: You need to see!

    – Review by Daydreamer Kate

  • Alice in the Country of Hearts (Manga) Review

    Alice in the Country of Hearts Manga Review

    Alice in the Country of Hearts

    A manga following the story of the books written by Lewis Carrol, Alice in the Country of Hearts is a nice manga retelling of the original story. A confusing manga to get through, nonetheless a great manga.


    Plot of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts
    Manga Page
    Alice is having a nap in her garden when suddenly before her is a young man with rabbit ears! He whisks her away (kidnapped) to a fantastic (but dangerous) world that seems straight out of a (violent) fairy tale.
    In Wonderland, the White Rabbit, Peter, makes her drink a “medicine” to keep her there and play in their games, then leaves her. In her search for the White Rabbit so she can hit him, Alice is almost killed by twin gatekeepers and a tall March Hare. As she walks around the new world, she runs into a knight that has absolutely no sense of direction -none, whatsoever- who takes her to Peter. In the end, she forgets about hitting him.
    So our dear Alice continues her journey through Wonderland, looking for a way to go home, trying not to fall in love along the way.

    Characters of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts
    Alice Lidell- A normal girl with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Deciding to stay in the Wonderland she was forcefully carried to, she’s adapted to her strange new lifestyle.
    Julius Monrey- The Clockmaker, but sometimes called the undertaker, is letting Alice stay with him and “help” with his work. Meaning, letting her make him coffee.
    Blood Dupre-The head of the mafia Hatter Family.  Blood is a cunning yet moody puppet-master that looks surprisingly like someone Alice once knew and loved.
    Elliot March- Blood’s right-hand man has a criminal past… and a temperamental present. But he’s not as bad as he used to be, so that’s something. Joining Blood has been good(?) for him.
    Tweedle Dee- One of the “Bloody Twins” and gatekeeper of the Hatter Territory.  Dee can be cute when he’s not being terrifying.
    Tweedle Dum- The second “Bloody Twins” is equally cute and equally scary.
    Vivaldi- The beautiful Queen of Hearts has an unrivaled temper- which is really saying something in Wonderland. Although a picture-perfect Mad Queen, she cares for Alice as if Alice were her little sister… or a very interesting plaything.
    Peter White- The Prime Minister of Heart Castle- who has rabbit ears growing out of his head-  invited (kidnapped) Alice to Wonderland. He loves Alice and hates everything else. His cruel, irrational actions are disturbing, but he acts like a completely different person (rabbit?) when in the throes of his love for Alice.
    Ace-The unlucky Knight of Hearts was a former subordinate of Vivaldi and is perpetually lost.  He seems like a  classic nice guy… or is he?
    Boris Airay- This riddle-loving cat has a signature smirk. One of his favorite pastimes is giving the Sleepy Mouse a hard time.
    Nightmare Gottschalk- A sickly nightmare who hates the hospital and needles. He has the power to read people’s thoughts and enter dreams; Gray drags him out to sulk from time to time. He technically holds a high position and has many subordinates, but since he can’t even take care of his own health, he leaves most things to Gray.
    Gray Ringmarc-Nightmare’s subordinate in Clover. He used to have strong social ambition and considered assassinating Nightmare… but couldn’t since Nightmare was such a useless boss, Gray couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and ended up a dedicated assistant. He’s a sound thinker with a strong work ethic. He’s also highly skilled with his blades, rivaling even Ace.
    Pierce Villiers-  Pierce is an insomniac mouse who drinks too much coffee. He loves Nightmare ( who can help him sleep) and hates Boris ( who terrifies him). He can dislike Blood and Vivaldi for discarding coffee in favor of tea. He likes Elliot and Peter well enough, since rabbits aren’t natural predators of mice.

    Thoughts of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts

    A sort of confusing manga, but it’s about Wonderland, so what do you expect? There are three or so other books that go with this… Alice in the Land of Clover, Alice in the land  of Joker, Alice loves fables. I’m pretty sure Alice in the land of Hearts is the first series though.
    Alice in the Land of Clover are little stories about Alice falling in love with the male characters. Some are more than one manga, going up to seven books. Some are just one book.
    Some of the books are written by different people. You can tell by the style of the character drawings (instead of looking at the names).
    The character design, background design and action scenes are all pretty good: B+. The romance is a little slow, all the characters are willing to show their love for Alice, but she always holds back and ends up hurting them.
    Overall: 7 out of 10

    Review by Daydreamer Kate