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  • Mirai Nikki (Manga) Review

    Mirai Nikki Manga Review

    Mirai Nikki, or as some like to call it, Future Diary, is a rather popular anime/manga and if you ask someone what they they think of it, it can go in two ways. Hate or love. I’m going to try to be the neutral here and tell you the good and bad about this Manga/Anime. The reason this Manga/anime is so popular is probably because of Yuno Gasai. I’m sure that if you have heard or seen anything from this Story it is probably her. She is the famous yandere that everyone loves. But on to the review.

    The Plot of Mirai Nikki

    This manga is very heavily based on survival and relying on others. It starts off a little slow but then really kicks off with tons of action happening. I’m not too sure how I feel about the survival genre honestly. It always seems to stray off and never stick to the idea of survival. Being the popular Anime/Manga that it is, it is one that deserves credit from the people who bash it but less credit from the people that overhype it. Sure it’s not amazing, but it is also not bad at all. I can’t say it’s the best thriller cause I don’t read much thriller manga.

    This is Yukiteru Amano, a boy who is generally alone and likes to keep a diary of everything he observes and sees. While in his room we get introduce to the Deus Ex Machina and he tells Yukiteru of a battle royale to determine the next heir to his throw. The next God of time. There are 12 people participating and all are blindly hiding there identity. Yukiteru gets a sense of terror of what’s about to happen next. It is killed or be killed. With that in mind you would think that it would stick to that for the whole story right? Right? Wrong!! They totally stray of the aspect of survival period in some chapters. Which totally killed the feeling it was trying to give off in the first place.

    The story stays pretty linear and keeps up with the fact that it’s a life or death situation. It’s kinda predictable at times but at other times I was completely wrong. That’s was one of the key points that makes the story good. It give you a real sense of “what’s gonna happen next?” They don’t twist the story and totally twist something else and keep twisting things.(I’m talking about you Attack on titian) it’s all combined and is linear. You may ask question but they get answered.


    The Players and Diaries of Mirai Nikki

    These are the diaries. This is basically their main weapon and guides each character throughout the tournament. The diaries powers vary depending on the person using it and the circumstances. The whole concept is pretty amazing. Although while some characters stay relevant and alive, some of the diary users just seemed as if they were there to just be killed off. If their diaries are destroyed then they also die in the process. There is no coming back after the game is over. It seemed like they didn’t really make the most out of the diary either. The idea wasn’t explored quite enough.

    With the whole 12 players in this game, there could have been more diversity here. But it is not explored as much, just like the concept of the diaries. While most characters are introduced at the start some are introduce later and the relationship get very interesting. Some of the most interesting I’ve seen in a manga. The constant trust and distrust kinda makes the story a little akward sometimes also. With the others 10 diary users it seemed as if the development kinda just want there after being introduced. Seemed as if only Yuno and Yukiteru got attention after a while. Yuki a complete dick by the way. I mean he is the worst person to have as a partner in anything. He has random confidence, he is bipolar and he likes to be a puppet to everyone for some reason.

    Well, I mentioned her slight before but this is Yuno Gasai. The Famous/Infamous Yandere queen. She is introduced in this story as Yukiteru’s love interest. She is also his stalker. She is very smart and is quick witted. Her back story is very clear and kinda shows the reason she became the way she did. While most of the things she does is irrational, they are all to protect Yukiteru. She does anything for him and she will sacrifice anything for him. She is basically the man in this relationship because she seems to be the only one who knows how to get shit done. Like I said the other charters were introduced and kinda thrown away except for Minene. She also gets random development towards the end for no particular reason then because the writer wanted it to happen.


    The Art of Mirai Nikki

    As for art, it was good for what it was. For an action manga, art is kinda essential and in some departments the. Art was lacking. It wasn’t bad but it was also not very good. Every charter does have there own unique features and structure. No one is the same but at the same time no one really stands out. The art style was good for the diaries. I like the scroll the best out of all the diaries but I also liked the radio and the coloring book. Art is nothing to really worry about because it works for this type of story.

    This manga isn’t perfect. This manga isn’t bad. It is very consistent and linear. For the survival genre I enjoyed it. The ending wasn’t too bad and the story was really planned out. Dialogue wise this might be not all that great but the concept was really good. Honestly I would recommend this to just about anyone. Maybe people who are a little new to anime may like it a little more. It’s good for action,story and if you just wanted hear yuki being called over and over. Hey I don’t judge. But with all that said, comment, like, send me a hate message. Whatever you like. Thanks for reading.

    Story: 9/10

    Art: 7/10


    Enjoyment: 8.5/10

  • Skyhigh (Manga) Review

    Skyhigh: In Front of the Gates of Grudges

    You have three choices now that you’re dead

    Imagine that your life ends. Then imagine getting greeted by a rather beautiful woman called Izuko – Guardian of the Gate of Grudges. She tell you that you have three choices: to ascend to Heaven to await reincarnation; to deny their death and wander the world as a ghost, or to curse a human, typically their murderer or someone who just happened to annoy the deceased, and be condemned to an eternity of agony in Hell. In this series we follow different characters and their stories. Which will be a rather deep journey. If you’re young – then be prepared for some scenarios that can be rather bloody, nude and hurtful. This doesn’t mean that this series is bad. Not at all, the Skyhigh series (this and it’s sequels) brings quite the package.

    Appeal of Skyhigh

    Skyhigh is rather ‘goth’ and brings just what you can imagine when hearing the word. Now, the series brings deep stories that challenges your sense of morality and common sense – since it goes into dilemmas of your mind. The ten stand-alone stories that make up the two volumes essentially focus on the particular character’s death, events leading up to it and the choice they make upon meeting Izuko. Seeing as they’re arriving at the Gate of Grudges, it’s hardly likely their passing was a happy one, even though they are at first unaware of what is going on and rely on Izuko to fill them in.

    Characters of Skyhigh

    When it comes to the guardian itself, Izuko. She’s with us all the way, but we never really get her backstory, why she’s the guardian – her feelings. This is a downer – but I guess we follow the series through her eyes – we are Izuko. Probably makes no sense, but if you’re to read the Skyhigh series then try doing it. To me it kinda made sense.


    You’re mired knee-deep in just about every negative human emotion and action imaginable right from the start. Envy, Hatred, Depression, Murder, Greed are all mixed together and served up with a handful dose of vengeance. To say, you will enter the ‘dark side’ of human thinking and spirit.

    Skyhigh Overall

    As for art. It’s not the best, I can tell you that – but it’s doing quite well delivering the feelings of the character. As mentioned, it’s rather gothic – so keep in mind that it’s rather dark. It also has that on purposely rusty touch to it – trademark you could say from it’s creators. Overall nothing to worry about.

  • Homunculus (Manga) Review

    Homunculus Manga Review

    by Arlenesnts



    Author: Yamamoto Hideo
    Status: Completed
    Chapters: 166
    Volume: 15
    Genre: Drama, Psychological, Mystery


    The Plot of Homunculus

    First of all, what is Homunculus about? Homunculus revolves around around a certain neurologist that is trying to research about trepanation. Trepanation is the procedure of drilling a hole in the skull. It is said to increase the blood circulation and improve pressure inside the skull. It is also said to bring  out a person’s sixth sense, the ability to use ESP, see ghosts, telekinesis. This manga is a speculative fiction about trepanation. The story involves a neurologist and his patient trying to prove whether trepenation really does these things. But there are problems the protagonists will face after encountering some “homunculus”. When I started reading this manga, it gave this serious aura and it made me think whether I can continue to enjoy it or not. Apparently, I got hooked with this manga. The art is something kind of unique to me, because it was one of the first seinen manga i’ve read. This is a mature story so it includes a lot of mature scenes and topics. For me,the plot is so amazing, so unique, so intriguing and it is surely a mystery material. It’s also quite fascinating how close to reality this is. No matter how complex the human emotions are, it is incredibly portrayed in this story.

    The Characters of Homunculus

    Mr. Nakaoshi a.k.a the patient/car boy. At the first few chapters, several homeless adults were talking about about how Mr. Nakaoshi appeared in the park, how he is living in his car parked between a really tall building and the park. You’ll be curious about what kind of life Mr. Nakaoshi led, but later on it will be revealed in the story. For me, Mr. Nakaoshi is your typical adult, the carefree, liar and irresponsible adult that is. At first you’ll hate him but soon you’ll start to pity him and understand why he became like that.

    Itou is the neurologist. Closet gay. Afraid of his dad. Those are the few things you’ll know about itou. To be honest, Itou is amazing. He tried his best to hide who he truly is to the point of forgetting he’s true self.There are a few chapters where it may seem to be the evil one. You’ll kinda doubt the story and Mr. Nakaoshi after reading Itou’s words. He is my favorite character in this story.

    The Homeless Adults represent the poor population. They are the people who are left behind by the modern society. Unemployed people who are trying their best to survive. They show how cruel the society is. You’ll pity them but at times you’ll see how in some ways, that they are wrong.


    Opinion of Homunculus

    This manga left me quite speechless. If you are looking for a psychological and drama type of manga, this one is the best. I enjoyed it even though I am really not into drama. I was able to connect with the characters’ emotions and all that. I got fascinated with it. It’s truly remarkable. It’s applies realistic stuff about society, money and emotions. I give it a two thumbs up. That’s all, thank you.

  • Ibitsu (Manga) Review

    Ibitsu Manga Review

    Manga Cover
    Genre: Horror, Seinen
    Status: Completed
    Volumes: 2
    Chapters: 15

    A horror manga by Haruto Ryou. The manga is about a boy named Kazuki. He takes his trash out one night to find a creepy woman sitting next to his garbage bags. The creepy girl asks if he has a little sister, he answers and runs back to his house. He looks out the window and the woman is gone. The whole manga revolves around who this woman is and why she is bothering him.

    Characters of Ibitsu


    Itou, Kazuki is our main protagonist. He is just a normal high school student living in an apartment near his school. He is a very loveable onii-chan, who loves his little sister. He is willing to protect his sister even if it means that he would give up his own life. He is also quite determined when it comes to unravelling the lolita’s secret or her real identity.

    Kanabe, Remina is the scary, creepy and odd lolita. The so-not-your-dream little sister. She will be the main reason of your nightmares. She gave readers a phobia of having a little sister that is into lolita fashion. Apparently, she isn’t the real Remina. Remina and her family is just a victim of the creepy lolita. She just took Remina’s identity and will soon take Itou, Hikari’s. The manga ended without any hint of her real identity.

    Itou, Hikari is the kawaii imouto of our main protagonist. She loves her onii-chan and is always concerned for him. Because her onii-chan is just another irresponsible teenager, Hikari always visits her onii-chan’s place to clean it and to check on him. She is the ideal imouto. Unfortunately, the ideal imouto died at the hands of our creepy lolita.

    Art of Ibitsu


    Typical art of seinen manga. Personally, I loved the art. It’s quite amusing that the background, the effects and the expression of the characters are so strong that it’ll take you away. You will definitely feel how the characters felt at that moment. They are all in sync. I specifically loved their frightened expressions, how it was portrayed. It really made me excited of what’s gonna happen next. It’s a sure thumbs up for me.

    Plot of Ibitsu


    The plot is a solid 10/10 for me. I really love horror stories and this one is one of the best I’ve read. It’s not your typical horror and gore story. There was more to it than just those two. The characters are unique, there are something special to eau and everyone of them. When i stumbled upon this manga, i was quite unsure whether or not to read it because i thought that having  lolita in a horror story is quite hilarious and stupid. Unfortunately, i was wrong. It definitely did not made the story stupid yet it was creepy on a whole different level. The plot twist are so nice it even made me punch the pillow (because i read this one at 1 am and the imd and the darkness of the room made it even better) The false hope it gave was so irritating but it made me like it even more. the end was quite disappointing because i was hoping to know the real identity of the lolita. It left me hanging. I looked checked almost all the manga websites to check whether the ending is different but no. It was it. That was it. I was hoping to learn more about the lolita and but i think the ending was already enough to know that the killings won’t stop there. That Itou, Hikari (the lolita’s new name because she killed the entire Itou family) will certainly hunt for a new victim. BEWARE BECAUSE YOU MIGHT BE THE NEXT ONE.
    I strongly recommend that you guys read it. It is simply amazing. But please read it during the night because it would definitely give a more eerie feeling. So goodluck and don’t forget to throw your garbage during the daytime so you won’t encounter the lolita XD

    -Review by Arlenesnts