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  • Owari no Seraph (Manga) Review

    Owari no Seraph (Manga) Review

    Owari no Seraph

    – Shonen
    – Supernatural
    – Mystery
    – Action
    – Drama
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters so Far: 19


    So lets begin with introducing you to one of my most anticipated mangas and in the future an anime. This time I will be focusing on ‘Owari no Seraph’, or ‘Seraph of the End’, this manga is a dark fantasy manga. An anime adaption for this manga was announced on August 28th.

    Owari no Seraph was serialized in Jump Square by Shueisha and written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

    Although there may not be many translated chapters so far, each chapter is rather long, each chapter has approximately 40-50 pages, and each is pretty in depth, there are the occasional cliffhangers at the end of some chapters to keep the readers on edge and waiting for more.
    Why does it seem likes it’s set in a school? Read and Find out
    There will be ‘some’ SPOILERS…


    Plot of Owari no Seraph

    Owari no Seraph

    Owari no Seraph follows the journey of the MC, Hyakuya Yuuichirou, this manga is based in the future, so I guess you could say its dystopian but then again it’s supernatural so maybe not. Moving on, in the near future, a new virus has appeared on Earth making the world’s population a victim. However, the noticeable problem is that only those who are over the age of 13 are infected. At this same point in time, Vampires appear from the depths of human life and thus enslave human kind, humans are treated as livestock for the Vampire’s own needs.

    The MC, Yuuichirou has always dreamt big, he and his adopted ‘family’ have been enslaved since the age of 8 and during his and his friends enslavement they try and escape. One friend in particular who he loves like a brother, reaches his demise, this character plays a huge role later on, his name is Mika. Their escape fails however and a tragedy befalls on them, instead we go through a time shift, I’ll skip one time shift, so if you want to know more, then heeey, better read the manga sweetie!

    Ok, since the plot gets more complex here on out, Yuuichirou sets his thoughts on total revenge on the vampires, his wish is to kill them all, and to successfully complete this goal he has to join a special squad that allows him to do so. At this point we see the emergence of a female lead, by the name of Shinoa Hīragi.


    Breakdown of the Plot

    Owari no Seraph

    Moving on, in terms of plot, I would have to say it is pretty cliche, it begins with an event in the past that influenced the MC. Furthermore, if you have read this manga some of you may argue that the beginning first chapter is pretty similar to Ao No Exorcist, I can agree with this, but in some ways, the plot itself tricks the reader into thinking that it is unique. On the other hand, I could also argue that the idea of revenge is used incredibly often in plots as it gives the characters something to strive for, and in this case the eradication of the Vampires.

    However, one underlying aspect of this manga which I found fascinating was how it pit the themes of innocence and cruelty so clearly by using children as a device to imply purity and naivety. The beauty of a child is marred by the cruelty that is witnessed and the contrasts in white and black.

    Furthermore, as with any typical shonen plot, the main character usually values the power of friendship. Yuiichirou also picks up on this, but as I was saying with the underlying themes, we have to take into heart that this manga’s genre is also ‘mystery’ and at certain points in the plot the author is skilled in making you think that something isn’t quite right, for instance, the title is ‘Seraph of the End’ (if I am to use the English translation), and usually there is the link between a title and the plot, now at various points in the plot there are also mentions of the word ‘Seraph’ and all these different hints make the reader think, something which should occur in any good mystery.

    Upon even further reflection, another theme in this plot is the use of political unrest and possibly corruption, torture and blackmail, the two best friends in information extraction, the implications of this and how the character reacts to this conjured up a feeling of interest in myself. And though I may not seem it, I also love the idea of politics and all the power plays in this manga, in terms of class and status and also military power added a unique variety of flavour that I very much loved the taste of.


    Characters of Owari no Seraph


    Leaving that behind, let us focus on the different characters; Yuuichirou is the blatant and perfect example of a MC that holds a deep inner pain or loss yet is surrounded by friends and support. The beginning of the story introduced us to his eight year old self who has been adopted into a greater family, (keeping this spoiler free as possible), his ‘father’ is killed by the Vampires, and he and his ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ are enslaved by the Vampires, resulting in his hatred and goal of defeating their captors. His character development is fair, although a little rushed in some areas, especially after a time shift, but his growth in personality is certainly one to admire, from the point of view as a reader.

    On the whole, the characters are pretty simple to understand, but the varying archetypes and personalities are all unique, to the very core. The main female lead, is also strong in personality, and holds an important status; she’s teasing and ‘manipulative’, in some aspects her character is very quite amusing, adding some important comic relief in certain situations.

    Moving on, as I stated before this manga revolves around the idea of military power and therefore status and class play a great role in differentiating between characters. The method in which class is used to separate the Vampires into their individual roles and parliamentary seat, a model of this would be the Vampire Queen, or head, each individual supernatural power depends on their seat. On a similar scale, on the battlefront of the humans, their link with demons and other supernatural forces depend on their personality and mental capability. All in all, character development could be better, but the variety of characters sidetracks the reader from this smaller defect.


    Art of Owari no Seraph


    Onto art, to be completely honest, art is the one deciding factor that gets me to read a manga, and this manga does not disappoint. You may think I am exaggerating when I say that the art is one of the best I have seen, but honestly speaking I do not see that as the case. In terms of digital art, the colours are superb, the layout of the panels in each page, are not always regular and used to their finest so that the scene strikes and emphasises the context in that particular part of the story. However, despite being a shonen manga, the tones and dark colours are rather heavy; the dark colours truly bring out and accentuate the cruelty and contrasting fronts between Humans and Vampires.

    If you do go on to reading this manga, it is not very long, but what is ironic is that some Vampires are drawn and coloured with little to no tone, does this symbolise the differences between the two species, or does it have connotations that actually, we as humans are the more dangerous and disgusting species?


    Penultimately, I could not help but notice all the symbolism and binary language that was present, so I will be making a future blog to analyze and assess this region of manga, and storyline. This manga, gave me so much to enjoy, and although I did a long ass review, the most important thing for me was that I enjoyed it to the fullest, and hopefully you do too!

    So I’ll be ending this soon, but in terms of the short mangas I have read this probably breaks into my top 10. So, I guess I’ll give this a rating of around 8.5, this is mainly due to the fact that there is still so much to develop in terms of plot and character growth, but I look forward to some more chapter releases and also the anime adaption which is soon to make an appearance, so yay.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Hajime (Manga) Review

    Hajime Manga Review


    At first Hajime did not seem as if it would be a great manga. It seemed as if it would uninteresting but a good laugh possibly. To be proven wrong about a manga being bad is always great. Hajime was unpredictable and great.

    Plot of Hajime

    The principle’s statue is destroyed by Kouhei and Akio. The two make up a girl named Hajime to take the blame. Ironically the two run into a girl with the same name and the same exact looks. The plot is very unpredictable and you never know when Hajime will show up. The two become confused of what is real and what is in their heads. It is very easy for the two to cross the run of reality and imagination. It focuses on the realistic aspect of society and how people react to certain situations.
    Within the first two chapters I had already doubted the plot of the manga. It did not seem as if it would satisfy me. The seemed as if it would just be a good laugh and nothing else. I was proved quite wrong. Even though the manga was short, the mystery was preserved through out the whole story. It even gave me chills at certain moments. To be honest, the last part left me hanging, empty and sad. It’s a bit difficult to move on. It was great nonetheless.

    Characters of Hajime

    The students of Hajime act as any student would at that age. Otsu Ichi Sensei can fell how they feel.
    First, the students. Otsu Ichi is familiar with people and their emotional state. Their personalities are similar to those of the same age in real life. Kids do tend to lie when they are in trouble. They blame it on someone else.
    Second, society. Rumors is what makes society somewhat alive. Rumors about hajime seemed to have been popular with society. Just because you’re labeled by many people as someone who is good or bad, people will definitely try to connect accidents or mysterious things to you which they did to hajime.
    Third, Hajime. Hajime is already labeled as someone who is a rebel, who do foolish things. Just because the main character blamed the broken statue on Hajime, people in school blame Hajime. The parents even got scared of Hajime because of the rumors that spread in town and for that, it was kind of hard to renew her image because she was deeply labeled by everyone.
    Fourth, Kan Kouhei and Kizuno Atsuo. The students who made Hajime up. The partners in crime if I may say. These two are the only ones, except the kid that Hajime saved, know her existence. The only people who know how sad it is to feel the pain of losing a friend. The ones who labeled her and the ones who tried to renew her image. Unfortunately it cannot be done. They are the most precious people in Hajime’s life. The ones who were able to cross “that” boundary alongside Hajime.

    All in all, I gave this manga a 10/10 for the amazing plot, characters and art. I love the great character personalities. So close to being realistic. Awesome manga to read. I strongly recommend it. That’s all! Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

  • Skyhigh (Manga) Review

    Skyhigh: In Front of the Gates of Grudges

    You have three choices now that you’re dead

    Imagine that your life ends. Then imagine getting greeted by a rather beautiful woman called Izuko – Guardian of the Gate of Grudges. She tell you that you have three choices: to ascend to Heaven to await reincarnation; to deny their death and wander the world as a ghost, or to curse a human, typically their murderer or someone who just happened to annoy the deceased, and be condemned to an eternity of agony in Hell. In this series we follow different characters and their stories. Which will be a rather deep journey. If you’re young – then be prepared for some scenarios that can be rather bloody, nude and hurtful. This doesn’t mean that this series is bad. Not at all, the Skyhigh series (this and it’s sequels) brings quite the package.

    Appeal of Skyhigh

    Skyhigh is rather ‘goth’ and brings just what you can imagine when hearing the word. Now, the series brings deep stories that challenges your sense of morality and common sense – since it goes into dilemmas of your mind. The ten stand-alone stories that make up the two volumes essentially focus on the particular character’s death, events leading up to it and the choice they make upon meeting Izuko. Seeing as they’re arriving at the Gate of Grudges, it’s hardly likely their passing was a happy one, even though they are at first unaware of what is going on and rely on Izuko to fill them in.

    Characters of Skyhigh

    When it comes to the guardian itself, Izuko. She’s with us all the way, but we never really get her backstory, why she’s the guardian – her feelings. This is a downer – but I guess we follow the series through her eyes – we are Izuko. Probably makes no sense, but if you’re to read the Skyhigh series then try doing it. To me it kinda made sense.


    You’re mired knee-deep in just about every negative human emotion and action imaginable right from the start. Envy, Hatred, Depression, Murder, Greed are all mixed together and served up with a handful dose of vengeance. To say, you will enter the ‘dark side’ of human thinking and spirit.

    Skyhigh Overall

    As for art. It’s not the best, I can tell you that – but it’s doing quite well delivering the feelings of the character. As mentioned, it’s rather gothic – so keep in mind that it’s rather dark. It also has that on purposely rusty touch to it – trademark you could say from it’s creators. Overall nothing to worry about.

  • Dendrobates (Manga) Review

    Dendrobates: The Ruthless Vigilante

    Watch out Batman


    Dendrobates, a rather simple but very intriguing manga packed with action and some comedy. I should mention  that this series bring some disturbing material. So if you’re too young then you should probably take a step back from it, though it’s your own choice. Our main character Sengawa works as an accountant for the police. At night he turns into a vigilante – ruthless towards whoever deserves it. You can say he has a strong sense of justice but he denies it – just calling himself a killer.

    It all has a touch of ‘Death Note’ to it. But don’t worry if you think this series is a clichè – because it’s definitely not, it has a lot to offer. The beginning of Dendrobates is slow but it’s fun and intriguing to read nonetheless. Sengawa has a reckless disregard for the system, his brutality and the steadiness of his own view of life. He has a mysterious past, one unlikely to be good and with a singular purpose of his own making. And that is to avenge crimes, for which he can be hired for fairy little – since he doesn’t care for it.


    Plot of Dendrobates

    As I mentioned, the beginning is slow so don’t let it fool you – many series starts of slow. The overarching plot itself is not actually addressed until much later in the course of the manga. At the very least, this does not distract from the enjoyment of seeing some villains get knocked off in the most elaborate and gruesome of ways. Now it does have some issues. First of, Sengawa – the dude is an enigma yet contributes to the max. Second is development which can turn one off.


    Dendrobates Overall

    Now the art is quite dark. It portray the vileness of people and delves into the starkness of the landscape. It focuses on the eyes and evil smiles in order to reveal the true nature of our dark sides. We aren’t only foul on the outside. There’s plenty of gore too, to highlight the brutality of the murders but it doesn’t go over to top with it.

    Want a gun-filled action?

    Then Dendrobates is for you!

  • Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga) Review

    Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Review

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    I had always heard that Fullmetal Alchemist was a great anime. I heard that Brotherhood was even better. To be honest, I though Brother hood was a sequel to the older series. I now know that it is a remake and is closer to the manga. Well I had been wanting to watch the Brotherhood series after I heard about that. Instead I decided to just read the manga. I had somewhat of an idea what the manga was about, but what it ended up being far exceeded my expectations.

    The Plot of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Score 8/10

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    The basic plot is about two brothers that practice alchemy. Edward and Alphonse Elric are the Fullmetal Alchemist team. They attempted transmutation (bringing a human back from the dead), but failed miserably; Ed losing his arm and leg, while Al lost his entire body. Ed quickly places Al in a suit of armor. The two journey around to find out a way to return to normal. They look for things called philosopher stones, but stumble upon a secret far greater.
    The beginning of the story moved it a bit slow. It just randomly picks up and throughout the first few volumes are random sprinkles of memories. I thought I was going to stop, but that was until you come across a man named Greed. Yes the seven deadly sins are present in this series. After that point, the series does a three eighty. I could not put it down! The ending was a little cliche, but really cool. I was actually happy with how they defeated the villain. The only thing I was not satisfied with was the epilogue chapter. I thought it would be different.

    Characters of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Score 9/10

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    For spoiler purposes, I will only go over a few characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. Basically the ones you know their intentions from the start.
    The main characters are Ed and Al Elric. Ed is a hot headed, short teen who is bent on getting his brothers body back. Al is a soft, sensitive teen full of surprises. They were a typical main character for this genre, but they were different at the same time. Their character development took it a new direction. Instead of becoming a stronger person in the end, they chose to be weaker (you will understand a t the end). I thought Ed would have sacrificed something else or worse do the one thing they didn’t want to do. I was very impressed with their character development.
    Roy and Riza are the main government characters. I thought their pasts would have been a bit different, but things were revealed I never imagined. I loved these characters the most I think. Who they became at the end really surprised me and it will surprise you as well.
    Winry is the last character I want to go over. She was almost my favorite character until I realized she had the least development. Her character basically remains the same save one thing that is revealed to her. Other than that she is a great love interest character.
    The villains will be tough to go over without giving away major spoilers. I loved how it all ended up though. This series has a great selection of villains.

    Art of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Score 9/10

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    I really like the manga art of Fullmetal Alchemist. It was smooth and the characters were beautiful. Plus the mechanical drawings were really awesome. Very detailed. The characters clothing were very interesting as well. I love the red coat Ed wears around all the time. Evenwhen Al was back in his normal body, you could still feel the armor guy there. You could tell it was him because of the artwork.


    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Over all I loved the manga. I love the villains and actually sympathize with a few of them. You come to love every character. The manga knows how to draw you in, giving you enough to want more. The ending was phenomenal. I loved the main purpose behind doing what the main enemy was doing. Sorry hard to not give away spoilers. What I thought was going to be just another action packed adventure manga, became a very emotional read. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good manga.

    Overall Score: 9/10

  • Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (Manga) Review

    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan Manga Review


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

    First of all, this manga is a short one and apparently it contains a bit of mature content. But all in all I think it’s okay for all ages. It’s my first drama manga and I totally enjoyed it. I read Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan because it’s short and somewhat like a change of pace since all I read are gory, horror, action manga’s. So I decided to try this romance and drama manga. Luckily, it didn’t fail to amaze me.

    Plot of Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
    So what is this Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan about? Juri is a pianist who has attempted suicide three times already. Juri is taken to a prison where murderers are on death row. She meets Yuu who has already taken the lives of three innocent people. They form a bond through their scared hearts and together learn to live again. Gong Ji-Young wrote the novel the manga is adapted from.
    I was totally overwhelmed by how great this short manga is. I enjoy reading every page of this manga, yes, every page of it. Every conversation is full of emotion. You’ll totally feel what the characters are feeling. The plot is so deep provoking and full of life lessons. It tried it’s best to be so close to reality and it was completely close. I didn’t find any hint of flaws. It’s one of the best drama manga out there. I like how it showed the result of poverty and the position in society is still significant until now. The influential people who tend to use their power against those who cant fight back. How injustice is still present. Those innocent people who are blamed for a crime they didn’t commit. HOW MANY SEEMED TO RULE THE WORLD. Those things were only a few of the issues tackled and I love how it doesn’t seem to be rushed. It was able to explain all those things clearly. But even so, the sadness is still unavoidable. The last scene got me. I was crying like a baby who lost their blanky. Yes i have to admit that I really cried. It’s just so sad that I cant think of anything but how stupid the society can really be.

    Characters of Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
    Yuu (Top), Juri (Bottom)

    Juri Mutuo is suicidal. Doesn’t seem to notice how lucky she is being rich. She feels excluded even in her own family. Her mother is a strict one, the kind of parent who wants to chose what you should be. She is suicidal and ungrateful because she also went through a very awful accident. She changed her point of view in life after falling in love with a prisoner.
    Yuu is the poor prisoner that led an awful life. He has a brother and once even worked as a prostitute to feed his brother. He ended up joining a bad organization. The pay was high and gave him some kind of security but it only led to further danger. He commits a crime on accident due to pressure. He became a negative person after this incident. Through Juri he learns to love again.
    The rich guy represented all those people who overuse their power. More so those who use their power to trample on the weak and poor.
    The family of the mother and child that was killed represent society. They are the vengeful people who want justice but go about it eh wrong way. They are irrational people.


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

    I rate this manga with a perfect score of 10. It’s so amazing. You’ll feel like it actually touched your heart. At the end of the story, you’ll try to seek for justice as well. You’ll feel like eradicating those who poison society. I highly recommend this manga to you guys. So yeah, that’s all. Thanks!

  • Homunculus (Manga) Review

    Homunculus Manga Review

    by Arlenesnts



    Author: Yamamoto Hideo
    Status: Completed
    Chapters: 166
    Volume: 15
    Genre: Drama, Psychological, Mystery


    The Plot of Homunculus

    First of all, what is Homunculus about? Homunculus revolves around around a certain neurologist that is trying to research about trepanation. Trepanation is the procedure of drilling a hole in the skull. It is said to increase the blood circulation and improve pressure inside the skull. It is also said to bring  out a person’s sixth sense, the ability to use ESP, see ghosts, telekinesis. This manga is a speculative fiction about trepanation. The story involves a neurologist and his patient trying to prove whether trepenation really does these things. But there are problems the protagonists will face after encountering some “homunculus”. When I started reading this manga, it gave this serious aura and it made me think whether I can continue to enjoy it or not. Apparently, I got hooked with this manga. The art is something kind of unique to me, because it was one of the first seinen manga i’ve read. This is a mature story so it includes a lot of mature scenes and topics. For me,the plot is so amazing, so unique, so intriguing and it is surely a mystery material. It’s also quite fascinating how close to reality this is. No matter how complex the human emotions are, it is incredibly portrayed in this story.

    The Characters of Homunculus

    Mr. Nakaoshi a.k.a the patient/car boy. At the first few chapters, several homeless adults were talking about about how Mr. Nakaoshi appeared in the park, how he is living in his car parked between a really tall building and the park. You’ll be curious about what kind of life Mr. Nakaoshi led, but later on it will be revealed in the story. For me, Mr. Nakaoshi is your typical adult, the carefree, liar and irresponsible adult that is. At first you’ll hate him but soon you’ll start to pity him and understand why he became like that.

    Itou is the neurologist. Closet gay. Afraid of his dad. Those are the few things you’ll know about itou. To be honest, Itou is amazing. He tried his best to hide who he truly is to the point of forgetting he’s true self.There are a few chapters where it may seem to be the evil one. You’ll kinda doubt the story and Mr. Nakaoshi after reading Itou’s words. He is my favorite character in this story.

    The Homeless Adults represent the poor population. They are the people who are left behind by the modern society. Unemployed people who are trying their best to survive. They show how cruel the society is. You’ll pity them but at times you’ll see how in some ways, that they are wrong.


    Opinion of Homunculus

    This manga left me quite speechless. If you are looking for a psychological and drama type of manga, this one is the best. I enjoyed it even though I am really not into drama. I was able to connect with the characters’ emotions and all that. I got fascinated with it. It’s truly remarkable. It’s applies realistic stuff about society, money and emotions. I give it a two thumbs up. That’s all, thank you.

  • Owari no Seraph (Manga) Review

    Owari no Seraph Manga Review


    Owari no Seraph

    English Title: Seraph of the End

    Genres: Shounen, Drama, Action, Mystery, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Vampire

    Owari no Seraph is published in Jump SQ (Jump Square), a monthly magazine that also carries titles like: Claymore, Blue Exorcist, and Tegami Bachi. Owari no Seraph first serialized in September of 2012, and since then it’s popularity has grown. It is an ongoing manga and the first volume is available in the USA. 

    Written by: Takaya Kagami

    Illustrated by: Yamato Yamamoto

    Storyboard by: Daisuke Furuya


     – Plot of Owari no Seraph –


    Owari no Seraph
    Manga Page

    The story starts in the near future with Yuichiro Hyakuya, already trying to find ways to kill vampires, even as a young kid. After a virus killed everyone over the age of 13, he and other children were taken as live stock for the vampires. Yuichiro and the other children make plans to escape but Yuichiro is the only one able to. He then vows to kill vampires. 


    – Characters of Owari no Seraph –


    Owari no Seraph

    ~Yuichiro Hyakuya ( 百夜 優一郎 )

    Yuichiro is our protagonist. He is driven by the death of his “family” when he was used as live stock, to kill vampires. He does impulsive and often irresponsible things without thinking of the outcome, even if it’s risking his life. Yuichiro is brave and reckless. He cares deeply for his new comrades that he meets and still for his old ones. 

    ~Hiiragi Shinoa ( 柊 シノア )

    Shinoa is sent to watch over Yuichiro, and eventually become comrades. She is calm and thinks before she acts. Shinoa doesn’t put much emotion in her words, except when teasing Yuichiro. Later through the manga Shinoa begins to develops feelings for Yuichiro. 

    ~Yoichi Saotome ( 早乙女 与一 )

     Yoichi is fearful, and a scaredy cat. He has little courage and is often bullied. He meets Yuichiro when Yuichiro saves him from bullies. Yoichi’s sister was killed by vampires which stimulates him to take revenge for her death. 

    ~Michaela Hyakuya ( 百夜 ミカエラ )

    Michaela Hyakuya was with Yuichiro when they were treated as live stock. Together they helped orchestrate the breakout. Michaela was unable to get out and was killed by the vampires, or so Yuichiro thinks. Michaela and Yuichiro were close friends. Michaela sacrificed himself so Yuichiro could escape. Michaela did not end up dying, he became a vampire. What Yuichiro has vowed to kill. Michaela is kind and gentle. He is also portrayed as smart and good planner, because of his actions the children had an advantage in escaping. When Mika (Michaela) became a vampire against his will he became hollow, a shadow of his former self. He would rush to battle but he wouldn’t care about any glory. He seems to construct a certain disdain for humans though he once was one. When he meets Yuichiro in battle his hatred disappears and wants to protect his childhood friend. 


    – Review / Thoughts –


    Owari no Seraph

    Honestly I absolutely love this manga. The characters are well developed, with some mystery and also very enjoyable and likable. The series has very little, if even none, ecchi properties, fan service, that takes away from the plot. It has the classic “Revenge” theme yet there are many twists and turns to a solid plot which is always intriguing. I would highly recommend it.


    – Ghost Girl

  • Death Note Chapter 109 (Manga) Review

    Death Note the Extra Chapter

    Death Note
    Chapter 109


    So I finally found a copy of the extra chapter from Death Note. It was pretty good and I actually liked how it ended. Near is a little more grown up now and seems to have become ‘L’ fully. He still has his old happens like building things and playing with his hair. He seems to be a bit more like ‘L’ as well in personality.

    Plot of Death Note Chapter 109

    Death Note
    Cries for Death
    Recently a lot of elderly people have been dying. Mostly only the ones who want to die. The investigators from the Japanese Police Force that fought Kira notice a familiar trend. Someone is using a Death Note. Near’s team also notices the trend.
    The Kira Kingdom show is going to be airing a special where people will debate what is going on. They will of course be covered up by glass so their faces will not show. People break through an beg C-Kira to kill them. He grant their wishes. Soon Near airs as L and announces he is not interested in this Cheap Kira. He leaves everything to the Japanese Police Force. It is here that you get a little back story with Near. He mentions that he heard L speak one time at his orphanage and that after that meeting with the children, L chose Near and Mello to be choices for his successors. He chose them because they said nothing to him and had a ‘nasty’ look in their eyes.
    Meanwhile in the Shinigami world, Ryuk is asked if he is responsible by a fellow Shinigami. He explains that another had brought apples from Earth and asked for a second Death Note. He gave it to a human to do as Ryuk had. He comes back at the end of the chapter disappointed. He explains to Ryuk that his human sat still for three days after he killed the people on TV. He then wrote his own name in the Death Note. Ryuk said his human was not mentally capable like Light Yagami. Ryuk stated that his human was weak.
    Death Note
    Like I said it was pretty cool. I enjoyed reading it and liked that it was not just a continuation. I see that too often with great anime’s, they have to add more plot line just to get more money. It’s not great, but just enough to keep the really loyal fans involved. I digress though, sorry :3. Anyways it’s a good extra chapter and in my opinion worth the read.
    Overall Grade: 9 out of 10

  • Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki (Manga) Review

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Manga Review

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Manga Cover


    I love picking up random mangas and then falling in love with them. This is exactly what happened with Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. It deals with paranormal activities and people being able to use certain powers. Each person is classified differently by their powers. Ao and Nanaki search for these cases and solve them. Although I feel like the ending was left open for another volume or a continuation, but it ended nicely.


    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Plot

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Ao and Nanaki


    Nanaki is hit by a car at the beginning of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. After that he is able to use certain powers. A boy named Ao comes after him and explains he is from and organization called Lock. There other people have the same abilities or completely different ones. They pair up and search out for paranormal activities and solve the cases. Each chapter deals with different stories. Nanaki has to be able to control his teleportation and heavens abilities. He is powerful in a pinch but can not command his powers at will sometimes. Ao is a really mysterious kid. He may look sixteen but he is actually twenty. Nanaki senses something is wrong with him, but will never admit it to Ao. Instead he speaks to Gunji his “boss”. He really doesn’t tell him anything until the end of the manga. Between puppets, vampires, ghosts, and fortune tellers, the two deal with everything paranormal in this manga.


    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Characters

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Nanaki and Ao


    Nanaki is a hard headed high school student with new found abilities. He wants to save everyone and find out what these new abilities mean. He is cocky and really into the ladies, although he is not lucky. He mostly stays in trouble. Ao is a quite kid with a mysterious past. He keeps quiet and tries to hold a strong front to everyone. Gunji is the leader of the group and is very calm. He is mature and makes them train often. Satsuke and Kanade are two female Nouryokusha user. Kanade can touch things and see the things from the users point of view while Satsuke has super human strength. The cast of characters are really great. They are essential to the story. Not all of them are explained like Satsuke and Kanade, but as far as teh main characters go, their story is told.


    The Nouryokusha of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki


    Nouryokusha are people with the ability to use certain powers. Whether it is teleporting or healing, any power is available here. Ao has the ability to heal wounds and change his special rod into anything he wants. Nanaki can teleport, use heavens ability, an has psychic abilities. Satsuke has super strength while Kanade can know things about a human from touching personal stuff. Gunji is really mysterious. He has powers but he never really uses them. Other poweres include telling the future, living forever, and so much more. Really not alot is explored when it comes to the powers. Nanaki and Ao are the only two who continuously use their powers and sharpen their skills in the manga.


    Like I said Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki was a great manga. It is not a long manga, but it is not short. With supernatural powers in the story as well as chasing after ghosts, vampires, and the such, you can not go wrong. If you happen to see this manga, then pick it up and read it, you will not be disappointed.


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    Overall Grade 9/10