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  • Hajime (Manga) Review

    Hajime Manga Review


    At first Hajime did not seem as if it would be a great manga. It seemed as if it would uninteresting but a good laugh possibly. To be proven wrong about a manga being bad is always great. Hajime was unpredictable and great.

    Plot of Hajime

    The principle’s statue is destroyed by Kouhei and Akio. The two make up a girl named Hajime to take the blame. Ironically the two run into a girl with the same name and the same exact looks. The plot is very unpredictable and you never know when Hajime will show up. The two become confused of what is real and what is in their heads. It is very easy for the two to cross the run of reality and imagination. It focuses on the realistic aspect of society and how people react to certain situations.
    Within the first two chapters I had already doubted the plot of the manga. It did not seem as if it would satisfy me. The seemed as if it would just be a good laugh and nothing else. I was proved quite wrong. Even though the manga was short, the mystery was preserved through out the whole story. It even gave me chills at certain moments. To be honest, the last part left me hanging, empty and sad. It’s a bit difficult to move on. It was great nonetheless.

    Characters of Hajime

    The students of Hajime act as any student would at that age. Otsu Ichi Sensei can fell how they feel.
    First, the students. Otsu Ichi is familiar with people and their emotional state. Their personalities are similar to those of the same age in real life. Kids do tend to lie when they are in trouble. They blame it on someone else.
    Second, society. Rumors is what makes society somewhat alive. Rumors about hajime seemed to have been popular with society. Just because you’re labeled by many people as someone who is good or bad, people will definitely try to connect accidents or mysterious things to you which they did to hajime.
    Third, Hajime. Hajime is already labeled as someone who is a rebel, who do foolish things. Just because the main character blamed the broken statue on Hajime, people in school blame Hajime. The parents even got scared of Hajime because of the rumors that spread in town and for that, it was kind of hard to renew her image because she was deeply labeled by everyone.
    Fourth, Kan Kouhei and Kizuno Atsuo. The students who made Hajime up. The partners in crime if I may say. These two are the only ones, except the kid that Hajime saved, know her existence. The only people who know how sad it is to feel the pain of losing a friend. The ones who labeled her and the ones who tried to renew her image. Unfortunately it cannot be done. They are the most precious people in Hajime’s life. The ones who were able to cross “that” boundary alongside Hajime.

    All in all, I gave this manga a 10/10 for the amazing plot, characters and art. I love the great character personalities. So close to being realistic. Awesome manga to read. I strongly recommend it. That’s all! Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

  • SWOT (Manga) Review

    SWOT Manga Review


    I discovered this manga through the help of a certain friend on Myanimelist.net. It immediately grabbed my attention because of the very interesting plot. I was also curious since a lot of reviews in MAL was all about how it actually sucks. Even though, I decided to give it a try. I don’t want to be like the majority of fans that decides on whether to pick a certain manga or anime because of its popularity or not.
    Before I proceed to the plot review, let me first define SWOT for those who are wondering whether it is just a random word. SWOT is actually a British informal word that means to study assiduously. You can use this verb as an adjective which is the case in this manga.


    Plot of SWOT

    Score 6/10


    Manabizaki Kyou is a transfer student, but he is also a SWOT. He dreams to one day attend Tokyo University and from there work for NASA. The new school he transferred to is suppose to be a very prestigious school. Before he transfer, though, the school took in a bunch of delinquent students. Now the school is full of gangs and violent fights.

    Manabizaki just so happens to be a skilled fighter though. He is very particular at defending his study area. Iwashida, a weak boy, befriends Manabizaki as well as a legendary delinquent, Hasuno Nene. She happens to make him feel certain feelings for the first time, making him confused.

    Let me now review the plot. Just like any other shounen, the main guy is pretty ambitious. He wants to pass the so-called National exam to fulfill his dream of working for NASA. To be honest with you guys, we kind of share the same dream, that’s why it really did interest me. The main character is referred to as a SWOT. He does not give any attention to anything or anyone that he thinks is not in any way related to his dream. The plot is definitely nice. The fights weren’t so bad. It actually has incredible fight scenes. You’ll really admire our main character by the way he fights. Since he is the ultimate SWOT in the school, he uses certain aspects of Physics. Yes, Physics. The science subject that most of us hates, even I hate it. So yeah, he did use the concept of free fall, projectile motions and also other stuff. Our main character is actually strong.

    Oh by the way, romance is also included in this one. Love at first sight, to be specific. It’s actually a good combination of comedy, romance and action. Like any other shounen. It is my first time reading this kind of plot though. The manga is only about 20 chapters. It’s quite nice to see a short manga that is action-packed. It is also interesting due to the fact that the main characters got mixed with all the delinquents fight. It is definitely worth the read. I did enjoy reading this one.


    Characters of SWOT


    Manabazaki Kyou is the one and the only SWOT. Our main character. He is a smart person and most likely to fulfill his dream. Despite the confusion, he is now trying to monopolize the delinquents so as to achieve his dream of having a peaceful study area. I am neutral when it comes to his personality. He isn’t so appealing though. Let’s just say that at first he is the typical tsundere and annoying person in a series. There was a sudden 180 after he met Nene though.

    Hasuno Nene is Manabazaki dream girl. She is not really smart, actually, a bit behind. She is also a great character. Kyou and her are a perfect fighting duo. Her personality is a bit interesting as well. At first you’ll think of her as the typical strong willed character. I was surprised she wasn’t like that at all. A misunderstood character.


    The Art of SWOT

    Score 3/5


    The art isn’t really that great. It somehow reminded me of all the shounen that I have seen and read. I was a bit confused at first since the first one I read Kyou has white hair, but suddenly becomes red. I wasn’t aware that there was an alternative version of it.

    All in all, this manga is a 6/10 for me. It was interesting and worth the read. I recommend it to those who want to read a short yet action filled shounen. Enjoy and happy reading!

  • Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (Manga) Review

    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan Manga Review


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

    First of all, this manga is a short one and apparently it contains a bit of mature content. But all in all I think it’s okay for all ages. It’s my first drama manga and I totally enjoyed it. I read Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan because it’s short and somewhat like a change of pace since all I read are gory, horror, action manga’s. So I decided to try this romance and drama manga. Luckily, it didn’t fail to amaze me.

    Plot of Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
    So what is this Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan about? Juri is a pianist who has attempted suicide three times already. Juri is taken to a prison where murderers are on death row. She meets Yuu who has already taken the lives of three innocent people. They form a bond through their scared hearts and together learn to live again. Gong Ji-Young wrote the novel the manga is adapted from.
    I was totally overwhelmed by how great this short manga is. I enjoy reading every page of this manga, yes, every page of it. Every conversation is full of emotion. You’ll totally feel what the characters are feeling. The plot is so deep provoking and full of life lessons. It tried it’s best to be so close to reality and it was completely close. I didn’t find any hint of flaws. It’s one of the best drama manga out there. I like how it showed the result of poverty and the position in society is still significant until now. The influential people who tend to use their power against those who cant fight back. How injustice is still present. Those innocent people who are blamed for a crime they didn’t commit. HOW MANY SEEMED TO RULE THE WORLD. Those things were only a few of the issues tackled and I love how it doesn’t seem to be rushed. It was able to explain all those things clearly. But even so, the sadness is still unavoidable. The last scene got me. I was crying like a baby who lost their blanky. Yes i have to admit that I really cried. It’s just so sad that I cant think of anything but how stupid the society can really be.

    Characters of Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
    Yuu (Top), Juri (Bottom)

    Juri Mutuo is suicidal. Doesn’t seem to notice how lucky she is being rich. She feels excluded even in her own family. Her mother is a strict one, the kind of parent who wants to chose what you should be. She is suicidal and ungrateful because she also went through a very awful accident. She changed her point of view in life after falling in love with a prisoner.
    Yuu is the poor prisoner that led an awful life. He has a brother and once even worked as a prostitute to feed his brother. He ended up joining a bad organization. The pay was high and gave him some kind of security but it only led to further danger. He commits a crime on accident due to pressure. He became a negative person after this incident. Through Juri he learns to love again.
    The rich guy represented all those people who overuse their power. More so those who use their power to trample on the weak and poor.
    The family of the mother and child that was killed represent society. They are the vengeful people who want justice but go about it eh wrong way. They are irrational people.


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

    I rate this manga with a perfect score of 10. It’s so amazing. You’ll feel like it actually touched your heart. At the end of the story, you’ll try to seek for justice as well. You’ll feel like eradicating those who poison society. I highly recommend this manga to you guys. So yeah, that’s all. Thanks!

  • Homunculus (Manga) Review

    Homunculus Manga Review

    by Arlenesnts



    Author: Yamamoto Hideo
    Status: Completed
    Chapters: 166
    Volume: 15
    Genre: Drama, Psychological, Mystery


    The Plot of Homunculus

    First of all, what is Homunculus about? Homunculus revolves around around a certain neurologist that is trying to research about trepanation. Trepanation is the procedure of drilling a hole in the skull. It is said to increase the blood circulation and improve pressure inside the skull. It is also said to bring  out a person’s sixth sense, the ability to use ESP, see ghosts, telekinesis. This manga is a speculative fiction about trepanation. The story involves a neurologist and his patient trying to prove whether trepenation really does these things. But there are problems the protagonists will face after encountering some “homunculus”. When I started reading this manga, it gave this serious aura and it made me think whether I can continue to enjoy it or not. Apparently, I got hooked with this manga. The art is something kind of unique to me, because it was one of the first seinen manga i’ve read. This is a mature story so it includes a lot of mature scenes and topics. For me,the plot is so amazing, so unique, so intriguing and it is surely a mystery material. It’s also quite fascinating how close to reality this is. No matter how complex the human emotions are, it is incredibly portrayed in this story.

    The Characters of Homunculus

    Mr. Nakaoshi a.k.a the patient/car boy. At the first few chapters, several homeless adults were talking about about how Mr. Nakaoshi appeared in the park, how he is living in his car parked between a really tall building and the park. You’ll be curious about what kind of life Mr. Nakaoshi led, but later on it will be revealed in the story. For me, Mr. Nakaoshi is your typical adult, the carefree, liar and irresponsible adult that is. At first you’ll hate him but soon you’ll start to pity him and understand why he became like that.

    Itou is the neurologist. Closet gay. Afraid of his dad. Those are the few things you’ll know about itou. To be honest, Itou is amazing. He tried his best to hide who he truly is to the point of forgetting he’s true self.There are a few chapters where it may seem to be the evil one. You’ll kinda doubt the story and Mr. Nakaoshi after reading Itou’s words. He is my favorite character in this story.

    The Homeless Adults represent the poor population. They are the people who are left behind by the modern society. Unemployed people who are trying their best to survive. They show how cruel the society is. You’ll pity them but at times you’ll see how in some ways, that they are wrong.


    Opinion of Homunculus

    This manga left me quite speechless. If you are looking for a psychological and drama type of manga, this one is the best. I enjoyed it even though I am really not into drama. I was able to connect with the characters’ emotions and all that. I got fascinated with it. It’s truly remarkable. It’s applies realistic stuff about society, money and emotions. I give it a two thumbs up. That’s all, thank you.

  • Ibitsu (Manga) Review

    Ibitsu Manga Review

    Manga Cover
    Genre: Horror, Seinen
    Status: Completed
    Volumes: 2
    Chapters: 15

    A horror manga by Haruto Ryou. The manga is about a boy named Kazuki. He takes his trash out one night to find a creepy woman sitting next to his garbage bags. The creepy girl asks if he has a little sister, he answers and runs back to his house. He looks out the window and the woman is gone. The whole manga revolves around who this woman is and why she is bothering him.

    Characters of Ibitsu


    Itou, Kazuki is our main protagonist. He is just a normal high school student living in an apartment near his school. He is a very loveable onii-chan, who loves his little sister. He is willing to protect his sister even if it means that he would give up his own life. He is also quite determined when it comes to unravelling the lolita’s secret or her real identity.

    Kanabe, Remina is the scary, creepy and odd lolita. The so-not-your-dream little sister. She will be the main reason of your nightmares. She gave readers a phobia of having a little sister that is into lolita fashion. Apparently, she isn’t the real Remina. Remina and her family is just a victim of the creepy lolita. She just took Remina’s identity and will soon take Itou, Hikari’s. The manga ended without any hint of her real identity.

    Itou, Hikari is the kawaii imouto of our main protagonist. She loves her onii-chan and is always concerned for him. Because her onii-chan is just another irresponsible teenager, Hikari always visits her onii-chan’s place to clean it and to check on him. She is the ideal imouto. Unfortunately, the ideal imouto died at the hands of our creepy lolita.

    Art of Ibitsu


    Typical art of seinen manga. Personally, I loved the art. It’s quite amusing that the background, the effects and the expression of the characters are so strong that it’ll take you away. You will definitely feel how the characters felt at that moment. They are all in sync. I specifically loved their frightened expressions, how it was portrayed. It really made me excited of what’s gonna happen next. It’s a sure thumbs up for me.

    Plot of Ibitsu


    The plot is a solid 10/10 for me. I really love horror stories and this one is one of the best I’ve read. It’s not your typical horror and gore story. There was more to it than just those two. The characters are unique, there are something special to eau and everyone of them. When i stumbled upon this manga, i was quite unsure whether or not to read it because i thought that having  lolita in a horror story is quite hilarious and stupid. Unfortunately, i was wrong. It definitely did not made the story stupid yet it was creepy on a whole different level. The plot twist are so nice it even made me punch the pillow (because i read this one at 1 am and the imd and the darkness of the room made it even better) The false hope it gave was so irritating but it made me like it even more. the end was quite disappointing because i was hoping to know the real identity of the lolita. It left me hanging. I looked checked almost all the manga websites to check whether the ending is different but no. It was it. That was it. I was hoping to learn more about the lolita and but i think the ending was already enough to know that the killings won’t stop there. That Itou, Hikari (the lolita’s new name because she killed the entire Itou family) will certainly hunt for a new victim. BEWARE BECAUSE YOU MIGHT BE THE NEXT ONE.
    I strongly recommend that you guys read it. It is simply amazing. But please read it during the night because it would definitely give a more eerie feeling. So goodluck and don’t forget to throw your garbage during the daytime so you won’t encounter the lolita XD

    -Review by Arlenesnts