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  • Ouran High School Host Club (Manga) Review

    Ouran High School Host Club
    Ouran High School Host Club


    Ouran High School Host Club
    Manga Page
     When Haruhi Fujioka starts his new school year at the prestigious Ouran Academy for the rich and powerful as a scholarship student, he thinks nothing of it. But when he breaks an 80,000 yen vase in the Host Club’s room, he is thrown into an even richer world. In debt to them, he agrees to become their dog. But the club soon realizes his good looks that were hidden by his bed-head, old sloppy clothes, and grandfather glasses. The new and improved Haruhi now has to get 1,000 people to request him so he can be free. But the Host Club starts to notice something… Haruhi is a girl!!!


    Ouran High School Host Club
    Manga Page


    Haruhi Fujioka is a 1st year at Ouran Academy. She was mistaken for a guy at first and spent the rest of her time there pretending to be a boy. Her type in the club is The Natural Type; she is also the “daughter”.
    Tamaki Suoh, the flashy, idiotic, beautiful king of the Host Club. He is the last to discover Haruhi’s gender, then the last to realize his feelings for her. He sees his club as a family, with him as the father.
    Kyoya Ootori is the shadow king in the Host Club and the real brains behind it. His type is The Cool Type. He knows all and always gets his way. He is the “mother”.
    Hikaru Hitachiin is the oldest of the Hitachiin twins, and the more mischievous one. He and his brother work together in the club, often going into Twincest for the yaoi fangirls, but aren’t really like that before and after club hours.   He is viewed as the brother in Tamaki’s delusional family.
    Kaoru Hitachiin is the younger of the Hitachiin twins; Kaoru is the nicer one when he’s by himself. He is also a brother in Tamaki’s family. He and Hikaru often tease Tamaki about Haruhi and sees people as their playthings.

    Mitsukuni “Honey” Honinozuka is a boy-loli; but don’t let his size and personality fool you, he’s 18. His obsession is any and everything cute or sweet. His type is The Cute Type, and role in the family is Neighbor.

    Takashi Morinozuka is the Strong/Silent Type that only says one word a chapter. He is loyal to his friends and is Honey’s cousin. He is also a neighbor in the family.



    My Thoughts:

    Ouran High School Host Club
    Manga Page


    Totally awesome. I have never laughed or fangirled so hard in all the manga I’ve read! A very good manga from Viz Media/Shojo Beat.

    Character Design: A-;  the legs are a little too long at times, and arms too skinny.

    Background Design: A; makes me wish I could draw bunnies and flowers like that!

    Romance: A+; Amazing!  If only guys were like this in real life~!
    Overall: You need to see!

    – Review by Daydreamer Kate

  • Hana Kimi (Manga) Review

    Hana Kimi Manga Review


    Plot of Hana Kimi


    Mizuki Ashiya is a Japanese girl born and raised in America. But on a trip to Japan, she sees on a sports channel some people doing the high jump, and falls in love with it; or mainly, the high jumper, Izumi Sano. On her return to America, she joins the track team and becomes obsessed with Sano. So much so, that in her first year of High School, she disguise herself as a guy to enter his all-boys school! Becoming immediate friends with the fastest boy in school, she tries to get over the fact that Sano has quit the High Jump and doesn’t like her. Turns out, Sano realized that the weird American boy that’s been following him around is actually a weird American GIRL. But he can’t avoid her forever, especially since they’re roommates.


    Characters of Hana Kimi


    Mizuki Ashiya is a high school girl from America that transfers to an all-boys school in Japan just to be with her Idol. She is incredibly hyper and doesn’t take care of herself the way she should.

    Izumi Sano is an ex-High Jump star that slowly grows to like Mizuki; but hides the fact that he knows she’s a girl. He is teased because he acts like a “mother cat that just had kittens” when it comes to Mizuki.

    Nakatsu is the fastest boy in school that becomes best friends with Mizuki, who is later bumped down to the second fastest because of Mizuki. He doesn’t know that Mizuki is really a girl but still reacts to her feminine side that she can’t hide, falling in love with her. He’s a total idiot.

    Doctor Umeda is a doctor (?) that discovered Mizuki’s secret the second he sees her. He is famous for his “Umeda Kick”, a kick to the back of head or a person he doesn’t like or is annoyed by; which is basically everyone except Mizuki.

    Minami Nanba is the School’s playboy. He has small moments where he can sense Mizuki’s femininity and his player side comes out, making Sano and a few others jealous. He is also in charge of the dorm that Mizuki, Sano, and Nakatsu stay in.


    Thoughts of Hana Kimi


    This manga is alright; it’s not perfect. I read it for a pastime, like waiting on another chapter for another manga or until I find something better.

    Character Design: A; they all have their own personalities, and the design is good. There are “chibi moments”, where the characters lose detail and whatnot for some parts that are funny.

    Background: B+; the mangaka uses real pictures sometimes, but when she does draw the background, it’s pretty good.

    Romance: A-; the characters realize their love pretty soon, albeit a lot of denial on the guys parts.

    Humor: A; There are parts where I’m crying from laughing so hard. But then there are parts that are meant to be funny that I’m straight-faced.

    Warning! There is very slight yaoi!!!

  • Alice in the Country of Hearts (Manga) Review

    Alice in the Country of Hearts Manga Review

    Alice in the Country of Hearts

    A manga following the story of the books written by Lewis Carrol, Alice in the Country of Hearts is a nice manga retelling of the original story. A confusing manga to get through, nonetheless a great manga.


    Plot of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts
    Manga Page
    Alice is having a nap in her garden when suddenly before her is a young man with rabbit ears! He whisks her away (kidnapped) to a fantastic (but dangerous) world that seems straight out of a (violent) fairy tale.
    In Wonderland, the White Rabbit, Peter, makes her drink a “medicine” to keep her there and play in their games, then leaves her. In her search for the White Rabbit so she can hit him, Alice is almost killed by twin gatekeepers and a tall March Hare. As she walks around the new world, she runs into a knight that has absolutely no sense of direction -none, whatsoever- who takes her to Peter. In the end, she forgets about hitting him.
    So our dear Alice continues her journey through Wonderland, looking for a way to go home, trying not to fall in love along the way.

    Characters of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts
    Alice Lidell- A normal girl with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Deciding to stay in the Wonderland she was forcefully carried to, she’s adapted to her strange new lifestyle.
    Julius Monrey- The Clockmaker, but sometimes called the undertaker, is letting Alice stay with him and “help” with his work. Meaning, letting her make him coffee.
    Blood Dupre-The head of the mafia Hatter Family.  Blood is a cunning yet moody puppet-master that looks surprisingly like someone Alice once knew and loved.
    Elliot March- Blood’s right-hand man has a criminal past… and a temperamental present. But he’s not as bad as he used to be, so that’s something. Joining Blood has been good(?) for him.
    Tweedle Dee- One of the “Bloody Twins” and gatekeeper of the Hatter Territory.  Dee can be cute when he’s not being terrifying.
    Tweedle Dum- The second “Bloody Twins” is equally cute and equally scary.
    Vivaldi- The beautiful Queen of Hearts has an unrivaled temper- which is really saying something in Wonderland. Although a picture-perfect Mad Queen, she cares for Alice as if Alice were her little sister… or a very interesting plaything.
    Peter White- The Prime Minister of Heart Castle- who has rabbit ears growing out of his head-  invited (kidnapped) Alice to Wonderland. He loves Alice and hates everything else. His cruel, irrational actions are disturbing, but he acts like a completely different person (rabbit?) when in the throes of his love for Alice.
    Ace-The unlucky Knight of Hearts was a former subordinate of Vivaldi and is perpetually lost.  He seems like a  classic nice guy… or is he?
    Boris Airay- This riddle-loving cat has a signature smirk. One of his favorite pastimes is giving the Sleepy Mouse a hard time.
    Nightmare Gottschalk- A sickly nightmare who hates the hospital and needles. He has the power to read people’s thoughts and enter dreams; Gray drags him out to sulk from time to time. He technically holds a high position and has many subordinates, but since he can’t even take care of his own health, he leaves most things to Gray.
    Gray Ringmarc-Nightmare’s subordinate in Clover. He used to have strong social ambition and considered assassinating Nightmare… but couldn’t since Nightmare was such a useless boss, Gray couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and ended up a dedicated assistant. He’s a sound thinker with a strong work ethic. He’s also highly skilled with his blades, rivaling even Ace.
    Pierce Villiers-  Pierce is an insomniac mouse who drinks too much coffee. He loves Nightmare ( who can help him sleep) and hates Boris ( who terrifies him). He can dislike Blood and Vivaldi for discarding coffee in favor of tea. He likes Elliot and Peter well enough, since rabbits aren’t natural predators of mice.

    Thoughts of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts

    A sort of confusing manga, but it’s about Wonderland, so what do you expect? There are three or so other books that go with this… Alice in the Land of Clover, Alice in the land  of Joker, Alice loves fables. I’m pretty sure Alice in the land of Hearts is the first series though.
    Alice in the Land of Clover are little stories about Alice falling in love with the male characters. Some are more than one manga, going up to seven books. Some are just one book.
    Some of the books are written by different people. You can tell by the style of the character drawings (instead of looking at the names).
    The character design, background design and action scenes are all pretty good: B+. The romance is a little slow, all the characters are willing to show their love for Alice, but she always holds back and ends up hurting them.
    Overall: 7 out of 10

    Review by Daydreamer Kate

  • Inuyasha (Manga) Review

    Inuyasha Manga Review

    Manga Cover

    A well-made manga by Rumiko Takahashi. The beginning is a little slow, but picks up speed after the first fight. It’s mainly action, but has a lot of romance.


    Plot of Inuyasha

    Manga Page

    After falling into an old well and being transported to ancient Japan, a fifteen year old girl named Kagome discovers that her destiny is linked to the half demon called Inuyasha! As Kagome learns more about her connection to the past and to Inuyasha, she comes into conflict with the terrible demons that are drawn to the Shikon Jewel, a powerful gem that grants the possessor any wish. Finding the shards of the Shikon Jewel is going to require powerful magic, strange allies, and a strong heart. Kagome’s got plenty of heart, but she’s going to need Inuyasha’s help for the rest of it, and he may not be so willing to lend a hand!


    Characters of Inuyasha


    Kagome-A modern-day Japanese school girl who is a reincarnation of Kikyo, a priestess who imprisoned

    Inuyasha for fifty years with an enchanted arrow. As for Kikyo’s reincarnation, Kagome has the power to see Shikon Jewel shards, even ones hidden inside a demon’s body.

    Inuyasha- A half-human, half-demon hybrid, Inuyasha has dog-like ears, a thick mane of silver hair and inhuman strength. He assists Kagome in her search for the shards of the Shikon jewel, mostly because he has no choice in the matter- a charmed necklace allows Kagome to restrain him with a single word.

    Shippo- A young fox demon orphaned by two demon brothers, who’s powers have been boosted by the Shikon Jewel. The mischievous Shippo enjoys goading Inuyasha and playing tricks with his shape-shifting abilities.

    Miroku- An easy-going Buddhist priest of questionable morals. Miroku bears a curse passed down from his grandfather and is searching for the demon Naraku, who first inflicting the curse.

    Sango- A proud demon slayer from the village where the first Shikon Jewel was born. Her clan and family lost, she fights on against the demonic Naraku along with Inuyasha.

    Naraku- An enigmatic demon mastermind behind the miseries of nearly everyone in the story. He has the power to create illusions to confound his enemies

    Kagura- Kagura was produced as a doppelganger from part of Naraku’s body. Kagura inherited her abilities from a demon that controlled the wind.

    Sesshomaru- Inuyasha’s half-brother by the same demon father, Sesshomaru is a pureblood demon who covets the sword left to Inuyasha by their father.

    Kikyo- A village priestess who was  the original protector of the Shikon Jewel. She died fifty years ago.


    Thoughts on Inuyasha


    Character Design: A; Even if some of Rumiko’s characters look alike, their personalities aren’t.

    Background Design: A; The mangaka pays close attention to the little details. Most of the time…

    Action Scenes: A+; Even if I was a kid when I first found Inuyasha, the action scenes always had me reading as fast as I could to find out what happens.

    Romance: A-; It’s one of those kind of moments where you want to whack a person because they are too stupid to figure out they’re in love!

    The series is a little old, and there are probably more detailed manga that people are used to, but hey, when did manga have an expiration date?

    Overall: A very good manga! I would highly recommend it!


    -Daydreamer Kate

  • Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare (Manga) Review

    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare Manga Review


    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare

    A romantic story by Gotou Misaki; it is severely underrated. For just ten chapters, it is a short burst of romance. When it ends, you wish it didn’t.


    Plot of Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare

    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare
    Manga Page

    Hanako had a bad experience with boys when she was in grade school, so with her high school becoming co-ed, she has mixed feelings. But the first boy she meets is the top student from the boy’s school, Kakeru- who turns out to be not as nice as he seems- declares that he will make Hanako share a room with him! Poor girl does everything in her power to top him, but she just can’t win…


    Characters of Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare

    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare
    Manga Page

    Hanako- A child-like high school girl. One word to describe her: naïve. She has- unwantedly- gained the attention of the most popular boy in her new co-ed school.

    Kakeru- The most popular boy at Hanako’s school. One word to describe him: perverted. He has made it his life-purpose to tease/embarrass Hanako. He is also very possessive.

    Hazuki- lied to Hanako about boys to make her glad her school was going co-ed.


    Thoughts on Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare

    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare
    Manga Page

    Character Design: A; like a lot of mangaka’s, the characters look a lot like the author’s other characters.

    Background Design: B: there isn’t a lot of background, mainly sparkles, flowers or a school desk.

    Romance: A; they find out their feelings for each other fairly quickly, but struggle too much with their old lives to be together until towards the end.

    Overall: A very good manga! I would highly recommend it!


    WARNING!! Some suggestive themes and highly perverted characters.


    -Daydreamer Kate