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  • Ran to Haiiro no Sekai (Manga) Review

    Ran to Haiiro no Sekai Manga Review

    The magical family

    Ran to Haiiro no Sekai has a Uchouten Kazoku feel to it – in other words; it’s charming, funny and just has a good atmosphere. In this series we follow the Uruma-family and their magical daily lives. The characters and events/dilemmas are quite funny and…well, magical. As a big fan of Seinen, Ran to Haiiro no Sekai contributes and lives up to it’s genre perfectly. It’s story is simple and doesn’t complicate things at all.


    Plot of Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

    The series starts out with Ran, our young protagonist, who is missing her mother. That seems entirely normal. She’s also looking for overly large shoes and her brother’s taken the time to hide them. Strange introduction to her brother, but, that seems normal. Then, when she discovers them we see that she’s not normal. With magic, Ran swipes them from the top of the light, and puts her feet into her large shoes and then grows into them. It’s all magic and Ran wanted to become bigger so that she could find her mother.


    Characters of Ran to Haiiro no Sekai


    Since the family is rather dysfunction the characters brings a lot to the table. It’s a Nurarihyon dilemma when it comes to our main protagonist, Ran. She’s in a complex relationship with a much older man. Her older character (the one that can grow into her larger shoes) has seduced a playboy. Her older brother, is a beast mage. Her father is King of all the crows, and her mother is a sorceress. That’s why Ran’s a sorceress – and the reason her mother is missing is because her mother is the strongest sorceress and protecting a huge door from opening.


    Final Thoughts of Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

    It’s atmosphere, the emotions always making sure that it feels intangible and whimsical. It’s very nicely planned, leaving some things unexplained for a while only to increase shock value, or maybe letting the readers know something that the characters do not, and sometimes he just prioritizes the order of events just to give us readers the best experience. Having that said, it goes pretty much without saying that the art is amazing.

    This series is worth your time!

  • Ibitsu (Manga) Review

    Ibitsu Manga Review

    Manga Cover
    Genre: Horror, Seinen
    Status: Completed
    Volumes: 2
    Chapters: 15

    A horror manga by Haruto Ryou. The manga is about a boy named Kazuki. He takes his trash out one night to find a creepy woman sitting next to his garbage bags. The creepy girl asks if he has a little sister, he answers and runs back to his house. He looks out the window and the woman is gone. The whole manga revolves around who this woman is and why she is bothering him.

    Characters of Ibitsu


    Itou, Kazuki is our main protagonist. He is just a normal high school student living in an apartment near his school. He is a very loveable onii-chan, who loves his little sister. He is willing to protect his sister even if it means that he would give up his own life. He is also quite determined when it comes to unravelling the lolita’s secret or her real identity.

    Kanabe, Remina is the scary, creepy and odd lolita. The so-not-your-dream little sister. She will be the main reason of your nightmares. She gave readers a phobia of having a little sister that is into lolita fashion. Apparently, she isn’t the real Remina. Remina and her family is just a victim of the creepy lolita. She just took Remina’s identity and will soon take Itou, Hikari’s. The manga ended without any hint of her real identity.

    Itou, Hikari is the kawaii imouto of our main protagonist. She loves her onii-chan and is always concerned for him. Because her onii-chan is just another irresponsible teenager, Hikari always visits her onii-chan’s place to clean it and to check on him. She is the ideal imouto. Unfortunately, the ideal imouto died at the hands of our creepy lolita.

    Art of Ibitsu


    Typical art of seinen manga. Personally, I loved the art. It’s quite amusing that the background, the effects and the expression of the characters are so strong that it’ll take you away. You will definitely feel how the characters felt at that moment. They are all in sync. I specifically loved their frightened expressions, how it was portrayed. It really made me excited of what’s gonna happen next. It’s a sure thumbs up for me.

    Plot of Ibitsu


    The plot is a solid 10/10 for me. I really love horror stories and this one is one of the best I’ve read. It’s not your typical horror and gore story. There was more to it than just those two. The characters are unique, there are something special to eau and everyone of them. When i stumbled upon this manga, i was quite unsure whether or not to read it because i thought that having  lolita in a horror story is quite hilarious and stupid. Unfortunately, i was wrong. It definitely did not made the story stupid yet it was creepy on a whole different level. The plot twist are so nice it even made me punch the pillow (because i read this one at 1 am and the imd and the darkness of the room made it even better) The false hope it gave was so irritating but it made me like it even more. the end was quite disappointing because i was hoping to know the real identity of the lolita. It left me hanging. I looked checked almost all the manga websites to check whether the ending is different but no. It was it. That was it. I was hoping to learn more about the lolita and but i think the ending was already enough to know that the killings won’t stop there. That Itou, Hikari (the lolita’s new name because she killed the entire Itou family) will certainly hunt for a new victim. BEWARE BECAUSE YOU MIGHT BE THE NEXT ONE.
    I strongly recommend that you guys read it. It is simply amazing. But please read it during the night because it would definitely give a more eerie feeling. So goodluck and don’t forget to throw your garbage during the daytime so you won’t encounter the lolita XD

    -Review by Arlenesnts