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  • Bibi (Manhwa) Review

    Bibi Manhwa Review


    Written by Choi Kyung-ah
    – Drama
    – Romance
    – School Life
    – Shoujo
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters so Far: 32


    Ok, so despite the title stating that it is a Manga review, this is actually a Manhwa review. Manhwas as I elaborated on in the past is the korean equivalent of a manga, despite some obvious differences. Despite my most recent reviews being about shonen or seinen, BiBi is actually shojo, so I get this was a rebound from my little adventuring with the different genres.


    BiBi focuses on the journey of a girl Nabi, her childhood dream was to be a fashion designer but due to her single mother their financial circumstances put them in a difficult situation. Nabi possess a special talent, in that replicate any clothing design, and she and her mother gain their income through selling these replicas in a imitation store. Her mother who has a special fascination bordering obsession with fashion, makes Nabi enter the Seoul Fashion Show, going up against some of the most talented designers of the country. At the fashion show, Nabi who is the model for their design meets Jehu a talented designer who attends the prestigious Baekje Art School.
    Through a chain of events, Nabi gains the confidence to embrace her childhood dream and attempts to enroll in the prestigious school.
    BiBi Manhwa does not bave matur scenes, so far yet, but the latest cliffhanger does address something quite controversial or should I say against common human morality


    In terms of the manhwa on the whole, (I usually do this at the end, but let’s mix it up a tad) it was enjoyable and attention grabbing, however the plot is not entirely easy to understand, and actually requires a lot of thought since although it is a Shoujo it does border some aspects of mystery.


    Plot of Bibi


    BiBi, introduces the reader to a world of the competition in the fashion world, and the grit and jealousies that most people have encountered. As forewarning for those who do wish and hopefully you will try out this manga, the first chapter is slightly confusing and leaps straight in with brands such as Chanel and Gucci, as well as confronting the social divide between those who have more power and those who do not. And in some ways everything revolves back to this human eccentricity called money.
    However, before my mind drifts off into other thoughts lets get back on the train. Nabi and her mother are basically kicked out of a ‘luxury store’ and after this, the reality of their situation really hits them, at which point Nabi’s mother enters them into the Seoul Fashion Design Show, at this show Nabi meets Jehu, their meeting is sponatneous and memorable, but brings controversry to the show. The arc with the fashion show is important as it introduces the reader to the charactes that are most likely going to play a large role in the story. Similarly, this refuel Nabi’s goal of becoming a fashion designer. She tries to enroll in the famous art school, but to do so she first has to take a series of tests to prove that she is worthy of entering as a student.
    But moving on, to a major factor of the shoujo which revolves around romance, if you haven’t already guessed, Jehu and Nabi do have a spark, but it does get more complicated hence the cliche love triangle. But what defines the difference with this love triangle is the actions that the love rival commits against the heroine. It emphasizes how love can be both a fickle path as well as manipulative and causes happiness and hurt. But love can be a  familial and romantic love and both these groups are fused to produce a explosive result in the plot.


    Characters of Bibi


    Character development is slow but it does mean the reader is able to experience the same as what the MC goes through in terms of hardship and betrayal. Although the author has not revealed much about the characters’ pasts it does seem like they will further down the plot, as there are major gaps and hints that reveal some tiny bits at a time. Similarly, something that captured my attention was how realistic some scenes were, issues such as divorce, marital disputes and hardships were represented and conveyed.


    Art of Bibi


    The art is in the manhwa style and again is drawn beautifully but does require some getting used to at first, it has a fragile and delicate feel to it, but also incredibly powerful at the same time. Conveying both the strength and weaknesses of the MC in particular devastating scenes.


    To conclude, the story is quite fast paced but also slow at the same time, a bit of a contradiction but it is true, so if you enjoy shojo and want a different taste of feel, I would recommend this manhwa it is incredibly interesting and I personally look forward to what the future chapters have to offer.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • One-Punch Man (Manga) Review

    One-Punch Man: Caped Baldy of Justice

    one-punch man – best joke ever?

    One-Punch Man is in my book the number one Shonen clichè, and I’m pretty sure a lot would agree on this. That however isn’t a bad thing, not at all. One-Punch Man makes fun of the traditional tropes we usually see in an action manga splendidly. You’ll see over powerful villains for some reason introducing themselves again and again much to Saitama’s dismay. I would like to say that this series reminds me of Dragon Ball, yet not. It’s hard to put it in words but the feel to it, brings me back to DB. The fights, the humor you name it.

    The Plot of One-Punch Man

    Now the people who haven’t had a chance to read One-Punch Man before – here’s a little synopsis to get some insight: The story takes place in a the fictional Z-City. The world is full of mysterious beings, monsters and villains that causes destruction and havoc. A hero association has been established to protect the citizens from all these dangers. Individuals with superhuman ability can register themselves to the association. There, they will take a series of test to determine what class they are. Class C being the lowest and S the highest.


    Characters of One-Punch Man

    Now our main protagonist here Saitama was at first your typical Salaryman. He’s middle aged and lived a boring and uneventful life. One day however, it all changed when he saw a kid being attacked by a giant lobster monster. He decided to help and, you can say, miraculously defeated the monster.

    That day he decided to become a hero. He trained hard every single day for three years. 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 km running everyday for that period. Shortly thereafter, he gained superhuman strength, speed and lost all his hair. Saitama is a seriously entertaining protagonist. He’s laid back, he always have a goofy look on his face and he’s bald – which you doesn’t often see. He’s bored as hell. As the title says, he wins most of his fights with a single punch and now he’s basically going out of his skull because of it.


    Genos here on the other hand is kinda the opposite. He’s a cyborg and once he saw Saitama’s power, assigned himself as his student. He is your typical avenger-type Shonen character. He’s became a hero to find and exact revenge on a mysterious robot that killed his entire family. He now follows Saitama (whom Saitama objects to) in hopes to gain the strength he needed to accomplish his goals. This is a quite humorous duo.Now there’s a lot more characters but I decided that’ll do


    Art of One-Punch Man

    Now the art is just excellent the whole time. Saitama’s design is very basic – bald, white super-suit, cape. Yet his face is quite expressive. Since it’s so simple, the face expression does most of it. It’s wonderful how much emotion he can convey with a single look. While the hero is very simple, the rest of the cast and the world is incredibly detailed, whether it’s his cyborg student’s cool robot parts, animal themed villains, or the vast amounts of rubble caused by the fights. Overall, the art is gorgeous.

    One-Punch Man  is steadily growing popular in Japan. This is quite obvious. Looking for a comedy, filled with action? – then One-Punch Man is worth your time.

  • One Piece (General) Review

    One Piece: The Greatest Adventure

    One Piece

    What is the meaning of this Shogo?

    One Piece

    If you know me by now, then you should know that I’m a huge, and I mean huge fan of One Piece. It’s as the title says. This however doesn’t mean it’s my favorite – since it’s so freaking hard to rank. Thus I leave out One Piece when it comes to lists – goes for other ‘bigger’ series as well. You can say that this blog is a ‘fanboy blog’ if you want, but I think I’ve earned to let some love out.

    But yes, you can say that One Piece is kinda my favorite.

    The Best Series Ever?

    One Piece

    The ‘big 4 or 5’ whatever comes up often – which I really couldn’t care less about. Aye this be true.

    One piece can and will make you shed tears of joy and sadness. When you watch one piece you get a sense of adventure that no other manga/anime delivers quite as well. You will always find yourself wanting more (This Jikan would back me up on with joy).


    One Piece Overall

    One Piece

    The amazing thing about one piece is that its writer found a way to tell a HUGE story that got twist plots and so much glamor while giving the audience a feeling of adventure that will never make you lose interest in the characters or the story. You will be sad when the characters are sad you, will laugh when they laugh and you will cry you eyeballs out when something happen to them.

    The animation seems to bug a lot of people. Why is debatable but as most of the cases – the manga is better. The anime is of course in my eyes still amazing.

    Inspired by Caitlin, devoted to Jikan.

  • Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare (Manga) Review

    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare Manga Review


    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare

    A romantic story by Gotou Misaki; it is severely underrated. For just ten chapters, it is a short burst of romance. When it ends, you wish it didn’t.


    Plot of Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare

    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare
    Manga Page

    Hanako had a bad experience with boys when she was in grade school, so with her high school becoming co-ed, she has mixed feelings. But the first boy she meets is the top student from the boy’s school, Kakeru- who turns out to be not as nice as he seems- declares that he will make Hanako share a room with him! Poor girl does everything in her power to top him, but she just can’t win…


    Characters of Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare

    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare
    Manga Page

    Hanako- A child-like high school girl. One word to describe her: naïve. She has- unwantedly- gained the attention of the most popular boy in her new co-ed school.

    Kakeru- The most popular boy at Hanako’s school. One word to describe him: perverted. He has made it his life-purpose to tease/embarrass Hanako. He is also very possessive.

    Hazuki- lied to Hanako about boys to make her glad her school was going co-ed.


    Thoughts on Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare

    Sorenara Isso Koi ni Nare
    Manga Page

    Character Design: A; like a lot of mangaka’s, the characters look a lot like the author’s other characters.

    Background Design: B: there isn’t a lot of background, mainly sparkles, flowers or a school desk.

    Romance: A; they find out their feelings for each other fairly quickly, but struggle too much with their old lives to be together until towards the end.

    Overall: A very good manga! I would highly recommend it!


    WARNING!! Some suggestive themes and highly perverted characters.


    -Daydreamer Kate

  • Kitchen Princess (Manga) Review

    Kitchen Princess Manga Review

    Kitchen Princess
    Kitchen Princess
    I love shoujo, so when I found out about Kitchen Princess, I decided to try it out and it was actually very good. Revolving around cooking and the main character, Najika, trying to find her mysterious “Flan Prince”, I couldn’t help but find it a pleasant read despite the lack of character development.

    Plot of Kitchen Princess

    Kitchen Princess
    Kitchen Princess includes the typical happy go lucky heroine with her sad life of being an orphan and her being saved by a boy who she falls for. She decides to uncover his true identity, which ends up turning into a mere side quest as the romance aspect of the manga takes over. Most of the story takes place at a prestigious school in which Najika manages to get in and surprises people with her imaginative and creative style in cooking all the while participating in competitions and rivalry cook-offs. It’s the twists between her and the two brothers Sora and Daichi who have somewhat of a distant relationship that cause things to stay interesting as the story progresses. At times Kitchen Princess is full of positive emotions and nothing but happiness, however its drama and surprised is what keep everything well balanced, interesting, and sets it apart from overly fluffy shoujos and moe.

    Characters of Kitchen Princess

    Kitchen Princess
    Sora, Najika, and Daichi
    The author manages to create a well rounded female character as the main heroine of Kitchen Princess, however most of the others, especially the males, lack development and even distinctive personalities that don’t make them appear too stereotypical.

    The main character, Najika, is shown the be a positive girl who always tries her best and never gives up. It’s her personality that makes her a perfect example of a shoujo heroine. She even faces challenges of dealing with a death, and facing rivals at school. She makes it seem as if nothing can stop her which motivates and changes some of the other characters.

    Sora and Daichi are the other main characters who are brothers with almost opposite personalities. Daichi is classified as a tsundere almost whose personality and character never really gets any interesting than what it starts off as. Sora is known to be the kind and beautiful boy who falls in love with Najika, however the events that remove him from the picture along with his motivations is probably the only small character development he has within the story.

    Other than the main love triangle, Akane portrays the role as Najika’s first rival. What sets her apart besides being the usual mean and jealous enemy, is the fact that she has a eating disorder which is cured by Najika resulting in the two becoming frenemies. Unlike the other boys, Akane has somewhat more layers to her character like Najika.

    The last character that stood out was Seiya who was Najika’s other rival towards the end of the manga. In my opinion he was only conveyed in order to fill in the love triangle once Sora was gone, for he also falls in love with Najika; however she has already fallen in love with Daichi. He doesn’t have anything else to him besides being mostly a supporting character for Daichi and Najika’s budding romance.

    Art of Kitchen Princess

    Kitchen Princess
    Kitchen Princess

    The art style of Kitchen Princess is a typical shoujo style. At times it can almost look moe, however the mangaka is able to derive from that style mostly. One thing is the lack of detail for elderly people who seem to be drawn as younger people with only a few lines for wrinkles. Age distinction isn’t very apparent in this manga to me. Something that also stands out and is very important to a cooking manga, is the way the food is draw and displayed. It manages to look tasty enough to eat and have a cutesy appearance that goes with the shoujo atmosphere. Also a nice thing added to the end of the chapters are fun and easy cooking recipes based on the food Najika cooks in the story.


    Kitchen Princess
    Kitchen Princess is mainly a typical romance manga with a love triangle and undeveloped characters that seem to fade easily instead of remaining memorable. However, it’s the angst type scenes that add a twist and keep things from becoming too fluffy. The manga is directly aimed at preteen to teen girls with its charming prince characters like Sora to the bad boy types like Daichi. Najika manages to pull through as a decent heroine despite the classic sad past, amazing ability, and the fact that she happens to cause three guys to fall for her. The manga makes for a good past time, however it doesn’t stand out from typical shoujos, except for its somewhat dramatic and depressing plot twists.

    GazerockGirl Rating: 8/10

    – GazerockGirl

  • Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki (Manga) Review

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Manga Review

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Manga Cover


    I love picking up random mangas and then falling in love with them. This is exactly what happened with Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. It deals with paranormal activities and people being able to use certain powers. Each person is classified differently by their powers. Ao and Nanaki search for these cases and solve them. Although I feel like the ending was left open for another volume or a continuation, but it ended nicely.


    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Plot

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Ao and Nanaki


    Nanaki is hit by a car at the beginning of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. After that he is able to use certain powers. A boy named Ao comes after him and explains he is from and organization called Lock. There other people have the same abilities or completely different ones. They pair up and search out for paranormal activities and solve the cases. Each chapter deals with different stories. Nanaki has to be able to control his teleportation and heavens abilities. He is powerful in a pinch but can not command his powers at will sometimes. Ao is a really mysterious kid. He may look sixteen but he is actually twenty. Nanaki senses something is wrong with him, but will never admit it to Ao. Instead he speaks to Gunji his “boss”. He really doesn’t tell him anything until the end of the manga. Between puppets, vampires, ghosts, and fortune tellers, the two deal with everything paranormal in this manga.


    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Characters

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Nanaki and Ao


    Nanaki is a hard headed high school student with new found abilities. He wants to save everyone and find out what these new abilities mean. He is cocky and really into the ladies, although he is not lucky. He mostly stays in trouble. Ao is a quite kid with a mysterious past. He keeps quiet and tries to hold a strong front to everyone. Gunji is the leader of the group and is very calm. He is mature and makes them train often. Satsuke and Kanade are two female Nouryokusha user. Kanade can touch things and see the things from the users point of view while Satsuke has super human strength. The cast of characters are really great. They are essential to the story. Not all of them are explained like Satsuke and Kanade, but as far as teh main characters go, their story is told.


    The Nouryokusha of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki


    Nouryokusha are people with the ability to use certain powers. Whether it is teleporting or healing, any power is available here. Ao has the ability to heal wounds and change his special rod into anything he wants. Nanaki can teleport, use heavens ability, an has psychic abilities. Satsuke has super strength while Kanade can know things about a human from touching personal stuff. Gunji is really mysterious. He has powers but he never really uses them. Other poweres include telling the future, living forever, and so much more. Really not alot is explored when it comes to the powers. Nanaki and Ao are the only two who continuously use their powers and sharpen their skills in the manga.


    Like I said Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki was a great manga. It is not a long manga, but it is not short. With supernatural powers in the story as well as chasing after ghosts, vampires, and the such, you can not go wrong. If you happen to see this manga, then pick it up and read it, you will not be disappointed.


    Support Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki.

    Read Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki.


    Overall Grade 9/10

  • Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi (Manga) Review

    Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi Manga Review

    Yoru wo Utau
    Manga Cover


    I had never previously heard of Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi. That is until I had started to browse around for some short manga’s. When I came upon this manga, the art really stuck out. Plus I liked how it had to do with a mysterious school and a door to the underworld. Not only that, but the characters are quickly to love. Everything about this manga was really good. I have found that shorter manga’s are sometimes better.


    Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi Plot

    Yoru wo Utau
    Plot of Yoru wo Utau


    In Yuro wo Utau, a rumor has been going around Kuniyuki’s school that there is a door that leads to a secret dimension. Teens have been disappearing and the police can not figure out where they are going. Kuniyuki’s friend just happened to be one of the kids who disappears. He goes in search of his friend but ends up in the door himself. It leads to a mansion where a girl named Towa lives. She protects the school the best she can, but lately the work is to much. She takes Kuniyuki and another of his classmates, Kashiwagi, as her helpers. Eventually Kuniyuki finds out why Towa is so bent on protecting the people of that school. It is her fault that demons have been released. She has a good reason, but Kuniyuki does not trust her.


    Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi Characters

    Yoru wo Utau
    Towa, Kashiwagi, and Kuniyuki


    Kuniyuki is the main character of the story. He really wants nothing to do with Towa, but wants to help his friends and classmates that disappeared. He is quiet to other people, but they mostly leave him alone. Towa is a girl that once went to the same school a long time ago. She was seduced to the other side and became the protector of the school. She remains the same age and only wants to be done with her responsibilities. Kashiwagi is a really quiet student. At first he was watching out for Kuniyuki and got involved. The only reason he got involved was because he has demon eyes. They allow him to enter freely into the mansion at any point.


    Kashiwagi may have not had a lot of air time in my article, but he was my favorite character. You should really give Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi a read. It is only one volume long and has a really good completed and thorough story. Nothing is left out so you do not have to worry about any cliff hangers. Pick it up or read it online, you will not be disappointed.


    Support Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi.

    Read Yoru wo Utau Kodomotachi.


    Overall Grade 8/10

  • Kimi Koi Limit (Manga) Review

    Kimi Koi Limit Manga Review


    Kimi Koi Limit
    Kimi Koi Limit Manga Cover


    Kimi Koi Limit is a Yuri Manga. That being said, it is also a shorter manga. The premise of this manga is basically a love triangle. Some one loves some one else, but they don’t love them back. That person settles for another and still has feelings for the other one. Sounds like a Jerry Springer episode XD. It was a very cute manga though. The artwork was great and the characters were amazing as well. It is a bit risque at times but nothing too bad.


    Kimi Koi Limit Plot and Characters

    Kimi Koi Limit
    Sono and Hiroko

    Like I said, Kimi Koi Limit is a love triangle. Sono is a high school student in love with her classmate, Sato. She finally confesses her feelings, but Sato does not feel the same way. She wants to remain friends, but they lose contact after they graduate. A few months later, Sono is in a relationship with Hiroko. She has already slipped a few times and mentioned Sato and her feelings towards her. Hiroko basically took Sono in after she found her wandering the streets about to die. She had not intended to fall in love, but Hiroko could not resist Sono. All the while, Sono is freeloading at her place. Hiroko just happens to go to the same college as Sato. Sono runs into her eventually. At that time, they reconnect their old friendship. Sato starts to feel a certain way towards Sono as well. Soon they all find out about one another and Hiroko has to let go of Sono.


    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes romance mangas. It s a cute manga and you get to know the characters so well. I was really wanting Hiroko to win in the end, but she was just not enough for Sono. I also wish the manga had gone on a little longer. It seemed so short, but such a huge story to get out.


    Support Kimi Koi Limit

    Read Kimi Koi Limit


    Overall Grade 7/10

  • Darker Than Black (Manga) Review

    Darker Than Black Manga Review

    Darker Than Black Manga Review
    Manga Cover

    Reading the first Darker Than Black, I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was a popular anime, but I did not know what about. I must say, I was impressed with it. Darker Than Black makes you think about what you would have to give up in order to gain incredible power.

    Darker Than Black Plot

    Darker Than Black Plot

    Darker Than Black revolves around a girl named Kana Shinoh. Her father has recently died, and she is still struggling with the death. That is until one day she sees her father in the busy streets. Unknown to her, he has become a Contractor. She begins to follow him to learn what happened and why he will not see er. She ends up being saved by another Contractor, Hei. The real reason why Hei is helping her, is because he needs to find out what happened to his sister. Will Hei and Kana find out the truth behind Kana’s father and the mysterious sister of Hei?

    Darker Thank Black Characters

    Darker Than Black Characters
    Characters Hei and Kana

    Hei is the main character of Darker Than Black. He is also called BK201 and the Black Reaper. He is a very strange Contractor with the ability of Electricity. Kana is the other main character of the manga. She is just a normal human being only trying to find her father. Musik is a mysterious character that Hei hopes will lead to his sister.
    The other characters of Darker Than Black include Krang, Shizuma, Kanon, and  Dale. They are all part of the Wiegenlied. Shizuma and Dale are both contractors, Shizuma with water power and Dale with mud like abilities. Krang and Kanon are Dolls. Krang has the ability to resonate items until they crumble. He is the leader of Wiegenlied. Kanon is a medium and can only use this ability through mobile phones.

    Darker Than Black Contractors


    Darker Than Black

    Contractors are humans that have visited either Hell’s Gate or Heaven’s Gate. Doing so gives them super human powers. Each power is given out individually to humans who can take on the task. For this they give up the ability to feel emotions. Using their powers makes their eyes turn red and they have to give a payment. The must pay a price to use their powers. Either it be by eating a small round object every time or wearing ears while using the powers, a price will be paid. Hei seems to be the only Contractor with the ability to feel some emotion.

    Over all, Darker Than Black was really good. Mostly only because there is a sequel. The first series is only two volumes long and does not explain that much. Not much is explained until the second series. It seems to be a more up to date version of X-Men.

    Read Darker Than Black.
    Support Darker Than Black.
    Overall Grade 7/10

  • Ludwig (Manga) Review

    Ludwig Manga Review

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Manga Cover

    Of course I picked up Ludwig to read because it was by Kaori Yuki. I love her artwork and she did not disappoint me with Ludwig. I had no idea what the manga was about except that it was about a prince named Ludwig who was a womanizer. I was in for a nice surprise when I read the manga. It was  based after certain older fairy tales such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood. Only in Kaori Yuki’s manga, messed up things always happen.


    Ludwig Plot

    Ludwig Plot
    Manga Page

    Prince Ludwig is next in line to take over his father’s throne. His father on the other hand is reluctant to hand over the kingdom to his son until he marries. He is forced to leave the kingdom with his attendant, Wilhelm, to find a suitable princess. Along the way he runs into various fairy tale legends such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, and various others. Here is a summary of each Fairy Tale Chapter.



    Ludwig and Snow White

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Ludwig and Snow White

    Ludwig’s first encounter is with the famous Snow White. Her mother is very jealous of her because her father loves her so much. Yes, so much. Her mother attempts to kill Blanche (Snow White) by having a servant kill her and bring her liver back. Blanche gets away and finds the Dwarves. While her mother is attempting to assassinate her, Blanche uses them as shields. Finally her mother gives her the poisoned apple and she fell asleep. Ludwig wakes her up and takes her home. Ludwig’s father takes over her country and even takes her away from Ludwig. Soon Blanche finds out Ludwig’s real secret, he is a necrophiliac.


    Ludwig and Little Red Riding Hood

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Little Red Riding Hood

    Lisette was a young girl from Wilhelm’s village. She always wanted a red hooded cape. She was Wilhelm’s best friend until Ludwig came along. Wilhelm always did stuff for her and Ludwig was mad at the fact that she used him. He sets her up by scaring her into to thinking her parents sold her. She goes back to her house and ends up killing her parents. She gets the name Red Riding Hood and follows Ludwig around attempting to kill him. She is a hired assassin by profession.


    Ludwig and Sleeping Beauty

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Sleeping Beauty

    Ludwig comes across Sleeping Beauty, or Friederike, during his travels. When she was born her parents invited twelve witches to the shower to give their blessings. There were actually thirteen and the last witch was not invited because they only had twelve plates. Ludwig Finds her and wishes to make her his wife. He finally realizes it is impossible because when she awakes, she will be her proper age… dead. Here Ludwig meets the witch, Dorothea, whom falls madly in love with him. She follows Ludwig around, trying to get him to fall in love with her.


    Ludwig and Bluebeard

    Ludwig Manga Review

    Bluebeard is a fearful prince looking for his princess. The only thing is, he wears a fake beard to scare others. He is really a very sensitive prince, but the beard gives him the illusion he is strong. He too i in search of a bride. He has been writing one princess but sent her a picture of Ludwig saying it was him. Ironically when he received a picture of her, the face was ripped off in a carriage accident. Ludwig agrees to meet her but only if Bluebeard eventually tells her the truth. The princess has a few tricks up her sleeve as well.


    Ludwig and Rapunzel

    Ludwig Manga Review

    Ludwig finally goes to princess Rapunzel. Here he meets Dorothea again posing as a different person. She has actually imprisoned Rapunzel here after taking her from her parents. She keeps Rapunzel locked away in the tower. Rapunzel has secretly sneaked a prince in from a neighboring country everyday. He is madly in love with her and intends to marry her. Soon he and Ludwig eventually find out why Dorothea locked Rapunzel in the tower.


    Ludwig and Maid Maleen

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Maid Maleen

    Maleen and her maid have been trapped in a tower for years now awaiting her father to release her. When Ludwig and Wilhelm finally arrive at the tower they release Maleen and her maid. Ludwig thinks Maleen is perfect for him, but there is one problem… Maleen is dead. Her father’s kingdom was overtaken and destroyed years ago. Maleen and her maid both died in the tower.


    Ludwig and The Frog Prince

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Frog Prince Ludwig

    Ludwig is now in the company of not only Wilhelm, but Dorothea as well. Curious he places a frog puppet on his hand that he happened to find in Dorothea’s belongings. Dorothea explains that he can only get it off with a kiss of the first girl that saw him after he put it on. As he searches for the girl that happened to run into him right after he put the puppet on, Wilhelm is mistaken for a criminal called Iron Heinrich. The two are separated for a while during this chapter.


    Ludwig and The Goose Girl

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Julius and Ludwig

    Ludwig’s father has fallen in love and will soon be remarried. He has also decided to give the kingdom to his soon to be adopted son, Julius. This news has yet to reach Ludwig and he is still on his journey to find a wife. Julius and his mother have a secret they are hiding though. Julius has hired assassins many times over to kill Ludwig and become king.


    Ludwig and Hansel and Gretel

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Hansel and Gretel

    Hansel and Gretel’s mom left them in the woods for dead. When they finally figured out what happened, they ran into a house that smelled good. By this time, they were both so famished that they could not see that well. Gretel was nursed back to health while Hansel was tortured. A witch had killed the previous owner and was posing as her. They get away and take revenge on their parents. They came across Ludwig and became friends, of course they were young children at that point. They are both assassins now hired to kill their former friend Ludwig.


    Ludwig and Cinderella

    Ludwig Manga Review

    Aschen lives with her three older half sisters. They boss her around all day and she loves it! Ludwig comes to her house to stay while he is in the town. The prince in that kingdom is holding a ball and has invited every female to attend. The three half sisters leave Aschen behind with Ludwig. Ludwig takes it upon himself to make Aschen go and meet the man of her dreams. Ludwig soon finds out that the prince is really trying to get a hold of Aschen to harm her.


    Ludwig and The Goose-Girl Well

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Goose Girl at the Well

    After hearing that his father is going to be remarried and is planning to give the kingdom to another child, Ludwig makes his way back home. He gathers Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel and now even his mother, yes his mother, to take back the kingdom from the new pests. Julius and his mother, Petronella, have plans to take over the kingdom. While Petronella’s reason is a bit more evil and drastic, Julius has a more personal reason.


    Ludwig and The Blue Light

    Ludwig Manga Review
    Blue Light

    Ludwig travels to the Kingdom of the Blue Light to save Dorothea’s soul. She once saved him and gave her life so he could live, now he is repaying her. He travels to the kingdom made of solid gold to find a spoiled king. He sets Dorothea free from this king and makes her human. Now she can live a normal life and maybe even get the prince to fall in love with her.


    Ludwig is a really good version of fairy tales. While they are twisted and brutal at points, this is just a more realistic ending to the happy tales. Kaori Yuki really captured something with this manga. Her art style is really amazing and nothing more could have been done. She knows how to keep the audience’s attention with not only her art, but her story. I recommend Ludwig to anyone who loves manga’s! It really has a surprising ending and it is even opened for more stories.

    Read Ludwig.

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    Overall Grade 10/10