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  • Dragon Ball (Manga) Review

    Dragon Ball Manga Review


    Recently I finished the manga Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball’s manga encompasses the entire Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime series. Of course I found that there are many fillers in the anime versus the manga, but the anime rarely leaves anything out from the manga. This makes the anime very faithful to the manga which is sometimes hard to find. The manga was created by Akira Toriyama and ran from 1984 to 1995.

    Note: I will be using the American names while reviewing this manga. There are major and minor SPOILERS


    Dragon Ball Plot


    I am sure everyone knows the plot of the series, but I will go over it anyways.  The first 194 chapters follows a young boy named Goku. He meets up with a young girl named Bulma which only wants the glass ball that Goku’s grandfather (Gohan) left him. What he does not know is that there are six more of these dragon balls and when gathered they grant any one wish you desire. So they begin to search for them. A lot happens throughout these chapters and alot of characters are introduced.

    The last half of the manga ( chapters 195-519) follows Goku as an adult. Now he has a child and several of his friends. The story no longer focuses on the journey of finding the dragon balls but instead on Goku and his fellow friends saving the Earth multiple times.
    I have a lot of problems with the last part of the manga. The first part actually focuses on a set journey and destination (not that the last part does not). It seems to be more focused on the story and the fun of writing/drawing the manga. The characters all play an important part and Goku seems to grow as a person as well. The last part, however, seems rushed and just attempting to get a story out there for the fans. Goku does not grow as a person at all. The other characters play a part, but nothing really special.


    Dragon Ball Characters


    There are a lot of characters throughout the series. Some show only a few times, while others appear often. Due to this I only want to go over a select few characters. Basically the ones that play a big part.


    Goku being the main character should grow. Like I said, in the first part he does grow as a character. He is a young child so it would be weird if he did not develop as he grew older. He is naive and a happy person. What you would see in any shonen manga. He eats a lot, laughs at serious moments, and always saves someone at the last minute. As the manga goes on and you begin to get the Dragon Ball Z arc of the manga, his development stops. He seems to be the same person and just becomes annoying. *SPOILER* At the end of the manga he comes to fight at the Tenka’ichi Budōkai. He really only shows up to find Boo’s reincarnation (Uub) and take off with him, leaving his family alone AGAIN *SPOILER END* That was another thing that annoyed me about Goku. He seems to really only care about himself and fighting. Even at this point Vegeta would rather stay with his family, that is just sad.


    Which brings me to my next point, Vegeta. Vegeta is one of my favorite characters. He grows as a character (enormously) and becomes a great constant rival for Goku. I really have no problems with his character. He seems to be more ruthless in the manga than in the anime more towards the Saiyan and Namek arcs. *MAJOR SPOILER* I though that his true colors showed when he committed suicide trying to kill Boo. It really showed how his character developed from wanting to destroy the Earth to saving it *END SPOILER* He has one goal in mind, to get stronger than Goku.


    Of course, Dragon Ball would never have the story without Bulma. Bulma is the person who prompted Goku to find the Dragon Balls and is a driving force throughout the series. She is a genius and filthy rich due to her parents and the creation of capsules (which her father created). She is just like any other teenage girl, hates the outdoors, wants to be pampered, and is looking for the perfect guy. Even her character grows more than Goku’s. She starts as a snobby girl that wants her way and runs from any danger. Towards the end she calms down alot and even goes to the fighting sites of many of their enemies.


    I wanted to talk about the children of Goku at once. Gohan is not that big of a disappointment in the manga… well except for Great Saiyaman. That was a fail for me. Gohan does not seem to be that whiny in the manga. Goten on the other hand was a little annoying. I could see the importance of his character, but he was nothing serious to me.


    Trunks is a different story. Future Trunks is another favorite character of mine. He was similar to the Cell arc Gohan and therefore I liked him a lot. He is compassionate, but knows when he must fight. He is basically the same in the anime. The actual timeline Trunks was even just as good. In the anime he annoyed me a little, well a lot. I am not sure why though. In the manga he was not so annoying.


    Krillin, Master Roshi, Yamcha, Tien, and Piccolo all play an important part as side characters. Krillin is just as annoying as he is in the anime and dies just as often. He never catches a break. Master Roshi is extremely perverted. Yamcha surprised me even more in the manga than in the anime. He really trains hard and tries to catch up even though he can not. But hey, at least he tries and that is more than some people can say. Tien shows up a lot in the first part of the manga, but he seems to take a back seat in the last part, especially the Boo arc (which he is shown like one time). Piccolo grows as a character basically along the same lines as Vegeta. They both just develop way more than the first character.


    The other characters throughout the series all play important parts, but like I said there are so many to go over. Even the villains are hard to go over, so I want to just sum them up together. Basically all the villains have one goal, World or Universal dominance. They are all ‘really strong’ until Goku comes out of left field and throws a wrench in their plans. Many times it is not even intentional like the Red Ribbon Army. The villains in the first part are more of a joke than those in the second part. The Dragon Ball villains consist of humans and then eventually Piccolo. The last part of the manga has villains that are from other planets so they are more serious in their conquest.


    Dragon Ball Artwork


    Akira Toriyama was pretty consistent with his artwork throughout the series. The first part is a little more sloppy in some ares, but it is still very well drawn out. The paneling selection works out for this manga as well. Mostly the manga is filled with action scenes due to the genre type. In most mangas I read that have many fight scenes, the artwork begins to get sloppy and you start to jumble things up. It gets annoying, but Toriyama seems to keep his clean and this helps with the enjoying the manga a lot more. He seems to like to draw out the characters and takes time in their wardrobes. A good example is Bulma. He hair changes often as well as her outfits, making her character more believable as a  typical girl.

    Dragon Ball Overall


    Overall I did enjoy the Dragon Ball manga. I did get a little bored when I began the DBZ arc, but that is only because I have watched almost all of the anime. Like I mentioned earlier, the anime follows the manga panel to scene almost (except when fillers come along). Even though I enjoyed the manga, I would recommend people to read the Dragon Ball arc, but actually watch the Dragon Ball Z arc. You will get more enjoyment out of it that way.
    There are many things this manga can teach you, mainly perseverance. There were many times that everyone was sure to die or fail, but they kept pushing to get to the end. It may have been a fun journey at first, but it becomes more life threatening towards the end.


    Overall Grade: 7/10

  • Kuroko No Basket (Manga) Review

    Kuroko No Basket Manga Review

    I can proudly say that I pretty much loved everything about this manga. Even watching the anime after finishing the manga made it even better. I did watch the anime before I read this. I’m not even into sports that much but this manga was freaking amazing. It was a great example of a shonen sports manga. But on to the review of the one of the best sports manga.


    Kuroko no Basuke Plot

    Kuroko no Basuke has a very shonen type story where as the players get power ups and fight the next enemy so to say. This was done so well especially considering not a lot of anime fans like sports. Even the ones like me that don’t like sports can enjoy this show because it was exciting. Every new generation of miracles that pops up has you asking questions like “what can he do?”. Then when you find out you are amazed like I never even though of this. All the generation of miracles had a great power and the stronger they got the more exciting the manga was. Me personally I say the show had not much story but had a very clear goal. The smaller stories within the manga help with the development of characters and gave them reasons to be stronger during games. It was just an overall well planned story for Basketball. I really like the whole shadow and light thing too. Kinda makes you wonder if you could ever have that kind of bond with someone. I loved everything about Teiko and their back stories where one of he best parts of the manga. It just does a really good job of letting you feel what the player is felling and showing you what true struggle is in the darkest of times.


    Kuroko no Basuke Characters

    The characters are good for the most part. I really liked Kagami and his goal to beat the best players in Japan. It really made me want to root for him but kuroko was sooo dull at times. He had his good moments and he could be funny but he was just really dull while doing all these things. They got tremendous development though. Even side characters like Kiyoshi and most of the generation of miracles had good back story also. I freaking loved Akashi, he is bae. Both his personalities are amazing from his emperor side to his more calm and nice side. I hate kise. That’s it I just don’t like him. His ability was just dull and overused in shonen manga. Murisakibara was a god like center and I almost shat myself when he broke the goal. Aomine was cool but he was too god damn cocky. And I don’t like how he was crying like a little bitch when no one could beat him. Midorima was a great character and I loved his personality. He kinda reminded me of me sometimes and I could really relate to him. Overall the characters were amazing and you will like at least one of them. As long as you give the manga some time to explain the character and why they are the way they are.


    Kuroko no Basuke Art

    The art was really good. It could be over dramatic at times but for the most part it really gave you a feel of what was going on. Especially, when they were playing murisakibara and he looked like a freaking monster about to destroy them. Everything about the art was pretty good. No big mistakes and I couldn’t see them drawn any other way really

    Kuroko no Basuke Overall

    Overall I really enjoyed this manga. I just really loved the mixing of battle manga elements in a sports manga. Things like the zone and special basketball moves really made you want to keep reading and see what happens next. If you ever have time give it a read or even watch the anime. But if you have anything different to say or you just want to talk about the manga, comment, like, send me a hate message, Whatever you like. Thanks for reading

    -Manga Llama-

    Story: 7/10

    Characters: 9/10

    Art: 9/10

    Enjoyment: 10/10

    Overall: 9.5/10

  • Owari no Seraph (Manga) Review

    Owari no Seraph (Manga) Review

    Owari no Seraph

    – Shonen
    – Supernatural
    – Mystery
    – Action
    – Drama
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters so Far: 19


    So lets begin with introducing you to one of my most anticipated mangas and in the future an anime. This time I will be focusing on ‘Owari no Seraph’, or ‘Seraph of the End’, this manga is a dark fantasy manga. An anime adaption for this manga was announced on August 28th.

    Owari no Seraph was serialized in Jump Square by Shueisha and written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

    Although there may not be many translated chapters so far, each chapter is rather long, each chapter has approximately 40-50 pages, and each is pretty in depth, there are the occasional cliffhangers at the end of some chapters to keep the readers on edge and waiting for more.
    Why does it seem likes it’s set in a school? Read and Find out
    There will be ‘some’ SPOILERS…


    Plot of Owari no Seraph

    Owari no Seraph

    Owari no Seraph follows the journey of the MC, Hyakuya Yuuichirou, this manga is based in the future, so I guess you could say its dystopian but then again it’s supernatural so maybe not. Moving on, in the near future, a new virus has appeared on Earth making the world’s population a victim. However, the noticeable problem is that only those who are over the age of 13 are infected. At this same point in time, Vampires appear from the depths of human life and thus enslave human kind, humans are treated as livestock for the Vampire’s own needs.

    The MC, Yuuichirou has always dreamt big, he and his adopted ‘family’ have been enslaved since the age of 8 and during his and his friends enslavement they try and escape. One friend in particular who he loves like a brother, reaches his demise, this character plays a huge role later on, his name is Mika. Their escape fails however and a tragedy befalls on them, instead we go through a time shift, I’ll skip one time shift, so if you want to know more, then heeey, better read the manga sweetie!

    Ok, since the plot gets more complex here on out, Yuuichirou sets his thoughts on total revenge on the vampires, his wish is to kill them all, and to successfully complete this goal he has to join a special squad that allows him to do so. At this point we see the emergence of a female lead, by the name of Shinoa Hīragi.


    Breakdown of the Plot

    Owari no Seraph

    Moving on, in terms of plot, I would have to say it is pretty cliche, it begins with an event in the past that influenced the MC. Furthermore, if you have read this manga some of you may argue that the beginning first chapter is pretty similar to Ao No Exorcist, I can agree with this, but in some ways, the plot itself tricks the reader into thinking that it is unique. On the other hand, I could also argue that the idea of revenge is used incredibly often in plots as it gives the characters something to strive for, and in this case the eradication of the Vampires.

    However, one underlying aspect of this manga which I found fascinating was how it pit the themes of innocence and cruelty so clearly by using children as a device to imply purity and naivety. The beauty of a child is marred by the cruelty that is witnessed and the contrasts in white and black.

    Furthermore, as with any typical shonen plot, the main character usually values the power of friendship. Yuiichirou also picks up on this, but as I was saying with the underlying themes, we have to take into heart that this manga’s genre is also ‘mystery’ and at certain points in the plot the author is skilled in making you think that something isn’t quite right, for instance, the title is ‘Seraph of the End’ (if I am to use the English translation), and usually there is the link between a title and the plot, now at various points in the plot there are also mentions of the word ‘Seraph’ and all these different hints make the reader think, something which should occur in any good mystery.

    Upon even further reflection, another theme in this plot is the use of political unrest and possibly corruption, torture and blackmail, the two best friends in information extraction, the implications of this and how the character reacts to this conjured up a feeling of interest in myself. And though I may not seem it, I also love the idea of politics and all the power plays in this manga, in terms of class and status and also military power added a unique variety of flavour that I very much loved the taste of.


    Characters of Owari no Seraph


    Leaving that behind, let us focus on the different characters; Yuuichirou is the blatant and perfect example of a MC that holds a deep inner pain or loss yet is surrounded by friends and support. The beginning of the story introduced us to his eight year old self who has been adopted into a greater family, (keeping this spoiler free as possible), his ‘father’ is killed by the Vampires, and he and his ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ are enslaved by the Vampires, resulting in his hatred and goal of defeating their captors. His character development is fair, although a little rushed in some areas, especially after a time shift, but his growth in personality is certainly one to admire, from the point of view as a reader.

    On the whole, the characters are pretty simple to understand, but the varying archetypes and personalities are all unique, to the very core. The main female lead, is also strong in personality, and holds an important status; she’s teasing and ‘manipulative’, in some aspects her character is very quite amusing, adding some important comic relief in certain situations.

    Moving on, as I stated before this manga revolves around the idea of military power and therefore status and class play a great role in differentiating between characters. The method in which class is used to separate the Vampires into their individual roles and parliamentary seat, a model of this would be the Vampire Queen, or head, each individual supernatural power depends on their seat. On a similar scale, on the battlefront of the humans, their link with demons and other supernatural forces depend on their personality and mental capability. All in all, character development could be better, but the variety of characters sidetracks the reader from this smaller defect.


    Art of Owari no Seraph


    Onto art, to be completely honest, art is the one deciding factor that gets me to read a manga, and this manga does not disappoint. You may think I am exaggerating when I say that the art is one of the best I have seen, but honestly speaking I do not see that as the case. In terms of digital art, the colours are superb, the layout of the panels in each page, are not always regular and used to their finest so that the scene strikes and emphasises the context in that particular part of the story. However, despite being a shonen manga, the tones and dark colours are rather heavy; the dark colours truly bring out and accentuate the cruelty and contrasting fronts between Humans and Vampires.

    If you do go on to reading this manga, it is not very long, but what is ironic is that some Vampires are drawn and coloured with little to no tone, does this symbolise the differences between the two species, or does it have connotations that actually, we as humans are the more dangerous and disgusting species?


    Penultimately, I could not help but notice all the symbolism and binary language that was present, so I will be making a future blog to analyze and assess this region of manga, and storyline. This manga, gave me so much to enjoy, and although I did a long ass review, the most important thing for me was that I enjoyed it to the fullest, and hopefully you do too!

    So I’ll be ending this soon, but in terms of the short mangas I have read this probably breaks into my top 10. So, I guess I’ll give this a rating of around 8.5, this is mainly due to the fact that there is still so much to develop in terms of plot and character growth, but I look forward to some more chapter releases and also the anime adaption which is soon to make an appearance, so yay.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Shokugeki no Soma (Manga) Review

    Shokugeki no Soma (Manga) Review

    Shokugeki no Soma

    Author: Yūto Tsukuda
    Mangaka: Shun Saeki
    the creation of the manga was a collaboration between Yūto Tsukuda, the mangaka Shun Saeki and Yuki Morisaki, a famous chef.
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters (so far): 83
    – Shounen
    – Comedy
    – Romance
    – Ecchi
    – School life
    – Slice of Life


    There are mangas that are so good yet under the radar and they totally deserve the merit of having their own animes. And in my opinion Shokugeki no Soma, is one of those mangas that should have an anime adaption.


    Synopsis of Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma is ultimately a manga about culinary skill and cooking mixed with friendly rivalries and clashes. The reader is quickly introduced to the protagonist, in this case, Yukihira Souma, a young and gifted boy whos goal is to become the best chef in his father’s restaurant and eventually to surpass him. However, due to an unusual turn of events, his father, Yukihira Jouichirou closes down the restaurant to cook on the international stage. His father then challenges and rekindles Souma’s spirit by stating that to surpass him, Souma would have to survive through an elite culinary school, in which only a talented 10% of the students reach graduation.


    Plot of Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma differs from the normal mainstream plots comparable to those of FT, One Piece and etc, yet it still remains as its own success story. (No pun intended) Shokugeki, in my own opinion has a very well written story line, it has fast pacing when needed, for instance as the character do ‘battle’ to compete for the best dish. And is slow in breaks between each match to allow the reader to revel in between adrenaline rushes. Sticking with the shounen side of the manga, romance is not a major part of the manga and still at chapter.83 any hints of romance are subtle or ignored by the main protagonist. In some ways, because the protagonist: Souma doesn’t take hints emphasises the fact that his mindset is focused solely on cooking and his task.

    Similarly, I personally am not a fan of ecchi, hell, I will rarely read a manga if ecchi is one of genres. Yet, in Shokugeki the ecchi genre is not used as a lewd (lulu) and perver-ty way but as a technique to emphasise how a dish or flavour has an impact on a character. Furthermore, a strong foundation of the story is the addition of the Shokugekis, or public challenges between the students to decide the better chef. These shokugeki’s are the pivot for the storyline and each character is able to show off their abilities as well as to convey their struggle towards achieving the goal of ‘best chef.’


    Characters of Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma

    The characters are a myriad of different personalities and whereas some are for comic relief others show the stark harshness of the competitiveness in the elite school. Love interests? Who knows? There are too many lovely characters to get through so I’ll just choose a boy and a girl.

    One of the next major characters you’ll meet at the beginning of the story will be Erina Nakiri, also nicknamed God’s Tongue for her exquisite judgement of food as well as the grand-daughter of the principal of the elite school.  Erina, is one of the main antagonistic rival of Souma and had originally rejected his application into the school. Although Souma shows no hostility, Erina is not a fan of his although she acknowledges his cooking capabilities. Erina’s idol is Souma’s father Jouichirou however she is unaware of this fact.

    From Italy, Takumi is Souma’s self proclaimed rival, which seems one-sided and the twin brother of Isami Aldini. (un-identical if you wanted to know.) Takumi is also from a family-owned background similar to Souma and holds great pride in his restaurant name. As the story develops we see how his connection with his brother is both filial and strong, and at one point to breaking point. These are just two of the characters compared to the many. The character development could be better, however for the main characters their expressions and mannerisms are each so unique that you cannot help but fall in love with them.


    Art of Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma

    When I pick up a manga, art is one of the things I will always judge before reading it. There are many mangas, but not with art as superb as the ones I have seen in Shokugeki no Soma. Each scene is meticulously drawn and the attention to detail is amazing. As we reach climax scenes the use of the big panels help to draw the reader’s attention as well as quickly alerting them to which parts are the most important.


    Verdict of Shokugeki no Soma


    A very superbly done manga and one I would definitely recommend. What I didn’t enjoy about this manga was the fact that some chapters can be short and left at cliffhangers. On the other hand, each chapter offers something very different whether it be laughs or have you gripping your seat to see what happens next.

    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Hajime (Manga) Review

    Hajime Manga Review


    At first Hajime did not seem as if it would be a great manga. It seemed as if it would uninteresting but a good laugh possibly. To be proven wrong about a manga being bad is always great. Hajime was unpredictable and great.

    Plot of Hajime

    The principle’s statue is destroyed by Kouhei and Akio. The two make up a girl named Hajime to take the blame. Ironically the two run into a girl with the same name and the same exact looks. The plot is very unpredictable and you never know when Hajime will show up. The two become confused of what is real and what is in their heads. It is very easy for the two to cross the run of reality and imagination. It focuses on the realistic aspect of society and how people react to certain situations.
    Within the first two chapters I had already doubted the plot of the manga. It did not seem as if it would satisfy me. The seemed as if it would just be a good laugh and nothing else. I was proved quite wrong. Even though the manga was short, the mystery was preserved through out the whole story. It even gave me chills at certain moments. To be honest, the last part left me hanging, empty and sad. It’s a bit difficult to move on. It was great nonetheless.

    Characters of Hajime

    The students of Hajime act as any student would at that age. Otsu Ichi Sensei can fell how they feel.
    First, the students. Otsu Ichi is familiar with people and their emotional state. Their personalities are similar to those of the same age in real life. Kids do tend to lie when they are in trouble. They blame it on someone else.
    Second, society. Rumors is what makes society somewhat alive. Rumors about hajime seemed to have been popular with society. Just because you’re labeled by many people as someone who is good or bad, people will definitely try to connect accidents or mysterious things to you which they did to hajime.
    Third, Hajime. Hajime is already labeled as someone who is a rebel, who do foolish things. Just because the main character blamed the broken statue on Hajime, people in school blame Hajime. The parents even got scared of Hajime because of the rumors that spread in town and for that, it was kind of hard to renew her image because she was deeply labeled by everyone.
    Fourth, Kan Kouhei and Kizuno Atsuo. The students who made Hajime up. The partners in crime if I may say. These two are the only ones, except the kid that Hajime saved, know her existence. The only people who know how sad it is to feel the pain of losing a friend. The ones who labeled her and the ones who tried to renew her image. Unfortunately it cannot be done. They are the most precious people in Hajime’s life. The ones who were able to cross “that” boundary alongside Hajime.

    All in all, I gave this manga a 10/10 for the amazing plot, characters and art. I love the great character personalities. So close to being realistic. Awesome manga to read. I strongly recommend it. That’s all! Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

  • Bisan (Manhwa) Review

    Bisan Manhwa Review


    Written by Park Hye-rim
    – Drama
    – Historical
    – Shounen
    – Supernaturral
    Status: Completed
    Chapters: 8


    Not only is this a Manhwa, but it is also a webtoon. And for those who are unaware, a webtoon is typically Korean and is a manhwa style webcomic that is published in chapters similar to manga but online, rather than through a magazine or etc.


    Bisan, is a moving tale and told from the point of view of an old man, now hold up you rascal, don’t lose your attention yet. Bisan is told from the point of view of an old man, but the actual story is basically a retelling of the man’s experience as a child. It is a moving tale that encompasses the feelings of loneliness, comradeship and human nature. it appeals to the senses, and despite being a relatively short manhwa,it is what one would describe as short and sweet.
    This is a pure and innocent tale, almost folkstory like ahah. Either way I enjoyed it’s simplicity and small attention to certain details.
    [THERE WILL BE SPOILERS] – I shall put this ~ [SPOILERS] where they appear, but will try and keep it relatively mysterious, probably won’t be many in this review.
    Bisan or it’s alternate name ‘The Flying Mountain’ possesses a simplicity and beauty in it’s natural form, the overall mood is quite clean cut and straight to the point. Not surprising as mystery is not one of its genres.
    But hey it is supernatural, what I can say is that in a way it is quite a strange manhwa, but that’s its charm so do read on.


    Plot of Bisan


    Bisan, is about a young boy who meets a giant turtle, as he runs away from the troubles of a mass drought (see what I said about it seeming a little strange?), that isolates this young boy from other parts of the general population is his ability to be able to witness this enormous turtle that carries a mountain on his back. Bisan is essentially a story within a story, as the main character is the grandfather of the first appearance of a child, which in some respects makes it a cyclical story. Starting and ending with a child.


    Characters of Bisan


    As I may have mentioned, this manhwa is rather refreshing, and somehow diverges from normal shounen character qualities, the little boy is neither OP, sure of his path in life, and is actually a rather lonesome character. Throughout the whole manhwa only two characters have significance, reinforcing how the storyline completely revolves the boy and the turtle. Despite the cropping up of minor characters – which are never named – the story centres around the journey that the turtle and boy go through.
    But the turtle is mightily significant, it is the dramatic device that pulls the story along, the major turning point in the young boy’s life.
    Or is journey the wrong word? I guess not, this manhwa is about two lonely souls that find a companionship that is not based on physical attraction but the bond that overthrows discrimination of species. There is the apparent genuine bond between two characters and beings.
    However, it also highlights how a young child can feel alienated and how a child has to mature or grow up beyond its years to suits those around the said child, whilst receiving nothing in return from the ‘adults’ and ‘family’.


    Art of Bisan


    In terms of art, being a Manhwa and a webtoon every page is coloured and illustrated. But there is a exquisite feeling about the simplicity of the art, colours are generally quite subdued with gentle hues. The art is neither extravagant or lacking, and has a very individualistic vibe, that put me at peace.

    The character designs are also simplistic, whilst retaining a certain depth, the wave of emotions are easily conveyed, be it tears, smiles or the hardships There is a certain benefit to having a story revolving around only two MCs as there is more of a journey between the character developments and as the two characters, the little boy and the tortoise travel together. We see the boy’s tears and anguish that the feels for the ‘invisible tortoise’. Perhaps being the only one able to ‘see’ the tortoise the two are tied by more than a accidental meeting but fate, and all good things come after a bad event. You could even say that hope is a major theme of this Manhwa.
    It’s up to you whether or not to try this Manhwa but what I can say is that this Manhwa is great for a chilled short break from a action manga.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga) Review

    Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Review

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    I had always heard that Fullmetal Alchemist was a great anime. I heard that Brotherhood was even better. To be honest, I though Brother hood was a sequel to the older series. I now know that it is a remake and is closer to the manga. Well I had been wanting to watch the Brotherhood series after I heard about that. Instead I decided to just read the manga. I had somewhat of an idea what the manga was about, but what it ended up being far exceeded my expectations.

    The Plot of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Score 8/10

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    The basic plot is about two brothers that practice alchemy. Edward and Alphonse Elric are the Fullmetal Alchemist team. They attempted transmutation (bringing a human back from the dead), but failed miserably; Ed losing his arm and leg, while Al lost his entire body. Ed quickly places Al in a suit of armor. The two journey around to find out a way to return to normal. They look for things called philosopher stones, but stumble upon a secret far greater.
    The beginning of the story moved it a bit slow. It just randomly picks up and throughout the first few volumes are random sprinkles of memories. I thought I was going to stop, but that was until you come across a man named Greed. Yes the seven deadly sins are present in this series. After that point, the series does a three eighty. I could not put it down! The ending was a little cliche, but really cool. I was actually happy with how they defeated the villain. The only thing I was not satisfied with was the epilogue chapter. I thought it would be different.

    Characters of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Score 9/10

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    For spoiler purposes, I will only go over a few characters from Fullmetal Alchemist. Basically the ones you know their intentions from the start.
    The main characters are Ed and Al Elric. Ed is a hot headed, short teen who is bent on getting his brothers body back. Al is a soft, sensitive teen full of surprises. They were a typical main character for this genre, but they were different at the same time. Their character development took it a new direction. Instead of becoming a stronger person in the end, they chose to be weaker (you will understand a t the end). I thought Ed would have sacrificed something else or worse do the one thing they didn’t want to do. I was very impressed with their character development.
    Roy and Riza are the main government characters. I thought their pasts would have been a bit different, but things were revealed I never imagined. I loved these characters the most I think. Who they became at the end really surprised me and it will surprise you as well.
    Winry is the last character I want to go over. She was almost my favorite character until I realized she had the least development. Her character basically remains the same save one thing that is revealed to her. Other than that she is a great love interest character.
    The villains will be tough to go over without giving away major spoilers. I loved how it all ended up though. This series has a great selection of villains.

    Art of Fullmetal Alchemist

    Score 9/10

    Fullmetal Alchemist

    I really like the manga art of Fullmetal Alchemist. It was smooth and the characters were beautiful. Plus the mechanical drawings were really awesome. Very detailed. The characters clothing were very interesting as well. I love the red coat Ed wears around all the time. Evenwhen Al was back in his normal body, you could still feel the armor guy there. You could tell it was him because of the artwork.


    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Over all I loved the manga. I love the villains and actually sympathize with a few of them. You come to love every character. The manga knows how to draw you in, giving you enough to want more. The ending was phenomenal. I loved the main purpose behind doing what the main enemy was doing. Sorry hard to not give away spoilers. What I thought was going to be just another action packed adventure manga, became a very emotional read. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good manga.

    Overall Score: 9/10

  • SWOT (Manga) Review

    SWOT Manga Review


    I discovered this manga through the help of a certain friend on Myanimelist.net. It immediately grabbed my attention because of the very interesting plot. I was also curious since a lot of reviews in MAL was all about how it actually sucks. Even though, I decided to give it a try. I don’t want to be like the majority of fans that decides on whether to pick a certain manga or anime because of its popularity or not.
    Before I proceed to the plot review, let me first define SWOT for those who are wondering whether it is just a random word. SWOT is actually a British informal word that means to study assiduously. You can use this verb as an adjective which is the case in this manga.


    Plot of SWOT

    Score 6/10


    Manabizaki Kyou is a transfer student, but he is also a SWOT. He dreams to one day attend Tokyo University and from there work for NASA. The new school he transferred to is suppose to be a very prestigious school. Before he transfer, though, the school took in a bunch of delinquent students. Now the school is full of gangs and violent fights.

    Manabizaki just so happens to be a skilled fighter though. He is very particular at defending his study area. Iwashida, a weak boy, befriends Manabizaki as well as a legendary delinquent, Hasuno Nene. She happens to make him feel certain feelings for the first time, making him confused.

    Let me now review the plot. Just like any other shounen, the main guy is pretty ambitious. He wants to pass the so-called National exam to fulfill his dream of working for NASA. To be honest with you guys, we kind of share the same dream, that’s why it really did interest me. The main character is referred to as a SWOT. He does not give any attention to anything or anyone that he thinks is not in any way related to his dream. The plot is definitely nice. The fights weren’t so bad. It actually has incredible fight scenes. You’ll really admire our main character by the way he fights. Since he is the ultimate SWOT in the school, he uses certain aspects of Physics. Yes, Physics. The science subject that most of us hates, even I hate it. So yeah, he did use the concept of free fall, projectile motions and also other stuff. Our main character is actually strong.

    Oh by the way, romance is also included in this one. Love at first sight, to be specific. It’s actually a good combination of comedy, romance and action. Like any other shounen. It is my first time reading this kind of plot though. The manga is only about 20 chapters. It’s quite nice to see a short manga that is action-packed. It is also interesting due to the fact that the main characters got mixed with all the delinquents fight. It is definitely worth the read. I did enjoy reading this one.


    Characters of SWOT


    Manabazaki Kyou is the one and the only SWOT. Our main character. He is a smart person and most likely to fulfill his dream. Despite the confusion, he is now trying to monopolize the delinquents so as to achieve his dream of having a peaceful study area. I am neutral when it comes to his personality. He isn’t so appealing though. Let’s just say that at first he is the typical tsundere and annoying person in a series. There was a sudden 180 after he met Nene though.

    Hasuno Nene is Manabazaki dream girl. She is not really smart, actually, a bit behind. She is also a great character. Kyou and her are a perfect fighting duo. Her personality is a bit interesting as well. At first you’ll think of her as the typical strong willed character. I was surprised she wasn’t like that at all. A misunderstood character.


    The Art of SWOT

    Score 3/5


    The art isn’t really that great. It somehow reminded me of all the shounen that I have seen and read. I was a bit confused at first since the first one I read Kyou has white hair, but suddenly becomes red. I wasn’t aware that there was an alternative version of it.

    All in all, this manga is a 6/10 for me. It was interesting and worth the read. I recommend it to those who want to read a short yet action filled shounen. Enjoy and happy reading!

  • Owari no Seraph (Manga) Review

    Owari no Seraph Manga Review


    Owari no Seraph

    English Title: Seraph of the End

    Genres: Shounen, Drama, Action, Mystery, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Vampire

    Owari no Seraph is published in Jump SQ (Jump Square), a monthly magazine that also carries titles like: Claymore, Blue Exorcist, and Tegami Bachi. Owari no Seraph first serialized in September of 2012, and since then it’s popularity has grown. It is an ongoing manga and the first volume is available in the USA. 

    Written by: Takaya Kagami

    Illustrated by: Yamato Yamamoto

    Storyboard by: Daisuke Furuya


     – Plot of Owari no Seraph –


    Owari no Seraph
    Manga Page

    The story starts in the near future with Yuichiro Hyakuya, already trying to find ways to kill vampires, even as a young kid. After a virus killed everyone over the age of 13, he and other children were taken as live stock for the vampires. Yuichiro and the other children make plans to escape but Yuichiro is the only one able to. He then vows to kill vampires. 


    – Characters of Owari no Seraph –


    Owari no Seraph

    ~Yuichiro Hyakuya ( 百夜 優一郎 )

    Yuichiro is our protagonist. He is driven by the death of his “family” when he was used as live stock, to kill vampires. He does impulsive and often irresponsible things without thinking of the outcome, even if it’s risking his life. Yuichiro is brave and reckless. He cares deeply for his new comrades that he meets and still for his old ones. 

    ~Hiiragi Shinoa ( 柊 シノア )

    Shinoa is sent to watch over Yuichiro, and eventually become comrades. She is calm and thinks before she acts. Shinoa doesn’t put much emotion in her words, except when teasing Yuichiro. Later through the manga Shinoa begins to develops feelings for Yuichiro. 

    ~Yoichi Saotome ( 早乙女 与一 )

     Yoichi is fearful, and a scaredy cat. He has little courage and is often bullied. He meets Yuichiro when Yuichiro saves him from bullies. Yoichi’s sister was killed by vampires which stimulates him to take revenge for her death. 

    ~Michaela Hyakuya ( 百夜 ミカエラ )

    Michaela Hyakuya was with Yuichiro when they were treated as live stock. Together they helped orchestrate the breakout. Michaela was unable to get out and was killed by the vampires, or so Yuichiro thinks. Michaela and Yuichiro were close friends. Michaela sacrificed himself so Yuichiro could escape. Michaela did not end up dying, he became a vampire. What Yuichiro has vowed to kill. Michaela is kind and gentle. He is also portrayed as smart and good planner, because of his actions the children had an advantage in escaping. When Mika (Michaela) became a vampire against his will he became hollow, a shadow of his former self. He would rush to battle but he wouldn’t care about any glory. He seems to construct a certain disdain for humans though he once was one. When he meets Yuichiro in battle his hatred disappears and wants to protect his childhood friend. 


    – Review / Thoughts –


    Owari no Seraph

    Honestly I absolutely love this manga. The characters are well developed, with some mystery and also very enjoyable and likable. The series has very little, if even none, ecchi properties, fan service, that takes away from the plot. It has the classic “Revenge” theme yet there are many twists and turns to a solid plot which is always intriguing. I would highly recommend it.


    – Ghost Girl

  • Rustblaster (Manga) Review

    Rustblaster Manga Review

    Manga Cover

    I had no idea what Rustblaster was about when I started to read it. I only wanted to read it because it was by Toboso Yana (Black Butler). I just love the artwork that Yana produces. The main plot is really not about them being vampires at all. It seems to be another manga about working together to achieve goal. I feel as though I have read a lot of those here lately.

    Rustblaster Plot

    Manga Page

    Rustblaster about a vampire academy called 1000 Year Academy. Vampires go here to train and become real vampires, but they do not drink blood. They try to assimilate into the human culture. Each Vampire has their own Lineage Weapons. The only one who does not is a vampire named Aldred. He actually has a special weapon unlike any other. He has a human as a weapon. A spear was created a long time ago and sealed in a body to protect it. The vampire that can control the weapon can not have a Lineage Weapon. The true vampires threaten the academy’s existence by breaking the gates to their world. Al must stop the true vampires from coming into the real world and destroying all he holds dear.

    Rusbtlaster Characters

    Rustblaster Characters

    Aldred is the main character of Rustblaster. He is a very hyper young adult and only wants to protect his friends. He is also the leader of Team 6. His followers are Kodachi, Lydi, Faye, and Rengokuin. Kodachi is a female vampire who can incinerate her foes. Lydi is young female vampire with the power to use force fields. Faye is a male vampire with high regards to his leader Al. Rengokuin is not only the comedic relief but also the tech of the group. Kei is the only human in which is in the manga. He is the key to the spear that Al uses. Six and Seven are actual vampires that try to break down the gates. They are very powerful and have weapon similar to Al’s.

    Rustblaster Vampire Wars


    So what is the whole deal with real and half vampires in Rustblaster? A long time ago vampires entered into the human world though the gates that the academy protects. Of course they came to feed off of the humans. When humans started to notice this, they began to kill vampires without hesitation on whether it was a child or woman or man. They fought them back and sealed the gates. Only the half lings were left. The ones who live side by side with the humans. They protect the gate.

    The story was good and honestly Rustblaster should have been a longer manga. I feel as though the story would have not been rushed at that point. The plot is quick and not filled with a lot of details at first. The battles are short and some of the characters seem pointless at times. When the end of the manga arrives, though, everything comes together.

    Read Rustblaster.

    Support Rustblaster.

    Overall Grade 8/10