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  • Kuroko No Basket (Manga) Review

    Kuroko No Basket Manga Review

    I can proudly say that I pretty much loved everything about this manga. Even watching the anime after finishing the manga made it even better. I did watch the anime before I read this. I’m not even into sports that much but this manga was freaking amazing. It was a great example of a shonen sports manga. But on to the review of the one of the best sports manga.


    Kuroko no Basuke Plot

    Kuroko no Basuke has a very shonen type story where as the players get power ups and fight the next enemy so to say. This was done so well especially considering not a lot of anime fans like sports. Even the ones like me that don’t like sports can enjoy this show because it was exciting. Every new generation of miracles that pops up has you asking questions like “what can he do?”. Then when you find out you are amazed like I never even though of this. All the generation of miracles had a great power and the stronger they got the more exciting the manga was. Me personally I say the show had not much story but had a very clear goal. The smaller stories within the manga help with the development of characters and gave them reasons to be stronger during games. It was just an overall well planned story for Basketball. I really like the whole shadow and light thing too. Kinda makes you wonder if you could ever have that kind of bond with someone. I loved everything about Teiko and their back stories where one of he best parts of the manga. It just does a really good job of letting you feel what the player is felling and showing you what true struggle is in the darkest of times.


    Kuroko no Basuke Characters

    The characters are good for the most part. I really liked Kagami and his goal to beat the best players in Japan. It really made me want to root for him but kuroko was sooo dull at times. He had his good moments and he could be funny but he was just really dull while doing all these things. They got tremendous development though. Even side characters like Kiyoshi and most of the generation of miracles had good back story also. I freaking loved Akashi, he is bae. Both his personalities are amazing from his emperor side to his more calm and nice side. I hate kise. That’s it I just don’t like him. His ability was just dull and overused in shonen manga. Murisakibara was a god like center and I almost shat myself when he broke the goal. Aomine was cool but he was too god damn cocky. And I don’t like how he was crying like a little bitch when no one could beat him. Midorima was a great character and I loved his personality. He kinda reminded me of me sometimes and I could really relate to him. Overall the characters were amazing and you will like at least one of them. As long as you give the manga some time to explain the character and why they are the way they are.


    Kuroko no Basuke Art

    The art was really good. It could be over dramatic at times but for the most part it really gave you a feel of what was going on. Especially, when they were playing murisakibara and he looked like a freaking monster about to destroy them. Everything about the art was pretty good. No big mistakes and I couldn’t see them drawn any other way really

    Kuroko no Basuke Overall

    Overall I really enjoyed this manga. I just really loved the mixing of battle manga elements in a sports manga. Things like the zone and special basketball moves really made you want to keep reading and see what happens next. If you ever have time give it a read or even watch the anime. But if you have anything different to say or you just want to talk about the manga, comment, like, send me a hate message, Whatever you like. Thanks for reading

    -Manga Llama-

    Story: 7/10

    Characters: 9/10

    Art: 9/10

    Enjoyment: 10/10

    Overall: 9.5/10

  • My Wife Wagatsuma-San (Manga) Review

    My Wife Wagatsuma-San Manga Review

    Ok, I was so ready to read another great slice of life/RomCom manga. I feel like this Manga could have been better but I’m not saying it’s not a great read. This was great and had great story up until about the 50% mark. What seemed as the potential to be an amazing story, kinda all went down hill. The art and the story changed so much toward the end and seemed as if someone else was writing the story towards the end. It literally went from, Wow this is really good, To, oh ok that’s cool, To, why the hell am I still reading? I kept reading because I needed closure. But enough of my starting rant, on to the review.


    My Wife Wagatsuma-San Plot

    The story literally had me bought when I read the description. A guy who can time skip and during his adventures time skipping figures out that he is married to the most beautiful girl at his school in the future. It barley has any Romance, some ecchi, and is kinda more slice of life/comedy than anything else. When I began reading I thought the main character, Aoshima Hitoshi, and his friends were just another loser squad that everyone hates. That is the case(haha) but the more I read, the more I got attached to the “Dx Brigade” and they actually seemed like people I would hang out with in real life. But that did not last long, No No No, Not at all. The story pissed me off, more and more and more. The consistency just flew out of the window or was left in one of the time skips Aoshima was in. After Aoshima and Wagatsuma San met for the first time I was so excited. But that was actually the turning point for the worst. After they met, the time skips got, worse and worse and even confused me at times. It felt as if I was dragging my eyes across the page it got so bad. Things like, repetition of humor, and repetitive concepts kept stealing away from what this could have been. The time skipping sensei towards the end was an idiot too. We all clearly knew what he told him was wrong and that he was going to change everything. They ran out of ideas and clearly rushed the ending. The ending was a complete disaster. It was refreshing though.


    My Wife Wagatsuma-San Art

    As for the Art. I actually really liked it. It wasn’t spectacular but it was good. It was really good and consistent in the beginning. The girls were really designed nicely and everyone else had good design up until the mid point in the series. It got worse. The heads looked cartoonish. The women were eh when they were fine as hell before. It was like a whole other person was drawing. The homage to attack on Titan was really good though. Kudos to that.

    My Wife Wagatsuma-San Characters

    Characters, were the strongest part of this manga and kept it together for the most part. But just like everything else it somehow went downhill. The story was character driven. The main character was a loser in the beginning but as the story goes on you see other sides of him and you tend to like him a little more. Same with all his friends in the Dx Brigade. I also thought it was really stupid how he was bound to this one girl when there was 2 other fine chicks right in front of him that seemed to be a lot easier to handle than the girl he was after. It did a good job of depicting his relationships with his friends in the future also. Though it seemed as though the good characters from the Dx brigade started to become annoying an stupid. As for his “wife” I didn’t want to see her as his wife anymore after all the time skips with the other girls. Life with them just seemed so much better and easier. It also came to the point to where there was no relationship development. And the story seemed to go nowhere. Comedy disappeared and only seemed to show up for short relief at random times. Afterward all the side characters got info red and got no more development. I seriously thought I was reading a different manga at some point. The first half was freaking amazing but the second half made me wanna do this.

    -Manga Llama-

    Story: 6/10 ( second half was a disaster. Had the potential to be a 9.5)

    Art: 8/10(I’m being nice cause I really like the girls design.)

    Character:9/10( really helped the story stay interesting)

    Enjoyment: 6/10(that ending really messed me up. Like seriously)

  • Horimiya (Manga) Review

    Horimiya Manag Review

    Omg, if my review of this manga doesn’t make you want to read this then I don’t know what will. It will be hard to complete give a complete way of how much I enjoyed this without spoiling things but I will try my best not to. Ok, on to the review!

    The funny thing is, this manga is….. very simple in almost all areas. Why is it so good if it is simple? Because the main reason for this manga is the characters and the readers enjoyment. Horimiya is a RomCom. RomComs are very predictable and easy to guess. But the thing about this manga is that the story doesn’t focus on romance that much and the comedy isn’t focused around the romance either. I actually rather hate it in romantic comedies when something that isn’t such a big deal is made into this huge thing for no reason. But this isn’t the case with Horimiya. They don’t get flustered if someone asked them to be their boyfriend or girlfriend. There isn’t any big dramatic scenes like the “big first kiss” cliché. Like I said before it seems as if it’s not even focused around the RomCom aspect. In fact it’s more of a slice of life than a romantic comedy. The couple and their friends go through their last year of high school where a bunch of comedic things happen. You also get to see the couple being together early on and enjoy how their relationship last instead of them getting together and the end and leaving it to the imagination. It’s kinda hard to explain the story any further with out spoiling the whole thing but I think you guys can get the gist of the story.


    Horimiya Art

    Romantic comedies tend to have the same art style and they are all pretty good for the most part. The art in this has nothing really all that special about it but the expression that the characters make are priceless and funny. The comedy scenes are good and don’t seemed forced. Idk about you guys but some comedy scene seemed forced. I really don’t see any flaws.


    Horimiya Characters

    The characters are really what makes this manga amazing and enjoyable. Especially Miyamura Izumi, In school he seems like a kinda shady guy with glasses and people assume he is an otaku. Looks are very deceiving. He is not an otaku and in fact looks like a punk rock kinda guy with a whole bunch of piercings and tattoos. In reality? He is just and airhead that only excels in physical education and health despite his looks in school. Hori kyokou is the main character. In school, she is cute, smart, and actually quite popular. After school? She goes straight home and become something like a housewife though. She is also a sadist. The overview of the manga makes it seem like their split personalities are a big deal but they are more just apart of their life than anything else. They don’t go to extremes to hide their other sides not do any situation happen where their secret is at stake. This is really just a slice of life manga in my opinion. Everyone of the characters gets development even the side characters and that’s one of the treating things about this manga.


    Horimiya Enjoyment

    Like I said before, I don’t know how anyone couldn’t enjoy this. It is nice, refreshing and doesn’t have all the annoying bits of a typical RomCom manga. For me reading it was actually fun and enjoyable. I laughed like crazy at times and it even gave me a sense of complete happiness for a period of time. I can’t even remember the last time I laughed so much at a manga or anime. Even though I just read this today, in already thinking about re-reading this. This is one of those man has you can go back and read several times an still get the same feelings that you did the first time.

    Overall, I’m am giving this a big huge 10/10! I can’t think of anyway that this manga could have been any better than it is. It is perfect the way it is. This is one of those mangos that I wished they dragged on because it would have nice if they did. The only thin I find wrong was the fact that it has not set goal. I really hate that actually. They didn’t focus on whole chapters of trying to get the main two characters together. They got together easy and early on too. It’s really just a typical high school happy life manga.

    -Manga Llama-

    Overall: 10/10!


    Story: 9.5/10(only because of the no set goal)


    Thanks for reading

  • The World God Only Knows (Manga) Review

    The World God Only Knows Manga Review


    I freaking loved The World God Only Knows. I loved it so much that I even watched the anime. I’ve seen the anime about 50 times already haha. Every character kept me intrigued and made me want more out of them. The maid idea of the manga was kinda dropped towards the end but honestly if the manga didn’t change I wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much. It would sooner or later get boring and people would enjoy it as much.


    The Plot of The World God Only Knows

    Katsuragi Keima, a high school boy who is know to everyone at his school as a die hard gaming fan. One day he suddenly receives an email on his PFP (Pardoy of PSP) stating that he must choose whether or not to accept a challenge. Thinking that this was another gamer giving him a dating sim to play, he instantly accepts the challenge. To his surprise a demon girl falls from the sky and tells him that he needs to make real girls fall in love with him or else he will die.

    The story was very unique and interesting and had a frat way of keeping you reading. Unlike regular romance manga, the protagonist has no interest in 3D girls. Period. Along his line of flags, he occasionally comes upon even more intense events showing that thought the story he does come to take a liking to a few of the girls. However, on the later chapters he seems to take less interest in the girls. Which kinda made me think it was a little less entertaining. But for a harem, this one actually makes sense. By this I don’t mean the story line is totally made sense of. The protagonist actually goes through different events with the girls that he needs to conquer. Unlike other harems where the protagonist literally has girls falling in love with home for no other reason than he is the main character.


    The Art of The World God Only Knows

    The art is very well done. While it can alternate simple and detailed art structures, it was always used at the appropriate times. So it didn’t seem like the writer was just being lazy or anything. For the more comedic and humor scenes, the more simple form was used and for the romantic and serious scenes it was more detailed art form. The art used in some cases can amplify the mood the author is trying to express.


    The Characters of The World God Only Knows

    The character in this manga were very different from your typical romance characters. Some were very unique while the others where completely clichéd. The most simple character in my opinion was Elsea. Demon, lived for 300 years but looks like a high school student. She is quiet clueless and stupid but at the same time you find yourself loving her anyway. The only character who really got on my nerves was chihiro. Her attitude, and the whole I like this guy, no, this guy. That was bull crap. After a while she became a better character. Most of the characters in the manga were all very different and amusing to read about.

    Overall, I would say that this is one of the best manga I have ever read. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading romance/harems.

    by Manga Llama

  • Bakuman (Manga) Review

    Bakuman Manga Review


    Its written by the same author as death note, and is literally a manga about manga or mangakas to be precise. Bakuman starts with the reader being introduced to the main protagonist: Moritaka Mashiro, a 14 year old boy that seems to have no dream, and Takagi his soon to be best friend and partner in work. The story follows the journey of these two boy in their dream to be first rate mangakas, as they overcome the hurdles in becoming successful mangakas for shounen jump. There are small elements of romance with Mashiro and Azuki, who promise not to meet each other until Azuki becomes the leading female voice actress of Mashiro and Takagi’s anime adaption of their manga.


    Review on Bakuman


    I find it weird how this manga and anime is not that wildly known, although there have been people who have heard of Bakuman. While reading this, I was greeted by laughter and emotions, its like going on a crazy fast roller coaster ride that just lasts for a second!! It was fast paced and gripping all the way through. Ohba Tsugumi really weaved the story in such detail that you felt what the characters were feeling! This coupled with the fact that the manga was about two people, mangakas really connects with how Tsugumi is also the writer of the Death Note and Bakuman. It works with an illustrator like Mashiro and Takagi. What really struck a chord with me though were the characters!! They were so bright and colourful, branching from extreme to extreme, you would have the crazy mangaka Nizuma Eiji and then the totally lazy, girl crazy Hiramaru!! So please check out this manga!! And the anime heehee!!


    Art of Bakuman


    I tend to read a manga based on the art, and in Bakuman I loved the detail and expressions of the characters. The art was able to bring out the best of personalities in each character as well as emphasising the feelings or moods in the scenes.


    Characters of Bakuman


    The characters in Bakuman all have their own eccentric personalities ranging from the lazy to just completely ADHD. But it’s the idea that all the characters are linked through their own love of manga and anime that carries on the idea of friendship and camaraderie. As well as teamwork.


    It was great to read a manga that was different, and as a shounen, Bakuman, diverged from the action and fantasy that currently exist in popular shounen such as Naruto or One Piece. The idea behind a manga inside a manga was interesting as well as the fact that it was an insight as to how a mangaka would think. It made the reader realize the effort and time that went into the creation of even just one chapter.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Shokugeki no Soma (Manga) Review

    Shokugeki no Soma (Manga) Review

    Shokugeki no Soma

    Author: Yūto Tsukuda
    Mangaka: Shun Saeki
    the creation of the manga was a collaboration between Yūto Tsukuda, the mangaka Shun Saeki and Yuki Morisaki, a famous chef.
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters (so far): 83
    – Shounen
    – Comedy
    – Romance
    – Ecchi
    – School life
    – Slice of Life


    There are mangas that are so good yet under the radar and they totally deserve the merit of having their own animes. And in my opinion Shokugeki no Soma, is one of those mangas that should have an anime adaption.


    Synopsis of Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma is ultimately a manga about culinary skill and cooking mixed with friendly rivalries and clashes. The reader is quickly introduced to the protagonist, in this case, Yukihira Souma, a young and gifted boy whos goal is to become the best chef in his father’s restaurant and eventually to surpass him. However, due to an unusual turn of events, his father, Yukihira Jouichirou closes down the restaurant to cook on the international stage. His father then challenges and rekindles Souma’s spirit by stating that to surpass him, Souma would have to survive through an elite culinary school, in which only a talented 10% of the students reach graduation.


    Plot of Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma differs from the normal mainstream plots comparable to those of FT, One Piece and etc, yet it still remains as its own success story. (No pun intended) Shokugeki, in my own opinion has a very well written story line, it has fast pacing when needed, for instance as the character do ‘battle’ to compete for the best dish. And is slow in breaks between each match to allow the reader to revel in between adrenaline rushes. Sticking with the shounen side of the manga, romance is not a major part of the manga and still at chapter.83 any hints of romance are subtle or ignored by the main protagonist. In some ways, because the protagonist: Souma doesn’t take hints emphasises the fact that his mindset is focused solely on cooking and his task.

    Similarly, I personally am not a fan of ecchi, hell, I will rarely read a manga if ecchi is one of genres. Yet, in Shokugeki the ecchi genre is not used as a lewd (lulu) and perver-ty way but as a technique to emphasise how a dish or flavour has an impact on a character. Furthermore, a strong foundation of the story is the addition of the Shokugekis, or public challenges between the students to decide the better chef. These shokugeki’s are the pivot for the storyline and each character is able to show off their abilities as well as to convey their struggle towards achieving the goal of ‘best chef.’


    Characters of Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma

    The characters are a myriad of different personalities and whereas some are for comic relief others show the stark harshness of the competitiveness in the elite school. Love interests? Who knows? There are too many lovely characters to get through so I’ll just choose a boy and a girl.

    One of the next major characters you’ll meet at the beginning of the story will be Erina Nakiri, also nicknamed God’s Tongue for her exquisite judgement of food as well as the grand-daughter of the principal of the elite school.  Erina, is one of the main antagonistic rival of Souma and had originally rejected his application into the school. Although Souma shows no hostility, Erina is not a fan of his although she acknowledges his cooking capabilities. Erina’s idol is Souma’s father Jouichirou however she is unaware of this fact.

    From Italy, Takumi is Souma’s self proclaimed rival, which seems one-sided and the twin brother of Isami Aldini. (un-identical if you wanted to know.) Takumi is also from a family-owned background similar to Souma and holds great pride in his restaurant name. As the story develops we see how his connection with his brother is both filial and strong, and at one point to breaking point. These are just two of the characters compared to the many. The character development could be better, however for the main characters their expressions and mannerisms are each so unique that you cannot help but fall in love with them.


    Art of Shokugeki no Soma

    Shokugeki no Soma

    When I pick up a manga, art is one of the things I will always judge before reading it. There are many mangas, but not with art as superb as the ones I have seen in Shokugeki no Soma. Each scene is meticulously drawn and the attention to detail is amazing. As we reach climax scenes the use of the big panels help to draw the reader’s attention as well as quickly alerting them to which parts are the most important.


    Verdict of Shokugeki no Soma


    A very superbly done manga and one I would definitely recommend. What I didn’t enjoy about this manga was the fact that some chapters can be short and left at cliffhangers. On the other hand, each chapter offers something very different whether it be laughs or have you gripping your seat to see what happens next.

    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Hajime (Manga) Review

    Hajime Manga Review


    At first Hajime did not seem as if it would be a great manga. It seemed as if it would uninteresting but a good laugh possibly. To be proven wrong about a manga being bad is always great. Hajime was unpredictable and great.

    Plot of Hajime

    The principle’s statue is destroyed by Kouhei and Akio. The two make up a girl named Hajime to take the blame. Ironically the two run into a girl with the same name and the same exact looks. The plot is very unpredictable and you never know when Hajime will show up. The two become confused of what is real and what is in their heads. It is very easy for the two to cross the run of reality and imagination. It focuses on the realistic aspect of society and how people react to certain situations.
    Within the first two chapters I had already doubted the plot of the manga. It did not seem as if it would satisfy me. The seemed as if it would just be a good laugh and nothing else. I was proved quite wrong. Even though the manga was short, the mystery was preserved through out the whole story. It even gave me chills at certain moments. To be honest, the last part left me hanging, empty and sad. It’s a bit difficult to move on. It was great nonetheless.

    Characters of Hajime

    The students of Hajime act as any student would at that age. Otsu Ichi Sensei can fell how they feel.
    First, the students. Otsu Ichi is familiar with people and their emotional state. Their personalities are similar to those of the same age in real life. Kids do tend to lie when they are in trouble. They blame it on someone else.
    Second, society. Rumors is what makes society somewhat alive. Rumors about hajime seemed to have been popular with society. Just because you’re labeled by many people as someone who is good or bad, people will definitely try to connect accidents or mysterious things to you which they did to hajime.
    Third, Hajime. Hajime is already labeled as someone who is a rebel, who do foolish things. Just because the main character blamed the broken statue on Hajime, people in school blame Hajime. The parents even got scared of Hajime because of the rumors that spread in town and for that, it was kind of hard to renew her image because she was deeply labeled by everyone.
    Fourth, Kan Kouhei and Kizuno Atsuo. The students who made Hajime up. The partners in crime if I may say. These two are the only ones, except the kid that Hajime saved, know her existence. The only people who know how sad it is to feel the pain of losing a friend. The ones who labeled her and the ones who tried to renew her image. Unfortunately it cannot be done. They are the most precious people in Hajime’s life. The ones who were able to cross “that” boundary alongside Hajime.

    All in all, I gave this manga a 10/10 for the amazing plot, characters and art. I love the great character personalities. So close to being realistic. Awesome manga to read. I strongly recommend it. That’s all! Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

  • Bibi (Manhwa) Review

    Bibi Manhwa Review


    Written by Choi Kyung-ah
    – Drama
    – Romance
    – School Life
    – Shoujo
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters so Far: 32


    Ok, so despite the title stating that it is a Manga review, this is actually a Manhwa review. Manhwas as I elaborated on in the past is the korean equivalent of a manga, despite some obvious differences. Despite my most recent reviews being about shonen or seinen, BiBi is actually shojo, so I get this was a rebound from my little adventuring with the different genres.


    BiBi focuses on the journey of a girl Nabi, her childhood dream was to be a fashion designer but due to her single mother their financial circumstances put them in a difficult situation. Nabi possess a special talent, in that replicate any clothing design, and she and her mother gain their income through selling these replicas in a imitation store. Her mother who has a special fascination bordering obsession with fashion, makes Nabi enter the Seoul Fashion Show, going up against some of the most talented designers of the country. At the fashion show, Nabi who is the model for their design meets Jehu a talented designer who attends the prestigious Baekje Art School.
    Through a chain of events, Nabi gains the confidence to embrace her childhood dream and attempts to enroll in the prestigious school.
    BiBi Manhwa does not bave matur scenes, so far yet, but the latest cliffhanger does address something quite controversial or should I say against common human morality


    In terms of the manhwa on the whole, (I usually do this at the end, but let’s mix it up a tad) it was enjoyable and attention grabbing, however the plot is not entirely easy to understand, and actually requires a lot of thought since although it is a Shoujo it does border some aspects of mystery.


    Plot of Bibi


    BiBi, introduces the reader to a world of the competition in the fashion world, and the grit and jealousies that most people have encountered. As forewarning for those who do wish and hopefully you will try out this manga, the first chapter is slightly confusing and leaps straight in with brands such as Chanel and Gucci, as well as confronting the social divide between those who have more power and those who do not. And in some ways everything revolves back to this human eccentricity called money.
    However, before my mind drifts off into other thoughts lets get back on the train. Nabi and her mother are basically kicked out of a ‘luxury store’ and after this, the reality of their situation really hits them, at which point Nabi’s mother enters them into the Seoul Fashion Design Show, at this show Nabi meets Jehu, their meeting is sponatneous and memorable, but brings controversry to the show. The arc with the fashion show is important as it introduces the reader to the charactes that are most likely going to play a large role in the story. Similarly, this refuel Nabi’s goal of becoming a fashion designer. She tries to enroll in the famous art school, but to do so she first has to take a series of tests to prove that she is worthy of entering as a student.
    But moving on, to a major factor of the shoujo which revolves around romance, if you haven’t already guessed, Jehu and Nabi do have a spark, but it does get more complicated hence the cliche love triangle. But what defines the difference with this love triangle is the actions that the love rival commits against the heroine. It emphasizes how love can be both a fickle path as well as manipulative and causes happiness and hurt. But love can be a  familial and romantic love and both these groups are fused to produce a explosive result in the plot.


    Characters of Bibi


    Character development is slow but it does mean the reader is able to experience the same as what the MC goes through in terms of hardship and betrayal. Although the author has not revealed much about the characters’ pasts it does seem like they will further down the plot, as there are major gaps and hints that reveal some tiny bits at a time. Similarly, something that captured my attention was how realistic some scenes were, issues such as divorce, marital disputes and hardships were represented and conveyed.


    Art of Bibi


    The art is in the manhwa style and again is drawn beautifully but does require some getting used to at first, it has a fragile and delicate feel to it, but also incredibly powerful at the same time. Conveying both the strength and weaknesses of the MC in particular devastating scenes.


    To conclude, the story is quite fast paced but also slow at the same time, a bit of a contradiction but it is true, so if you enjoy shojo and want a different taste of feel, I would recommend this manhwa it is incredibly interesting and I personally look forward to what the future chapters have to offer.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • SWOT (Manga) Review

    SWOT Manga Review


    I discovered this manga through the help of a certain friend on Myanimelist.net. It immediately grabbed my attention because of the very interesting plot. I was also curious since a lot of reviews in MAL was all about how it actually sucks. Even though, I decided to give it a try. I don’t want to be like the majority of fans that decides on whether to pick a certain manga or anime because of its popularity or not.
    Before I proceed to the plot review, let me first define SWOT for those who are wondering whether it is just a random word. SWOT is actually a British informal word that means to study assiduously. You can use this verb as an adjective which is the case in this manga.


    Plot of SWOT

    Score 6/10


    Manabizaki Kyou is a transfer student, but he is also a SWOT. He dreams to one day attend Tokyo University and from there work for NASA. The new school he transferred to is suppose to be a very prestigious school. Before he transfer, though, the school took in a bunch of delinquent students. Now the school is full of gangs and violent fights.

    Manabizaki just so happens to be a skilled fighter though. He is very particular at defending his study area. Iwashida, a weak boy, befriends Manabizaki as well as a legendary delinquent, Hasuno Nene. She happens to make him feel certain feelings for the first time, making him confused.

    Let me now review the plot. Just like any other shounen, the main guy is pretty ambitious. He wants to pass the so-called National exam to fulfill his dream of working for NASA. To be honest with you guys, we kind of share the same dream, that’s why it really did interest me. The main character is referred to as a SWOT. He does not give any attention to anything or anyone that he thinks is not in any way related to his dream. The plot is definitely nice. The fights weren’t so bad. It actually has incredible fight scenes. You’ll really admire our main character by the way he fights. Since he is the ultimate SWOT in the school, he uses certain aspects of Physics. Yes, Physics. The science subject that most of us hates, even I hate it. So yeah, he did use the concept of free fall, projectile motions and also other stuff. Our main character is actually strong.

    Oh by the way, romance is also included in this one. Love at first sight, to be specific. It’s actually a good combination of comedy, romance and action. Like any other shounen. It is my first time reading this kind of plot though. The manga is only about 20 chapters. It’s quite nice to see a short manga that is action-packed. It is also interesting due to the fact that the main characters got mixed with all the delinquents fight. It is definitely worth the read. I did enjoy reading this one.


    Characters of SWOT


    Manabazaki Kyou is the one and the only SWOT. Our main character. He is a smart person and most likely to fulfill his dream. Despite the confusion, he is now trying to monopolize the delinquents so as to achieve his dream of having a peaceful study area. I am neutral when it comes to his personality. He isn’t so appealing though. Let’s just say that at first he is the typical tsundere and annoying person in a series. There was a sudden 180 after he met Nene though.

    Hasuno Nene is Manabazaki dream girl. She is not really smart, actually, a bit behind. She is also a great character. Kyou and her are a perfect fighting duo. Her personality is a bit interesting as well. At first you’ll think of her as the typical strong willed character. I was surprised she wasn’t like that at all. A misunderstood character.


    The Art of SWOT

    Score 3/5


    The art isn’t really that great. It somehow reminded me of all the shounen that I have seen and read. I was a bit confused at first since the first one I read Kyou has white hair, but suddenly becomes red. I wasn’t aware that there was an alternative version of it.

    All in all, this manga is a 6/10 for me. It was interesting and worth the read. I recommend it to those who want to read a short yet action filled shounen. Enjoy and happy reading!

  • Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (Manga) Review

    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan Manga Review


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

    First of all, this manga is a short one and apparently it contains a bit of mature content. But all in all I think it’s okay for all ages. It’s my first drama manga and I totally enjoyed it. I read Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan because it’s short and somewhat like a change of pace since all I read are gory, horror, action manga’s. So I decided to try this romance and drama manga. Luckily, it didn’t fail to amaze me.

    Plot of Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
    So what is this Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan about? Juri is a pianist who has attempted suicide three times already. Juri is taken to a prison where murderers are on death row. She meets Yuu who has already taken the lives of three innocent people. They form a bond through their scared hearts and together learn to live again. Gong Ji-Young wrote the novel the manga is adapted from.
    I was totally overwhelmed by how great this short manga is. I enjoy reading every page of this manga, yes, every page of it. Every conversation is full of emotion. You’ll totally feel what the characters are feeling. The plot is so deep provoking and full of life lessons. It tried it’s best to be so close to reality and it was completely close. I didn’t find any hint of flaws. It’s one of the best drama manga out there. I like how it showed the result of poverty and the position in society is still significant until now. The influential people who tend to use their power against those who cant fight back. How injustice is still present. Those innocent people who are blamed for a crime they didn’t commit. HOW MANY SEEMED TO RULE THE WORLD. Those things were only a few of the issues tackled and I love how it doesn’t seem to be rushed. It was able to explain all those things clearly. But even so, the sadness is still unavoidable. The last scene got me. I was crying like a baby who lost their blanky. Yes i have to admit that I really cried. It’s just so sad that I cant think of anything but how stupid the society can really be.

    Characters of Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
    Yuu (Top), Juri (Bottom)

    Juri Mutuo is suicidal. Doesn’t seem to notice how lucky she is being rich. She feels excluded even in her own family. Her mother is a strict one, the kind of parent who wants to chose what you should be. She is suicidal and ungrateful because she also went through a very awful accident. She changed her point of view in life after falling in love with a prisoner.
    Yuu is the poor prisoner that led an awful life. He has a brother and once even worked as a prostitute to feed his brother. He ended up joining a bad organization. The pay was high and gave him some kind of security but it only led to further danger. He commits a crime on accident due to pressure. He became a negative person after this incident. Through Juri he learns to love again.
    The rich guy represented all those people who overuse their power. More so those who use their power to trample on the weak and poor.
    The family of the mother and child that was killed represent society. They are the vengeful people who want justice but go about it eh wrong way. They are irrational people.


    Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

    I rate this manga with a perfect score of 10. It’s so amazing. You’ll feel like it actually touched your heart. At the end of the story, you’ll try to seek for justice as well. You’ll feel like eradicating those who poison society. I highly recommend this manga to you guys. So yeah, that’s all. Thanks!