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  • Angel Sanctuary (Manga) Review

    Manga Review: Angel Sanctuary

    In this world, manga like this can be summed up in about 1 or 2 sentences. I’m going to try to make this lengthy but not too long at the same time. Angel sanctuary is pretty good. It’s one of the only manga with an incest story that I can actually say I like. Usually when I give a negative or mixed review it hard to explain exactly why I feel this way about it but on to the review.

    If I had to sum up the theme of this series it would be, “exactly what are the thresholds of love?” This isn’t because the main romance which is between a boy and his sister. Rather, across the whole cast because they all see to have some love that is deemed unacceptable in the eyes of society and God. There are two reasons I can come up with to why this series gets put down. The first is based on how mature you are. This is a manga the has blood, transgendered issues, incest, rape, homosexuality, religion and death. Most people have a jerk reaction to the writers way of approaching these issues as disgusting. To be straight forward, if you aren’t mature, stay away from this manga. The other reason is the identity crisis in the early volumes. It also jumps around on its focal point and doesn’t lay out the story clearly for the reader. Volume 1 is particularly guilty of doing this. However if the reader is willing to work past this then you may be surprised with the result.


    Angel Sanctuary Plot

    Angel sanctuary is divided into about 3 arcs. The earth arc, hell arc, and heaven arc. They all shed light on the complex world of angel sanctuary. From the deadly depths to the hypocrisy and morbid politics of heaven. Besides the main char there are about 20 other characters that get equal face time and there own back stories. This is a part of the great things about this manga. Normally a large cast means no development. Which leaves some of the characters as empty shells. But the writer did a good job of developing these characters. They were all touched with perfect detail. They are all given a task and something to overcome. They are each given a chance to grow and develop in such a way that you end up caring for the characters as much as you care for the main character.


    Angel Sanctuary Characters

    Most of these characters are incredibly morally ambiguous. The line between good and evil is just not there in this manga. Characters you believe to be good act unforgivably and the villains end up becoming victims. Redemption and corrupted innocent are kinda repetitive in this manga though. But it works well. It also raises questions about God and heaven, the origins of evil and the lack of limitations for love.


    Final Thoughts

    This is a manga that has the ability to touch anyone as long as they are open minded. It is bloody and action packed. Although it’s a Shoujo series, it can appeal to women but also to men too. Though it had it slight faults in the beginning there are not nearly serious enough to take away from enjoying this manga. This is one manga you should take a look at just to see if you can get through it.

    Story: 8

    Characters: 8

    Art: 7

    Enjoyment: 8

    Overall: 7.5

    But if you have read this and have anything different to say or just want to talk about the manga in general, comment, like, send me a hate message. Whatever you like. Thanks for reading.

    -Manga Llama-

  • The World God Only Knows (Manga) Review

    The World God Only Knows Manga Review


    I freaking loved The World God Only Knows. I loved it so much that I even watched the anime. I’ve seen the anime about 50 times already haha. Every character kept me intrigued and made me want more out of them. The maid idea of the manga was kinda dropped towards the end but honestly if the manga didn’t change I wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much. It would sooner or later get boring and people would enjoy it as much.


    The Plot of The World God Only Knows

    Katsuragi Keima, a high school boy who is know to everyone at his school as a die hard gaming fan. One day he suddenly receives an email on his PFP (Pardoy of PSP) stating that he must choose whether or not to accept a challenge. Thinking that this was another gamer giving him a dating sim to play, he instantly accepts the challenge. To his surprise a demon girl falls from the sky and tells him that he needs to make real girls fall in love with him or else he will die.

    The story was very unique and interesting and had a frat way of keeping you reading. Unlike regular romance manga, the protagonist has no interest in 3D girls. Period. Along his line of flags, he occasionally comes upon even more intense events showing that thought the story he does come to take a liking to a few of the girls. However, on the later chapters he seems to take less interest in the girls. Which kinda made me think it was a little less entertaining. But for a harem, this one actually makes sense. By this I don’t mean the story line is totally made sense of. The protagonist actually goes through different events with the girls that he needs to conquer. Unlike other harems where the protagonist literally has girls falling in love with home for no other reason than he is the main character.


    The Art of The World God Only Knows

    The art is very well done. While it can alternate simple and detailed art structures, it was always used at the appropriate times. So it didn’t seem like the writer was just being lazy or anything. For the more comedic and humor scenes, the more simple form was used and for the romantic and serious scenes it was more detailed art form. The art used in some cases can amplify the mood the author is trying to express.


    The Characters of The World God Only Knows

    The character in this manga were very different from your typical romance characters. Some were very unique while the others where completely clichéd. The most simple character in my opinion was Elsea. Demon, lived for 300 years but looks like a high school student. She is quiet clueless and stupid but at the same time you find yourself loving her anyway. The only character who really got on my nerves was chihiro. Her attitude, and the whole I like this guy, no, this guy. That was bull crap. After a while she became a better character. Most of the characters in the manga were all very different and amusing to read about.

    Overall, I would say that this is one of the best manga I have ever read. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading romance/harems.

    by Manga Llama

  • Owari no Seraph (Manga) Review

    Owari no Seraph (Manga) Review

    Owari no Seraph

    – Shonen
    – Supernatural
    – Mystery
    – Action
    – Drama
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters so Far: 19


    So lets begin with introducing you to one of my most anticipated mangas and in the future an anime. This time I will be focusing on ‘Owari no Seraph’, or ‘Seraph of the End’, this manga is a dark fantasy manga. An anime adaption for this manga was announced on August 28th.

    Owari no Seraph was serialized in Jump Square by Shueisha and written by Takaya Kagami and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto.

    Although there may not be many translated chapters so far, each chapter is rather long, each chapter has approximately 40-50 pages, and each is pretty in depth, there are the occasional cliffhangers at the end of some chapters to keep the readers on edge and waiting for more.
    Why does it seem likes it’s set in a school? Read and Find out
    There will be ‘some’ SPOILERS…


    Plot of Owari no Seraph

    Owari no Seraph

    Owari no Seraph follows the journey of the MC, Hyakuya Yuuichirou, this manga is based in the future, so I guess you could say its dystopian but then again it’s supernatural so maybe not. Moving on, in the near future, a new virus has appeared on Earth making the world’s population a victim. However, the noticeable problem is that only those who are over the age of 13 are infected. At this same point in time, Vampires appear from the depths of human life and thus enslave human kind, humans are treated as livestock for the Vampire’s own needs.

    The MC, Yuuichirou has always dreamt big, he and his adopted ‘family’ have been enslaved since the age of 8 and during his and his friends enslavement they try and escape. One friend in particular who he loves like a brother, reaches his demise, this character plays a huge role later on, his name is Mika. Their escape fails however and a tragedy befalls on them, instead we go through a time shift, I’ll skip one time shift, so if you want to know more, then heeey, better read the manga sweetie!

    Ok, since the plot gets more complex here on out, Yuuichirou sets his thoughts on total revenge on the vampires, his wish is to kill them all, and to successfully complete this goal he has to join a special squad that allows him to do so. At this point we see the emergence of a female lead, by the name of Shinoa Hīragi.


    Breakdown of the Plot

    Owari no Seraph

    Moving on, in terms of plot, I would have to say it is pretty cliche, it begins with an event in the past that influenced the MC. Furthermore, if you have read this manga some of you may argue that the beginning first chapter is pretty similar to Ao No Exorcist, I can agree with this, but in some ways, the plot itself tricks the reader into thinking that it is unique. On the other hand, I could also argue that the idea of revenge is used incredibly often in plots as it gives the characters something to strive for, and in this case the eradication of the Vampires.

    However, one underlying aspect of this manga which I found fascinating was how it pit the themes of innocence and cruelty so clearly by using children as a device to imply purity and naivety. The beauty of a child is marred by the cruelty that is witnessed and the contrasts in white and black.

    Furthermore, as with any typical shonen plot, the main character usually values the power of friendship. Yuiichirou also picks up on this, but as I was saying with the underlying themes, we have to take into heart that this manga’s genre is also ‘mystery’ and at certain points in the plot the author is skilled in making you think that something isn’t quite right, for instance, the title is ‘Seraph of the End’ (if I am to use the English translation), and usually there is the link between a title and the plot, now at various points in the plot there are also mentions of the word ‘Seraph’ and all these different hints make the reader think, something which should occur in any good mystery.

    Upon even further reflection, another theme in this plot is the use of political unrest and possibly corruption, torture and blackmail, the two best friends in information extraction, the implications of this and how the character reacts to this conjured up a feeling of interest in myself. And though I may not seem it, I also love the idea of politics and all the power plays in this manga, in terms of class and status and also military power added a unique variety of flavour that I very much loved the taste of.


    Characters of Owari no Seraph


    Leaving that behind, let us focus on the different characters; Yuuichirou is the blatant and perfect example of a MC that holds a deep inner pain or loss yet is surrounded by friends and support. The beginning of the story introduced us to his eight year old self who has been adopted into a greater family, (keeping this spoiler free as possible), his ‘father’ is killed by the Vampires, and he and his ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ are enslaved by the Vampires, resulting in his hatred and goal of defeating their captors. His character development is fair, although a little rushed in some areas, especially after a time shift, but his growth in personality is certainly one to admire, from the point of view as a reader.

    On the whole, the characters are pretty simple to understand, but the varying archetypes and personalities are all unique, to the very core. The main female lead, is also strong in personality, and holds an important status; she’s teasing and ‘manipulative’, in some aspects her character is very quite amusing, adding some important comic relief in certain situations.

    Moving on, as I stated before this manga revolves around the idea of military power and therefore status and class play a great role in differentiating between characters. The method in which class is used to separate the Vampires into their individual roles and parliamentary seat, a model of this would be the Vampire Queen, or head, each individual supernatural power depends on their seat. On a similar scale, on the battlefront of the humans, their link with demons and other supernatural forces depend on their personality and mental capability. All in all, character development could be better, but the variety of characters sidetracks the reader from this smaller defect.


    Art of Owari no Seraph


    Onto art, to be completely honest, art is the one deciding factor that gets me to read a manga, and this manga does not disappoint. You may think I am exaggerating when I say that the art is one of the best I have seen, but honestly speaking I do not see that as the case. In terms of digital art, the colours are superb, the layout of the panels in each page, are not always regular and used to their finest so that the scene strikes and emphasises the context in that particular part of the story. However, despite being a shonen manga, the tones and dark colours are rather heavy; the dark colours truly bring out and accentuate the cruelty and contrasting fronts between Humans and Vampires.

    If you do go on to reading this manga, it is not very long, but what is ironic is that some Vampires are drawn and coloured with little to no tone, does this symbolise the differences between the two species, or does it have connotations that actually, we as humans are the more dangerous and disgusting species?


    Penultimately, I could not help but notice all the symbolism and binary language that was present, so I will be making a future blog to analyze and assess this region of manga, and storyline. This manga, gave me so much to enjoy, and although I did a long ass review, the most important thing for me was that I enjoyed it to the fullest, and hopefully you do too!

    So I’ll be ending this soon, but in terms of the short mangas I have read this probably breaks into my top 10. So, I guess I’ll give this a rating of around 8.5, this is mainly due to the fact that there is still so much to develop in terms of plot and character growth, but I look forward to some more chapter releases and also the anime adaption which is soon to make an appearance, so yay.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Hajime (Manga) Review

    Hajime Manga Review


    At first Hajime did not seem as if it would be a great manga. It seemed as if it would uninteresting but a good laugh possibly. To be proven wrong about a manga being bad is always great. Hajime was unpredictable and great.

    Plot of Hajime

    The principle’s statue is destroyed by Kouhei and Akio. The two make up a girl named Hajime to take the blame. Ironically the two run into a girl with the same name and the same exact looks. The plot is very unpredictable and you never know when Hajime will show up. The two become confused of what is real and what is in their heads. It is very easy for the two to cross the run of reality and imagination. It focuses on the realistic aspect of society and how people react to certain situations.
    Within the first two chapters I had already doubted the plot of the manga. It did not seem as if it would satisfy me. The seemed as if it would just be a good laugh and nothing else. I was proved quite wrong. Even though the manga was short, the mystery was preserved through out the whole story. It even gave me chills at certain moments. To be honest, the last part left me hanging, empty and sad. It’s a bit difficult to move on. It was great nonetheless.

    Characters of Hajime

    The students of Hajime act as any student would at that age. Otsu Ichi Sensei can fell how they feel.
    First, the students. Otsu Ichi is familiar with people and their emotional state. Their personalities are similar to those of the same age in real life. Kids do tend to lie when they are in trouble. They blame it on someone else.
    Second, society. Rumors is what makes society somewhat alive. Rumors about hajime seemed to have been popular with society. Just because you’re labeled by many people as someone who is good or bad, people will definitely try to connect accidents or mysterious things to you which they did to hajime.
    Third, Hajime. Hajime is already labeled as someone who is a rebel, who do foolish things. Just because the main character blamed the broken statue on Hajime, people in school blame Hajime. The parents even got scared of Hajime because of the rumors that spread in town and for that, it was kind of hard to renew her image because she was deeply labeled by everyone.
    Fourth, Kan Kouhei and Kizuno Atsuo. The students who made Hajime up. The partners in crime if I may say. These two are the only ones, except the kid that Hajime saved, know her existence. The only people who know how sad it is to feel the pain of losing a friend. The ones who labeled her and the ones who tried to renew her image. Unfortunately it cannot be done. They are the most precious people in Hajime’s life. The ones who were able to cross “that” boundary alongside Hajime.

    All in all, I gave this manga a 10/10 for the amazing plot, characters and art. I love the great character personalities. So close to being realistic. Awesome manga to read. I strongly recommend it. That’s all! Hope you guys enjoy reading it!

  • Bisan (Manhwa) Review

    Bisan Manhwa Review


    Written by Park Hye-rim
    – Drama
    – Historical
    – Shounen
    – Supernaturral
    Status: Completed
    Chapters: 8


    Not only is this a Manhwa, but it is also a webtoon. And for those who are unaware, a webtoon is typically Korean and is a manhwa style webcomic that is published in chapters similar to manga but online, rather than through a magazine or etc.


    Bisan, is a moving tale and told from the point of view of an old man, now hold up you rascal, don’t lose your attention yet. Bisan is told from the point of view of an old man, but the actual story is basically a retelling of the man’s experience as a child. It is a moving tale that encompasses the feelings of loneliness, comradeship and human nature. it appeals to the senses, and despite being a relatively short manhwa,it is what one would describe as short and sweet.
    This is a pure and innocent tale, almost folkstory like ahah. Either way I enjoyed it’s simplicity and small attention to certain details.
    [THERE WILL BE SPOILERS] – I shall put this ~ [SPOILERS] where they appear, but will try and keep it relatively mysterious, probably won’t be many in this review.
    Bisan or it’s alternate name ‘The Flying Mountain’ possesses a simplicity and beauty in it’s natural form, the overall mood is quite clean cut and straight to the point. Not surprising as mystery is not one of its genres.
    But hey it is supernatural, what I can say is that in a way it is quite a strange manhwa, but that’s its charm so do read on.


    Plot of Bisan


    Bisan, is about a young boy who meets a giant turtle, as he runs away from the troubles of a mass drought (see what I said about it seeming a little strange?), that isolates this young boy from other parts of the general population is his ability to be able to witness this enormous turtle that carries a mountain on his back. Bisan is essentially a story within a story, as the main character is the grandfather of the first appearance of a child, which in some respects makes it a cyclical story. Starting and ending with a child.


    Characters of Bisan


    As I may have mentioned, this manhwa is rather refreshing, and somehow diverges from normal shounen character qualities, the little boy is neither OP, sure of his path in life, and is actually a rather lonesome character. Throughout the whole manhwa only two characters have significance, reinforcing how the storyline completely revolves the boy and the turtle. Despite the cropping up of minor characters – which are never named – the story centres around the journey that the turtle and boy go through.
    But the turtle is mightily significant, it is the dramatic device that pulls the story along, the major turning point in the young boy’s life.
    Or is journey the wrong word? I guess not, this manhwa is about two lonely souls that find a companionship that is not based on physical attraction but the bond that overthrows discrimination of species. There is the apparent genuine bond between two characters and beings.
    However, it also highlights how a young child can feel alienated and how a child has to mature or grow up beyond its years to suits those around the said child, whilst receiving nothing in return from the ‘adults’ and ‘family’.


    Art of Bisan


    In terms of art, being a Manhwa and a webtoon every page is coloured and illustrated. But there is a exquisite feeling about the simplicity of the art, colours are generally quite subdued with gentle hues. The art is neither extravagant or lacking, and has a very individualistic vibe, that put me at peace.

    The character designs are also simplistic, whilst retaining a certain depth, the wave of emotions are easily conveyed, be it tears, smiles or the hardships There is a certain benefit to having a story revolving around only two MCs as there is more of a journey between the character developments and as the two characters, the little boy and the tortoise travel together. We see the boy’s tears and anguish that the feels for the ‘invisible tortoise’. Perhaps being the only one able to ‘see’ the tortoise the two are tied by more than a accidental meeting but fate, and all good things come after a bad event. You could even say that hope is a major theme of this Manhwa.
    It’s up to you whether or not to try this Manhwa but what I can say is that this Manhwa is great for a chilled short break from a action manga.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Skyhigh (Manga) Review

    Skyhigh: In Front of the Gates of Grudges

    You have three choices now that you’re dead

    Imagine that your life ends. Then imagine getting greeted by a rather beautiful woman called Izuko – Guardian of the Gate of Grudges. She tell you that you have three choices: to ascend to Heaven to await reincarnation; to deny their death and wander the world as a ghost, or to curse a human, typically their murderer or someone who just happened to annoy the deceased, and be condemned to an eternity of agony in Hell. In this series we follow different characters and their stories. Which will be a rather deep journey. If you’re young – then be prepared for some scenarios that can be rather bloody, nude and hurtful. This doesn’t mean that this series is bad. Not at all, the Skyhigh series (this and it’s sequels) brings quite the package.

    Appeal of Skyhigh

    Skyhigh is rather ‘goth’ and brings just what you can imagine when hearing the word. Now, the series brings deep stories that challenges your sense of morality and common sense – since it goes into dilemmas of your mind. The ten stand-alone stories that make up the two volumes essentially focus on the particular character’s death, events leading up to it and the choice they make upon meeting Izuko. Seeing as they’re arriving at the Gate of Grudges, it’s hardly likely their passing was a happy one, even though they are at first unaware of what is going on and rely on Izuko to fill them in.

    Characters of Skyhigh

    When it comes to the guardian itself, Izuko. She’s with us all the way, but we never really get her backstory, why she’s the guardian – her feelings. This is a downer – but I guess we follow the series through her eyes – we are Izuko. Probably makes no sense, but if you’re to read the Skyhigh series then try doing it. To me it kinda made sense.


    You’re mired knee-deep in just about every negative human emotion and action imaginable right from the start. Envy, Hatred, Depression, Murder, Greed are all mixed together and served up with a handful dose of vengeance. To say, you will enter the ‘dark side’ of human thinking and spirit.

    Skyhigh Overall

    As for art. It’s not the best, I can tell you that – but it’s doing quite well delivering the feelings of the character. As mentioned, it’s rather gothic – so keep in mind that it’s rather dark. It also has that on purposely rusty touch to it – trademark you could say from it’s creators. Overall nothing to worry about.

  • Inuyasha (Manga) Review

    Inuyasha Manga Review

    Manga Cover

    A well-made manga by Rumiko Takahashi. The beginning is a little slow, but picks up speed after the first fight. It’s mainly action, but has a lot of romance.


    Plot of Inuyasha

    Manga Page

    After falling into an old well and being transported to ancient Japan, a fifteen year old girl named Kagome discovers that her destiny is linked to the half demon called Inuyasha! As Kagome learns more about her connection to the past and to Inuyasha, she comes into conflict with the terrible demons that are drawn to the Shikon Jewel, a powerful gem that grants the possessor any wish. Finding the shards of the Shikon Jewel is going to require powerful magic, strange allies, and a strong heart. Kagome’s got plenty of heart, but she’s going to need Inuyasha’s help for the rest of it, and he may not be so willing to lend a hand!


    Characters of Inuyasha


    Kagome-A modern-day Japanese school girl who is a reincarnation of Kikyo, a priestess who imprisoned

    Inuyasha for fifty years with an enchanted arrow. As for Kikyo’s reincarnation, Kagome has the power to see Shikon Jewel shards, even ones hidden inside a demon’s body.

    Inuyasha- A half-human, half-demon hybrid, Inuyasha has dog-like ears, a thick mane of silver hair and inhuman strength. He assists Kagome in her search for the shards of the Shikon jewel, mostly because he has no choice in the matter- a charmed necklace allows Kagome to restrain him with a single word.

    Shippo- A young fox demon orphaned by two demon brothers, who’s powers have been boosted by the Shikon Jewel. The mischievous Shippo enjoys goading Inuyasha and playing tricks with his shape-shifting abilities.

    Miroku- An easy-going Buddhist priest of questionable morals. Miroku bears a curse passed down from his grandfather and is searching for the demon Naraku, who first inflicting the curse.

    Sango- A proud demon slayer from the village where the first Shikon Jewel was born. Her clan and family lost, she fights on against the demonic Naraku along with Inuyasha.

    Naraku- An enigmatic demon mastermind behind the miseries of nearly everyone in the story. He has the power to create illusions to confound his enemies

    Kagura- Kagura was produced as a doppelganger from part of Naraku’s body. Kagura inherited her abilities from a demon that controlled the wind.

    Sesshomaru- Inuyasha’s half-brother by the same demon father, Sesshomaru is a pureblood demon who covets the sword left to Inuyasha by their father.

    Kikyo- A village priestess who was  the original protector of the Shikon Jewel. She died fifty years ago.


    Thoughts on Inuyasha


    Character Design: A; Even if some of Rumiko’s characters look alike, their personalities aren’t.

    Background Design: A; The mangaka pays close attention to the little details. Most of the time…

    Action Scenes: A+; Even if I was a kid when I first found Inuyasha, the action scenes always had me reading as fast as I could to find out what happens.

    Romance: A-; It’s one of those kind of moments where you want to whack a person because they are too stupid to figure out they’re in love!

    The series is a little old, and there are probably more detailed manga that people are used to, but hey, when did manga have an expiration date?

    Overall: A very good manga! I would highly recommend it!


    -Daydreamer Kate

  • Crimson Shell (Manga) Review

    Crimson Shell Manga Review


    Crimson Shell
    Manga Cover


    Crimson Shell was very intriguing to me to begin with. I picked up the manga due to the artwork on the cover. I thought it looked very pretty and looked as though I would get wrapped up in the story. I was right. Although the manga was a bit confusing and quickly paced to begin with, it turned out to be very good. The characters were developed pretty well and the plot line was considerably entrancing. The ‘love’ story between Xeno and Claudia is actually very captivating as well.


    The Plot of Crimson Shell


    Crimson Shell
    Manga Page


    Claudia is the Rose Witch, which happens to be the groundwork for the Crimson-Shell. The Crimson Shell is a special division in the Red Rose organization. Their only goal is to recreate the Black Roses which were originally created by a mad scientist. Xeno rescues her from the dark room she is held captive and gives her hope to be something more. As soon as he returns from a mission, Claudia begins to notice changes in him. She begins to question his loyalty. When at last she finds out he was only helping the enemy, she is faced to fight for her life possibly against Xeno himself.

    Here is where the main antagonist, Sion enters the manga. He was disguising himself as a member of her household only to reveal he was the leader of the mutations called Black Rose. He is the Jet Rose. He came to seek revenge for what father did and take claim as the better race. With both having help from other characters, the two end up in a nasty showdown.


    The Characters of Crimson Rose


    Crimson Shell
    Wilhelm, Claudia, Xeno, Sion


    Claudia is the main character of Crimson Shell. She is the Rose Witch and heart of the Crimson Shell project. She is infatuated with a savior named Xeno. She is a quiet and timid girl only seeking freedom from the cage she is in. The short time she gets with Xeno happens to be her freedom. Do not get me wrong, though, if you anger Claudia she has the ability to use veins as weapons and can create an uncontrollable mess. Xeno is the only one that can calm her down. He is her protector and hinted love interest. He is a calm and collective fighter. Towards the end of the manga he betrays Claudia and attempts to kill her. Wilhelm is another important character to Claudia. He is the Thorn of the Red Rose and is in a special contract with Claudia as her protector. A girl named Victoria attempts to seduce him to the Black Rose side at one point.

    Gerhart Bathler and his assistant Victoria are both helping the Black Rose group. Bathler is the Chief officer of the Crimson Shell project. Victoria later uses him as a shield to protect herself from an attack. Victoria poses as the assistant to Bathler, but has a secret of her own. She is tied to the Black Rose group in another way. The leader of the Black Rose, Sion, is the main enemy of the story. He is first taken in as a household member to help out. He befriends Claudia and acts as a timid boy with no skill. He later reveals his true identity and attempts to kill Claudia using Xeno.


    The Artwork of Crimson Shell


    Crimson Shell
    Manga Page


    Like I said I loved the artwork of Crimson Shell. The uniforms were really cool looking. Jun Mochizuki did an amazing job creating the characters appearance as well as the background. I would definitely read more manga illustrated by Mochizuki. I would have to say that Xeno, Wilhelm, and Sion were my favorite character due to their appearance. The way they were drawn out were amazing and it fit their personality as well.


    I would definitely recommend this manga to anyone. The story, characters, and artwork should be reason enough. It is only one volume and everything is wrapped up within it. Crimson Shell will not be a disappointment to any otaku fan into a short romance/action manga. Have a great read!

    Support Crimson Shell.

    Read Crimson Shell.


    Overall Grade: 9/10

  • Death Note Chapter 109 (Manga) Review

    Death Note the Extra Chapter

    Death Note
    Chapter 109


    So I finally found a copy of the extra chapter from Death Note. It was pretty good and I actually liked how it ended. Near is a little more grown up now and seems to have become ‘L’ fully. He still has his old happens like building things and playing with his hair. He seems to be a bit more like ‘L’ as well in personality.

    Plot of Death Note Chapter 109

    Death Note
    Cries for Death
    Recently a lot of elderly people have been dying. Mostly only the ones who want to die. The investigators from the Japanese Police Force that fought Kira notice a familiar trend. Someone is using a Death Note. Near’s team also notices the trend.
    The Kira Kingdom show is going to be airing a special where people will debate what is going on. They will of course be covered up by glass so their faces will not show. People break through an beg C-Kira to kill them. He grant their wishes. Soon Near airs as L and announces he is not interested in this Cheap Kira. He leaves everything to the Japanese Police Force. It is here that you get a little back story with Near. He mentions that he heard L speak one time at his orphanage and that after that meeting with the children, L chose Near and Mello to be choices for his successors. He chose them because they said nothing to him and had a ‘nasty’ look in their eyes.
    Meanwhile in the Shinigami world, Ryuk is asked if he is responsible by a fellow Shinigami. He explains that another had brought apples from Earth and asked for a second Death Note. He gave it to a human to do as Ryuk had. He comes back at the end of the chapter disappointed. He explains to Ryuk that his human sat still for three days after he killed the people on TV. He then wrote his own name in the Death Note. Ryuk said his human was not mentally capable like Light Yagami. Ryuk stated that his human was weak.
    Death Note
    Like I said it was pretty cool. I enjoyed reading it and liked that it was not just a continuation. I see that too often with great anime’s, they have to add more plot line just to get more money. It’s not great, but just enough to keep the really loyal fans involved. I digress though, sorry :3. Anyways it’s a good extra chapter and in my opinion worth the read.
    Overall Grade: 9 out of 10

  • Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki (Manga) Review

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Manga Review

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Manga Cover


    I love picking up random mangas and then falling in love with them. This is exactly what happened with Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. It deals with paranormal activities and people being able to use certain powers. Each person is classified differently by their powers. Ao and Nanaki search for these cases and solve them. Although I feel like the ending was left open for another volume or a continuation, but it ended nicely.


    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Plot

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Ao and Nanaki


    Nanaki is hit by a car at the beginning of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki. After that he is able to use certain powers. A boy named Ao comes after him and explains he is from and organization called Lock. There other people have the same abilities or completely different ones. They pair up and search out for paranormal activities and solve the cases. Each chapter deals with different stories. Nanaki has to be able to control his teleportation and heavens abilities. He is powerful in a pinch but can not command his powers at will sometimes. Ao is a really mysterious kid. He may look sixteen but he is actually twenty. Nanaki senses something is wrong with him, but will never admit it to Ao. Instead he speaks to Gunji his “boss”. He really doesn’t tell him anything until the end of the manga. Between puppets, vampires, ghosts, and fortune tellers, the two deal with everything paranormal in this manga.


    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki Characters

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki
    Nanaki and Ao


    Nanaki is a hard headed high school student with new found abilities. He wants to save everyone and find out what these new abilities mean. He is cocky and really into the ladies, although he is not lucky. He mostly stays in trouble. Ao is a quite kid with a mysterious past. He keeps quiet and tries to hold a strong front to everyone. Gunji is the leader of the group and is very calm. He is mature and makes them train often. Satsuke and Kanade are two female Nouryokusha user. Kanade can touch things and see the things from the users point of view while Satsuke has super human strength. The cast of characters are really great. They are essential to the story. Not all of them are explained like Satsuke and Kanade, but as far as teh main characters go, their story is told.


    The Nouryokusha of Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki

    Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki


    Nouryokusha are people with the ability to use certain powers. Whether it is teleporting or healing, any power is available here. Ao has the ability to heal wounds and change his special rod into anything he wants. Nanaki can teleport, use heavens ability, an has psychic abilities. Satsuke has super strength while Kanade can know things about a human from touching personal stuff. Gunji is really mysterious. He has powers but he never really uses them. Other poweres include telling the future, living forever, and so much more. Really not alot is explored when it comes to the powers. Nanaki and Ao are the only two who continuously use their powers and sharpen their skills in the manga.


    Like I said Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki was a great manga. It is not a long manga, but it is not short. With supernatural powers in the story as well as chasing after ghosts, vampires, and the such, you can not go wrong. If you happen to see this manga, then pick it up and read it, you will not be disappointed.


    Support Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki.

    Read Chou Shinri Genshou Nouryokusha Nanaki.


    Overall Grade 9/10