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  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (Anime) Review

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

     (Warning this review may contain slight spoilers)


    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the re-make show in the series. The original was called Fullmetal Alchemist and there are a few changes between the original and the remake is the one that I will be reviewing today. It starts off with us meeting the two brothers Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric who are both alchemist and they are trying to make there way to central city.7

    These two brothers have been through quite a lot in there life in Fullmetal Alchemist. They are trying to find there way a way so that they can get there bodies back from the other side. Edward managed to lose his arm and one of his legs, Alphonse lost his entire body when they tried to bring there mother back using the most forbidden taboo in the entire world of alchemy, human transmutation. There story starts with the two of them walking across the desert towards the city in which a profit there has a philosopher stone but that won’t be very easy with the entire town eating out of the palm of this profits hands. After failing to find a true stone they leave and head back towards the main command base central city. They travel across the world trying to help people as they go along trying to find the secret to the philosopher stone but will what they do always be able to help people and can they save everyone from the fate in which one man is trying to cook up.



    They later learn about these kids of monsters in the world that are called Chimera which are created when you mix a lot of animals together to make a new form of monster. There are also powerful monster known as homunculus which are monster that look a lot like a human being. The center of every homunculus however is not a beating human heart it instead is a philosopher stone but being a homunculus not only lets you die many times but also gives amazing abilities such as sloths amazing speed or greed’s ultimate shield or lust ultimate spear. There is a homunculus for every one of the seven deadly sins humans: greed, lust, pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, and sloth.



    Then there are the state alchemist also known as the dogs of the military. They must all pass a long test in order to become an alchemist and every year they must go through another test so that they can keep there state alchemist certification. They are also allowed to be called into a time of war whenever the state wishes. The dogs of the military are given the privilege to use restricted materials that many other normal alchemist are not to look at but there is always a cost to getting something.  The law of equivalent exchange works for everything in the world.

    This is a great anime that is full of actions and intense fights but also has a very intellectual parts to it. I would give this anime a 4.5 starts out of 5 because of  its touching stories and amazing way to create something that is not seen everyday.




  • Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed (Video Game) Review

    Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed

    (Warning this review may contain slight spoiler)
    Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed

    Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed is a video game made for Playstation’s game stations. It was made for the playstation 3, Playstation 4, and for the playstation Vita. I came into contact with this game while I was shopping for a new game for Playstation Vita and I came across this game. It is rated M for mature and after playing some of this game I can understand why.


    Gameplay of Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed

    Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed
    In this game you play as an Otaku boy who wakes up in a strange place and there seem to be strange people watching him. He finds out that when he signed this contract for more Otaku Merchandise he also signed away his rights to not be experimented on.  He soon finds out that he is no longer human but something known as a synthesizer which is almost like a human created vampire. They can only go out into the sunlight with clothing on or else they will burn up and die. You are soon rescued by a beautiful girl with silver hair who tells you that the company that tricked you is the reason that people are going missing on the streets. He decides that he does not want to turn into another mindless zombie like everyone else and that he will instead fight these are synthesizers and try to keep the piece of humanity left. He must go around and try and strip the clothes off of other Synthesizers which is not easy when they know that they if you succeed in stripping them they will die.


    Battle System of Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed

    Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed
    The game fighting is different than others games. You get weapons in which you can upgrade to make more powerful. In this game you must weaken an enemies armor so that you can rip there armor off. You can also force their clothes off by trying your hardest to pull their clothes off in time before they can repel you off. You can also learn new combos in which you can rip the enemy’s clothes off in more exciting ways.  In this game you can go against one enemy at a time or fight a giant mob of them all at once. You can even weaken many enemies’ armor and do a combination strip in which you can rip off many pieces of clothes all at once. Some problems in the game is the fact that you also wear armor that enemy can rip off and if they can rip all of your clothes off then you will die. They however cannot use combinations to rip off more than one item of clothing at a time.


    Overall Thoughts on of Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed

    Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed
    This game is a lot of fun even though it shows moments where a girl and or man will only be in their underwear. It is still a lot of fun and I would give Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed 3.5 stars out of 5. Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed also received 4 out of 5 stars on gamefaqs and Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed got 65 out of 100 on metacritc. It was also award of #6 highest rated Playstation Vita game on gamefaqs.com


  • Claymore (Anime) Review

    Claymore Anime Review

    (Warning this review may contain slight spoilers)


    I first discovered this anime at the end September while looking at the anime section within my town local library. It seemed like an interesting concept to have female warriors instead of male warriors. So as soon as I could I checked Claymore out of the library and I have to say that I enjoyed every minute of the all night anime that I spent watching Claymore.


    Claymore: The Organization

    Claymore Organization

    Claymore is an organization which combines the blood and flesh of creatures called Yoma and inserts it into the bodies of females who are ready to become warriors. These girls now enhanced with these new powers are sent into the world to try and stop Yoma from killing innocent humans. Even though they only come to help others they are not looked upon to kindly for fear that they will stop killing Yoma and start killing humans. This is why they have been given a common name amongst humans as “Silver Eye Witches”.

    These girls are able to use a power called “Yoki aura.”  When using this power it changes there are color from silver to golden and also begins changing their body structure. Such as making their teeth sharper or making their muscle change, but using this power to much can cause them to go past there “Yoki limit” which means that they cannot go back to being a claymore anymore. These girls are each given a special great sword that is engraved with the mark that they were given by the organization. These blades are symbolic because if the Claymore body cannot be found then this sword is used to mark the death of that certain claymore.

    Claymore are also ranked on how powerful they are the scale goes from the #1 to #47.  Claymore live hard lives as weapons used to fight monster and like monster when they go past there use they are killed and forgotten about like their lives meant nothing.


    Plot of Claymore


    The story of Claymore starts out with a Claymore named Clare and one day while on an assignment to kill Yoma meets a young man named Rocky who later decides to travel along with Clare as her personal cook. She must learn what it is like to live with a human and he must learn what it is like to live with a Claymore as his eyes are open up to the strange and dangerous world that Clare lives in. Claymore also features flash back episodes to help give the character more depth and meaning so that you can know what exactly made them the way that they are.
    One special part I would like to talk about is the different kind of monsters that are shown inside Claymore. There are many different kind of classification of monster. The very lowest of the chain are the monster called Yoma which are basically monster who live to eat humans. Then there are Claymore which is the combination of Yoma and Human to create a more powerful human. The next branch is known as awakened beings and there are two different categories of awakened beings. One are Male awakened beings which are a rare and powerful breed of Yoma which are  made when a male Claymore goes past their Yoki limit and eventually becomes a full monster. Then there are female awakened beings which are more common than male awakened beings but are still extremely powerful, Female awakened beings like male awakened beings are made when a female Claymore goes past her Yoki limit and becomes a full fledged monster.

    Claymore was a terrific anime so full of action and drama. I am proud to give this anime 4.5 Stars out of 5 for not only breaking tradition of who should and should not be a warrior but also managing to tug at your heart strings in some scenes. If you are ever in the mood for an action anime then this is one anime that you should definitely watch.


  • Tokyo Ghoul (Anime) Review

    Tokyo Ghoul Anime Review

    Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 (Incomplete)

    (Warning this review may contain slight spoilers/ series is not complete as of now)

    When you hear the word anime and monster in the same sentence of a review what do you think? It’s going to be another story about a group of teens or something that go out and hunt monster to try and save the world. This is a very common kind of anime scenario but one thing that we never think about is what it’s like for these monsters that they must hunt. Do these monsters truly have a life of their own or are they just beast trying to eat. Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that shows fresh insight for in this anime we see what is like to be the monsters that are being hunted. What there life is like, what they must do to survive. This anime is going to show you a view of the world that you would not usually see in anime. Now on to the actual review.


    Plot of Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul is the story of a young man named Ken Keneki who was always loved reading books ever since his father died and left a whole room of books that he could read. One day while talking to his friend Hideyoshi (Hide) he spies most beautiful girl from across the café. He eventually gets the courage to ask her out on a date and she agrees to go out with him. He thought that he met the girl of his dream until he noticed something this girl wasn’t just a girl, she was a monster known as a ghoul. He was astonished that this girl that he loved so much was a ghoul and was going to kill him until an accident dropped many steel beams all over Keneki and her. While he was being operated on he could only hear the faint words of the doctors as they agree to take her organs and use them on his body. The surgery was a success but it can at a big cost. Keneki was no longer human but he also wasn’t a ghoul. He was now thrown into the middle of two worlds, one of them a world of monster and one a world of humans. He later meets a group of people who are ghoul that want to help him adjust to this strange new world that he has been thrown into but can he handle this or will he be killed along the way.

    Tokyo Ghoul

    There are many things that ghoul must do to try and co-exist with us humans. One thing is that Ghoul cannot handle eating any kind of human food except for coffee. The taste of human food is the most disgusting taste you can imagine times 10 and not only does it taste horrible but it will cause the ghoul to become very sick if he or she actually eats any of our food. They cannot just eat anything around humans because that would make them look really suspicious and would get them caught easily. They have found a way to fake it so that it looks like they are eating food but they are only forcing the food down there throat without tasting it so that they can later puke the food up before they actually began digesting it. They however love coffee, which is the only thing that they can share with humans.  Some Ghoul wear masks while they hunt for humans so that they can be found easily on the streets, while some ghoul cannot even stand the idea of killing a human so they find other ways to feed their appetite for flesh.

    Tokyo Ghoul

    I first began watching this anime after I finished watching the anime claymore and wanted something action packed and filled with gore. I had heard plenty of stuff and seen many facebook pictures about this anime but never felt any real reason to watch this anime but I am glad that I took the chance and watched it. It only has one season out right now but I would give this anime 4.5 stars out of 5 for its original look into the lives of creatures who must try and exist the same as we do.

    – Review by GaryTheOtaku

  • Fossil Fighter (Video Game) Review

    Fossil Fighters Video Game Review

     Fossil Fighter Fossil Fighter 2

    (Warning this review may contain slight spoilers)

    Now before I began the actual review I would like to tell you something about my past, as a child I loved going to the museum all the time and my favorite exhibit there was the dinosaur exhibit. This also made me want to be an archeologist because there world always fascinated me. This game was amazing for because it made feel as close to being an archeologist that I will ever experience in my lifetime. This not only let you feel like being able being an archeologist but also showed a world in which dinosaur not only were able to come back to life but people are able to control these dinosaurs in fights.
    Fossil Fighter is for the Nintendo DS, so it has no need to be saved onto a memory card because all the data is saved onto its little card. This game is available to buy at GameStop as well as any other gaming store. This game is a lot like the DS Game Spectrobes with a few changes. In this game you go out into different worlds to find fossils and then you bring these fossils back to life and you use these fossils to fight. The fighting system is somewhat like Pokémon where you can use certain moves but unlike Pokémon you get so many points you can use and you can use every one of the dinosaur on your team so long as you have the points to power up there attack.


    Plot of Fossil Fighter

    This game is about a young boy who leaves his home town to go be a fossil fighter. He first must talk to the captain about what his favorite kind of dinosaur is, and then he has to talk to the professor about becoming a fossil fighter. There are different areas that you can go in but you must be on the right level of fossil fighter. You go through a test to go up another level, first you have to take a cleaning test where you must get a certain amount of points to pass then you have to go into a battle against an npc fighter. There further you go along the stronger the npc is.


    Fossils of Fossil Fighter

    I will now be going into more detail on the different things you can do in Fossil Fighter. The first part I will go into detail is the fossil finding.  You basically go into different areas of this remote island. You are given a pickaxe to dig and radar to see things under the ground. This radar however cannot tell the difference between a few things. One thing is that it cannot tell whether it is a new or fossil that you already have or a normal rock that isn’t worth anything or a jewel fossil that you can clean and sell for money. This makes it a real luck whether you get something you want or just a stupid rock that you just place back into the ground. You can only hold so many fossils in your bag too. So if you go out looking for fossils then you will probably fill your bag with the same fossil you already have, of course you can empty your bag but wouldn’t it be terrible looking all around for a new fossil and not finding a single new one.
    In this paragraph I will be talking about the cleaning process. When you want to bring a fossil back to life you have to clean it off and try to get as many points up so that your dinosaur will be stronger. You get a x-ray machine so you can the shape of the fossil. Then there is a hammer to smash away large parts of the rock that you have no use for but it also can damage your fossil if you don’t use it well. Then there is your drill which isn’t nearly as powerful as the hammer but is very good for getting rid of small pieces of rubble. The last cool feature of this game is the fact that you can blow into your microphone to get rid of the little pieces of chipped rock so that you can see the fossil better. This is gives the whole cleaning processes a slightly more realistic feel to it because you are physically moving the rubble.


    The Battle System of Fossil Fighter

    The next part I will talk about is the battle system of Fossil Fighter. You can have a total of three dinosaurs on your team. You can have two on the side of your team as back up fighters and one in the front who will take the most damage. You are given points every turn, you get about 100 points in the beginning. Then you use these points in each attack you use. Every dinosaur whether in the front or on the sides can attack, the more points you save you can use to use a massively strong attack that can probably kill a dinosaur but you must save a lot of points up while your opponent attacks you.  You must use the points you get wisely so that you can make the turn really count.


    Playing Fossil Fighter

    The graphics in Fossil Fighter are not bad but they are also not amazing but what can you expect for a game that does not use any kind of external memory card. This game is tons of fun whether you want to hurry through the story to beat it or you want to collect your dinosaurs together and get all the dinosaurs and all the parts for all the dinosaurs. This game is a game that is worth checking out even if you don’t usually play games like this.

    Fossil Fighter was given a score of 8.6 on the GameStop.com by other people who have played the game. It was also given a score of 4.11 on gamefaqs.com and a score of 70 on metacritc.com. This game has gotten a good score on all gaming websites that I follow. It was also given the title of 54th highest role-play game for DS. I give this game a 4.5 stars out of 5 for its fun experience as you must try and be a great fossil fighter


  • Grave of the Fireflies (Anime) Review

    Grave of the Fireflies Anime Review

    Grave of the Fireflies


    (Warning this Review may contain slight spoilers)


    Plot of Grave of the Fireflies

    Grave of the Fireflies

    Grave of the Fireflies is about a young boy named Seita and his younger sister named Setsuko. They were unfortunately born during a terrible and tragic time in Japanese history, during World War II. One day on the way of evacuating from their home during a bombing by the USA, Seita and Sestuko managed to make it away from the disaster area on but there mother however was not so lucky. She was burned terribly and without the availability of a hospital anywhere near their home town. No one could treat her, She Died and her body was burned along with many other people who died in bombing. Seita realized that things were terrible and that he will have to take the role of watching over his little sister. This was a terrible time for them because food was low and it was hard to find things that they could trade away for the basic necessities that they need. They ended having to sell their mother beloved possessions just so that they could survive. Seita was brave all the way through; he was not willing to let most of his true emotions show in front of his little sister. He was not going to be a good brother to his little sister. After a falling out with their aunt they had to leave and learn to live on their own. Can 14 year old boy and his little sister survive during wartime all by themselves without much money to their name?


    The Tin of Candy

    Grave of the Fireflies

    One item that was important to both Seita and Setsuko was a tin of candy that was called “Fruit Drop” in Grave of the Fireflies. It is a tin full of small pieces of hard candy that have many different taste such as Mint, Melon, Strawberry etc. This was important to the two of them because it not only comforted Setsuko when she was sad but it also was like a symbol of hope for the two of them because no matter what bad things happen to either of them. They still had a tiny shred of hope left in the form of candy. This tin eventually played a much more deep and important role for Seita but if you want to know what this role was then you’re going to have to watch the movie for yourself but as a reviewer must warn you that once you watch this anime your old view of the world may not be a view that you can ever go back too.



    Grave of the Fireflies

    I first came in contact with this anime movie while I was on vacation at a relatives house and I decided to go to the library to see what anime and manga that they had there. I decided that I would watch a movie that had gotten such amazing rating and it was 100% worth it. This anime does not have amazing graphics but it doesn’t need it. This anime is not about showing off how flashy it can be but showing a story in which you must watch the braveness of a boy and his younger sister trying to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world. I give this anime 5 out of 5 stars. It is a story that is truly something you should see if you have not seen yet and even if you have seen it already maybe you should watch it again because it’s something that is worth experiencing over and over again.


  • Chaos;Head (Anime) Review

    Chaos;Head Anime Review

    Takumi and the Girls

    (Warning may contain slight spoilers)

    I first saw Chaos;Head on Netflix and being an anime lover I try to watch almost anything and everything that comes onto Netflix. This anime has a real love hate relationship for me because there are many things that I really love about this anime but there are some things that I do not like.


    Plot of Chaos;Head

    Takumi and the Murders

    Now before I start my review I will be giving you some basic background information for Chaos;Head. It starts off with us meeting the show main male protagonist named Takumi Nishijou and he has always felt a strange sensation that someone is always watching (such as a character showing symptoms of being a Neet). He has been trying to keep away from people as much as possible and spend all his time in his home where he is surrounded by all the things he loved or going to his favorite internet café where he can be alone.

    One day while he was going to class one of his classmates asked him if he heard about the new gen case that has been going on. He had no idea and neither did he want to know because he enjoyed living in his blissful ignorant world. One day while he was in his favorite online chat room he got a message from a mysterious man who called himself the general and with the general message came a picture that would change poor Takumi life and rattle his very existence. He meets many new people in his adventure such as Rimi Sakihata who he blamed of being a murderer. He also manages to meet Nanami who has always been his sister but he did not know that she actually had powers like he did and two more girls who just seem to come out of nowhere their names where Aoi and Orihara. Then he meets the final member the final member of their strange team of power warriors as the main singer to a punk rock group and her name is Ayase the one who must try and help Takumi gain a grasp on his powers.


    Opinion of Chaos;Head

    Sena Aoi and her D Sword

    Chaos;Head does have some very good qualities such as amazing characters including an otaku for the main male protagonist. It also incorporates many cute girls into the series which is never a bad thing in an anime. It also manages to scare you out of your mind while also amaze you with some of the sheer creepy and messed up things about this anime. There are a few things that I do not like about this anime such as how some of the key concepts that you don’t have to know but really add more depth  to the anime series if you d know these facts but usually cannot be easily grasp on your first run through Chaos;Head. I have seen the anime two or three times and I have just barely started to gain knowledge on some of the harder to obtain facts about the anime that I thought would have made the series so much better if I would have been able to figure these facts out from the beginning it would make the anime.

    Chaos;Head does end up showing some amazing powers in it such as a mystical sword called a D-Sword which is a sword that can be used to distort the reality to the whim of the controller. There are not many people that can use these swords in fact it is used by a select group of strong warriors who must try and save the world from a great catastrophe.

    This anime even with some of its flaws is still a very good serious and that is why I will give it a 4 out of 5 stars for its fresh ideas used in the series and for its amazing way to push you away while drawling you in to watch the anime more and more as you keep watching. I highly recommend that you see this anime if you own Netflix and to still see it even if you do not have Netflix.


  • Princess Jellyfish (Anime) Review

    Princess Jellyfish Review

    (Warning: This review contains minor spoilers. It won’t affect your watching experience much, but they are still there)

    Princess Jellyfish

    I began watching Princess Jellyfish because it was on Netflix. I had already seen all the anime that I wanted to see on Netflix, so I began watching it. I instantly fell in love with the characters and the story.


    Plot of Princess Jellyfish

    Tsukimi Kurashita watching a jellyfish

    One day on Tsukimi Kurashita’s way home, she stops by the pet store to visit her favorite jellyfish. There, she notices that there is another jellyfish in the same tank. She realizes that with this new jellyfish, her beloved friend will die for sure. While she tries to warn the shop clerk, she is turned into the stone at the sight of how stylish the shop owner actually is. All members of the sisterhood cannot be around the stylish, or else they will turn into stone. She is then suddenly pushed down by a shop clerk, a beautiful girl named Kuranosuke. Kuranosuke appears behind her and helps Tsukimi rescue the jellyfish. When Tsukimi and Kuranosuke get back to Tsukimi’s home, they put the jellyfish in the bathtub. Afterwards, the beautiful girl lies down in Tsukimi’s bedroom and falls asleep. After giving up on waking her up, Tsukimi falls asleep as well. The next morning, Tsukimi wakes up to find out that the beautiful girl that helped her was actually a boy who enjoys dressing up in drag. This is where it all begins, as Kuranosuke and Tsukimi slowly become friends, while Tsukimi tries not to tell Kuranosuke’s secret to anyone in the sisterhood. Bringing a man into the sisterhood is considered an act of treason amongst them.

    While Tsukimi and Kuranosuke become friends, Kuranosuke begins to take interest in Tsukimi’s appearance and starts to dress her up so that she looks like a stylish. This is when she meets Shu for the very first time. Shu and Tsukimi become friends as they go to the thing that Tsukimi loves most, the jellyfish in her bathtub. Shu slowly finds his way into Tsukimi’s heart as Tsukimi finds her way into Shu’s heart. Then a problem begins to occur. The entire area around their building is being torn down to put up new buildings. The next building to be demolished is their building! The sisterhood must now enter the world of the stylish and try to save their building from the temptress who is trying to tear down it. Tsukimi is suddenly plunged into a pool of sadness as her heart is slowly breaking into pieces. However, she cannot stay in the pool, for she must try and save their building from being torn down!


    Characters of Princess Jellyfish

    Princess Jellyfish
    The Sisterhood

    Princess Jellyfish is centered on an otaku girl named Tsukimi Kurashita, who is in love with all things involving jellyfish. She has recently turned 18 and has moved away from her father to an apartment with a bunch of girls who call themselves “The Sisterhood.” They are all a lot like Tsukimi, as they are all obsessed with one thing or another. Banba has a extreme love for all things involving trains. Then there is Mayaya, a girl who loves all things related to Nine Kingdom. We also have Chieko, who loves to make kimonos for her little dolls, who she considers to be her children. Jiji loves old men and collects anything she can that has old men on it. Finally there is Ms. Mejiro, who hates the light. She is also known as the best yaoi manga creator in all of Japan.

    This anime is one of my absolute favorite anime. It tells the tale of a heroine who does not always have everything going her way. It is a truly unique story full of romance/comedy. Also, it is an inspiring story about a young girl who never thought she could become a princess.

    Overall Score: 9/10