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Death Note Notebook


Death Note
Light Yagami and the DeathNote
The death note book is a blank note book with an infinite number of pages and the ability to kill anyone, in any feasible way at almost any time. It is used by Shinigami to live, by adding the number of years a human would have lived, had they not killed it. Occasionally, a death note will fall or be dropped to Earth and a human will find it and use it, as Light does. However, humans using the death note will not gain years from the people they kill using the death note.
The death note is typically a black note book with the words death note written on the front of it, and those could be in any language, it appears in two different languages in the series English and Shinigami or Japanese and Shinigami (depending on which one you watch).However, that is not the only design of a death note, the design depends on the Shinigami and their personal preferences. A death note doesn’t always appear as a note book, it could also be a scroll, tablet, or other form of writing. According to the Death Note 13, it changes form with humanity’s era.
There is a variety of humans and Shinigami who use a death note in the series, Light Yagami, Misa Amane, Kyosuke Higuchi, Soichiro Yagami, Jack Neylon, Teru Mikami, Rem, Gelus, Ryuk and Sidoh, the last four being Shinigami. This cast uses a total of 3 death notes between them and only Ryuk uses all three plus his own.

The Death Note Rules

Death Note
There are many rules for using a death note, although, the main one is “the human whose name is written in this will die.”
  • When writing in a name, the writer must have the victims face in their mind to prevent people who share the same name from being killed. The example for this is when L introduces himself as Hideki Ryuga, a pop idol whose face would show up whenever Light would think of the name.
  • If the owner of the death note misspells someone’s name four times, one of two things could happen; if the name was misspelled purposely, the owner if the death note dies. If it was accidental, the intended victim can not be killed by the death note.
  • If someone writes a name in two different notes at the same time(within .06 seconds), they cancel each other out and the victim won’t die.
  • When the same persons name is written in more than one death note, the note where the name was first written will be the mode of death carried out, even if the victim dies earlier in another note.
  • If the victims name is written on two different pages, for example, the first name is written on the front page and the last name 1 page later (not the back of the page with the first name on it) the person will not die.
  • A persons first and last name must be written.
  • Regarding the cause of death, the writer may use anything possible. Cause of death must be written 40 seconds after writing the victims name. Any later, and the victim will die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, the writer will have 6 minutes and 40 seconds to give more details.
  • A note owner may specify a death without a name, but they must add a name within 19 days.
  • The writer may change the specifics of death as many times as they want, so long as it is less than 6 minuets and 40 seconds from writing the original cause or the last edit and the victim is still alive.
  • If the cause is an accident, the writer has 6 minutes and 40 seconds to add details. If no details are provided, a natural accident is selected at random and the victim dies 6 minutes and 40 seconds after the cause of death is written, unless otherwise specified.