Year Of The Ram/Sheep: Hiro Sohma

Year of the Ram/Sheep

The ram is the 8th sign in the 12 year cycle. It is commonly associated with the earthly branch. The year, according to Chinese lore is supposed to be full of promise and prosperity. People born in this year are supposed to have certain characteristics, such as being kind, benevolent, peaceful, helpful, trusting, and resistant to change.

To find out if you were born in the year of the Ram, check the dates below. Following the date is the element you were born under.

February 13, 1907-February 1, 1908 Fire
February 1, 1919-February 19, 1920 Earth
February 17, 1931-February 5, 1932 Metal
February 5, 1943-January 24, 1944 Water
January 24, 1955-Febrary 11, 1956 Wood
February 9, 1967-January 22, 1968 Fire
January 28, 1979-February 15, 1980 Earth
February 15, 1991-February 3, 1992 Metal
February 1, 2003-January 21, 2004 Water
February 19, 2015-February 7, 2016 Wood
February 6, 2027-January 25, 2028 Fire
January 24, 2039-February 11, 2040 Earth
February 11, 2051-January 31, 2052 Metal


Some other facts about this Zodiac

It is Yin, not yang.
The lucky numbers for this animal is 3,4, & 9.
The numbers that are unlucky are 6,7, & 8.
The flowers best for the Ram are carnations, primrose, and alice flowers,
Lucky colors for the sign are green, red, purple but not coffee and gold.



Hiro Sohma: Fruits Basket

Ram Zodiac Animal

Hiro is twelve years old. He was born in the year of the rabbit, but is possessed by the Ram, and his astrological sign is Leo. He is sarcastic, and likes to complain, but when around the one he loves he is shy, overprotective, and easily becomes jealous of others.
Hiro is in love with Kisa, but didn’t know how to tell her. He confessed to Akito and then Akito hurt Kisa, following the rules of the curse.

Due to this when Hiro and Kisa started middle school, he ignored her, which led to her not having anyone to defend or help her when the other students picked on her. This led to her not speaking and him feeling awful. Hiro is one of the only Zodiac Sohmas that have a family with a mother and father, he even has a little sister, whom he loves very much and likes to take care of.
He detests Ayame second to Akito.
He is the youngest member of the Zodiac, being one year younger than Kisa.