Character of the Week: Akatsuki



Anime: Log Horizon

Age: 20
DOB: July 7
Height: 150cm (4’11”)
Star Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Log Horizon Guild Member

Class: LV 90: Assassin – A weapon based class type you can choose in the game Log Horizon, Health and MP are average, long cool down periods, and high burst damage.
Assassinate: Does strong burst of damage, strongest of the Weapon based class.
Sub-Class: Lv90: Tracker – A sub-class that gives the ability to track foes or monsters easier
Sneak: Self-concealment
Silent Move: Motion without noise
Overskill: Shadow Lurk – Combining her Assassin class with her tracking sub-class, she develops this technique. It allows her to create clones of herself as long as she holds her breath.



“A ninja does not know how to fail” -Akatsuki

Akatsuki is one of the ones sucked into the game Elder Tales after the apocalypse. In this game, she finds Shiroe, and she changes her appearance to make it her own size. She is a short purple haired girl with purple eyes. She calls herself a ninja in service to Shiroe and will do anything for him, and likes him. She is always seen doing secret work for him as a ninja, or kicking Naotsugu in the face for saying something perverted. In the real world she is the same age as Shiroe, and in college. She is seen to be a quiet-type Character, but talks to Shiroe and Log Horizon. She is very temperamental about her age after, as in the real world, a middle school boy confessed to her in college thinking they were the same age, leaving her bedridden for weeks.

Her name can mean Dawn or Daybreak in Japanese.
She has a younger sister that looks older than her in the real world.
Her outfit is called the “Black Clothes of Everlasting Darkness” – which increases strength of the character wearing it if they are in the dark.
Chosen by Tsuna Decimo