Character of the Week: Belldandy


Birthday: September 25

Height: 165 cm

Occupations: Goddess, Human

Relatives: Urd (half sister), Skuld (younger sister), Anzasu (mother), Tyr (father), Keiichi Morisato (Husband), Megumi Morisato (Sister in-law)


Belldandy is a princess of Heaven. She is the main female role in the Oh! My Goddess series. She is extremely kind and can read people’s emotions quite easily due to this. She would literally do anything for Keiichi and thinks the world of him.

She has an affinity for air and it is a major source to a lot of her spells. Her spells include summoning tornadoes, alter weather, and creating strong winds. She is able to cast her spells through singing and can even restore life to devastated places.

Angel: Holybell

Each goddess has an angel counterpart. Belldandy’s is called Holybell. Wind is their elemental attribute. Holybell augments Belldandy’s powers when called on and will reflect what Belldandy’s state is as well.