Character of the Week: Luca


Luca Arcana Famiglia

Anime: Arcana Famiglia
Gender: Male

DOB: December 6

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 176cm

Power: number 14, temperance, II Bacio dell’angelo (the Angel’s Kiss), the ability to diminish other arcane users powers.

Weapon: Knives
Occupation:  Felicita’s Valet
Luca Arcana Famiglia
Luca is a member of the arcana famiglia. He is always seen wearing a black top hat and a tuxedo. He is the Valet for the Daughter of the head of the family, Felicita. He is very close to her and has helped raise her since she was a kid. He is very hard about manners from her or anyone talking to her or around children. He has two best friends Debito and Pace, who he holds very dear. He has very strong feelings for everyone in the family. He is also an expert in Alchemy which he learned as a child. He learned alchemy from Jolly, who is one of the only ones in the family he doesn’t trust and also his father.

Luca Arcana Famiglia


· His Stigma for his arcane power is located on his tongue

· He has the ability to make Doves fly from his hat

·  He loves to cook
· He has a fear of Pace when he is sleepwalking
•Along with Pace and Debito he was forced by Jolly to take on the Arcana Taroccos his being located, on his tongue.

Chosen by Tsuna Decimo