Character of the Week: Ritsuka Aoyagi

Aoyagi Ritsuka

Ritsuka Aoyagi

Anime/Manga: Loveless

AKA: Loveless
Birthdate: December 21, 1990
Sign: Sagittarius
Age: 12
Role: Sacrifice
Family: Aoyagi Seimei (brother), Aoyagi Misaki (mother)
Battle: Agatsuma Soubi (sentouki)

Ritsuka Aoyagi

Ritsuka likes to take photos for memories. He has a fear of forgetting certain things. He tends to take pictures of objects and nature instead of people. He seems to be a trouble child. He was once an out going person until his brother was announced dead and then became reclusive. His mother often beats him due to this and says he is not the real Ritsuka. He has a strong connection to Soubi, especially since Soubi was good friends with his brother. He once idolized Seimei.