Character of the Week: Ryōta Sakamoto

Ryōta Sakamoto

Anime: Btooom!

Age: 22

Height: 176 cm

Blood Type: B

Occupation: Game tester

Hometown: Tokyo



Ryōta is the protagonist of the Btooom! series. He is an elite player of the Btooom! game and has been nominated, by his mother, to participate in the real life Btooom! game.

Being a NEET, he usually stayed inside his room and played video games. He would rather socialize with people online than with people in real life. He viewed his online self as more important than his real self and enjoys the virtual world more than reality. Although it was online, he still craves for social relationship. He later develops real feelings of love towards Himiko, a young girl he meets online.

On the Btooom! island, Ryōta shows an unseen side of himself. Despite being confused by his surroundings, he quickly adapts to the survival game and proves himself to be quite good in it. Ryōta is also very brave and doesn’t hesitate to help someone in need.

To me, my net self was the real me.” – Ryōta Sakamoto

By: SayianNaruto