Dolls of Darker Than Black

Dolls of Darker Than Black

Dolls are ‘mediums’ that are emotionless and mimic human form. They are mostly used for their observer spirits. These spirits are used for reconnaissance. To use their ability, they have to be in contact with their medium.

They also act as a great sleeper agent. They can be given false memories of another human being and assume the person completely. There are some that go beyond their set self and become something different.

Due to their lack of emotions, PANDORA uses some of these Dolls for super soldiers. They are best for intense training.


List of Dolls and Their Mediums

Yin: Water


She can eavesdrop and track with water as her medium.


July: Glass

July uses glass as a medium to track specters and see around his medium.


Champ: Plants

He uses specter medium plants to perform his surveillance.


Mariya Kanon: Mobile Phones

Mariya uses mobile phones as her medium to spy.


Ariel and Bernice: Other Dolls

They both use other Dolls as their medium.


Shinoda Chiaki: Unknown