Hardsuits and Boomers of Bubblegum Crisis

Hardsuits and Boomers of Bubblegum Crisis

Genom and Boomers

Genom is a mega-corporation from the anime tv series Bubblegum Crisis. They immerse their power globally and have great influence. Quincy is a mysterious man behind the Genom company. In the original Bubblegum Crisis series he was more in control of his company while in Tokyo 2040 he was in an almost vegetative state. Brian J. Mason is another man behind the Genom company. At times he helps Quincy when it is in his favor while others he interferes with his plans.

Side Note: The Genom Towers look similar to Blade Runner’s Tyrell Corporation’s.

Their main products are called boomers. Boomers are cyber droids that are mainly used for military and labor reasons. Thee boomers can become quite uncontrollable at times due to malfunctions from Genom. They have specific jobs (maids, bodyguards, military weapon, waiters, etc.). There are some that have developed minds, but are a bit more expensive and more advanced. The military weapons have built-in machine guns, lasers, blades, etcs.

Hardsuits of Bubblegum Crisis

The hardsuits of the Knight Sabers were designed and built by Nigel Kirkland and Sylia Stingray. The wearer is dressed in body stockings and step into the hardsuits. Then their skin is in close contact with the suit and the ‘plumping’ connections process begins. There are no male Knight Sabers due to the fact it was easier to find women close to Sylia’s shape than to redesign the hardsuit anatomy.

When the old hardsuits are abandoned, the newer hardsuits incorporate a new system. The girls must apply it naked. A silver liquid covers them and morphs into the hardsuit. Later on in the series, the hardsuits and motoslave are discovered to be a type of boomer. Sylia needed people who could blend their mind to that of the boomer’s consciousness. This would optimize performance.The four are able to telepathically communicate to each other. Due to them being able to go rogue, the suits can not be used that long.

Priss’s Blue Hardsuit

Priss prefers to fight ‘alley-style.’ Her suit is made for her choice of quick fighting to move on to the next enemy. Her suit is mostly blue with accents of red. She has a weapon called ‘knuckle bombs.’ She uses these to tear into the boomers to destroy their core. She was the primary fighter until Linna arrives on the team.

Linna’s Green Hardsuit

Her hardsuit is mostly green with accents of orange. She is very maneuverable since it is the newest of the original hardsuits. She has advanced features one being the ribbon-like cutters that slice through anything with the nanometer-thick mono-molecular edges. She is also equipped with armored gauntlets.

Nene’s Pink Hardsuit

Nene’s suit is mostly used to aquire data. She does not fight as often as the other two. Her suit is mostly pink with purple accents. She has a railgun and can shoot high density armor-piercing spikes through the opponents. She has armored gauntlets as well and a very fast computer system. She ha a scanner array as well, letting her handle most field intelligence operations. She tries to prover herself as a fighter, and eventually gets upgrades to reflect this.

Sylia’s Silver Hardsuit

Her hardsuit is not used for combat as much as the others. It is equipped with a Katar that is retractable. A Katar is a type of sword that is fatal to boomers. Her suit is mostly silver/white with pink accents. She has high stealth systems and carries explosive charges.

Motoslave Hardsuit

The motorcycle that Priss is often seen riding around can transform. Her red motorcycle can create an extra bonus armor for Priss’ original hardsuit. The two combined create a powerful team. The motoslave also has a machine gun equipped with it as well. In the original series Motoslave seems to be able to act on its own as well.