Nisekoi (Anime) Review

Nisekoi Review


Nisekoi is a comedic harem anime. Though the plot is somewhat of a cliché, the series was still enjoyable and interesting. The manga is still ongoing and the anime left off at a random point, leaving room for a possible sequel in which the matters regarding love are solved and a suitable finish is provided.


Nisekoi Plot

The Pendant

Nisekoi centers on a boy who made a promise to a girl when he was young. The promise stated that when the two of them meet again when they’re older, they would unlock a pendant and get married. The boy carries around a pendant while the girl holds a key. Several years later, the boy still remembers the promise but is tempted to forget it, as he now has a crush on a girl. However, things start to get complicated when he is forced into a relationship with another girl because of family matters. On top of that, his crush, his “girlfriend,” and another girl all have a key and believe that it is the key to his pendant! His “girlfriend” decides to try to open the pendant, but her key breaks and gets stuck inside of the pendant, making everyone have to wait to get the pendant fixed and leaving the boy wondering who is the actual girl he made the promise to.


Nisekoi Characters

From Right to Left: Ruri Miyamoto, Kosaki Onodera, Marika Tachibana, Raku Ichijou, Chitoge Kirisaki, Seishirou Tsugumi

The boy who made the promise when he was young is named Raku Ichijou. He is a normal high schooler, with the exception of the fact that his father is the head of a yakuza gang. His “girlfriend,” Chitoge Kirisaki, is also the child of a head of a yakuza gang. To keep the gangs from nearly killing each other and demolishing the city, the fathers come to the agreement that their children should date each other. This plan is not the best and at times, the couple is questioned as to if they are actually dating. One of the gang members doesn’t believe that they are dating, so he sends Chitoge’s childhood friend, Seishirou Tsugumi, to find out if what they’re saying is true. Raku’s crush is Kosaki Onodera, and her friend is Ruri Miyamoto. Ruri is the only main character that doesn’t display any feelings of affection towards Raku. Marika Tachibana is the daughter of the head of the police force, and apparently Raku’s father made a promise to her father that they would get married when Marika comes of age.


The Promise

The Promised Girl

Something strange about the promise that Raku Ichijou made when he was young is the fact that he doesn’t remember what the girl’s face looks like. This causes a whole bunch of confusion, because that means that the girl could be anybody! Apparently, he made promises with several girls when he was younger, but only one of them has the actual key. According to Chitoge’s father, Raku was playmates with Chitoge and Onodera when he was younger, and occasionally would visit Marika. Chitoge doesn’t remember Raku at all, or the promise, and Onodera doesn’t remember Chitoge, while Raku only remembers Marika. Marika remembers the promise and Raku, but never actually met Chitoge and Onodera. The mystery cannot be solved either, because Raku’s pendant is broken…

Nisekoi is an interesting anime with a lot of plot twists involved. It is sweet at times and powerful during other times. Chitoge and Raku make a very funny couple, and provide a lot of comedy for the anime. If you plan to watch this, also be prepared for sparkles and blushes, as the anime is full of them.

Overall Score: 8/10