Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 12 Review

Episode 12 Review of Sailor Moon Crystal

Spoilers Ahead

Act 12

A lot occurred in this episode so I will try to make it simple. The episode opens with everyone recovering from the bad. Luna is hurt badly, so sad. Tuxedo Mask attacks the group again while they are trying to recover. They create shields to protect themselves (where were these in the last episode?!). Queen Beryl ends up attacking the group as well. Sailor Venus uses the sword and saves the day thankfully.

Sailor Moon takes this opportunity to attack Queen Beryl and kill her. You also find out that Queen Beryl had a crush on Prince Endymion their past lives and therefore only wanted him. Tuxedo Mask leads Sailor Moon to the North Pole. There they come across the four Dark kings. Right before they are killed, they remember their past lives. Queen Metalia ends up killing them after that. Sailor Moon can not stand to see Mamoru in the state he is in and ends up killing herself. The episode ends here.


This episode had a lot of action in it. I can not wait until the next episode to see what happens to Sailor Moon. I give this episode an 8/10.

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