Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 13 Review

Episode 13 Review of Sailor Moon Crystal

Spoilers Ahead

Act 13

A lot people died in this episode, but stick with me.The scene where Sailor Moon attempts suicide is shown again. It shows, that she did not actually kill herself though. Mamoru’s watch ends up taking the blow and only knocks Sailor Moon out. Queen Metalia consumes the Silver Crystal and the bodies of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. This makes her super powerful. The Sailor Scouts and Luna attempt attacks on Queen Metalia, but fail each time.

The Sailor Scouts follow Queen Metalia to the North Pole. They do this to stop her from covering the Earth in complete darkness. They fail each fight though. The Earth is covered in darkness soon after the last failed fight. The people of Earth are turned into rock. Luna and Artemis travel to the moon to get help from Queen Serenity.
The Sailor Scouts are still alive on Earth. They can sense that Sailor Moon is alive as well. They use their own lives to bring her back. Sailor Moon is not dead though. Sailor Moon gave the sword to Sailor Venus in the North Pole. She is still trapped in Queen Metalia though. She needs to gather the strength to get out. She wakes up and hears the cries for help from the Earth’s citizens. She breaks out with the Silver Crystal. Tuxedo Mask in the meantime is saved by his knights. He uses the crystals to protect them. On the last scene, Sailor Moon makes the Silver Crystal bigger and attacks Queen Metalia.


This episode was full of fights> I do not like that evil won in the end though. Hopefully Sailor Moon can kill Queen Metalia in the next episode.

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