Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 14 Review

Episode 14 Review of Sailor Moon Crystal

Spoilers Ahead

Act 14

In the first scene, Sailor Moon defeats Queen Metalia. She does so by using Luna’s and the Sailor Scouts help. Sailor Moon also restores the Moon Kingdom in a way while defeating Queen Metalia. Sailor Moon’s broach makes and she passes out. Mamoru wakes her with a kiss though. Luna contacts her and tells her to come to the Moon Kingdom quickly. They use the teleport system again and go to the moon. Queen Serenity gives Sailor Moon a new broach. Sailor Moon transforms and heals the Earth along with the Sailor Scouts. She runs to meet the team once more.

Life goes back to normal for a little bit for the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask. They go back to Earth and live their daily school lives. They still remain close friends as well. Though the peace does not always last long.

I like how they are all able to transport to the moon and how they do it. Sailor Moon is cool and heals everyone back to new. There is a beautiful scene with a bird flying over Tokyo you should watch out for. I wish Sailor Moon got a totally new transformation.

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