Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 15 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.15 Review

 Spoilers Ahead

Act 15

Mini moon shows up and she wants the Sliver Crystal, but it kind of looks like she has a crystal also. Not to long after we meet the new enemy.After that Mini moon hypnotists Sailor Moon’s parents into thinking that she should live there and are at her beck and call. The next day the Sailor team has a meeting about if Mini Moon is an new enemy. The Sailor team also get new pens and watches!

That night Sailor Mars has nightmare about their new enemy. A couple days letter at Sailor Mar’s school fair the new bad guys kill a nun. The enemy arrives and the Sailor team transforms.The nuns of the school transform and the battle begins. The Sailor team pons the bad guy’s team. With their now stronger “weapons.” Their new attacks look cool too. Then the head of the bad guys attacks Sailor Mars with a blue flame. Sailor Mars gets trapped in a blue flame and Sailor Mercery tries to save her. But it does not work. After that Sailor Moon kills the main bad guy with her new “weapon” and another bad guy takes Sailor Mars.

Awesome episode!

If I could eat anywhere in the Sailor universe I would eat here. Mini moon & Sailor moon fight like they did in the old series. Thank the lord. My favorite Sailor Moon attack is the “Moon Tiara Boomerang.” I give this episode a 7/10.



Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 15 Review
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