Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 16 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.16 Review

Spoilers Ahead

 Act 16

So Sailor Mars got kidnapped in the last episode. Mini Moon was chewed out by Sailor moon for watching the bad guys take away Mars. Sailor Moon thinks that she might be an enemy. Mini Moon runs away at this point. Luna finds Mini moon in a park that night. She runs and gets Mamoru Chiba. Mini Moon fell asleep on the way back to Mamoru house. She has a bad dream about her parents needing her. When she wakes up she mystically in her pajamas. Tuxedo Mask and Luna try to cheer her up. Mamoru also noticed Mini Moon’s necklace. The Sailor team except for Mars starts to do some research on Mars’ kidnappers. Mamoru takes Mini Moon back to Sailor Moon is confused why he was with her and is still sad about Mars being kidnapped. So Momoru try’s to cheer her up and explain that Mini Moon is not their enemy.

We meet our new enemy. The enemy challenges Sailor Mercury to a chess match. Which she had a hard time at first because of our enemy’s making fun of her and telling her she will be alone forever. But then Mercury sees Sailor Moon in the audience and wins. Mercury still has to fight the bad guys. She looks like she will easily win at first but at the end she is captured. The enemy is killed but Sailor moon can not save Mercury ether. Just like in the last episode. (Sailor Moon does not look very invisible right now)

Awesome episode! Liked learning more about Sailor Mercury’s past and seeing some new gadgets at work. Like Mercury’s glasses. But the bad guy got killed to fast. Also the rest of the Sailor team did to little. I give this episode a 9/10.


Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 16 Review
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