Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 17 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.17 Review

Spoilers Ahead

 Act 17

So Sailor Mercery got kidnapped in the last episode. Mini Moon tries to cheer up Sailor Moon, but Mini Moon is really the one that needs cheering up. Mini Moon beats all of the Sailor team’s scores on Sailor Venus arcade game. Both Sailor Moon & Mini Moon get really cute dolls. The Sailor team that is left starts to crack down and look for the kidnappers and why they, did kidnap them. The kidnappers want Mini Moon for some reason.

We get to see the bad guy’s place. Where they are holding Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury and maybe Sailor Moon’s future self. Sailor Jupiter decides to tell a “friend that’s a boy” (might become her boyfriend in the future) about the Sailor team’s secret. Sailor Jupiter is so sick with a virus that the bad guys put into her body that she almost gets killed by a doppelganger. Sailor Jupiter battle! Sailor Moon kills the bad guy. But it’s to late to save Sailor Jupiter


Awesome episode! Liked learning more about Sailor Jupiter’s past. How is the bad guys kidnapping the Sailor Team members so fast. We need to save them. My favorite Sailor Venus will not be captured. With out a fight. I give this episode a 9/10.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 17 Review
– Reviews by Fern