Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 18 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Ep.18 Review

Spoilers Ahead

 Act 18

In the last episode, Sailor Jupiter was kidnapped. The new enemy is now able to harness their dead sister’s powers as well. Sailor Moon’s, Usagi’s, friends, Molly, tries to convert her into one of the evil beings. The enemy also uses the TV to brainwash the masses and the take over the world. During this time, Tuxedo Mask chooses to talk to his four guardians.
Sailor Moon Crystal
Mini Moon steals the brooch of Sailor Moon in an attempt to help her future mother. Sailor Venus is soon captured by the enemy. Tuxedo Mask saves Mini Moon and Sailor Moon. He was given new found powers while talking to his guards. After that, Sailor Moon is able to save Sailor Venus.
This episode was an awesome episode to watch. I was glad that Sailor Venus was able to be saved as well. Next up is to save the future and help Mini Moon out!
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