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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 20 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 20 Review

Spoilers Ahead

 Act 20

Chibiusa brings Sailor Moon and the team to the future. There they happen to run into their future selves (go figure). They need each others help and agree to work together. There they also discover that Chibiusa is the daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask in the future. Diana is also the daughter of Artemis and Luna in the future.

Tuxedo Mask

As the Sailor Moon team begins to disappear, they decide to go back to their present time.They get back and Tuxedo Mask acts as if he has forgotten that both parents should be protecting Chibiusa. He begins to take responsibility for her. This makes Sailor Moon sad in the end and left out.


While Chibiusa is under his care, she escapes to the future to fix problems herself. She is almost killed instead,because she is unable to transform to save herself. At the last minute, the Sailor Scouts arrive to save her.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 20 Review
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