Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 23 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 23 Review

Spoilers Ahead

 Act 23

Chibiusa has some dad issues. If her parents spent more time with her, this wouldn’t be a problem. As Black Lacy, she kidnaps Tuxedo Mask for the Wise man. Sailor Moon and the group go to try to find Tuxedo Mask and the others. They end up finding Luna P and are forced to go home when Sailor Moon faints.
Black Lady and Tuxedo Mask
Black Lady takes Prince Demande to the Wise man and they attempt to challenge one another. The Wise man tells them to go capture Sailor Moon and the Silver Crystal of the past. Black Lady shows them that she has complete control over teh past Tuxedo Mask and he will do anything she asks.
Black Lady
Sailor Moon feels a shockwave from the future while in the past. The group decide to transform and head into the future. There they find Black Lady and the future Tuxedo Mask at the Crystal Castle. Black Lady tries to take the Silver Crystal, but is tossed out of the castle by Queen Serenity. The group go to confront Black Lady.

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 23 Review
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